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Author Topic: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria [Complete]  (Read 3848 times)


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Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria [Complete]
« on: August 13, 2011, 04:14:02 pm »

Chapter 1: Leicester's Confession

It's the day after Leicester Maycraft and his band of adventurers known as Oasis stopped a major anomaly of El energy from destroying the world by having fixed the Hooded Waterwheel. Everyone has gone back to their normal activities in the busy trade city of Ert'Aria. Agnes Boulange is entertaining people with her automata puppets, Chelsea Arcot is at the cathedral with the other Sacred Knights as well as Fabious and Fiore Verritti, Nick La'Juck is in the market with Garnet and with the Tortilla sisters nearby, Minette and Miriam are spending some time together on a bench in town, and Aberdeen and Avril have gone back with Mizeh Altworth. Leicester is currently working on something involving crystite. Carina Verritti left a few minutes ago to perform her usual duties as Lady Carina, but Leicester currently has her on his mind.

Leicester is working on his project when Nina Lindberg, Oasis' maid, comes into the room. She apparently has to talk to Leicester about dinner.

Nina: Leicester, I’m about to cook dinner. Can you put that down for a second?

Leicester: (Looking at his work) Sorry, Nina. I’m a bit busy right now. I guess I've been since we got back.

Nina: Well, where is everyone right now?

Leicester: (Looking at Nina) They're all busy at the moment. Chelsea's at the cathedral, Agnes is entertaining guests, Nick went to the market, Minette's with Miriam, and Carina…

Upon saying Carina's name, Leicester mind trails off to thinking about his childhood friend. In his mind, he sees Carina giggling while looking lovingly.

Leicester: Carina…

Leicester is too imbued in thoughts about the Jewel of Ert'Aria to finish his maid's question. In fact, he's no longer looking in the direction of Nina.

Nina: Leicester?

Realizing that he's trailed off thinking about Carina so strongly, Leicester finishes his statement.

Leicester: Carina's off performing her duties.

Nina: Leicester, is everything all right? You trailed off there for a moment.

Leicester: Sorry, Nina. I was thinking about Carina.

Nina: What about her?

Leicester has gone back to thinking about Carina once again. In his mind, he sees her smiling towards him with her eyes closed.

Leicester: Well… I was…

Leicester can't get the image of Carina out of his head. It's as if his mind is stuck on the sweet girl who has always had a crush on him.

Nina: Are you having feelings for her?

Leicester is snapped back to reality upon realizing that he's trailed off again thinking about Carina, and apparently his maid suspects something's up with him.

Leicester: It's nothing.

Nina: Are you sure. You've thought about her quite a bit since you got back.

Leicester: It's nothing. Really.

Nina: Okay then. I’m going to go start dinner.

Nina leaves the room, once again leaving Leicester alone. Ever since he and his friends have got back to Ert'Aria, he's been thinking about Carina a lot. Earlier, when she was watching him work on his project, most of the time he was sidetracked looking at her instead of working. He could tell Carina was blushing while he looked at her.

Leicester starts to think about something he has once heard can happen sometimes.

"Even old friends can fall in love."

Apparently, this may be starting to become true for him. Leicester and Carina first met when they were children. Back then, Carina was a sick girl, rarely going outside and places. One day, Leicester made for Carina her magic staff, Montecchia. He remembers her saying that she will always treasure it.

Carina (Flashback): I promise to always take care of Montecchia. I'll never let it out of my sight.

Leicester now thinks about when he had decided to try and give Montecchia the ability to talk, and that it required El to be bonded with strong emotional bonds. Both himself and Carina worked throughout the night to achieve this, and in the end, they had succeeded.

Thinking about more of the times he had spent with her, Leicester starts to realize that he could be in love with Carina, and that he may had been in love with her for a while, but couldn't bring himself to admit it, despite the affection Ert'Aria's lady had given him over the years. However, with events such as Minette's discovery, incidents involving Agnes and Chelsea, a position that he had ended up with Carina at one point, Aberdeen and Avril, and the Hooded Waterwheel, Leicester had been quite busy. Now all of this has passed and everyone has returned to their normal lives, but Leicester feels incomplete now.

Leicester: (Thinking) Carina. Could it be that I… love her? Have I always?

Leicester can't hold the feelings he has for his old friend any longer. He now wants the two of them to be more than just friends. He knows he must tell her.

Leicester: (Thinking) I can't wait any longer. I need to tell her how I feel. She should be done with her duties at this point. I can meet her on the way back here.

Knowing that he has to tell Carina how he feels, Leicester puts down what he's working on and decides to head out and meet Carina. Along the way, he passes Nina, who asks the Oasis leader where he's going.

Nina: Leicester, what's up?

Leicester stops briefly inches from the door and turns back to Nina.

Leicester: There's something I need to do! I’ll be back.

Having answered his maid's question, Leicester starts heading down Ert'Aria's streets with the intention of confessing his feelings to Carina. It's now sunset and he knows that Carina is taking the same path back to the Oasis house.

At the fountains in Ert'Aria's square, Carina is heading back, knowing that dinner for herself and the rest of Oasis will be ready soon. However, she's stopped by Leicester, and upon seeing him, she wonders what he has to tell her.

Carina: Leicester, what is it?

Leicester: Carina, I'm glad I found you. There's something I need to tell you.

Carina: What's going on?

Leicester: Carina, I've known you since we were young, and I’ve known that we've shared a bond with one another. I'm sorry that it took me so long to realize it, but Carina…

Shocked that her longtime crush is telling her something she's wanted to hear for a long while, Carina starts to blush slightly, having a strong feeling of what he's about to say. However, she can tell that Leicester is a bit nervous about what he's trying to say.

Leicester: Carina… I…

Carina: (Blushing a bit more) Leicester, are you…

Leicester: I… I…

Realizing that what he's trying to tell Lady Carina cannot be described in words, Leicester decides to tell her in a much easier way.

Suddenly, Leicester kisses Carina on the lips. Shocked that her childhood friend has all of a sudden decided to kiss her, Carina is unable to react until the kiss is done. As Leicester pulls back his lips, Carina starts to blush deeply.

Carina: Leicester? Does this mean you…

Leicester: Yes, Carina. I love you. I guess I may have always loved you, but I was afraid to…

Carina cuts Leicester off by returning his kiss to her by giving him one while grabbing the middle of his arms. At this point it's official. Leicester has returned her feelings for him. As she breaks the kiss, they both realize that they're no longer friends. They are more than friends.

Now that their feelings for each other are the same, Leicester Maycraft and Carina Verritti embrace and share a long, deep kiss in front of Ert'Aria's central fountain. As the sun continues to set over the sky, they know that they have something new to look forward to.

Author Notes

As you already know, almost three weeks ago, I started watching Shukufuku no Campanella. As it turns out, I've become fond of the pairing of Leicester Maycraft and Carina Verritti. However, something that I've noticed is that there is a MAJOR lack of Shukufuku no Campanella fanfics on the internet (I couldn't find ANY of, and even tried Google, with no results). As a result, I decided to go and put down an idea I have for such a fic.

For any of you that has watched the anime all the way through, this story starts at the very end of the series (with a small recap of what everyone had been doing during the final episode end credits), but goes on to have Leicester realize he has feelings for Carina and decides to confess them to her. They then go on to have a relationship with one another. This is only Chapter 1 as I'll try to continue the story.

Since I don't know if any of you here know about Shukufuku no Campanella, it's a visual novel that was later adapted into an anime. Basically, here's some stuff to help you understand the series better: Wikipedia, Pics, Anime

Shukufuku no Campanella, Leicester Maycraft, Carina Verritti, and all characters are copyright to Windmill. Neither the visual novel and anime or its characters are mine in any way.
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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Chapter 2: The Start of Something New

At Oasis' house, the number of people currently there has grown. Chelsea Acrot has gotten back from the cathedral, having bested one of the other Sacred Knights in a sparring match. Agnes Boulange put on one of her greatest shows near Ert'Aria's square and had seen the old lady she made friends with. Nick La'Juck has gotten back from the market, but Garnet has receded back into the jewel she resides in. Lastly, Minette and Miriam are back from the time they spent being friends. Nina Lindberg has just gotten dinner ready for everyone, the dish consisting of a prime rib-like meat with some rice and noodles. However, everyone notices that the two last members of Oasis are still MIA and wonder where they are.

Minette: Nina, where's Papa?

Agnes: And Carina as well?

Nina: Leicester went off to do something important a while ago.

Minette: What exactly?

Nina: He didn't say. He was in a bit of a hurry.

Agnes: Well, I hope he and Carina get back here soon. I'm hungry!

As if on cue, the door opens up and Leicester and Carina come through. Something that everyone notices is that they both look happy and are holding hands. Both of them know that now that they're together, it's time to spread the word.

Nina: Leicester, welcome back, and you brought Carina as well.

Leicester: Hi, everyone. Sorry we took so long…

Carina: But we have something to tell all of you.

Noticing that one finished the other's sentence and that the two friends-turned-lovers announce something to the group, everyone has a feeling of what is to come.

Leicester: Everyone. Carina and I decided that we love each other and…

Carina, wanting to finish her new boyfriend's sentence, interrupts him.

Carina: (Looking at Leicester) Leicester and I have started dating!

Carina further indicates her statement by kissing Leicester on the cheek. He can't help but blush at her sign of affection.

Chelsea: You mean that you (pointing at Leicester) and you (pointing at Carina)?

Leicester: Yes, Chelsea. Carina and I are now in love.

Chelsea: (Pausing for a moment) Aw, that's so sweet. I always had a feeling you'd get together.

Leicester: You really mean that, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Carina deserves you much more than any of us.

Agnes: (To Carina) Well, it was apparent that you had a crush on him, Carina.

Carina: (Blushing) Thanks, Agnes.

Minette: Papa, does this mean that Carina will become my Mama?

Leicester: Well, we just got together. (Looking at Carina) But we hope that happens someday.

Carina can't help but blush at Leicester's statement. Now that everyone's here, everyone sits down to eat the food that Nina has prepared for everyone. Even though they've done so before, Leicester and Carina sit next to each other, with Minette on the other side of her father. That way, she can be next to him and his new girlfriend.

Agnes: (Looking at the food) This looks wonderful!

Leicester: You've outdone yourself, Nina.

Carina, looking at Leicester's plate, decides to take her plate and using her fork, move all the food on her plate onto Leicester's. Her intention is for the both of them to eat from the same plate.

Leicester: Carina, what are you doing?

Carina: I think it would be nice if we shared out first meal since you told me you loved me.

Leicester: Well, we just got together, (Pausing for a bit) but we've known each other since we were young. I guess you can say we're making up for lost time.

Carina finishes putting all her food on Leicester's plate, and they start to eat from it together. Everyone is a bit shocked at just how much Leicester and Carina are passionate about their new relationship. Well, they're just eating from the same plate. It's unsure of how quickly their relationship will go. After all, Leicester just confessed his love to Carina about a half hour ago. Then again, they've been friends since childhood. Who knows what will happen.

Eventually, everyone has finished eating. It's at this point that Shelley Maycraft, the let's just say attractive mother of Leicester comes into the area. One of the things she notices are her son and the Jewel of Ert'Aria holding hands while looking passionately at each other.

Shelley: Wow, Leicester. What up with you and Carina?

Leicester: Mom, Carina and I have started going out.

Shelley: Did you say?

Carina: Yes. (Looking at Leicester) We've begun dating.

Shelley: Wow, Leicester. I was wondering just who you'd end up with. I guess it was obvious.

Carina: (Slightly nervous) Thanks, Shelley.

Shelley: Well, Carina, you better take good care of my son.

Shelley goes up to his son's girlfriend and puts her arms around her from behind right below her breasts. Carina is basically shocked at her boyfriend's mother's action.

Carina: Shelley, what are you doing?

Shelley: Well, if you're going to start dating Leicester, I need to get to know you better.

Upon hearing that remark, Carina feels irked out. It's a well-established fact that Shelley has been known to be a bit lecherous towards those around her. Some of things she does can best be described as inappropriate and creepy. Carina isn't the only one who doesn't like what Shelley is doing. Leicester disapproves of his mother's actions towards his girlfriend as well.

Leicester: Mom, please let Carina go. You're making her uncomfortable.

Shelley: Okay, Leicester. Have it your way.

Shelley lets go of Carina, who goes into her boyfriend's arms. Having known Leicester since she was a child, Carina has also known what his mother is like, but while hugging Leicester and looking up at him, she knows that for him, she can tolerate his mother. However, she still wishes that Shelley was more of a normal mother.

Leicester: Don't worry, Carina. I'll try to keep my mom away from you. I don't want her scaring you like that.

Unable to resist the cute face Lady Carina is making while she's being held in his arms, Leicester kisses Carina on the lips. Carina can't help but embrace the kiss and blushes while doing so. Upon breaking the kiss, Leicester hugs Carina a bit tighter. As the noble girl smiles in his arms, Leicester silently promises that he'll always care for her.

