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THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Some very small progress - Initial investigation.
« on: December 03, 2012, 03:29:40 am »
Of course, the odds of me finding the technical help I need for this are Buckley's, but I'll just leave this link here, and let you figure out how I did it.

I'm still waiting on the update of the im@s compendium, so I can resume fielding requests (Crisu, hint- actually, he's sort of busy right now, so I have to wait until he's free to deal with the modifications) so I decided to work on something else.

And here's another, although this one is purely technical 'wait, what the heck happened?'

See if you can figure out what's wrong with them.


Now, do I have your attention?

For most part, I've been talking with someone who's been proven rather enlightening over the last few days, but as you probably can conclude, I'm not a programmer. I'm a tinkerer, and I come up with hackneyed stuff using intuition, some guesswork about how they'd structure it, and quite a lot of luck.

Due to a legal decision on his end, he declined to give the easy way, which is a decision I respect. He did however drop a huge series of hints, so I have to craft a hard way instead. It'd be a very LEGAL hard way, but 'hard' does not begin to describe the theoretical process, but it's doable. (In fact, it was demonstrated after I followed some instructions.)

But this is where my trail runs very thin, because simply put, journalism contacts and a general understanding of things will only get you so far, and I know when I'm out of my depth. My contact has graciously gave me enough information (more than he should have really), and it's up to me (and anyone who wants to help me) to make that bridge with the data we have.

I'm going to throw this out, although I do not believe I can find the technical expertise here, but you know, hope springs eternal. I'm more after ideas for places where I can direct my search, as well as idea testing to check if the idea actually works.

I'm not going to put anyone's hopes up, except for the simple fact that I have the feeling we're significantly closer than you'll ever get to it.

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Vic Ireland on translating im@s
« on: April 06, 2012, 02:41:46 am »

I apologise, I've been very sick lately (Consequently no request filling) but I thought I'd drop this off. Normally I'd provide something like this without comment because I like staying neutral - actually, I WILL provide this without comment, because what I have to say could go on for pages on end and I'm not up for commentary today.

The bit I wish to draw your attention is two paragraphs from the end.

Have fun reading.

Updated 3rd July 2013 - New features explained.

Well, it happens, when you make a system that you assume doesn't need an instruction manual, but well, I can't assume that everyone knows every in and out - So here we are.

This will be split into two sections, one for those who want to make a request, and those who wish to fill it.

To make a request:

Once you pop in the URL, and you end up at the page, you'll be greeted by Kotori, who will give you basic instructons. We're hoping to give her more later, once we add more information for Piyo-chan to tweet about.

You'll notice that there's 3 major tabs.

The idolm@ster 2 PS3
The idolm@ster 2 X360
The idolm@ster 2 G4U PS3

Select the one you want. The G4U is the Guest for You, where Miku, Jupiter, Ai, Eri and Ryo reside. This is an exclusive mode to them, and you cannot mix the modes together.

Do NOT assume you can just switch a code from platform to platform and expect the same result. Unless you really know what you're doing (basically you understand how the compendium actually works), it won't, and you might end up woefully disappointed. This is due to how the game was designed -  and how someone filling a request will read it.

If you know what you're looking for, you'll know what version of the game you need. If you want to browse, just use the tabs to sniff around.

The tabs:


Song is pretty much what it says on the tab - you can pick a song for the idols to perform.

All songs selected will only permit certain setups - you can't perform a quintet with a lot of the songs on the list.

Once you pick that, we recommend you look at the idol tab.


This is where you set the idol group in question, in terms of composition, as well as how many people perform.

You'll see the group size - it will only let you set group sizes that the song itself supports.

You'll also set the idols themselves. Selecting any two idols will switch them around in position. You can switch them all around if you like, it's only the top 5 positions (in their own seperate box) that we care about right now.

If above the box in the top 5, you see the word 'Standby', then the character will be performing on stage in the setup in question.

The leader of a group in a Solo, Trio or Quintet setup is always the middle one (namely, 3 from the right or the left).
The leader in a Duo is always the second one from the left.

In some songs, this is a minor point, and only affects positioning. Other ones it will influence a heck of a lot more.

If you want to understand specifics about character order, see the FAQ below.


This tab has four subtabs - Floral, Luxury, Starry, and Extend.

Your idol is required to wear a costume (so don't try to be funny), and you can only wear one costume.

Select the catergory, and if you're unsure, let Takane show you what to expect, by selecting the costume from the grid.

When you're happy with a design, go to the accessories tab.

You will notice there is an idol preview on the side. Select that and if the idol is available, you will see them wear that costume.


