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Author Topic: Introduction (Long)  (Read 190 times)


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Introduction (Long)
« on: February 20, 2021, 06:40:36 pm »
I know no one goes on this forum, but I'd still like to write out an introduction. My personal name online is Mokuba, but in-game I go by Chesbit P (765pro) and appletreeP (Mirishita 765pro). I'm very much like the producer - a shadow - so just call me whatever you'd like to, so long as its not derogatory.
Personal stuff about me - I'm 19, and my birthday is the same day as Shiny Colors' Mano Sakuragi, and my favorite color is probably her image color - a light Easter pink. I'm not really dedicated to anime - I consider myself a casual - and I only got into moe because of VOCALOID and Di Gi Charat, so you probably won't have a good time talking to me about a series unless you just want a casual overview of what you already know or what you just said. Currently I'm trying to find a ROM to emulate the Dreamcast Di Gi Charat game, but as a part-time college student, it's difficult for me to focus on two things at once.
I recently got into IM@S a few months ago, and I'm not too fond of Deresute (the artstyle isn't my favorite and the layout is very confusing); tried out Shiny Colors and Poplinks for a little while but wasn't too sure of them. I'm pretty much a complete newbie, but I like to do my research so I can understand this series in spite of the huge language barrier Namco has placed between global users and the series.
Currently I'm playing IM@S SP to dip my toes in - currently at rank C with Ami and Mami, but it's difficult because the producer doesn't audibly speak and I can't read Japanese, only understand bits and pieces of it alongside some hira and kata. I'm using the English patch to go through the story with Yukiho, and I think the results are a little better, even though she's just getting started (I really miss the old VA for Yukiho).
Before I got into this series, I was an avid Love Live! fan, and my best girls were Nozomi, Ruby, and Mari, but overall I liked all the girls, just not the direction the series took. Before that, I just liked VOCALOID songs, especially those composed by Nekobolo, wowaka, and Hachi-P (Kenshi Yonezu), and I think it was the concept of the mascots that got me into anime idols. Since I'm not that special myself, I like to see cute mascot-like characters have fun and be special, without the bad bits that come with idolizing real people. I don't have a good relationship with many people in the real world, so it's difficult to get attached to celebrities and other famous people.
I want to try a console game someday, but my family is tight on money, and I got in college on a scholarship, so I don't have any plans to try importing until I'm sure I got something. For now, I just emulate the games and hope for the best. I'd like to try Dearly Stars next! Nice meeting you all, if anyone reads this post...!