Later on, night has fallen, and Leicester has gone back to what he's been working on. It's in fact quite late and Chelsea and Agnes have gone back to wherever they live. Minette has already gone to bed, but Carina, dressed in her nightgown and hat, is watching her lover work on what she's watched him work on earlier during the day.

Carina: Leicester, it's getting late. You need to go to bed.

Leicester: (Looking at Carina) Sorry, Carina. I’m almost finished with this. Actually, I was thinking.

Carina: Yes, Leicester.

Leicester: Since this crystite is going to your father, we should tell him we're going out now.

Carina: That's a good idea. (Leans over to Leicester and kisses him on the cheek) He'll be very happy to know we've fallen in love.

Carina, getting sleepy, yawns in Leicester's face, causing him to get drowsy as well. However, he's just gotten finished with the crystite that is to go to the Duke of Ert'Aria the next day. With that, he gets up and both he and Carina head down to Carina's bedroom. After entering, Carina takes off her night hat and Leicester helps her into bed.

Leicester: Good night, Carina.

Now that they both love each other, Leicester decides to give Carina a good night kiss on the lips. Lady Carina blushes at the sweet gesture her boyfriend just gave her and knows how to reply.

Carina: Good night, Leicester.

Having said good night to his girlfriend, Leicester turns off the light and leaves Carina's bedroom, heading off to bed himself. Carina can't believe that Leicester had given her a good night kiss. After all, she has always loved to wake him up in the morning and would get disappointed when someone else did.

Putting her hands on her heart, Carina can feel the warm, soft rhythm of her heartbeat, made stronger by the fact that Leicester loves her and they're now together.

Carina: (To herself) Be still, my heart. We'll see Leicester again in the morning, and I know just how to return that sweet kiss he gave me.

Feeling more tired than ever, Carina can't help but close her eyes and drift off to sleep, the thoughts of Leicester having confessed his love to her fresh in her mind. Tomorrow will be the first morning since they've fallen in love with one another.

Author Notes

Here's Chapter 2 of Love in Ert'Aria. Note that if you're wondering about the scene with Leicester's mother, the thing is that she's really like that (watch the anime for instance). If I start to feel uncomfortable about what she does to Carina, I'll change that scene.
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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Chapter 3: Sweet Passion

Morning has come and daylight penetrates Leicester's bedroom. The door opens as Carina, still clad in her nightgown, comes into the room. Seeing Leicester still sleeping means that she can do the one thing she likes to do in the morning.

Going up to Leicester, Carina slowly moves her head in until she's able to give him a wake-up kiss on the lips. Leicester's eyes open as he sees his girlfriend looking at him happily.

Carina: Good morning, Leicester.

Leicester: Good morning, Carina.

After greeting Carina, Leicester gets out of bed. He decides to wrap his arms around her and give her a kiss on the cheek. Carina instantly blushes and giggles happily with her eyes closed.

Carina: (Eyes still closed happily) Leicester, what is it?

Leicester: I’m just happy to see you, Carina. Well, now that it's official that I love you, (Hugs Carina tighter) just your presence is wonderful.

Carina: (Eyes open) Aw, Leicester. I love you, too.

The door opens up again as Nina comes into the room to check up on Leicester, and sees that he's embracing Carina.

Nina: (Slightly shocked) Oh, didn't expect you to be here as well, Carina.

Knowing that Nina is in the room, Leicester gently lets go of Carina and both of them face Oasis' maid, albeit with smiles on their faces.

Leicester: Sorry, Nina. Carina had just woken me up.

Nina: No need to say any more. I can already tell you two are deeply in love. I’ll leave you two alone for now.

Having said that, Nina heads out of the bedroom. Leicester and Carina go back to looking at one another and hold each other's hands.

Leicester: Thanks for waking me up, Carina. I think that was the best way anyone has done so.

Carina: (Giving Leicester a quick kiss) Thanks, Leicester. I hope I can wake you up like that every morning from now on.

Leicester: Of course you can. But I think we need to get ready now. After all, you do have your duties to attend to and I have that crystite to give to your father. We can go together.

Carina: Leicester, do you have any plans while I'm gone for the day?

Leicester: Nothing other than working on something the man that runs the meat shop wants me to do and taking Minette to the market.

It's at this point that Minette comes into the room and sees her father and his girlfriend holding hands. She can't help but run up to them both and hug them at the same time.

Minette: Morning, Papa. Morning, Carina.

Leicester: (Looking at Minette) Oh. Morning, Minette.

Carina: (Looking at Minette) Well, maybe one day you can call me Mama.

Minette: You'd really let me do that?

Carina: Of course. After all, you know how much I love your father.

Leicester: (To Carina) I think we still need to get ready.

Leicester breaks up the hug he has with Carina and Minette and the latter two leave the room. Later, Leicester is dressed in his normal attire as he comes into the dining room, seeing Minette and Nina already there. About a minute later, Carina comes into the room, dressed in the black-color outfit she wears whenever she does her duties as Lady Carina.

Minette: Wow, Carina. You're going to go do your duties right now, aren't you?

Carina: Yes I am, Minette.

Leicester: And I’m escorting her there. Her father asked me to make this for him.

Leicester reveals a sparkling blue-colored crystite put into a gold frame the same shape as the crystite. The shape of the crystite is a bit different due to the modifications Leicester had made on it. Everyone in the room is in awe over the crystite.

Carina: Leicester, that looks beautiful.

Leicester: (To Carina) Not as beautiful as you, Carina.

Lady Carina can't help but blush at Leicester's remark. After all, her dreams of being with him had come true the previous day. She decides he deserves another kiss on the cheek.

Leicester: Wow. That was nice of you, Carina.

Carina: Thanks, my love. (To Nina and Minette) Well, Leicester and I need to get going now.

Leicester: (To Nina and Minette) I'll be back soon.

Nina: Take care, you two.

Holding each other's hand, Leicester and Carina head out of the Oasis house. Eventually, they enter the large mansion where Carina's parents, Fabious and Fiore Verritti, the Duke and Duchess of Ert'Aria, live. Shortly upon entering, they are greeted by the two most important people in the city.

Fabious: Leicester. I see you decided to bring Carina with you. Is the crystite ready?

Leicester: Yes it is, Duke.

Leicester gives the crystite to Fabious, who along with his wife awes it.

Fabious: Wow, Leicester. You outdid yourself this time.

Leicester: Thanks, but I think it's also time that myself and Carina announce to you that last night, I confessed my love to her and we're now dating.

Fiore: You mean that?

Carina: Yes, Mom. Leicester and I are in love.

Fabious: Leicester told you he loves you?

Leicester: Yes I did. I couldn't hold such feelings in any longer.

Fabious, having found out that his daughter and Leicester are now dating, is now thrilled at the news and can't help but go up to Leicester and give him a big, tight hug.

Fabious: Thanks for returning Carina's feelings for you, Leicester. I was hoping you would someday. After all, she's always had a crush on you.

Leicester: (Still in Fabious's hug) Well, thanks, Duke.

Fabious: Duke? You should be calling me Fabious. After all, I am friends with your father and mother, and you're now dating my daughter.

Carina: Dad, can you please stop hugging Leicester? I think you're crushing him.

Fabious: Sorry, Carina.

The Duke lets go of Leicester, who goes back to Carina. Fiore can't help but give Leicester a (much lighter) hug and thank him for making her daughter happy.

Fiore: Thanks for making Carina happy.

Fabious: Leicester, I know I speak for everyone when I consider you a part of our family now. As long as you and Carina are happy, then we're happy.

Carina: Thanks, Dad. (To Leicester) Well, I got some important things to do now. I'll see you later.

Carina and Leicester take each other's arms and share a short kiss. Fabious and Fiore can't help but look at the affection the two are sharing and how much they already love each other. Fabious can already tell that Leicester would make a great son-in-law one day, and that he would also like to have Minette for a granddaughter.

Leicester: (To Carina) Bye, my love.

Leicester leaves the mansion so that Lady Carina can attend to the duties she has to. Meanwhile, while everybody else is thrilled at the sight of Leicester and Carina together, there is someone who isn't. At the Tortilla Company's place, Salsa Tortilla is heartbroken at the revelation that her sister Ritos just said, that she discovered that Leicester and Carina are now dating. Salsa can't help but just lie down face first on the couch, her left arm hanging over the side and tears flowing down her cheeks.

Salsa: (Crying) My life is over. That Carina stole him away from me.

Ritos: Actually, he was never yours to begin with. He was never anyone's to begin with until he realized he loved Carina.

Salsa: (Still crying) And now he and Carina are in love. I wanted to become Salsa Maycraft!

Ritos: Salsa Maycraft? Please, if one of us was going to end up with Leicester, I would've been me.

Upon hearing Ritos's statement, Salsa starts carrying even harder. Ritos decides to go and comfort her sister, knowing well that her sadness will eventually pass. After all, it would be wrong to interfere with Leicester and Carina's relationship.

The Tortilla Sisters apparently need some time alone for Salsa to hopefully cheer up. Leicester Maycraft and Carina Verritti may have only started going out, but the love they share is already quite strong and will continue to blossom.

Author Notes

I've just made Chapter 3 of Love in Ert'Aria. Sorry if I made things between Leicester and Carina too lovey-dovey, but the whole point of this fic is the two loving each other. Also, if you're wondering about the whole deal about Leicester basically being Minette's father, either looking up information on Shukufuku no Campanella or watching the anime will help you understand.


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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Chapter 4: Some Time Apart

While Carina is off performing her duties, Leicester has gone to work on something for the man who runs the meat shop. It turns out to be a multi-blade device that can be used for cutting various kinds of meat. Leicester decided to make it as thanks for the marble meat the man gave him that allowed Oasis to have curry that one night.

Minette decides to come into the room to see her father. Along with her is Leicester's father, Nagan Maycraft, who has heard the news from his wife that his son and Carina are now dating and in love. Minette goes up to Leicester to see what he's making.

Minette: Papa, what's that you got?

Leicester: (Looking at Minette) Oh, this? (Looking at the blade) It's kind of like a pocketknife. However, it contains a number of different blades.

Leicester pulls out one of the blades of the oversized pocketknife. This blade happens to be a cleaver that's perfect for chopping meat.

Nagan: Whoa! That's quite something you got there, Leicester.

Leicester: Thanks, Dad.

Minette: Who's it for, Papa?

Leicester: Do you remember the man whose cat you saved?

Minette has a short flashback of having saved a cat belonging to a man. It was later revealed that the man ran the meat shop that Minette forgot to go to on that day. He decided to give them a bit of marble meat as thanks for what Minette did, which the Tortilla Sisters brought over to the Oasis house. With that meat, Oasis would make the curry the way they wanted to.

Minette: Oh, him?

Leicester: Yes, Minette. I figured that since he gave us the meat we needed that night, I decided to return the favor.

Nagan: (Changing the subject) Leicester, I see that you and Carina are in love now.

Leicester: Yes, Dad. I see Mom just had to tell you.

Nagan: Son, I'm proud of you. Lady Carina is a wonderful girl. I hope you take good care of her.

Minette: Papa, can we go see Carina after she's done with her duties?

Leicester: Of course we can. We need to go deliver this to the meat shop owner anyway. After we buy some stuff in the market, Carina asked me to go meet up with her again. Carina…

Leicester ends up going into another daydream about his girlfriend. In it, he can see himself giving Carina a kiss on the cheek, with her response being blushing and giggling. Leicester loves Carina very much. It just took him a long time to realize it.

Nagan: Leicester, are you all right?

Leicester: (Coming back to reality) Sorry, Dad. I was thinking about Carina again.

Minette: Papa, you and Carina love each other very much. (Eyes close happily) I want both of you to stay that way.

Leicester: That's very nice of you, Minette. (To his father) We should get going now.

Nagan: Okay then. Tell Carina that I'm happy for the two of you.

Leicester: I will, Dad.

Leicester grabs the large pocketknife and he and Minette leave the room. They eventually head out of the Oasis house to go perform their errands.

At the cathedral, Carina is helping her father look after the Artifacts stored there. Outside, she has found Chelsea and decides to talk to her.

Chelsea: I know it's only been a day, but how are things with Leicester?

Carina: They're wonderful. Last night, he helped me into bed and then he… (Blushes deeply and giggles) gave me a good night kiss.

Chelsea: Wow. That's just so sweet of him.

Carina: I know. I gave him a good morning kiss as thanks.

Chelsea: Carina, you know that I also had feelings for Leicester, right?

Carina: Well, I think we all did.

Chelsea: (Goes up and hugs Carina) But like I said before, you two are meant for each other. If he should be with anyone, it should be you.

Carina: Why thanks, Chelsea. That means a lot. Maybe I can find someone for you.