There's once again, 4 sub catergories. Head, Body, Arm, and Leg.

(Yes, we know in the game it says hand, but we figured Ar made a better code than Hd, which just happens to be the same code for head.)

In this case, you can put up to 1 accessory per category. No putting on 2 hats, or grabbing a guitar and a cat tail. You don't even have to wear a particular category either - if you leave it at nothing (or select nothing) it will remove any item that was on in that category.

You will notice there is an idol preview on the side. Select that and if the idol is available, you will see them wear that accessory. There are often differences which may not be revealed in the icon select, so if you can, check first.

Stage tab:

This one's fairly straightforward. You'll need to pick a stage. Selecting a stage will show a small preview of what to expect.

The stage select will automatically make sure you can only select a stage that can support the size of your group.

Once you're here, you can always select a tab and adjust things further. You can hop back to the Song, change the song, or maybe turn it to a solo performance, or get rid of the hat, or put on some cat ears instead.

When you're done, find a request string (either shorthand or long), copy it, and when you ask someone to fill the request, paste it. You may want to ask nicely first, or provide them incentive to do something for you first though.



- Why did you design it like this?

Mostly because the game is designed this way. It closely emulates what a player will actually do to set up a request, and since they may use it to determine what your request is, we thought it would help them to copy the interface as much as possible.

Song tab related:

Why are some songs listed on the PS3 and some on the Xbox 360 version, but not both?
Why isn't X song available for a version of the game?

Namco Bandai released two distinct versions of the game. Each one has only a certain set allocated to it. If you really want to know the differences, there is a sticky of the breakdown of the exclusives.

Idol tab related:

- What's this about there being TWO ways of making the same request?
- Why is there an (im@s1) or (im@s2) next to the characters, before it says what platform its on (or after if using longhand)?
- Which one do I pick? Do I just take both?

This is due to the fact that the community (and the game itself!) recognizes two different arrangements for idol listings. This only applies to Trio and Quintet listings.

The im@s1 method ALWAYS lists 3rd position as first, namely, the middle slot is listed. It then takes the character immediately to the left, puts it next, then the character immediately to the right, and repeats it for the outer layer (if a quintet)

If you put a number from left to right going 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

im@s1 order will always be 3, 2, 4, (and  1, 5 for quintets.)

This means anyone looking at a request can immediately determine who the leader is by just reading the first one. It is used in idolm@ster 1, and consequently is referred to as the im@s1 notation. It can however be confusing to people who haven't played the game, particularly for quintets (since apart from leader, there's no real indication where everyone else sits unless you, well know).

The im@s2 method was (mostly - there's some oddities) introduced in idolm@ster 2, which simply lists it from left to right, disregarding who is designated leader. It is mostly used, except during coordination setup and replay saving, but if you haven't played the game, it isn't an issue (and only really is when viewing the im@s 2 internet service.)

If you put a number from left to right going 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

im@s2 order will always be (1 if you have a quintet listed) 2, 3, 4, (and, 5 again if a quintet is listed.)

This makes numerical sense, however, it makes it difficult to determine who the leader is at a glance (since you have to read the entire thing, then jump one or two spaces to determine who the actual leader is). However, reading from left to right is easier to enact on screen, if you remember to leave a gap character first if you're setting up a trio.

So which one do you use? Some people prefer one setup over the other - This is mostly dependent on preferences (Some people understand one format easier than the other), prior experiences (those who worked with idolm@ster 1 or idolm@ster Live for You will instinctively understand the im@s1 format because it's what they used) and if they have any archiving requirements. (Keeping a format helps if you want to run a search.)

Generally they can convert from one format to another, but it's important to make sure you get them in the right spot first.

- Why can't I set a quintet for a particular song?
- Why are quintets special?

Some songs support quintet, not all of them. You can't set a quintet for a song that the game doesn't allow. Talk to Namco Bandai if you want to get that changed.

This will have an effect on stage selection, if you set the group to be a quintet (and you can).

Costume and Accessory tab related:

- Why can't I swap codes between the 360 and the PS3 versions of the game?

This one's fairly simple (although this affects the stage setup as well) and that is this - The game has different costumes, accessories and even stages depending on if you are playing the PS3 or 360 version.

Even when the costumes are present, unless it was in the core of the game (and sometimes not even then!) they may be rearranged on the whim of Namco Bandai.

This is made even more complicated (particularly for accessories) when you realize that 8 catalogs were released before the PS3 debut, then they then merged the catalogs to release (mostly) the same material, creating the odd situation where the PS3 has most of catalogs 1, 2 and 3 as on disc, but they list catalogs 9 to 12 then 4-8 and then some more on top.

