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Author Topic: Request Filling Profile - Byuusan (updated Feb 25, 2015)  (Read 5673 times)


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Request Filling Profile - Byuusan (updated Feb 25, 2015)
« on: June 13, 2014, 10:57:57 pm »
Basicly a place to see on how i take requests, my progress and possible limits I place at the time.

Current Request Status

At this time i will be taking requests for both Idolmaster2 and Idolmaster: One For All

Current Items:
All In-Game Costumes and accessories are avaible. (Outfit 1-15, EXT 17)(Accessories 1-40)
All known Stages are aviable (1-41) (1-13 quinlet)

LUX-018 (765 Color Glitter)
EXT-017 (Starpiece memories)
EXT-023 (Sea Bloom Curtain)
EXT-032 (Punkish Goth)
EXT-033 (Relish Autumn)
EXT-042 (Wish All Miracle)
EXT-043 (Star lime Serenade)
EXT-050 (Refrain Romance)

HD-045 (Snokel)
HD-049 (Vampire Mouthpiece)

BD-045 (Dolphin Balloon)
BD-049 (Heart of Vampire)

AR-046 (2 Scoop Ice Cream)
AR-050 (Bloody Nail)

LG-045 (Diving Fin)
LG-049 (Flying Bat)

Ramune-iro Seishun
Machiuke Prince
Vault That Borderline!
I Want
Thank You!
Fate of the World
Nijiiro Miracle
Shizuka na Yoru ni Negai o...
99 Nights

1 to 45 (Please note the compedium does not contain certain stages and some of the stages are mix around)

Special/Paid Request Only:
Nana Iro Buton
All EX Exclusive Songs

Request Requirement

For One for All if it not done in a certain format, i will not take it. I'll be more leniant with this because the compendium is not complete at this point of time.

Format accepted is simliar to the current Compendium

Song - Idol (Costume-XXX, Accesories in any order as long it not conflicting)

For one for all multiple costume setup, Break like and give new idol and costume outfit.

Solo song is a one shot deal, first come first serve. I will not change it unless i feel like redoing it myself. They can be requested but if i have done the solo already, it likely i will not accept it.
Link to Solos that has been done

Please send requests to my youtube Message box, as that is where i usually get all my requests now. It also easier to keep track for me.
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Re: Request Filling Profile - Byuusan (updated Feb 25, 2015)
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2015, 04:18:50 pm »
At this point of time it appears that my account has now been terminated. Can't seem to sign into Youtube in general, still able to watch video but yea, can't sign in in general.