Chelsea: (Breaking the hug) No, that's okay. I'm not looking for a relationship anytime soon. I just want Leicester to take good care of you, and make you happy.

Carina: Well, thanks. He's planning on meeting me here when I'm done with my duties.

Chelsea: That's nice, but I have to go. Can you tell Leicester I said hi?

Carina: Sure. Just don't get lost like you tend to.

Chelsea: I'll try not to this time.

Chelsea leaves the cathedral, hopefully in the right direction, Carina waving bye to her and heading into the cathedral. In the market, Leicester and Minette have found the meat shop, the owner coming out to greet them along with his pet cat.

Shop Owner: Leicester, you came, and you brought Minette.

Minette: Can I say hi to your cat?

Shop Owner: Of course, Minette.

Minette goes up to the cat and pets it. The cat meows happily. Leicester decides to give the pocketknife device me made to the shop owner.

Leicester: Here. You'll be glad to know that I made it to your exact specifications.

The shop owner looks at the various blades and is amazed at all the different meat cutting knives.

Shop Owner: Just amazing. As thanks, I want you to have this.

The shop owner hands Leicester a large pack of fresh meat. Leicester undoes the cloth and both he and Minette are amazed at how good the meat looks.

Minette: Papa, this meat is even better than the last!

Leicester: I think Nina will be able to make something great with this. Thank you.

Shop Owner: You're both welcome.

Leicester and Minette leave the meat shop, the owner waving bye to them. Their errands aren't done yet, though, as they then go to a florist shop, where Leicester picks up a beautiful bouquet of various kinds of flowers, then heads to another shop where he buys a large pack of chocolate. It's apparent where these two gifts are going to.

Later on outside the cathedral, Carina is wearing her normal outfit as she sees Leicester and Minette coming up to her.

Leicester: (From a distance) Carina!

Carina: (From a distance) Leicester!

Minette: (From a distance) Hi, Carina!

Carina decides to blow a kiss in Leicester's direction, who sees it and catches it his hand and puts it to his lips. Minette giggles at the love the two are expressing. Leicester and Minette reach Carina, Leicester ready to surprise her with his gifts.

Carina: Leicester, you made it.

Minette: Papa has something to give to you.

Carina: Wow, what is it?

Leicester reveals the bouquet of flowers he got for Carina and hands them to her. The Jewel of Ert'Aria is amazed at how beautiful the flowers are and how the love of her life got them for her.

Carina: Leicester, they're beautiful. Thank you.

Leicester: I also got you this.

Leicester reveals the second gift he got for his noble girlfriend, the pack of chocolate, considered the best in Ert'Aria. He unwraps the top part of it, revealing the first two pieces, and holds them up to Carina's mouth. Carina bites off the exposed pieces of chocolate and eats them. After doing so, she decides to wrap her arms around Leicester and kiss him on the lips. Leicester is able to taste the chocolate from Carina's lips and enjoys it while wrapping his arms around her. Minette sees how happy her father is with Carina and can't help but smile.

After the couple breaks their kiss, Leicester shows Carina what the meat shop owner gave him in return for the pocketknife device he made him.

Carina: He gave you this meat?

Minette: Yeah. He wanted to thank Papa for what he made for him.

Leicester: I figured we could use it for dinner tonight.

Minette: I wonder what we can make with it.

Leicester: Don't worry, Minette. Nina's amazing with food. (To Carina) May we walk back together, sweetheart?

Leicester takes Carina's hand.

Carina: Sweetheart? We've only been dating a day.

Leicester: But we've been friends most of our lives.

Minette: Carina, Papa loves you. He wants to treat you like a princess.

Carina: Well, I guess you're right.

Leicester, Carina, and Minette start walking back to the Oasis house, the former two holding hands while smiling at each other. Eventually, it's almost sunset and the three are back along with Chelsea, Agnes, Miriam, and Nick. Nina has just prepared the dish everyone's going to eat using the meat Leicester brought back from the market.

Agnes: You won't believe where I found Chelsea. She apparently found her way on the beach behind here and almost walked into the ocean.

Chelsea: (Bummed) Please don't bring it up. I don't want to talk about it.

Nick: Chelsea, what is up with you and directions?

Agnes: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving!

At this point, Salsa and Ritos show up and decide to come in, along with their Golem. Upon seeing Leicester and Carina holding hands, Salsa immediately starts crying and instantly climbs up onto Golem, lying face down on one of its arms.

Leicester: What's up with Salsa?

Ritos: She's been like this ever since you and Carina started dating.

Carina: Why is that?

Salsa: (To Carina) Because you took Leicester from me!

Carina: (Gasps) I did not!

Agnes: How could you say that?

Ritos: I've tried everything to cheer her up, but nothing's working.

Leicester: Look, why don't you two have dinner with us?

Carina: Yeah. It'd be nice if you celebrated mine and Leicester's one-day anniversary of falling in love.

Nick: One-day anniversary?

Ritos: If it would cheer Salsa up, why not.

Golem: Golem!

Ritos helps Salsa off of Golem and the two sit down with everyone else. Salsa tries to stop being sad, but upon seeing Leicester and Carina together, she starts crying again.

Salsa: (Crying hard) WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME, LEICESTER?!

Salsa's yell startles everyone in the room. Apparently, the younger of the twins has some major emotional problems and believes Leicester to be hers.

Leicester: Look, Salsa! I don't mean to be rude here, but I love Carina! You're just going have to accept that like everyone else does!

Carina: Yeah! Leicester is allowed to make his own choices, and he chose me!

Chelsea: If you can't handle who Leicester loves, then you should leave!

Salsa: (Angry) Fine! If that's what you all want, then… (Starts crying) that's what you get!

Salsa runs out of Oasis' house crying. Golem decides to run after her.

Ritos: What a baby. I'm almost embarrassed to have her for a sister. Maybe she can't handle you being together, but I can. She's possessive is what she is. I think I'll stay here and eat with you.

Putting the incident involving Salsa's outburst behind them, everyone decides to eat the food that Nina has prepared. Later on, after Agnes, Chelsea, and the Tortilla Sisters have left, Leicester finds Carina in her room putting the flowers he got for her in a vase filled with ice-cold water. After doing so, she takes off her hat, gets on her bed, and lies down on her back.

Seeing Lady Carina lying down, Leicester decides to go up to her and gets on the bed with her. She takes Leicester's hand and puts it to her chest, allowing him to feel her heartbeat.

"thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump"

Leicester: (Blushing a little) Carina, is that your heart?

Carina: Yes it is. Do you like how it feels?

Leicester: Like it? I love it. Mind if I listen to it?

Carina: Of course not, sweetie.

Hearing his girlfriend's sweet remark, Leicester decides to put his ear on Carina's chest and listen to her heartbeat, her breasts inadvertently bring used a pillow for his head. But neither of them minds, as Leicester is able to hear the warm, soft, and soothing rhythm of the heart of the most important girl in Ert'Aria.

"thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump"

Leicester feels in heaven listening to Carina's heartbeat. He has already put his right arm behind her back and she is holding his left hand.

Carina: Leicester, I love you.

Leicester: I love you more.

Carina can't help but gently kiss the top part of her boyfriend's head. Closing his eyes, all Leicester can hear is the heartbeat of his childhood friend-turned-lover. In fact, he can feel a sense of warmth coming from her heart.

"thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump"

The sound of Carina's heart has already become Leicester's favorite sound besides that of her voice. While it almost seems like he can drift off to sleep listening to such a beautiful heartbeat, Carina tells Leicester that they should get ready for bed since it's getting late.

Carina: Leicester, I need to get ready to bed.

Leicester: Okay, Carina, but I was hoping to listen to your heart a bit longer.

Leicester gets up and leaves the room, allowing Carina to go change into her nightgown. He decides to go help Minette, who is already in a nightgown, into bed.

Minette: Papa, will Carina one day be my mama?

Leicester: I hope so. I love her very much. I love her as much as I love you.

Minette: (Sleepy) I want her to be my mama.

Leicester: I do, too. (Kisses his daughter on the head) Good night, Minette.

Minette: Good night, Papa.

As Leicester leaves his daughter's room, turning off the light in the process, he goes to change himself, then goes back to check on Carina, who is now in her nightgown minus her hat. Leicester goes up to her upon sensing a sweet scent she's giving off.

Leicester: Carina, you smell nice.

Carina: Thanks. I just had a bath. Didn't we have such a conversation once before?

Leicester: I don't remember, but I do know this.

Leicester wraps his arms around his beloved girlfriend and kisses her on the lips for about three seconds. During the kiss, Carina can't help but blush.

Carina: Thank you, my love.

Leicester decides to lift Carina into his arms and carry her princess-style into bed. Upon being picked up, Lady Carina giggles with her eyes closed at how sweet Leicester is to her. Before he confessed his love to her, he has already shown to care for her, but now, he cares for her tenfold. Leicester puts his girlfriend into her bed and pulls the sheets to her chest.

Leicester: Good night, my love.

Like he did the night before, Leicester gives Carina a good night kiss. The noble girl blushes once more and responds to her boyfriend's kiss.

Carina: Good night, Leicester.

Lady Carina closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. Leicester leaves her room and turns off the light. Upon reaching the doorway, he looks back at Carina sleeping in her bed and promises this to her.

Leicester: I'll always be here for you.

Author Notes

I've gotten Chapter 4 of my fic ready. I've decided to go and make the chapters bigger from now on. Also note that this is a bit of a filler chapter that finishes off the second day of Leicester's and Carina's relationship. I also included references to Episodes 5 and 3 of the anime as well.

On two other topics, it looks as though Salsa is going to be a "clingy jealous girl" in this fic. I also wanted to make sure Minette wasn't neglected because Leicester is in love with Carina. After all, Minette is basically Lecester's daughter and he loves her as such.
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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Chapter 5: Date at the Maid Café

It's been two weeks since Leicester Maycraft and Carina Verritti started dating, and their love has only grown since then. Morning breaks once more, and Leicester gets out of bed. He remembers Carina having come into his room earlier to give him a good morning kiss, but then she went back to her own room. Leicester decides to head over to his girlfriend's room and gently opens the door to find her getting dressed while sitting on her bed, the morning light from the window bathing her and making her look radiant. Carina already has her stockings on and has finished putting on her shirt as she looks towards her boyfriend with a sweet smile on her face.

Carina: Morning, Leicester.

Leicester goes up to Lady Carina, sits down on the bed next to her, wraps his arms around her, and kisses her on the lips, both of them blushing during the kiss. After breaking the kiss, he says this to her.

Leicester: Morning, Carina.

Carina: Did you get my good morning kiss?

Leicester: Of course I did. Sorry I didn't get up right away, though.

Carina: It's okay.

Leicester gently tightens the hug he's giving the Jewel of Ert'Aria, causing her to giggle. He proceeds to gently rock her back and forth.

Carina: Leicester, what's with you this morning?

Leicester: I'm just happy to see you, Carina.

Carina: I'm happy to see you too. (Kisses Leicester on the lips) But I still need to get ready.

Leicester: Okay, sweetheart. I'll give you some time.

Leicester gets off the bed and leaves his beautiful girlfriend's bedroom to allow her to finish changing. Later, Carina comes out wearing her normal outfit and heads to the dining room to find Leicester, dressed in his normal outfit, waiting for her. After she goes into his arms, she notices that Minette is up as well and is happy to see her father with the love of his life. Nick La'Juck and Nina Lindberg are also at the table and are viewing Leicester holding his girlfriend.

Carina: Morning, everyone.

Minette: Morning, Carina. What are you planning on doing today?

Carina: Well, I need to go see my parents at the cathedral in a little bit. (To Leicester) But I'm wondering what we're going to do afterwards?

Leicester: I was thinking we go have lunch at Café Celestial Garden.

Carina: You mean that maid café where Chelsea and the other Sacred Knights work?

Leicester: Yes. I figured I should treat you to lunch.

Carina: Leicester, you're so sweet.

Carina gives Leicester another kiss. After the kiss, he gently lets go of Carina.

Nick: I can't believe how happy a guy can make a girl.

Carina: Well how do you know? I've never seen you on a date.

Nick: Well, I've been with more girls than you can count.

Carina: Name of those girls you've dated then.

Nick, unable to actually name a girl he's supposedly dated, decides to concede no contest to Carina and let her and Leicester be. Carina turns her head back to Leicester.

Carina: Leicester, I need to get going.

Leicester: I'll meet you outside the cathedral when you're done. (Kisses Carina) Bye, my love.

Carina: Bye, my sweet.

Carina heads out of Oasis' house as her boyfriend waves bye to her. Minette gets out of her chair to ask her father if she'll take her to see Miriam.

Minette: Papa, can we go see Miriam today? And later can we go see Agnes?

Leicester: Of course we can. (To Nina and Nick) We'll get going as well.

Nina: All right, then. Take care, you two, and have a nice lunch with Lady Carina.

Leicester: We will.