I really don't know what they were thinking either, but that's how it ended up. I could go on for a long time about how confusing it is (Not quite everything from the X360 catalog 1, 2 and 3 showed up on the PS3 either, complicating matters yet again), but just take my word for it, okay?

- Why is there a nothing selection for every accessory type?

Sometimes you don't want your idol to wear a particular accessory category. This allows you to strip any previous setting (due to how javascript actually works).

- How come I can't see my accessory in the performance?
- Why does my selection not quite look like how it is worn in the preview?

As the Accessory list is very long, not all idols have their previews done yet. If you'd like to help out with the cropping, please let me know.

We also cannot show you what happens when you put it all together - there is a chance certain accessories will be buried under certain costumes, or certain costumes will be buried under certain accessories, or in some cases, some accessories being buried under other accessories, or the character just naturally hides certain accessories altogether because of how they're uniquely placed.

It's complicated, and if you want a certain idol's previews to be available, please let me know.

Stage tab related:

- Why can't I just use the PS3 or X360 code for the stage?

Due to how the games were designed (for better or worse) the stages themselves have been reshuffled in order. Due to this, the stages use different codes, even though the first 34 stages are in both games. It helps the request filler if they know which one you actually want, and being on the wrong stage can be disappointing.

Also, the PS3 supports DLC stages, so you better be sure that the stage you want can actually be done.

- Why did the stages change when I set a quintet?
- Why when I'm in quintet mode that all stages are set with Q - aren't they in the regular stage list too?
- Why when switching around from a quintet to a regular stage, did it change the stage back to the first one?

If you set a quintet and all 5 character slots become active, only certain stages actually support quintets. This is due to the fact that the stage itself only has so much room. Your favorite stage may not be on the list and once again, that's the game. You'll just confuse the person filling your request or worse, tick them off because they KNOW they can't do it.

Quintet stages in fact can be used for regular stages, but when a quintet is selected, it will prevent you picking anything but a quintet stage. Consequently, it is easier for the requester to know a second numerical list, than try to remember if stage 11 is in fact quintet stage 1 or 2.

If you switch to and from a quintet, it also resets the stage selection. This is a limitation of the engine, just to remind you to make sure you pick your stage even when playing around.

The request text at the bottom:

- What do I exactly do with it?

Pick one, (or a long and a short) and copy then paste it to someone who you make a request to.

We strongly advise you use the SHORTHAND version unless they specifically request not to.

Why is this? There is an import tab where you can past in a shorthand request and it'll load into the system your request. They can then browse through the tabs to determine what you selected.

If they know the format well, they may not need to even do anything other than fire up the game, start counting boxes, and then start recording for your benefit.

Well, I got bored, and since Windows 7 can help me punch in a series of fast requests, and I've always been curious, I'll just run some stats from the archive I keep of all the im@s videos I've personally filled in.

This is based on the sample of my archives, listing all the im@s 2 requests I've ever recieved up to this point.

I was suspecting Hibiki was the least requested character apart from the twins, but it seems I'm wrong.

If a character has been designated as leader, they land in the leader section.
If a character has been designated any other position other than leader, they end up with a support point.
MAD/Special requests count their batches as just 1.

Add the two together to get a total.
Counts will be seperated by the platform.

Release -> 14th March 2012


                Lead    Support Total
Ami:            0       4       4
Mami:           3       5       8
Azusa:          0       8       8
Chihaya:        4       12      16
Haruka:         5       7       12
Hibiki:         2       4       6
Iori:           10      4       14
Makoto:         3       3       6
Miki:           8       22      30
Ritsuko:        6       9       15
Takane:         5       16      21
Yukiho:         2       10      12
Yayoi:          0       12      12

Others:         7

Total 765 Requests: 48
Total Requests: 55


Release -> 14 March 2012

                Lead    Support Total
Ami:            2       23      25
Mami:           6       42      48
Azusa:          22      47      72
Chihaya:        28      69      97
Haruka:         27      33      60
Hibiki:         20      43      63
Iori:           16      32      48
Makoto:         31      43      74
Miki:           23      75      98
Ritsuko:        20      43      63
Takane:         33      79      112
Yukiho:         42      65      102
Yayoi:          23      40      63

Total 765 Requests: 294

Actually the results are a bit surprising...

Some conclusions to take home:

- It seems that the twins are the least popular (I'm not that surprised really) when counted individually and only get saved out of taking the last place when considered as one.

