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It's easier to think that PS is an incomplete version of SS that was released just because of 10th anniversary (although it was released in the 11th). Maybe SS was supposed to be the game for the 10th anniversary but since the game was incomplete they just release it as PS. It might also be the reason that for the first time that DLC is carried to next game since PS is a prototype or incomplete SS.

These are my impressions as well. It feels like Platinum Stars was an unfinished game that took longer to develop than planned for whatever reason and was released basically because they had to.

You're right about that. I also didn't like that you couldn't alternate the outfits for the idols in groups. In PS, you can only have the idols wear the same outfit.

Since the outfit carries the skills in platinum stars, having each idol wear a different outfit isn't really possible during gameplay. Stage4You is a different story though.

Other iM@S games / Re: Million Live - Theater Days
« on: July 03, 2017, 09:18:59 pm »
i just got my 9th medal and went to the medal screen since a long time. I can understand now where the idea of a 10 pull with medals comes from, there is a second button. But it isn't a 10 pull like with jewels, it's an "all your medals pull", in my case it was a 9 pull. I looked at the description then (the screen you linked), and on that tab as well as on the other tab it says, that in contrary to a jewel 10 pull, you are not guaranteed a SR or above with a 10 pull with medals. My Japanese is far from perfect and i couldn't say with 100% certainty, but it checks out with what Himitsu wrote.

Btw i also noticed that the medals expire after a week, they get marked in the medal info screen though when the expiration date is "near" (my oldest medal before the draw was marked because it was about to expire in 3 or 4 days)

Other iM@S games / Re: Million Live - Theater Days
« on: July 03, 2017, 02:33:16 pm »
Is there a point in saving medals up until you have 10? A friend said he did a 10x with medals and only had Rs in it, so there is no guaranteed SR?

My ID is 9FRB5WW2

You can't do a 10 draw with medals afaik. The point in saving them up is having a bunch of extra draws when a new card that you want comes out, in my case that would be a Yukiho SSR. If you are not waiting for a particular card then no, there is no point in saving them.

Other iM@S games / Re: Million Live - Theater Days
« on: July 03, 2017, 12:02:47 am »
to get rid of the fuzziness in the rooms you just need to change some set up in the in game menu

you go to navi, then use the system options,
 there are the settings for the rooms and Communications with 2 options to choose. (the 3rd brack of options)
choose the first one
just klick on ok and the room should be in the same quality as the lives and commus


Thanks a lot, that's much better now

Btw: I like the idea of the medals. They give you an extra draw on quite a regular basis. And because you can't hoard them like jewels (10 medals are the maximum) you are more or less forced to make a draw even if you are waiting for a certain SSR to be released. This way i can amass jewels until a Yukiho SSR comes out, but i still get a shot on SR or SSR on a regular basis. I'm at 7 medals now, and i intend to use one whenever i have 9.

Other iM@S games / Re: Million Live - Theater Days
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:26:04 am »
Listed devices: Xperia Z1, Nexus 5 and Galaxy S5 can't run the game. Any released model earlier than than Galaxy S5 won't work.

I friend of mine has an S5 and it runs on his device, he had crashes in the tutorial though until he updated android to Marshmallow

Btw: my ID is VMHWJ7D3

Other iM@S discussion / Re: Unpopular opinion
« on: June 22, 2017, 03:22:22 pm »
Second unpopular opinion, despite me being introduced Im@s via cute songs on YouTube, the anime could've fleshed out more time on the other idols. It might as well have been called "Haruka-Miki-Chihaya" M@ster.

Third unpopular opinion, I don't get the point of Xenoglossia. :-/

I wouldn't call these "unpopular opinions", afaik that's what the majority of people think.

By the way, I want to get into Persona series, would anyone give recommendation on where I should start?

While i didn't play persona 1 and 2, apparently they are quite different from 3 to 5. As for which one to start with, i'd say any from 3 to 5, these games are the reason for the reputation the franchise has. Which one doesn't really matter since they are very similar and the story isn't connected apart from some cameos (e.g. in p4 they visit the place where p3 happened on a school trip, or a character from p4 gets mentioned in some completely inconsequential places since the character in question is an idol). Persona 5 is the best of the 3 imo, especially since it also has actually designed dungeons instead of the generic random generated stuff in 3 and 4 (5 still has the random generated stuff, but it plays a side role throughout most of the game).

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Re: THE iDOLM@STER 2 Gameplay Thread
« on: May 18, 2017, 12:20:29 am »
The typical scoring strategy is to focus purely on 2 stats, (e.g. Vocal/Dance) with a character that has a burst for the 3rd stat. So for my example, Miki is a good character for Visual burst. Burst scoring is based on your danketsu value (hidden within the game).

Ah right, the burst score depends on danketsu, that was the piece i was missing to make sense of what i was remembering. Let's say you focus on visual, then your secondary stat is dance (the one to the left of your focus), and you dump vocal (the one to the right of your focus). At the beginning of a song, you use your secondary appeal to boost the multiplier of your primary appeal to 1.5, and then you use your primary appeal a few times until it drops to 1.46 or 1.45, and then use your secondary appeal once to get the primary multiplier back to 1.5.

Iirc i kept using the primary appeal for a bit when a burst was coming up without raising the multiplier again. When the burst is ready, use it, with an idol with as many appeals in your dumped stat and as few appeals in your secondary stat as possible. The reason for this is, that the score only depends on the multiplier and danketsu, the fact that you dumped the third stat doesn't matter at all. By that time the multiplier for the dumped appeal will definitely be maxed (and doubled during the burst), and the multiplier of your secondary stat will be really low. If your dumped stat is vocal, then Chihaya is the best idol to burst, Miki for visual and Hibiki for dance.