Leicester and Minette leave the house to go see Miriam. As time goes by, Carina, wearing her black-color outfit is helping her father show people the various Artifacts at the cathedral. Leicester and Minette have found Miriam, and Leicester watches as his daughter spends time with her friend. Later, Carina is greeting many people admiring her, smiling happily while doing so. In Ert'Aria's square, Leicester, Minette, and Miriam see Agnes performing another one of her shows, the various people cheering her. Minette ends up performing a trick with Agnes at one point.

Near the town square, the Tortilla Sisters are watching the performance atop their Golem. While Ritos is okay with watching the performance, Salsa is still a bit upset over Leicester being with Carina, and can't stand to look at him. It turns out that the younger of the twins has been getting some therapy lately to help her get over Leicester.

Ritos: Sister, quit being so glum. It's been two weeks since Leicester and Carina began dating.

Salsa: Sorry. It's just hard for me to see Leicester now that he and Carina are in love.

Ritos: Well, you only want him because he's no longer available. After all, that's what your therapist said is the reason why you want Leicester so badly.

Salsa: (Yelling at her sister) Shut up about that! That's not the reason I want him!

Ritos: Denial. You're in denial.

Salsa: No, I'm not!

Ritos: Yes, you are.

Salsa: No, I'm not!

Ritos: Yes, you are.

Salsa: No, I'm…

Salsa ends up slipping off of Golem's shoulder and falls onto the ground.

Salsa: (In pain) …Not.

Later during the day, Carina, back in her normal outfit, comes out of the cathedral to see Leicester waiting for her. Minette isn't there as she's currently with Miriam and Agnes. Anyway, Carina heads up to Leicester and wraps her arms around him.

Carina: Hi, Leicester. (Kisses him)

Leicester: Hi, Carina. Ready to go to lunch.

Carina: Of course I am.

Carina lets go of Leicester and the two head off to the café, Carina holding onto her boyfriend's left arm as they walk together. Eventually, they reach Café Celestial Garden, where Chelsea, complete in the restaurant's waitress uniform and a ponytail on the left side of her hair tied with a white ribbon, greets them while holding a menu.

Chelsea: Leicester, Carina. Welcome to Café Celestial Garden.

Leicester: May we get a table?

Chelsea: Of course. However, we're a little shorthanded today. Carina, I was wondering if you could help us with the customers today.

Carina: You know, I think I could. (To Leicester) Leicester, sweetie, you don't mind if I help out the waitresses today, do you?

Leicester: I don't mind, Carina. (Kisses her on the cheek)

Carina: (Blushing and giggling) Okay then.

Carina walks off with Chelsea for the moment. The next time we see them, Lady Carina is wearing the same waitress outfit as Chelsea, complete with sword-shaped earrings and a headband. She's even holding a menu. Leicester can't help but be amazed at how his girlfriend looks in such an outfit.

Leicester: You look wonderful, sweetheart.

Carina: Thank you, Leicester.

Carina goes up to Leicester and quickly kisses him on the lips.

Leicester: I'll go get us a table.

Later, Leicester is sitting at a table at the outdoor café when his waitress comes to ask him his order. It turns out to be his girlfriend.

Carina: Hello. (Closes her eyes happily) May I take your order?

Leicester: I think I'll have a glass of water… and a kiss.

Leicester takes Carina's hand and gets up to give her a kiss. However, he's stopped by one of the female Sacred Knights running the café.

Knight: No fraternizing with the waitresses, Leicester, even if she's your girlfriend.

Leicester: (A bit disappointed) Fine, then a glass of water and a smoothie.

Leicester lets go of Carina's hand and sits back down. She goes to get him his order, but is a bit disappointed herself that she's not allowed to get a kiss from her boyfriend.

Carina eventually comes back holding a tray with a glass of water and a smoothie. She puts the tray on Leicester's table and takes both items off of it onto the table.

Carina: Here you go, (blushes a bit) Leicester. Your water and smoothie.

Leicester: Thanks. (Blushes himself) I'll try to give you a special tip when you're done.

Lady Carina blushes at her lover's statement before heading off to help the rest of the staff manage the customers. A quick montage of Carina serving various items to other customers occurs. Towards the end of her shift, Leicester has ordered a large amount of food, enough for two people, Carina herself taking the order and delivering it.

Carina's volunteer shift comes to an end and still clad in her waitress outfit, she goes to her boyfriend and sits down with him, the two sharing a kiss. As it turns out, the food Leicester had ordered is for both of them.

Carina: Leicester, I thought you weren't supposed to fraternize with the waitresses.

Leicester: Well you're shift is done, so technically, you're not currently a waitress. Anyway, we came here to have lunch, so here it is.

The couple decides to each the lunch they have in front of them. After doing they're done, Leicester pays Carina for her services, and the special tip happens to be a long and passionate kiss from him. Later, Carina is back in her normal outfit, and Chelsea is present.

Chelsea: Carina, thank you for helping us out today.

Carina: You're welcome. (Grabbing Leicester's arm) Leicester and I are going to take a walk through the city now.

Chelsea: You two have a good time. I'll meet up with you back at the Oasis house later.

Leicester and Carina leave Café Celestial Garden to take a walk through Ert'Aria. They pass through several places, such as by the mansion where Fabious and Fiore Verritti live, who smile as they see their daughter and her boyfriend happy with one another. Another place they go through is the market, where many people are admiring the couple. At one point, Leicester and Carina pass by the Tortilla Sisters, and upon them seeing the couple happy together, Salsa drops on her knees and starts to once again act depressed.

Ritos: Not again.

Salsa: Why did he have to choose Carina?

Ritos: The chances of you ending up with him were a million to one anyway.

Salsa: (Angry) SHUT UP!!

Ritos: You only want him because you can't have him. Admit it.

Salsa: No I don't! I always wanted him!

Ritos: Now you want him more since he's dating Carina. (Sing-songy) Admit it.

Salsa: I won't admit it!

Ritos: Admit it or I'll tell everyone your private fantasies about Leicester.

Salsa, realizing that her sister will expose her secret, decides to finally admit it.

Salsa: Don't spill my fantasies! I only want Leicester because I can't have him.

Ritos: There. Was that so hard? I actually didn't know you had such fantasies until now.


Ritos: You just admitted it a minute ago.

Salsa screams loudly at the fact she let it slip her personal fantasies about Leicester. Back to Leicester and Carina, who have made it back to the Oasis house to find Chelsea, Agnes, Minette, Miriam, Nick, and Nina waiting for them, all wanting to hear about the couple's day.

Minette: Papa! Carina!

Minette runs right up to her father and goes into his arms.

Minette: Did you and Carina have fun?

Carina: Yes we did.

Chelsea: Carina helped out at the café today.

Miriam: Is that true, Carina?

Carina: Yes. (Happy closed-eye expression) I thought it was cute dressing up as a waitress.

Leicester: And my favorite one at that.

Carina giggles at her boyfriend's remark about her as a waitress, who gives her a kiss on the cheek, causing her to blush and giggle even more.

Agnes: We want to hear more about your date today.

Carina: All right. We'll get started then.

Leicester and Carina decide to describe the date they had to everyone in the room. Their loving relationship may still be in its prime, but they've already become quite inseparable.

Author Notes

I've finally finished Chapter 5 of my fic. I decided to make things intersting and involve the maid café (I'm not sure if it's actually supposed to be a maid café or not) that was seen in Episode 8 of the anime. Just think of Carina dressed as one of the waitresses. ^u^

Also starting in this chapter, there will now be small timeskips (about two weeks each) in between chapters. Also, this fic is going to be 8 chapters long, with a surprise at the end. I also hope that I'm doing a good job at writing this fic.
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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Chapter 6: One Month Anniversary

It's now been one month since Leicester confessed his love to Carina. Leicester is up a bit earlier than usual and decides to head into Carina's bedroom to give her something that she's been giving him every day since they got together. Carina is still asleep in her bed, and Leicester can't help but love how peaceful she looks while the morning light bathes her.

Going up to his sleeping girlfriend, Leicester leans towards her and gives her a kiss on the lips. Carina's eyes flutter open upon the good morning kiss being done, and sees Leicester.

Leicester: Good morning, Carina.

Carina, blushing at the fact that her boyfriend is looking at her, knows how to reply.

Carina: Good morning, Leicester.

Leicester: I hope you don't mind that I decided to wake you up instead. You know what today is?

Carina, excited about what the special occasion is, decides to reply with…

Carina: You mean?

Leicester: Yes. Today's our one-month anniversary.

Leicester helps Lady Carina out of bed, who decides to wrap her arms around him and kiss him on the lips. After breaking the kiss, she gently lets go of him and asks for privacy.

Carina: Leicester, sweetheart, can you excuse me for a moment? I need to get ready.

Leicester: Of course.

Leicester leaves Carina's bedroom so that she can get ready to start the day. Leicester goes into his room to go do the same thing. A little later, both are in their normal outfits and Carina heads to the dining room while Leicester heads into Minette's room.

In Minette's room, Leicester sees that his daughter is still in bed, but she opens her eyes upon seeing him and decides to greet him.

Minette: Morning, Papa.

Leicester: Morning, Minette.

Leicester goes up to Minette's bed and helps her out of it, Minette giving him a hug as he helps her set foot on the floor.

Minette: I love you, Papa.

Leicester: I love you, too.

Leicester can't help but adore his daughter. After all, he was the first person she ever saw upon waking up inside the cathedral. Leicester has grown to love Minette and still wants to be there for her even though he's in love with Carina. After all, Minette has grown to adore Carina as well as her father. In fact, she hopes that the Jewel of Ert'Aria will one day become her mother. Perhaps one day, she will.

Both Leicester and Minette head to the dining room to see Carina waiting for them. Also in the room happens to be Chelsea, Agnes, Miriam, Nick, and Nina. Nina has in fact made breakfast for everyone. Leicester and Minette sit down to enjoy it next to Carina.

All members of Oasis eat their breakfast, Leicester and Carina sharing a kiss halfway through, and eventually everyone is finished. Carina and Chelsea get out of their chairs first as Carina is going to perform her usual duties.

Carina: Well, Leicester, I have to go do my duties today.

Carina kisses her boyfriend on the cheek.

Leicester: Okay, my love.

Chelsea: I'm going to go with Carina to the cathedral. After all, I don't know frak about directions after that time a week ago when I was supposed to go next door to where I live and ended back in that swamp.

Carina: (Closed-eye expression) Don't worry, Chelsea. I'll make sure you don't get lost.

Carina and Chelsea leave the Oasis house. After they leave, Agnes gets out of her chair and heads off to entertain some more in Ert'Aria's square.

Minette: Papa, is it okay if I go spend some time with Miriam?

Leicester: It's okay.

Miriam: Leicester, what do you plan on doing today?

Leicester: Actually, I shouldn't be telling you this, but I want to surprise Carina for our one-month anniversary. I'm just not sure what to get her.

Minette: Papa, you'll think of something wonderful to give her.

Miriam: Yeah. You won't disappoint her.

Leicester: Have fun, you two.

Minette: Bye, Papa.

Leicester gives his daughter a hug before she heads off with her friend. All that are left in the Oasis house are Leicester, Nick, and Nina. Nina heads out of the room to go work on other things around the house.

Nick: So, do you have any idea what to get Carina?

Leicester: Not a clue. I want to give her something special, something very unique. I need something that would truly mean I love her.

As it turns out, Nick has the jewel that Garnet resides in. Upon hearing Leicester's dilemma, the dragon girl emerges and gives Leicester a tip on what to get.

Garnet: Well, if you want to impress your girlfriend, I know just the thing to get her.

Leicester: (Seeing Garnet) Garnet, what are you doing here?

Garnet: (Floating over to Leicester) Answering your problem on what you want to get Carina. I know of something amazing known as Rainbow Crystite.

Nick: Rainbow Crystite? I never thought crystite came in all colors.

Garnet: It's super-rare and hard to find. In fact, Rainbow Crystite is the rarest variation of all known crystite.

Leicester: Well, where could we even find Rainbow Crystite?

Garnet: I don't know. I just know that it exists.

Nick: Then what good are you?

Leicester: Wait a minute. I think my father could know a little about Rainbow Crystite. We should go ask him.

Leicester finds his parents, Nagan and Shelley, sitting in Oasis house's library. He decides to talk to them about the Rainbow Crystite that Garnet brought up.

Shelley: Rainbow Crystite? I never heard of it.

Leicester: Well, it's something that I think Oasis could go search for.

Nagan: Want to go on another quest, do you?

Leicester: Yes.

Nagan goes up to the bookshelves and looks for a book on all the different variations of crystite. He eventually finds one with information on Rainbow Crystite. He puts the book on the table and opens it up to reveal the information they're looking for.

Nagan: It says here that Rainbow Crystite is the rarest kind of crystite in the world. Apparently, the only known location of such one is Verdine Forest.