- Ami is dead last, all on her own. It seems everyone hates the unplayable sister of im@s 2. Even her sister, who's second last, actually has quite a bit of company to share with her, including the rest of the RK cast.

- On a 'Total screentime' basis Takane edges out Yukiho due to support appearances. Miki is a clear second, with Yukiho and Chihaya being third. Does this officially make her the most popular character for people requesting?

- Yukiho is quite officially the perfered leader, taking the most leader spots outright by a clean margin. Takane, Makoto and Miki more or less slug it out for the next three spots.

- Strangely, even though Haruka is leader quite a lot, it seems no one likes her as a support character, fairing badly in the support count.

- For a Tsundere character, Iori's actually not all that popular. She's actually on the back half of the list.

- Miki's pretty much tried to be at least somewhere for all the requests so far for the PS3 rendition - Her popularity increased a significant amount since the anime's release.

- Seems no one wants Yayoi to lead on the PS3. Looks like the orange revolution has some work to do if they want a presence on the request board.

Now there's plenty of other conclusions you can draw, but I'm sure you guys can have a little fun (or at least start scheming to tip the scales.) figuring out the numbers.

The methodology is using the archive I maintain whenever I fill a request, so although I certainly can't claim to be the entirety of youtube, I can safely say that it makes a decent sample here.

At the moment the list is short. This list is of requests that won't be taken on the general youtube request thread (At least until a reliable solution can be found for web work) due to the fact that it's odds on you won't actually get to SEE your request.

I also won't have the time to specify EVERY variation that won't work, and if you are a request filler and hit one that doesn't work, please let me know the setup and see if I can determine if it's a global lock or not.

Anything listed here will not be fielded due to Sony Columbia issues.

Due to this, if you REALLY want READY!! (Or any song/combination that ends up here) and will take reciept another way, these Requests will now be accepted at the MAD and Special Requests thread, as they are now designated special requests.

Restricted requests:

ALL stages/formations

- Nana Iro Button
ALL stages/formations

Nana Iro Button has been added to the list due to a block.

iM@S 2 video requests / Places to upload large files
« on: January 19, 2012, 09:42:25 pm »
I figured that a thread (and maybe a sticky) would be a good idea in this subforum (injury aside, I know. I don't do myself any favours) concerning places to upload various places to transport very large files.

In this forum's case, it is large file versions of requests (500MB+) to be given for various MAD and other special requests.

At this point - Megaupload is no longer a valid destination, due to a very recent arrest by the FBI.

If you have suggestions to move 300-500MB files, please let me know, so we can provide further support to people requesting and compile a list. Thank you.

Edit: A list will be posted below to explain what HAS happened...

Megaupload – Closed

Fileserve – Stopped filesharing. You can only download your own files. Deleting multiple files. Banning Premium accounts. Closed Affiliate Program.

Filesonic – Stopped filesharing. You can only download your own files. Closed Affiliate Program. Changed server location Jan 22, 2012. Taken down it's Facebook page Now using Digital fingerprinting. Files are being deleted as soon as uploaded (as Hotfile did).

VideoBB – Closed Affiliate Program.

Filepost – Started suspending accounts with infringing material (as Hotfile did) – Blocked U.S. access.

Videozer – Closed Affiliate Program.

Filejungle – Owned by Fileserve (same as above). Testing USA IP addresses blocking.

Uploadstation – Owned by Fileserve (same as above). Testing USA IP addresses blocking.

4Shared – Deleting multiple files

EnterUpload - Down (Redirect)

iM@S 2 video requests / Compendium Help Request - A full scale translation.
« on: December 13, 2011, 07:31:29 pm »
Considering I've been gearing up for a second iteration of the im@s request engine, I've been focusing on preparing various improvements.

One of them is a little more whimisical, but rather trivial to implement, well, if I could get  the translations.

Each item in the game has both a name, and when you select it, a bit of text below the name, describing the item in some form or another.

The request is rather simple - I'd like to see every item available in the compendium have their text translated.

The source is actually easy enough - The old picture compendium (Up to catalog 4) has the text for every item in each item (as it is a complete screenshot)

The hard part is of course, translating each and every one of them.

I don't expect this to be done anytime soon, but I figured I'd ask now to see if anyone is willing to chip at it. If you're up for it, I can provide further details.

iM@S 2 video requests / Mistakes in Requesting - A log of what not to do.
« on: December 13, 2011, 08:06:43 am »
I figured I'd post various mistakes by people when requesting. If others want to share their stories or frustrations, feel free. It's a bit of a requester's bar, where people who fill requests can share how they handle requests, and the people behind them.

