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General chatter / Re: Why is the forum so dead?
« on: April 23, 2019, 09:40:52 pm »
Imo it's due to the fact that this board was mostly made by/for the All Stars fans, and since new content for them has become rare, there isn't much to post about.

The second factor are most probably Discord servers and the like.

While i personally prefer forums since they are much more structured than chatting apps and retain their content for much longer in a way you can actually find it, i don't know what to write about. The spin offs don't really interest me. Although i think the Shiny Colors cast really has potential, maybe as an All Stars successor, the mobile/browser game has become stale to me, you are just doing the same thing over and over again.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Advice for grinding fans
« on: February 28, 2019, 11:05:20 am »
It's probably an S rank live, so it doesn't help you to get your first character to S rank. But iirc there are some one time lives (i think in combination with DL lives, but not the actually hard ones, the ones i mean are rather easy) that give a ton of fans. They can help you a lot to get your first girl to S rank.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Advice for grinding fans
« on: February 27, 2019, 09:08:02 am »
If i remember correctly my method of choice was doing some live that gives a lot of money, and then use that money to do the dice rolling minigame. There is some way to get a 10% fan bonus on that as well, so a promotion should yield you 110k fans. Unfortunately it's a horrible grind fest.

Here is what i wrote in another thread on the topic:
Personally i farmed the RE:whatever quintet live, it gives a lot of fans and also a lot of money. The costume you get from the solo live after getting Iori to S rank is perfect for farming that live btw, since the image and type match, and it has a 30% money bonus, so the live yields over 19k.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: NEW YEAR LIVE VENUE CD?
« on: July 06, 2018, 08:34:27 am »
on to know if anyone in the forums was able to go and get one. And still, I don’t really know how piracy is

As i said, i bought both of the CDs at the live, but sorry, i won't help with the piracy. Maybe you can find it in second hand stores like mandarake or on yahoo auctions.

Getting all the S rank accessories is no problem, you get them all through ex clear rewards of S rank events. The costumes are the big issue and the reason why platinum stars is the only PS im@s game i don't have the platinum trophy for. After over 200 hours and all girls at S rank i only had about 1/3 of them, so i stopped.

I don't remember if any were particularly easy, but i remember i had a lot of trouble with Ritsuko in either ex episode 2 or 3, i had to retry an event for 2 to 3 hours until all stars aligned and i could finally win it. I only had 4 hearts with her and her burst skill sucks when used as a solo burst.

What i mean is: apart from the different dialog, all you get for the correct "answer" is that the "heart meter" is filled more, but you can also fill the hearts by just using the idol on stage. That's why it doesn't matter that much if you get a perfect communication or not.

You will unlock more skills as you complete more of the rank up events that come with the ex episodes. Be warned though, some of the events in EX episode 2 and 3 will be tough, even at max level, and you'll most probably need at least 4 hearts to beat them.

For One For All.... not that i know of, but even when you have the information what you are supposed to do, those touching events are so finnicky that you often won't do the right thing anyway (i remember a scene with Miki at the harbor that was a huge pain, or a scene in Stella Stage with Haruka, or maybe Azusa, where i was supposed to wipe tears of their eyes). i suggest you just accept the non-perfect-communication, you don't lose anything a few extra lives won't get you anyway.

THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL / Re: Song Difficulty?
« on: May 09, 2018, 04:12:59 pm »
Concerning the list of song BPMs, i currently have no access to the game so i can't easily give you the list. But if you check the corresponding song in the wiki, it lists the BPM there. For example Saihyou (Chihaya's song) has 72 BPM
Wait, 72? Is that a coincidence?

Anyway. About the producer level... if i remember correctly (it has been a while, so everything i say might be wrong, sorry) the cap was increased with some patch, and before then it was 20. Did you ever get anything new after 20? A trophy or anything? If there is indeed no change, then i wouldn't bother too much with it.

About Ritsuko's burst: I don't know about the counter situation, it's the first time i hear that, so i have no idea whether it's true or not. What i DO know however is that her burst gets more powerful if it's a duo or trio burst, and the difference is immense. Her burst skill used with a solo burst is pretty useless, used as a trio burst however, it is extremely strong.

THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL / Re: Song Difficulty?
« on: May 09, 2018, 03:24:36 pm »
Since we are talking about One For All, it isn't really a rhythm game, so the only thing that's different between songs is the speed, the BPM (beats per minute). I'm not sure about most of the songs you list as easy, but i definitely remember Masterpiece being one of the slowest, if not the slowest song in the game, which makes it the best song for scoring later on. If it is indeed the speed/BPM that determine whether you think a song is easy or difficult, the BPM are listed in the song details when you are selecting a song iirc (they are definitely somewhere listed in the game). Just use songs with lower BPM, although iirc if it gets too low, there will actually be several button presses for each beat, but i think i encountered only one song like that in the game and i don't remember which one it was.

General chatter / Re: Get the Popcorn! It's the Movies Topic!
« on: May 03, 2018, 09:52:23 am »
What i meant as missing build up is that to me it didn't feel like Thanos felt much for Gamora, it felt like he always just viewed her as a tool, and sacrificing a tool isn't what should get you the soul stone. Maybe i'm wrong there, maybe sacrificing an effective tool is enough, but then Gamora's speech that Thanos will never get the soul stone wouldn't fit.