Leicester: That's quite a ways from here, but I'll go and find it.

Shelley: What do you plan on doing with the crystite once you find it?

Leicester: I have plans for it.

Shelley: What kind of plans, Leicester?

Leicester: It's a surprise.

Shelley: I think I know for who.

Nagan: Be careful out there, Leicester.

Leicester: I will, Dad.

Now knowing where to find Rainbow Crystite, Leicester goes back to Nick and Garnet to tell them where they're going. With everyone else busy, it's only going to be the three of them. As they leave Oasis' house, the Tortilla Sisters have overheard about the Rainbow Crystite and decide to go and follow them on their Golem.

Meanwhile, at the cathedral, Lady Carina, wearing her black-color outfit, is looking after some of the Artifacts with Chelsea.

Chelsea: Carina, I've heard that today is your and Leicester's one-month anniversary. Do you two have any plans?

Carina: Well, Leicester told me that he has something special planned for when I'm done with my duties. I can't wait to see what it is.

Chelsea: (Putting her hand on Carina's shoulder) Knowing him, it'll be something special.

Carina can't help but smile with her eyes closed at wondering what her boyfriend may get her for their anniversary. What she does know is that it will be wonderful.

Leicester, Nick, and Garnet have taken a train to Verdine Forest, where they hope to find the Rainbow Crystite. After they get out of the train, the Tortilla Sisters do so as well, with Golem right behind them.

Ritos: So this is Verdine Forest.

Salsa: Whatever! I want to get that Rainbow Crystite before Leicester does!

Ritos: I thought you wanted Leicester.

Salsa: Well, of course I do! I want to find the Rainbow Crystite so that I give it to Leicester in exchange for him spending a whole day with me!

Ritos: You're going to blackmail him?

Salsa: If that's what it takes to win him over, yes!

Golem: Golem!

Ritos: Sister, if you take something that Leicester desires and will only give it to him if he goes out with you, then you haven't really won him over.

Salsa: What do you mean by that?!

Ritos: I mean that this is all about you. You don't care what Leicester wants, only what you want.

Salsa: Only what I want?

Ritos: Yes. That's not really caring for Leicester. If you really love him, you'd just forget about the Rainbow Crystite and let him make his own decisions about who he loves.

Salsa, realizing what her sister is telling her, realizes that she's only trying to steal Leicester away from Carina out of jealousy.

Salsa: You're right, sister. I'm just trying to get something I can't have. We should just head home and forget this ever happened.

Ritos: (Yelling to Salsa from afar) Well, we're going to go get the Rainbow Crystite!

Apparently, Ritos, while riding atop Golem, has already headed off to get the Rainbow Crystite, leaving her sister behind.


Salsa chases after her sister. Meanwhile, Leicester, Nick, and Garnet are going through Verdine Forest in order to find the Rainbow Crystite. At one point, they reach a maze consisting of El energy, similar to one they encountered once before. This is discovered by Garnet trying to float past a barrier, only to be sent back to the forest maze entrance.

Garnet: What's going on here?

Nick: Is this another El energy maze?

Leicester: Sure looks like it.

Nick: How do you think we'll get through this?

Garnet: If I concentrate hard enough, I can detect where the El is.

Leicester: Are you sure we won't get lost?

Garnet: If I follow the El, I can take us right out of this maze.

Nick: You're not going to follow her, are you?

Leicester: Well, it's worth a shot.

Leicester and Nick decide to follow Garnet through the El maze. Surprisingly, the dragon doesn't get lost going through the maze. In the center of the maze is a sort of ancient stone building, and within it happens to be the Rainbow Crystite.

Garnet: This is it. I can sense the Rainbow Crystite inside.

Leicester: That's good. Let's go.

The trio heads into the building, where they enter another maze, although one that consists of walls rather than El energy. Shortly after they enter, a wolf-like crystite monster comes out of the shadows and attacks the trio.

Nick: Just what is that?!

Garnet: It's a (Name is shown) Crystite Hunter EX!

Leicester: Get ready! It's coming!

Leicester and Nick prepare to face the crystite monster. Nick swings his axe at the beast, knocking it to the ground, but it gets back up.

Garnet: The Mega Crystite Predator has a lot of endurance!

Nick: I thought it was called a Crystite Hunter EX!

Garnet: It has a lot of names! (Sees Leicester) LEICESTER, WATCH OUT!!

The crystite beast goes for Leicester, who points his blade weapon at it. A laser shoots out of the emitter on the weapon, hitting the monster dead on. The crystite monster dissipates, leaving only a crystite itself in it place. Leicester decides to pick it up.

Nick: All of this just so you can get your girlfriend a present?

Leicester: I didn't think getting Rainbow Crystite would be this hard. But for Carina, I'll brave anything to show my love for her.

Using the crystite, Leicester is able to find the way through the maze. Fortunately, they don't find any more crystite monsters. Eventually, the reach the center of the building, where the Rainbow Crystite sits on a pedestal. While it's shaped like a normal crystite, all of the colors of the rainbow can be seen along its surface. Leicester goes and takes it from the pedestal.

Leicester: We found it. We actually found it.

Nick: Good for you. Now can we get out of here?

Leicester, Nick, and Garnet head out of the building, the El energy from the Rainbow Crystite allowing them to retrace their steps. Back in the forest maze, the Rainbow Crystite dissipates the El barriers, allowing the trio to easily find their way out.

Elsewhere in the forest maze, the Tortilla Sisters, while riding on top of Golem, never got far into the maze and decide to head back out empty-handed.

Salsa: (Bummed) We never found the Rainbow Crystite.

Ritos: It would've really helped Tortilla Company.

Salsa: And it would've really helped me get Leicester.

Ritos: This again? Get over it. Leicester really loves Carina.

Salsa: So.

Ritos: They're meant for each other. You're just going to have to accept it.

Salsa: (Sad closed eye expression) You're right.

Ritos: Let's go home and how about this. I'll make you a special dinner, sister. It's the least I can do to cheer you up.

Salsa: Thanks, Ritos.


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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Note: Due to post limitations, I have to split this chapter in two.

Back in Ert'Aria, Carina is seeing her father at his mansion while performing her duties. She's very excited about meeting up with her boyfriend afterward.

Carina: Dad, after I'm done with my duties, I plan on meeting Leicester in town square.

Fabious: What does he have planned for today?

Carina: I don't know. He told me something special to celebrate our one-month anniversary. I can't wait to see just what it is.

Fabious: I bet it's going to be something amazing.

Carina: (Happy closed eye expression) I know.

Meanwhile, back at the Oasis house, Leicester is currently working on the Rainbow Crystite that he brought back. He's managed to make its shape more octagonal and takes a short, thin silver-and gold chain and attaches both ends of it to the crystite.

Leicester looks at the finished result and it turns out to be a beautiful necklace made out of the Rainbow Crystite. Having finished it, Leicester gets up and heads out of the Oasis house, ready to do with it what he's been planning.

In Ert'Aria's square, Carina, back in her normal outfit, sees Leicester at a bench in front of the central fountain. She quickly runs up to him happily.

Carina: Leicester!

Leicester: Carina!

Lady Carina goes right into Leicester's arms, who embraces her. After doing so, the two of them sit down and Leicester is ready to give his girlfriend his gift to her.

Leicester: Carina, I know that it's only been a month since we fell in love, but we've known each other since we were kids, and I feel I should give you the greatest present someone can give to the one they love.

Leicester reveals to Carina the Rainbow Crystite necklace that he made for her. The Jewel of Ert'Aria is amazed they Leicester is giving her something that's difficult for anyone to find to give to their loved one at all.

Leicester takes the necklace and gently puts it around her neck, fastening the necklace together. The Rainbow Crystite shines in the sunlight and all the colors of the rainbow are projected outward. As she looks at the crystite, Carina can't help but shed a few tears of joy at the present that Leicester, the love of her life, had just given her. Elated, she wraps her arms around him tightly and gives him a passionate kiss on the lips. What Leicester Maycraft has just given Carina Verritti is the most wonderful present one could give to who they love.

Carina: (Elated) Leicester, this is the most wonderful thing you've ever done for me. I never thought that such a crystite even existed.

Leicester: For you, Carina, I would cross the world to give you something that shows how much I love you.

Carina: All I wanted was something to celebrate our one-month anniversary. But what you've given me is something that is greater than the gifts many people would give their loved ones over the course of their entire lives. (Shedding tears of joy) This is the perfect gift of love.

Leicester and Carina both stand up, embrace, and share a deep kiss as the Rainbow Crystite gives off a multi-colored glow. The two of them have never been happier.

[As of this point, Carina Verritti will always wear the crystite necklace unless stated otherwise.]

Back at the Oasis house, Leicester and Carina come in to see Minette, Miriam, Nick, and Nina waiting for them. Garnet, however, has receded back into her jewel. Upon seeing Lady Carina, they are all amazed at the necklace around her neck.

Nina: Carina, that necklace you're wearing a beautiful. Where did you get it?

Carina: (Looking at Leicester) Leicester made it for me.

Nick: So that's what you did with the Rainbow Crystite.

Minette: (Going up to Leicester and Carina) Carina, that's a wonderful necklace you have. Papa made it for you?

Leicester: Yes, Minette. (Looking at Carina) I wanted to get her something special to show how much I love her.

Leicester gives Carina a kiss on the lips. During the kiss, she starts kissing back. As they break the kiss, Agnes and Chelsea have just come in.

Agnes: Hi, everyone. (Notices Carina's necklace) Carina, where did you get that necklace?

Chelsea: Yeah. I've never seen anything like it.

Minette: Papa made it for her.

Carina: It's made out of Rainbow Crystite.

Chelsea: Rainbow Crystite? I never heard of that before.

Carina: (To Leicester) Where did you get it, sweetie?

Leicester: Garnet, Nick, and myself went to Verdine Forest. Upon finding it, (Puts his arm around Carina's back) I knew exactly what to do with it.

Carina: Leicester, I've decided that I'm never taking it off.

Leicester: Really?

Carina: Yes. You went to so much trouble to get it for me, and it means so much to me that I'll always have in on. For you, Leicester.

Leicester and Carina share a quick kiss, then along with Minette, Chelsea, and Agnes, sit down at the table, ready to eat what Nina has prepared for everyone.

Later on, it's nighttime. Chelsea, Agnes, and Miriam have all left. With the events of the day done, Leicester, Carina, and Minette are all in their sleepwear. Leicester is in Minette's room having just said good night to her and turns off the light as he leaves. He then goes into his bedroom to find Carina waiting for him there. Seeing that her boyfriend gave her a good morning kiss, she wants to return the favor by giving him a good night one.

Leicester: Carina, I thought you'd be in bed now.

Carina: Well, I figured I should give you a good night kiss tonight.

Leicester: Okay then.

Leicester gets into bed, and upon him being in bed, Carina moves her head in and kisses him on the lips, both of them blushing as she does so.

Carina: Good night, my love.

Leicester: Good night, sweetheart.

Lady Carina leaves her boyfriend's bedroom, turning off the light in the process. Shortly after, Leicester drifts off to sleep. About an hour or two later, he is woken up by his girlfriend coming into his room, not wearing the hat that goes with her nightgown.

Carina: Leicester?

Leicester: Carina, what is it?

Carina: Leicester, I was wondering if I could sleep with you tonight.

Leicester: Aw, Carina, of course you can.

Carina: Thank you.

Carina walk up to Leicester's bed and gets in on the left side, her boyfriend making room for her. While they may have been dating for only a month, they already love each other very much, and they just want to be close to one another, nothing more.

Leicester: I love you, Carina.

Carina: I love you, too.

The two lovers decide to share a kiss. Shortly after doing so, Leicester gently grabs the top of the collar of Carina's nightgown and pulls down on it slightly so that the area of her chest above her breasts, the precise area where her heart is, is exposed. After doing so, he puts his ear on top of the area of skin where her heart is and starts listening to her heartbeat.

"thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump"

Carina: Leicester, are you listening to my heart again?

Leicester: Yes, my love. I hope you don't mind.

Carina: (Yawns) Of course I don't. Listen to it as long as you want.

Leicester: I might even fall asleep listening to it.

Carina: (Giggles lightly) Okay.

Carina can't help but adore how much Leicester loves her. She's always had a crush on him, but once he confessed his love to her, they were both on the same level, and its now apparent that they will be together forever. The noble girl puts her left arm around Leicester's back and admires the necklace he made for her, still hanging on her neck, while he listens to her heartbeat.

"thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump", "thu-thump"

At one point, Leicester takes his ear off Carina's chest, and while slightly holding down the front of her nightgown's collar to keep the area where her heart is exposed, he plants his lips on the area of skin where her heart resides, and kisses her heart. Leicester can feel Lady Carina's soft heartbeat against his lips. As a result of the kiss, Carina's heartbeat becomes faster and stronger.