After the the burst, your mulitpliers will be in a bad spot. For example for Chihaya (PS3 version) they will be 0.9 dance, 1.0 visual and 1.2 vocal. So your secondary stat is already quite low, and the dumped stat you are not going to use anway is already at 1.2. If you use a memory appeal right off the bat after a burst, you reset all the multipliers to 1.1, so you can raise dance and visual, and the loss in vocal doesn't matter at all (it will be 1.5 anway by the time you burst again).

Oh also I just remembered something I was curious about: In the begginers guide on the wiki it says for your third and fourth song "choose a personal song of one of the members of the unit and, if possible, one which does not match your specialisation." and I don't understand why you would prefer a song that does not match your specialisation. Any ideas?

Iirc every girl has exactly one personal song, but not every of these songs matches the stat you are focusing on. What the guide is saying, is to save the song which matches your focus stat for last. Of course, if 2 or even all 3 songs match, you can use them earlier. But to be honest, it's not necessary to use these songs. Iirc the only advantage of using the special song is that you have a higher chance to get a break and such.

As for building up stats, iirc i did lessons on my primary stat until image level 10 or 11, then switched to my secondary stat until the image level is at least 14 on normal (since you need that to get an A ranking after the playthrough), and never did a lesson for the third stat, since i never used it anyway.

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Re: THE iDOLM@STER 2 Gameplay Thread
« on: May 17, 2017, 02:36:55 pm »
Sorry, it has been years since i played im@s 2 and i don't remember the details, and what i remember i'm not sure if i'm confusing parts of it with OfA. But if i remember correctly, by the time your visual appeal multiplier gets too low, you are ready for a burst, which resets the multipliers, but i'm really not sure about that.

I haven't seen any real dissection of the im@s 2 scoring system though, i only did it for platinum stars.

I guess you know this website, right?

Welcome Center / Re: Hello
« on: May 17, 2017, 02:22:31 pm »
Oh? From where? Somewhere in the south would be nice, since i'm from Switzerland ;)

Welcome Center / Re: Hello
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:04:14 am »

Where in the world are you from?

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Re: THE iDOLM@STER 2 Gameplay Thread
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:02:53 am »
I'm a bit late, but I just started playing this game a few weeks ago and there is something I'm wondering:
Is there anything that balances out the basestat advantage that some idols have? I know htat in OFA there are the different burst abilities, talent trees and gains from level ups but in Im@s 2 I haven't noticed anything that obvious that would compensate idols with lower basestats.
I thought at first that maybe it's just not significant, but Chihayas sum of 71 is actually 22 higher than Yayois 49 for example while the best accessories in the game give 13-16 stats in total, so Chihaya would basically be having one and a half accessories for free compared to Yayoi? That just seems like too big of an advantage to add for no reason. Since I don't know japanese I might just be overlooking something really obvious, please enlighten me.

Honestly, i never noticed something like that, mostly because it simply doesn't matter. If you are not playing hyper mode, the game is really easy once you know how to do it and have the right items (most importantly, the item that lowers the decrease rate when using a certain appeal type). You can get the necessary stuff in your first playthrough if you know where to look for it, as they are rewards for "winning" an area iirc, you just need to win the right areas. From there on, with the right strategy, getting the true end is really easy, regardless of the idols, songs and even costume you are using.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Text scrolling speed
« on: May 09, 2017, 03:32:07 pm »
unfortunately, no. There were workarounds in im@s 2 and one for all, but unfortunately the only thing you could do in platinum stars is to record it as a video with the PS4 features, and then play and pause that video...

If i had to take a wild guess, i'd say the DLC didn't sell nearly as well as with the previous games.

Costumes: In the previous games, the effect of the costumes on the score was pretty small, especially later in the game it really didn't matter what costume you'd wear, you could just use whatever you liked. But in One For All the costume makes a huge difference, and the difference gets larger the later you are in the game. If you don't use a costume with the appropriate image and/or type, you are likely to fail an event, so you can't use whatever you want. But even within the same image and type, there are hug differences in the costume's skills. This introduces balancing issues with the costumes: Do you want to make them pay to win items by making them strong and trivializing the beginning of the game? Or do you make them weakish, but also obsolete later in the game because other costumes are way way stronger? They chose the second option, probably also to avoid pay to win backlash.

Songs: This is simply due to stupid trophy design. There is one trophy to get all non DLC songs to platinum status. But this takes a huge amount of time, so most people will long long be finished with the game before they get the trophy (i got all girls to S rank and 5 hearts and i'm not nearly done with this trophy). This trophy actually adds an incentive to NOT use DLC songs, and if you are not going to use them, why buy them? Removing the trophy or simply change it to "get 20 songs to platinum rank", no matter whether it is DLC or not, would have prevented the problem. I didn't buy a single DLC song, without this trophy i would have bought several of them. And to make matters worse: it was pointless since i didn't get the trophy anyway. And i'm sure i'm not the only one where this happened.

Another thing to consider: Do we know how well the later DLCs sold in the previous games? After half a year, most people have probably moved on anyway and wouldn't buy any DLC even if it were there. Personally i didn't bother with the DLC of the previous games after i had finished the games (imas 2 after 4 or 5 months, ofa after the ex episodes). Maybe that's the reason why they decided to stop earlier than in the previous games.

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