As for the slaughter: First of all, it's still a slaughter. And with the "indiscriminate" part i meant that by killing half of the population of every planet he is also killing countless people where there is absolutely no "need" to do so, even in his twisted logic.

As for "ensuring Earth's survival": He isn't doing that for Tony or anything, it's what he thinks he does by killing ever second living being, so he'd do it whether Tony had opposed him or not.

I get what the scriptwriters wanted to do, they wanted to put him into a morally gray area, but to me it doesn't work out, they did a bad job at their attempt. The writers of the Witcher games (Witcher 1 in particular) did a much better job at this. One scene that stuck to me: In general non human races are oppressed and are subject to heavy racism, as a result there are rebel/terrorist groups of elves and dwarfes. One of these groups raids a bank and takes hostages. You are sent in by the human army to negotiate with them, to ensure them they will not be harmed if they release the hostages and pull back. You can kill them or negotiate with them. If you do negotiate, after they released the hostages, the human army charges in and wants to kill them, ignoring their promise. What do you do now? Do you help the terrorists and bank robbers to escape as they were promised or do you kill them? They are terrorist that have killed innocent people before after all. Imo THAT's a well done morally gray situation where you feel for both sides.

General chatter / Re: Get the Popcorn! It's the Movies Topic!
« on: May 02, 2018, 03:58:47 pm »
As for the scene you like so much:

I have the opposite impression. It came pretty much out of left field, there wasn't nearly enough build up to that point. And the little build up that there was didn't feel believable to me, i always thought Thanos was just acting nice to Gamora right from the beginning to keep her as a plaything. I actually thought he will not get the stone, because his feeling are not sincere. It didn't feel to me like he really made a sacrifice, despite the "random" tears.

As for the morally gray in his beliefs: I don't really buy that either. It might be the case for worlds that are struggling with their resources, but i bet there are tons of world where it isn't an issue at all. And for some worlds half the population is probably still too much, while on others only a little bit less would have done the trick as well. Add that to the fact that he never even tried to find another solution, what he is doing is just indiscriminate slaughter, maybe not pitch black, but far away from gray.

Other iM@S games / Re: THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors (HTML5 game)
« on: April 25, 2018, 10:57:22 am »
A VPN can apparently circumvent the region lock, but somehow this killed my interest in the game...

Hi there :), sorry to revive the subject but I have some questions regarding Platinum stars nowadays.

First thanks to everyone, this topic was incredibly helpful when i started the game !

1 ) I've a version come with two code on it, I tried to enter the codes where we insert the codes of Playstation Store cards but without success. I guess they are expired or i miss something ... Can someone help me to clarify this point ?

2 ) Is there any option to skip the "DL Content Focus" each time you come to menu ? I know i can pass it with option button but i dunno if there is something about that in options ?

3 ) Concerning the Tailor , with 5 Gold ticket are all items elligible or only basic content items ?

4 ) On the account stats screen there is a envelope with a line you can select in a dropdown list, as titles in most games.What the point of doing it ?

5 ) For the Valentine achievment do you need to keep the chocolate of each girl , or just have it even if you use it immediatly ?

6 ) I'm used to play "Go my way" and "Ready !!", i read a lot of times that Kiramekirari is the better song to beat the scores.
Is there any block point in the game where you're forced to play "Kiramekirari " ?

7 ) I play on my european account on my european system, i've a japanese account i used to download the catalog and some demo.If i add Yen to account via PS Cards will i be able to buy the dlc ? (It seem yes but i'm not totally sure ^^).

8 ) I actually want to buy some dlc song, more again since i read they are Stella compatible but to be honnest i find them really expensive.Do you know if there have been any reductions in the past on these DLCs ?

9 ) Is there anyone here who continue tu play P.S. ? :) (or even started it recently ^^)

Thanks in advance if you can give me some informations about these point and again sorry to revive the subject  :-[

First as a disclaimer: it's possible i remember incorrectly, it has been a while since i played the game.

1) Hard to say without seeing the actual sheet of paper the code came on. But one of them is probably a concert ticket lottery ticket, iirc platinum stars contained those for the producer meeting. It was an event that was half talk half concert, and with the lottery ticket you could win the right to buy tickets for the event.

2) I don't think so

3) You can get up to A rank costumes from the tailor, the tickets don't contain S rank costumes.

4) Not sure about that, probably for the online rankings.

5) I think you just need to see the event.

6) Kiramekirari makes it easier, you can beat stuff with lower levels than with other songs. The only real challenges are some of the DL lives.

7) Yes, if you buy DLC on your japanese account and install it, you can use the DLC on your european account, i did the same. P drops can only be used on a japanese account however, maybe some other consumables too. The mail DLC, songs and costumes work.

8) I think they have been discounted by 50%

9) I can't speak for others obviously, but i don't.

Welcome Center / Re: AnhP , nice to meet you.
« on: April 16, 2018, 09:38:18 am »

It's always nice to see another European P, it feels like im@s is finally slowly coming to Europe as well. I'm from Switzerland btw.

To be honest, i wouldn't go for the platinum trophy in Platinum Stars, in particular i wouldn't go for the trophies that require you to get all the S rank costumes as well as the one for getting all songs to rank 10. I spent over 200 hours in the game and i'm still far from getting these trophies. After getting all girls to S rank is a good place to stop with Platinum Stars and switch to Stella Stage imo. The platinum trophy for all other imas games than Platinum Stars is much more reasonable to get.

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