"th-thp", "th-thp", "th-thp", "th-thp", "th-thp", "th-thp", "th-thp", "th-thp", "th-thp", "th-thp"

Carina: (Blushing) Leicester?

Leicester puts his ear back on his girlfriend's chest and starts listening to her heartbeat once again. Carina is a bit surprised that he kissed her heart, and can tell that her heart is beating faster and stronger as a result.

It's not long after that Carina falls asleep and Leicester continues to listen to his sleeping girlfriend's warm, soft heartbeat. Soon after, he falls asleep himself, the soothing sound of her heart still entering his ear.

Author Notes

I've already got Chapter 6 ready. I hope I didn't overdo it with the Rainbow Crystite necklace, though. Also, I put a certain word used frequently in Battlestar Galactica in this chapter. See if you can find it. Also in this chapter, Garnet finally shows herself in the fic.

If you're wondering about the swamp and the El energy maze, those were things seen in the anime. Same thing goes for what Garnet names the crystite monster (which, sadly, will be the only action seen in this fic, but it's supposed to be a love story anyway).

Also, about the last scene, I wanted to keep it PG-rated while still having Leicester and Carina in bed together. That's why such a scene is kept clean. Besides, Leicester and Carina don't want to ruin what they have. Unless stated otherwise, from now on, Carina always wears the necklace Leicester made for her.


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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Chapter 7: Future Mother-Daughter Bonding

It's currently one and a half months since Leicester and Carina began dating. Carina, still in her nightgown, but not wearing the hat that goes with it, is sitting down at her dresser and looking in the mirror as she brushes her hair. She is surprised by her door opening, expecting it to be her beloved boyfriend, but instead it's Minette, also in her nightgown, that enters Carina's bedroom. Carina, able to see Minette through her mirror, is happy to see her.

Carina: (Looking towards Minette) Morning, Minette.

Minette: Morning, Carina.

The automata girl comes up to Lady Carina, wanting to watch her get ready to start the day.

Minette: Can I watch you get ready?

Carina: Of course you can.

Minette: Papa really loves you. (Hugs Carina) I do, too.

Carina, a tiny bit shocked, is amazed that Minette loves her in the way that a daughter would love her mother. But Carina isn't her mother. Not yet.

Carina: Did you just say you love me?

Minette: Yes. You love Papa very much. I want you and Papa to get married someday, that way you can become my Mama.

Carina can't help but blush at the fact that Leicester's daughter wants her to marry Leicester one day. The Jewel of Ert'Aria has always hoped that would one day happen. Minette breaks the hug and Carina gets out of her chair and helps Minette onto it. Taking her hairbrush, Carina begins to brush Minette's hair, the young girl giggling in the process.

Carina: I think you should look pretty today.

Minette: Don't I always look pretty?

Carina: Well, I think you should look special today.

Carina grabs the hat that goes with her normal outfit and puts it on Minette's head. Minette looks at herself in the mirror and likes how she looks wearing Carina's hat.

Minette: (Looking at Carina's necklace) Carina, can I wear your necklace?

Carina: I guess you could for a little bit.

Carina takes the Rainbow Crystite necklace Leicester made for her two weeks ago and puts it on Minette's neck. Minette loves how beautiful the necklace looks.

Carina: I know I said I would never take if off, but I can make an exception for you.

Lady Carina wraps her arms around Minette and gives her a hug. Minette can't help but giggle at the hug the noble lady is giving her. Leicester opens the door to see the two spending time with one another and can't help but smile. He can already tell that Carina will make a great mother for Minette one day.

Carina: How would you like to come with me while I perform my duties today?

Minette: I'd love to.

Carina: (Letting go of Minette) First we need to get ready. How about I dress you today.

Minette: Okay, Carina.

Carina gently takes her necklace from Minette's neck and puts it back on her own. Later, Minette is wearing a nice blue-and-white dress that Carina picked out for her while Carina is back in her normal outfit, including her hat. Both head out of Carina's bedroom and head into the dining room where Leicester is waiting for them. Carina goes to her boyfriend and gives him a kiss.

Carina: Hi, Leicester.

Leicester: Hi, Carina. (Kisses her back, then sees Minette) Minette, you look nice today.

Minette: Thanks, Papa. (Looking at Carina) Carina picked it out for me. Guess what? I'm going to go with Carina while she does her duties.

Leicester: Okay then. I can tell you love being around Carina.

Carina: She actually wants me to be her mother one day.

Leicester: (To Carina) I know. I want you both to be happy.

Carina: Thanks, my love.

Leicester: I'm going to head off to Verdine Forest for the day to find a crystite for your mother that she wants. (Looks at Carina's necklace) Of course no crystite will ever be a wonderful as the one that makes up that necklace.

Carina can't help but blush as she kisses Leicester on the cheek.

Carina: Well, we're going to go now.

Leicester: I'll try to bring you something back.

Minette: Bye, Papa.

Leicester: You two have fun.

Carina and Minette leave the Oasis house to go to where Carina will perform her duties. As he watches them head down the street, Leicester can't help but love how Carina is spending time with his daughter and says this about them.

Leicester: Minette, you'll have a wonderful mother one day.

Later on, Carina and Minette are at the Verritti mansion, Carina once again in her black-color outfit. Both are seeing Carina's parents, who are delighted that their daughter brought Minette along with her.

Minette: Hi, Mr. And Mrs. Verritti.

Fabious: Mr. and Mrs. Verritti? You're just like your father sometimes.

Minette: What do you mean?

Fabious: You should call me Fabious. In fact, (To Carina) seeing how things are going with you and Leicester, (Closed eye expression) Minette will one day be calling me Grandpa.

Fiore: I know it's a bit sudden, but do you and Leicester have any marriage plans yet?

Carina: Marriage? (Blushes) Well, no, but we hope to one day.

Minette: Come on, Carina! Papa loves you very much! (Hugs Carina) I want to be able to call you Mama!

Carina: Well, (Closed eye expression) we need to wait for him to decide when it's time he wants to marry me. We shouldn't rush him.

Fabious: You're right. We shouldn't rush things here. Carina, perhaps you can show Minette your duties. Maybe she'd like to help you out with them.

Carina: You think?

Minette: (Closed eye expression) Sure I would! I want to see what it's like.

Carina: Okay then.

As the day goes on, Minette gets to see the various things Lady Carina does when she's doing her duties. At one point, Carina is sitting down in the mansion reading a book while Minette watches her. Minette decides to turn one of the pages for Carina. Later, the two of them are in the cathedral looking at the various Artifacts. Minette's eyes are fixated on a green-color medium-size crystal, shaped differently than a crystite.

Minette: Carina, what's this called?

Carina: It's known as a Prismati Relic. There are only eight of them in existence, one for each color of the rainbow.

Minette: Each color of the rainbow?

Carina: Yes. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Half of them have been discovered; Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. We're not sure where the other four are.

Minette: What are they for?

Carina: I'm not really sure. I remember Dad telling me a story about them when I was little. (Puts her hand on Minette's arm) But I think it's just a legend.

Minette: Could you tell me the story?

Carina: I can if you want.

Carina starts telling Minette the story her father once told her. However, in Verdine Forest, Leicester has gone on his own and has found an area of Rainbow Flowers and decides to pick a number of them.

Leicester: There. This should be a good amount.

Later during the day, Carina, back in her normal outfit, takes Minette through the market and finds Chelsea, once again lost, this time on the way to Café Celestial Garden.

Minette: Hi, Chelsea!

Chelsea: Hi, Minette. Hi, Carina.

Carina: Chelsea, what are you doing here?

Chelsea: Well, I was on my way to the café, and… (Sees that she's in the market) this is not the café, is it?

Carina: Sorry. We can take you there.

Minette: Carina, can we help Chelsea out today?

Carina: (Remembering when she helped at the café) Sure, why not.

A short time later, at Café Celestial Garden, Chelsea and Carina are back in their waitress uniforms, and Minette is wearing one as well. All three of them serve the various customers, with Minette getting a lot of attention.

Minette: (To Carina) This is fun!

Carina: I know. It's too bad Leicester isn't here to see this.

Minette goes up to a male customer to ask him his order.

Minette: Welcome to Café Celestial Garden. How may I help you?

Customer: Minette? You're working here?

Minette has become quite popular in Ert'Aria since she was discovered. In fact, she has her own fan club. It's no surprise this customer knows her.

Minette: Just for today. I'm helping Chelsea and Carina out.

Customer: I'll have a couple hamburgers.

Minette: Okay, sir. I'll get that to you as soon as possible.

Carina and Chelsea are adoring Minette helping out at the café and are glad she's doing such a good job. Later, all three of them are back in their normal outfits (Minette is wearing the outfit Carina picked out for her) and leave the café. In town square, they see that is Agnes once again entertaining guests with one of her performances.

Minette: Carina, can we go see Agnes?

Carina: Of course we can.

All three of them wait until Agnes is done before going up to her. The street performer is happy to see them and goes up to greet them.

Agnes: Hi, everyone!

Carina: Hi, Agnes!

Minette: Hello, Agnes!

Agnes: What are all of you doing here?

Minette: I'm spending the day with Carina. I actually got to help her with her duties.

Chelsea: And she helped out at the café.

Agnes: That's great. Carina? Minette? Do you two want to help me out with our next act?

Minette: I'd love to!

Carina: We have some time. Okay!

Agnes starts up her next act, with Minette and Carina both active participants. Both of them are quite happy in performing in Agnes's show. Everyone in the audience can't help but cheer them all on. Carina, Minette, and Agnes all smile happily at the applause they get.

After the show is done, Agnes joins the group as they travel through the town some more. In front of Tortilla Company's building, Salsa and Ritos are cleaning Golem. Salsa has finally gotten over the fact that Leicester and Carina are together and has accepted it. As the quartet sees them, she feels just fine.

Salsa: Hey, everyone. Where are you going?

Minette: Salsa! Ritos! What are you up to?

Ritos: We need to clean Golem once again.

Salsa: We're just about do…

Salsa ends up slipping and falling off of Golem, yelling in the process.

Salsa: (In pain) …one.

Minette: Salsa, are you all right?

Ritos: (Looks at Salsa) Yeah. She'll be fine.

Carina: We were just about to head back to Oasis house.

Agnes: Do you want to come?

Ritos: (Thinks about it for a second) Sure, why not?

Salsa: (Getting up) We have nothing else to do.

Golem: Golem?

Ritos: Sorry, Golem. We need you to watch the place while we're gone.

Salsa: We'll be back soon.

Minette: Come on! Let's go!

The half-dozen girls make it back to the Oasis house, where Nina and Shelley are waiting for them. However, Leicester hasn't gotten back yet, and Nick is currently doing some business in town.

Shelley: Wow. Look at all of you.

Carina: Where's Leicester?

Nina: He hasn't gotten back yet. He should be home soon, though.

Agnes: How about this. Why don't we all surprise Leicester with a beach party for when he gets back?

Minette: That sounds like fun!

Carina: (Thinking about Leicester) I think Leicester would be happy to see me in a bikini.

Chelsea: Thinking about your boyfriend again.

Carina: Sorry.

Chelsea: It's okay. We all know how much you love each other.

Salsa: What are we waiting for?! Let's hit the beach!

Ritos: (Calmly) Yeah. What my sister said.

The next thing that happens is that Carina, Minette, Chelsea, Agnes, Salsa, and Ritos are all in their swimsuits and playing in the water or on the beach, a similar scene to what they did after they found Garnet. Minette and Carina happen to be quite playful with one another, as they splash each other with water, laughing while doing so. Agnes sends a splash of water towards Chelsea, who is a bit nervous about being in a bikini.

Chelsea: Agnes, watch what you're doing!

Agnes: You mean (splashes water at Chelsea again) THIS?!

Chelsea: Quit it!

Minette jumps from behind Carina and wraps her arms around her as they fall forward into the water. The two can't help but laugh. After all, the two are bonding more than ever.

Minette: I love you, Carina.

Carina: You know what? (Grabs Minette from behind) I love you, too. I can't wait until the day when you start calling me Mama!

Minette: You'll be the best Mama in the world!

Carina laughs happily at Minette's statement. After all, she's grown to love Leicester so much that she's starting to love his daughter as well. After all, it's platonic love that the two girls show for each other. The two share a hug, which is interrupted by Agnes splashing some water at them.

Carina: Watch it, Agnes!

Minette decides to give Agnes a taste of her own medicine by splashing some water at her. After doing so, Carina's necklace takes in some sunlight and lets off a beautiful array of rainbow colors, which everyone can see.

On the beach, Nina and Shelley, also wearing the bikinis they wore the last time such a beach party occurred, are watching everyone have fun in the water. Shelley is lying down in a lawn chair while Nina is standing right next to her.

Shelley: (Sitting up) I can't believe how much Carina and Minette are bonding with one another. I can tell why Leicester loves both of them so much.

Nina: (Seeing the rainbow colors from Carina's necklace) That necklace Lady Carina is wearing is very beautiful.

At this point, Leicester has finally made it back, with Nick joining him. Leicester happens to have a bouquet of the Rainbow Flowers he picked while in Verdine Forest and also some candy. Upon seeing his mother and maid on the beach, he decides to go up to them.

Leicester: Mom, what is everyone doing?

Shelley: They're having some sort of beach party.

All of the girls stop what they're going in the water and head onto the beach. Carina and Minette head up to Leicester, the two of them the happiest to see them.

Carina: Leicester, you're back!

Minette: Welcome back, Papa!

Leicester goes up to them both and presents Carina with the Rainbow Flower bouquet, which makes her very happy.

Leicester: This is for you, my love.

Carina: (Taking the bouquet) Leicester, they're beautiful.

Leicester: Not as beautiful as you.

Leicester and Carina wrap their arms around each other, Carina still holding the bouquet, and share a passionate kiss, water still dripping from Carina's hair and body. Her boyfriend doesn't mind that his clothes are getting a little wet as a result.

Eventually, the two break the kiss and embrace and Leicester decides to give the candy he got to Minette.

Leicester: He you go, Minette.

Minette takes the candy and gives her father a hug. After doing so, Carina and Minette line up with the rest of the girls, all of them wanting Leicester to pick who's wearing the best bikini. But the thing is that his judgment might be a little biased.

Salsa: Come on, Leicester! Which of us looks the best?!

Ritos: He'll probably choose his girlfriend.

Agnes: Yeah. This isn't really that fair anymore.

Chelsea: She's still holding that bouquet.

Shelley: (Coming up to her son) Come on, Leicester. Pick one.

Leicester decides that he should choose who he thinks has the best swimsuit. Unable to decide, he says this.

Leicester: Carina and Minette. I wouldn't pick any other two.

Carina and Minette, both excited that the former's boyfriend and the latter's father picked them, run up to him and give him a hug together. Carina also kisses him on the cheek. Leicester can't be happier, as he has a beautiful girlfriend and a wonderful daughter.

Eventually, the events of the day are done and at this point, it's past midnight. Carina is fast asleep in her bed when Leicester comes into her room and gently wakes her up. Carina's eyes open up to see her boyfriend looking at her.

Carina: Leicester, what are you doing here?

Leicester: Carina, please go get Minette. I want you both to see this.

Carina: What is it?

Leicester: You'll see.

Lady Carina gets out of her bed and heads to Minette's room to wake her up. The automata girl is surprised to see Carina at such a late hour.

Minette: (Sleepily) Carina, what are you doing here?

Carina: You father wants us to see something.

Carina takes Minette back into her bedroom where Leicester is waiting for both of them. He takes them to the window, where he opens up the curtains to reveal a beautiful array of glowing stars in the night sky, a rare occurrence. Both girls are amazed at such a wonderful sight as Carina takes Leicester's arm and both of them put their hands on Minette's shoulders.

Carina: Leicester, it's beautiful.

Minette: Papa, what is it?

Leicester: It's El energy lighting up the stars. It happens once a year. I wanted us to all see this.

Minette: It looks wonderful.

Leicester, Carina, and Minette all go to Carina's bed and sit on it while still looking at the stars in the sky.

Carina: Leicester, (Kisses him on the cheek) thanks for doing this for us.

Leicester: There's nothing I wouldn't do for the two most wonderful girls in my life.

Minette: You really mean that?

Leicester: Of course I do. You two mean so much to me.

Leicester can't help but wrap his arms around his girlfriend and give her a long kiss. Carina starts kissing back during the kiss as she blushes. After the kiss, Leicester keeps his arms wrapped around the Jewel of Ert'Aria while Minette hugs him from his other side. It's almost like they're a family. In fact, they hope to one day be such.

The feeling Leicester has can only be described as bliss, as he's embracing the love of his life while his daughter is embracing him. Looking up at the shining stars in the sky, all three of them look toward the future.

Author Notes

Here happens to be Chapter 7 of my Shukufuku no Campanella fanfic. I decided to have it center around Carina and Minette bonding (hence the title). Just note that Minette loves Carina in the way a daughter would love her mother and vice-versa.

I randomly threw in one more café scene due to how the events of the chapter were unfolding and also had a beach scene towards the end (which is meant to be similar to Episode 2 of the anime). On one last note, the next chapter will be the last one of the fic, but will then pave way for hopefully the next fic.


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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Chapter 8: A Party to Remember

Leicester Maycraft and Carina Verritti have now been together for two months, and continue to love each other. It's currently midday, and the two plan to celebrate their two-month anniversary at a party being thrown at the Duke's mansion. The party is to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Carina's parents, so it's actually two celebrations.

Leicester and Carina are currently sitting on a bench in Ert'Aria's square, Carina not wearing the hat she normally wears and instead having it to the left of her as Leicester is gently holding her shoulders. Both of them have happy expressions on their faces as Leicester moves his hands to Carina's waist in order to wrap his arms around her and kiss her on the lips. Carina blushes and starts to kiss back during the kiss. As they break the kiss, they can't help but lovingly look at each other, happy as can be.

Carina: Leicester, I love you.

Carina puts her arms around her boyfriend and gives him a loving embrace.

Leicester: I love you, too Carina.

Leicester and Carina gently break their embrace and stand up hand-in-hand as they plan on heading back to the Oasis house together. They need to get ready for the party after all.

Back at Oasis' house, Minette is waiting for the couple and upon seeing them come in, runs up to them and gives them a hug.

Minette: Papa! Carina! You're back!

Carina: You didn't miss us, did you, Minette?

Leicester: We weren't gone too long.

Minette: When are we heading to the party?

Leicester: Soon, Minette.

Carina: We still need to get ready.

At this point, Chelsea, Agnes, and Miriam come into the house, as they plan on heading to the party as a group with Leicester, Carina, Minette, and also Nina.

Agnes: Hi, everyone!

Minette: Hi, Chelsea and Agnes! (Heads up to Miriam) Hi, Miriam.

Miriam: Hi, Minette. (To Leicester and Carina) Hi, Carina and Leicester.

Carina: Hi, Agnes! Hi, Chelsea! Hi, Miriam!

Chelsea: I'm still not sure if I should come with you.

Carina: Why not? You had such a great time last time we had such a party.

Chelsea: I know, but maybe I should look after the Artifacts this time.

Carina: Chelsea, you're coming with us. I'll personally see to it.

Leicester: Come on, Chelsea. It won't hurt. We're all going. The other Sacred Knights will look after the Artifacts.

Miriam: This party is going to be great.

Agnes: It's not like any danger is going to happen this time around.

The group still remembers when a party was thrown for the Sacred Knights some time ago. A snake-like crystite monster ended up attacking and Oasis had to stop it. However, since the El incident is long over, the same thing shouldn't happen again.

Everyone sees Nina come into the room. As mentioned, she's going to the party as well.

Nina: (To Leicester and Carina) Nice to see you two back from your walk.

Carina: Nina, would you mind if you came with us to get dressed for the party?

Nina: What do you mean, Lady Carina?

Leicester: I think my girlfriend wants to help you pick out a dress.

Carina: (To Leicester) Aw, sweetheart. You read my mind.

Carina awards her boyfriend with a kiss on the cheek, Leicester blushing upon her lips touching his face. After doing so, Carina, Chelsea, Agnes, Minette, Miriam, and Nina all head for Carina's room to get dressed for the party. Leicester heads into his room to get dressed himself.

A bit later, Carina, Chelsea, Agnes, and Minette all come out of Carina's bedroom wearing the same dresses they wore to the party held for the Sacred Knights (well, maybe replicas of them due to what happened to the original dresses when the crystite monster attacked). Nina and Miriam then come out, Nina wearing a nice green-colored formal dress and Miriam wearing a blue one. Carina did away with Nina's headdress since she wants her to look nice as well.

While Chelsea, Agnes, Minette, Miriam, and Nina all head to the dining room, Carina goes into Leicester's room, and seeing him in a light black formal outfit, decides to head up to him.

Carina: Leicester, my love. You look wonderful.

Carina goes up to her boyfriend, takes his hands, and kisses him on the lips. Leicester responds by wrapping his arms around her and embracing her.

Leicester: Well you look beautiful.

Leicester gives Carina a kiss on the cheek, causing her to blush and giggle. Unlike the last party, where he spent most of it in the cathedral looking after the Artifacts there, Leicester plans on having Carina be his date to this party. It's only natural that they go to such a party together now that they're in a loving relationship with one another.

Leicester gently breaks his embrace with Carina, but then takes her right hand.

Leicester: May I escort you to the party, milady?

Carina: Milady? (Blushes) Way to be formal, Leicester.

The couple walks out hand-in-hand and head to the dining room, where the rest of the girls are waiting for them. Nick happens to also be with them since he's going to the party as well. Upon seeing Leicester and Carina holding each other's hand, everyone compliments them.

Agnes: Carina, you and Leicester will be the life of the party.

Minette: Papa, are you and Carina going to dance together?

The thought of the two of them dancing enters Lady Carina's mind and she can't help but blush at the possibility that such a thing will happen.

Leicester: (To Carina) I could have one dance with my sweet Carina.

Carina: (Giggles) You would? Oh, what am I saying? (Kisses Leicester) Of course you would.

Chelsea: Just wondering, but how many times have you two kissed since you got together?

Agnes: Yeah. (Giggles) I never go a day without seeing one of you two kiss the other at least once.

Leicester: Well, I think I've lost count.

Minette: What about that kiss you two had on the beach? That one was beautiful.

Carina: Well, we've kissed so many times that I can't remember that one exactly.

Leicester: Who needs to keep count? (To Carina) We'll probably kiss a few more times tonight.

Nick: Can you two be quiet about kissing? Aren't we supposed to get to the party?

Carina: (To Nick and a bit angry) Way to ruin the moment, Nick.

Nina: Well, we should be getting to the party now.

Agnes: Minette? Miriam? Would you two like to help out with a show I want to put on while we're there?

Minette: Of course I would.

Miriam: I don't think I've ever been in one of your shows before, Agnes.

Agnes: Well then this could be your first then.

Carina and Leicester decide to head out of the Oasis house first, Carina holding her boyfriend's left arm. Following them are Minette and Miriam, then Chelsea and Agnes, and finally Nick and Nina. Nick has his arms behind his head and doesn't seem too interested in the party, however.

Later, it's nighttime as the party has begun and Oasis is there. Among the guests happens to of course be Fabious and Fiore Verritti, but also Nagan and Shelley Maycraft, with all four of them wearing the same outfits they wore at the last party. Salsa and Ritos are also attending the party, with Salsa wearing an orange formal dress and Ritos a purple one.

Salsa: I'm so glad we actually get to attend this party instead of keeping watch outside!

Salsa has a short flashback about when she and her sister kept guard outside during the party held for the Sacred Knights. Ritos went and got some chicken and a sandwich, but Salsa only got the crust of the sandwich. This time, however, things should be very different.

Ritos: Yeah. Sorry about last time. I'll make it up to you. Name any food they have here and I'll personally go get it for you.

Salsa: (Excited) You mean it?! Well, I want some meat, chicken, lobster, noodles, and a salad!

Ritos: Well, I'll keep my word and get you what you want.

While Ritos goes to get her sister the food that she desires, Carina and Leicester head up the stairs in the ballroom to where Carina's parents are. Both Fabious and Fiore are happy to see their daughter with her boyfriend.

Fiore: Carina, you brought Leicester with you.

Fabious: Why don't you come and give me a hug?!

Leicester remembers when himself and Carina first told her parents that they started dating. Fabious ended up giving him quite a big hug, but a bit too tight.

Leicester: Fabious, you don't really need to do that.

Carina: (Looking at Leicester) Leicester and I hope to dance together later.

Fiore: Well, I hope that the two of you have a great time tonight.

Fabious: I don't think we'll have any interruptions this time around.

Carina: Leicester, can we go get something to eat?

Leicester: Sure we can, my love.

Leicester gives Carina another kiss on the cheek while Fabious and Fiore admire the affection the two are sharing. The couple then heads to a long table where a number of different foods are; meat, poultry, seafood, bread, noodles, and vegetables as far as the eye can see. Leicester takes his girlfriend to where the salad is, knowing that she might to eat light tonight.

Leicester gets a bowl and scoops up a bit of the salad from the big bowl it's in and gives the bowl to Carina. They then go to where the seafood is, where Leicester gets two lobster tails, one for himself and one for Carina. Next, he goes and gets a piece of steak-like meat for himself. Lastly, Leicester gets some noodles for the both of them.

With the food that they plan on eating, Carina and Leicester head over to a table where they'll be able to sit down and enjoy the food that they have.

Carina: Leicester, I don't know if I'll be able to eat all of this.

Leicester: I don't think I got too much for you, sweetheart.

Carina: (Blushes) I guess you're right. After all, you got me some of my favorite foods.

Leicester cuts into his lobster and takes out a piece of it using his fork. He then moves it towards his girlfriend's mouth. Carina opens her mouth and eats the piece of lobster meat.

Carina: (After swallowing; giggling) Aw, Leicester. (Wrapping some of her noodles onto her fork) Here.

Carina feeds her boyfriend some of her noodles. It's quite apparent that they two love each other when they're sharing their food. While they eat what they each have in front of them, they also share their food with one another. Leicester feeds Carina a bit of the meat he's eating while both of them eat out of the salad that Carina's eating.

While the couple is eating from the same salad, Nagan and Shelley come by to see their son and his girlfriend, kind of wowed at the two sharing their meals.

Shelley: Way to go, Leicester.

Leicester: (Seeing his mom) Mom, what are you doing here?

Shelley: Enjoying the party, of course.

Carina: It's nice to see you, Shelley.

Shelley: Well I'm glad Leicester hooked up with a well-endowed beauty like you.

Upon hearing Shelley's remark, Carina looks at her own chest, knowing well what Leicester's mom means by that statement. Carina ends up blushing a little.

Nagan: Shelley, dear. Don't make Carina nervous.

Leicester: Yeah, Mom. The two of us want to enjoy the party.

Shelley: Fine, then. (To Carina) Make my son proud.

Carina: You know I will, Nagan and Shelley.

Shelley: The two of us are going to get some punch. You want any?

Leicester: Carina and I will get some later.

Nagan and Shelley go to get some punch. With them gone, Leicester and Carina go back to focusing on themselves. Leicester takes his girlfriend's hand, which causes her to blush.

Leicester: I love you, Carina.

Carina: And I love you, Leicester.

The two lovers decide to share a kiss while holding hands. Meanwhile, Agnes, Minette, and Miriam are putting on a show and entertaining a number of the guests at the party. A bunch of the viewers are excited to see Minette. Along with Agnes and Minette, Miriam happens to be quite happy being at such a party and can't help but laugh with them. The trio of girls is currently the light of the party.


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Re: Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria
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Note: Due to post limitations, I have to split this chapter in two.

Elsewhere, Nina is getting herself some punch while Nick is looking at some of the food, not really that interested with the events of the party.

Nina: (To Nick) Nick, why aren't you enjoying things here?

Nick: I guess I'm not really much of a party person.

Nina: Well, I don't really get out of the house. (Closed-eye expression) But I'm glad to be here. You know, I need someone to dance with later.

Nick: Are you suggesting that we dance together?

Nina: Well, just one dance. That's all.

Nick: Well… I guess one wouldn't hurt.

While everyone else is enjoying the party, Chelsea unfortunately has ended up outside the mansion, once again lost. She was on her way to get some food.

Chelsea: (To herself) This is not the food table. (Depressed) Why do I even bother?

Later, Leicester and Carina have finished eating and the two head back to the food table to get some punch. They go up to the punch bowl, where Leicester scoops up some punch using the giant spoon in the bowl, puts it into a glass, and gives it to Carina. He made sure some of the fruit slices also ended up in the glass, seeing as his girlfriend loves them.

Carina: Thank you, Leicester.

Leicester: You're welcome, sweetheart.

Carina blushes slightly at her boyfriend's remark. Much like they can't keep track of how many times they kissed, Carina also can't keep track of how many times she's blushed in front of Leicester. Anyway, Leicester scoops up some punch for himself to drink, putting in into another glass for himself.

Both of them with their punch in hand, the couple decide to make a toast to themselves. After doing so, they drink from their glasses. After both of them have drank half their punch, Leicester takes his punch and pours it into Carina's glass.

Carina: Leicester, what are you doing?

Leicester: I figured we could share the rest of our punch.

Carina can already tell that what Leicester wants the two of them to do is like on the day where he confessed his love to her. During dinner at the Oasis house, Carina took the food on her plate and moved it onto Leicester's plate. They then proceeded to eat from the same plate.

Carina: (Blushes) Oh, that.

Leicester puts his empty glass down and he and Carina start to drink from her glass, both of them holding the glass at the same time. Meanwhile, at a table, Salsa has a whole bunch of food in front of her, from meat to chicken to a lobster tail to noodles to salad. Her sister kept her word and got her the food she wanted. All Ritos got for herself was a salad. Salsa starts eating the food in front of her a little quickly, despite Ritos trying to tell her to slow down.

Ritos: Sister, maybe you should eat a bit slower.

Salsa: (Stuffing herself, words appearing) Eat a bit slower? I'm wanting to savor all this delicious food.

Ritos: Well, it's not that healthy to eat so fast.

Salsa: (Stuffing herself, words appearing) You're one to talk. I remember when you ate that chicken leg.

Ritos: That was just one chicken leg. You have a whole plethora of food here.

Salsa: (Stuffing herself, words appearing) Well, you said I could have whatever I wanted. This is all the food I want.

Ritos: Fine. Don't come to me when you're too full to move.

Having finished their punch, Carina and Leicester walk around the place a bit, conversing with several of the guests at the party. After doing so, they go to see Minette, Agnes, and Miriam, the first of which is happy to see them.

Minette: Papa! Carina!

Leicester: Hi, Minette.

Carina: Are you having fun?

Minette: Of course I am. Agnes is really fun to hang out with.

Miriam: It's nice to see you two having a good time.

Agnes: I've heard everyone's going to start dancing soon.

Carina: (To Leicester) Are we going to dance together?

Leicester: Carina, of course we are. You don't have to ask me.

At this point, Fabious and Fiore address the party from the top of the ballroom stairs.

Fabious: Welcome everyone! I'm glad you could all attend! As you all know, (Looking at Fiore) tonight is mine and Fiore's anniversary! I figure we could end this wonderful night with a round of dancing!

As the Duke of Ert'Aria has stated, it's now time for people to start dancing. Classical music begins to fill the ballroom as most of the people at the party take a dance partner. Leicester of course chooses Lady Carina to be his. However, he doesn't know how to dance well. Carina has decided to show him how.

Carina: Now you need to put your hand around my waist, and put your other hand in mine.

Leicester: What comes next?

Carina: (Giggling) Just go with the music.

Leicester and Carina begin to dance along with all the other guests at the party. Another dance couple happens to be Nick and Nina, who feel great dancing with one another. Nagan and Shelley are of course dancing together as well. Chelsea has found a dance partner in a male Sacred Knight, while Minette is having a daddy-daughter esque dance with the meat shop owner. Upon seeing that Agnes, Miriam, Salsa, and Ritos don't have anyone to dance with, Nick decides to be generous and dance with each of them as well as Nina, starting with Agnes.

Back to Carina and Leicester. The two are in heaven dancing with one another and can't help but look at each other lovingly. As the song starts to come to an end, the two move their heads in and share a deep, passionate kiss.

The moment is perfect for them. Leicester and Carina are happy. As the song ends, they break the kiss, and Leicester embraces his sweet girlfriend. Fabious, who danced with his wife, starts to thank everyone for attending the party.

Fabious: Thank you one and all for coming to this celebration! It wouldn't have been possible without all of you! I'd also personally like to thank my daughter Carina and her boyfriend Leicester Maycraft for being here for our special anniversary!

Leicester and Carina are amazed that the Duke decided to thank them for coming. They both can't help but smile happily. With the party over, it's time to head home.

A little later, Carina and Leicester are walking back to the Oasis house, Carina holding Leicester's right arm.

Carina: Leicester, (Yawning) that was the most wonderful night I've ever had.

Leicester: Most wonderful night so far.

Carina giggles at her boyfriend's remark. Also traveling with them are Minette, Chelsea, Agnes, Miriam, Nick, and Nina, all of who had a great time at the party as well.

Elsewhere, the Tortilla Sisters are heading home. However, Salsa is now feeling the effects of being full and is quite tired as a result. Golem is carrying her on its right shoulder.

Ritos: I told you that you shouldn't eat too fast.

Salsa: (Tired) It was just all that food. I couldn't slow down.

Upon reaching Oasis' house, Chelsea, Agnes, and Miriam part ways with the group while Leicester, Carina, Minette, Nick, and Nina head inside. A little later, after everyone else has gone to bed due to how late it is, Leicester takes Carina into her bedroom, both of them still in their formal outfits. Seeing that his girlfriend started getting tired on the way home, Leicester decides to help Carina into bed.

Carina: (A bit tired) Leicester, I had a great time tonight.

Leicester: (Holding Carina's hand) So did I, sweetheart. So did I.

Leicester picks up the Jewel of Ert'Aria princess style and puts her into her bed, then pulls up the sheets to where her breasts are. Leicester can already tell what's going on has shades of the previous party, when Chelsea got drunk and he decided to be nice and give her a place to stay for the night. However, Leicester was just doing Chelsea a nice favor that one time.

Now, he's dating Carina and is in love with her. While when he helped Chelsea into bed that one night he left right after doing so, Leicester decides that when it comes to Carina, he wants to look after her all night.

Leicester: Good night, my sweet.

Leicester kisses Lady Carina on the lips, who is already starting to fall asleep.

Carina: (Falling asleep) Good night, Leicester.

After Carina falls asleep, Leicester goes and gets the chair from in front of Carina's dresser and puts it right next to her bed, allowing him to sit down while he looks at her sleeping. Leicester gently takes Carina's right hand and starts to hold it. Seeing Carina's chest rise and fall with each breath she takes, he can't help but keep his gaze on her.

Leicester notices the Rainbow Crystite necklace Carina still has around her neck, which he made for her a month earlier. She's never taken it off except for one time to let Minette briefly wear it.

Leicester: That necklace looks so beautiful on you, Carina. It's almost as beautiful as you.

Leicester can't help but shed a few tears of joy as he takes Carina's hand and gently kisses it.

Leicester: I love you very much. I always will.

Leicester decides to put his ear on Carina's chest and listen to her heartbeat for about one to two minutes. After he's done listening to her heart, he gives her lips another kiss. As he continues to hold Carina's hand, he can tell how lucky he is to be with the most beautiful girl in Ert'Aria. No, not Ert'Aria. The world. He hopes that their love will continue to flower over time.

In a bit of an end credits sequence, Sweet Dream from Sonic '06 starts to play as a montage of scenes involving Leicester and Carina from both the anime and this fanfic are seen. At the end of the song, a scene of Leicester and Carina kissing can be seen.


It's four months later, and Leicester (in his usual outfit) is in the room where he works on things. He happens to be holding a small object in his hands. It turns out to be a ring. It's quite apparent what Leicester is planning to do.

Leicester: I know it's a bit sudden, but it's time to ask her.

Leicester gets up from the chair he's sitting in and heads out of the Oasis house. It's currently nighttime and he knows the path that Carina takes from her parents' mansion. At the fountains in Ert'Aria's square, he finds Carina in her normal outfit and approaches her.

Carina: Leicester, what are you doing here? (Blushing) Could you not wait for me to get back?

Leicester takes Lady Carina's hand in much the same way he did in Episode 1 of the anime. The ending theme from the anime begins playing in the background as Leicester prepares to do what he's come to do.

Leicester: Carina, I've known you most of my life and I always cared for you as a friend. I always knew you had a crush on me, but I was unsure how to respond. That is, until six months ago. Since then, you've been one of the two most important things in my life. I love you with all my heart, and I want you to be happy.

Carina: Leicester, are you telling me that you…

Leicester, wanting to ask Carina the most important question he's ever asked in his life, gets down on one knee and presents the ring he has to her.

Leicester: Carina Verritti, will you marry me?

Upon seeing that Leicester, the boy she always had a crush on and just several months ago confessed his love to her in the very spot they're now standing, is proposing to her, Carina can only feel one thing, elation, and knows how to respond.

Carina: Yes, Leicester. A thousand times yes. I will marry you.

Leicester takes the ring and slides it on the Jewel of Ert'Aria's finger on her left hand. Carina's eyes become filled with tears of joy as she and Leicester are now engaged. They both embrace and share a deep kiss in front of the central fountain.

The song playing in the background ends as the two are still kissing.


Until next time.

Author Notes

It's finally done, Chapter 8 of my fanfic. Th final chapter is meant to consist of a party similar to the one seen in Episode 6 of the anime. Sorry if it's a bit anti-climatic, but the Epilogue I think takes care of that. This actually happens to be the first full-fledged fanfic I've made in over 5 years. I know it isn't perfect, but I gave it s good shot.

The main reason I decided to go make this fic was after finding out there were no Shukufuku no Campanella fanfics anywhere on the internet. I checked with zero results and actually made two searches on Google. I might had found one fic, but if I did, it is in German. In short, this is pretty much the only Shukufuku no Campanella fanfic I know of.

This is not the end, however. I have plans to write a sequel where Leicester and Carina get married, but an evil force threatens their union as well as the world. This fanfic might even be started before you know it.
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