I do ask if you intend to post someone's request that you strip their name and username from the corrispondence. They're free to respond and object, but by doing so they lose their anonyminity. I can't hold people responsible for that.

For those who aren't familiar with the process, you're generally asking someone else to do something that they're not obliged to.

So here's a piece of advice - DON'T get on the wrong side of the person you're asking for a clear favour. This isn't just a 'Applies to me' thing, but generally good advice, since people who don't like you are far less inclined to handle your work on their own time or money for free for you.

You'd think the above might be obvious but...

In my case, I'm fairly amicable to requests - However, I generally like ground rules, mostly because well, if you've been here any amount of time, you'd have known that I'm fairly busy, get a million requests and do a lot of other stuff rather than idolm@ster. I work in my own particular fashion, and since you're not paying me to do it any other way, would it surprise you to find out I won't?

If you didn't know, I can't actually read Japanese with any degree of reliablity (Why else do you think I'd make a compendium based on numbers and pictures, not words?) so making an assumption that I can is actually a very, very bad idea.

The ONE thing that will tick me off is people making assumptions I can magically forecast their needs without telling them, and when I tell them 'No, it really doesn't work that way' get offended because it APPEARS that I can magically do it.

I also don't respond as well as you might think to platitudes. I'm a nice person but being sucked up to isn't my thing, to be honest. Being cordially polite is one thing (I'm not a fan of a shouting match), but if you're here for something, you'd probably do better to get to the point.

Generally speaking, I appreciate people who have at least a little understanding of how the background works.

I also make statements when you're nearing that line, and when I say "I'll actually post the entire conversation to make a point" I really do mean it. Lessons are to be learned, and I'm not actually that concerned how I'm seen, since I'm an ex-journalist, and EVERYONE hates journalists. (Then again, most people who deal with me know that if I'm not passing time via chitchat, I'm focused on the next objective.)

In any case, below will be an exerpt. Fortunately we've haven't had anything this bad here.

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Things I learnt by playing Idolm@ster 2 PS3...
« on: December 11, 2011, 09:32:48 am »
I don't know why, but after going to absurd lengths to 'fix' my file, I figure this may be relevant for those in the same boat.  This is a gaming 'debug and help thread' I thought I'd open considering that there's the chance someone else may have run across the same problems I did.

I figure some people may have a laugh with some of these, and feel free to add in extra 'Hyper mode oddities' to add to the list.

All of this REALLY applies if you did what I did, which is the below:

- 1 normal difficulty game (to unlock at least 2 out of the 4 charms you'll need (VA/VO, VO/DA, VA/DA multiplier reduction and the Tokyo IA event charm) and probably a quick item run to grab some accessories that well, give decent stats)

- Hyper Mode from there, with a support normal game just to go shopping with.

1. Due to how hyper games are played, odds are if you're at 33/34 for unlocked stages it's most likely that you sped past (And I mean literally sped past) the window for the Boat Live.

Why is this? If you're particularly good, your week allocation would have been this.

-Single 1 - Top 50 (Access 6-10 rank events)
-Single 2 - Top 20 (It's possible) (Access 10-12 rank events)


-Single 1 - Nothing
-Single 2 - Top 50 (Access 6-10 rank events)
-Single 3 - Top 20 (Access 10-12 rank events)

In both cases, you'll find that you no longer can see the Boat Deck Live stage.


It's only available:
a) After week 40, after you perform on it
b) Between ranks 6-10 (To be specific, it's a rank 6-8)

Since hyper runs zoom past those ranks WAY before you perform on the stage (As you're playing against the week clock to score your IA regionals), there's significant odds you'll NEVER EVER SEE IT if you don't play normal difficulty.

Best way to fix this is to rush a regular run, because the top 20 event list will keep that option open, then smack the live when it shows up.

2. It is entirely possible to actually have Lucky Rabbit open as an option and find that the store is EMPTY, and if you visit, you'll just go inside, and without as much as a word, be ejected out. You'll not be able to access BK Maniac at all either. This also has the side effect of NEVER EVER showing one particular item as long as this effect shows up. (Namely Lucky Rabbit will remain at 98% and you'd be wondering why.)

This also happens if you blitz Hyper Mode and try the 'Keep an early game save file trick' to go shopping with (As all costumes are shared across all games) because you'll fail to do the requirements to open up BK Maniac.

This also has the side effect of making the PS3 believe you've never looped, and consequently will not offer the New Game+ item on sale (Which is, of course Kotori's headset.) probably because you actually need to visit Lucky Rabbit to unlock BK Maniac.

The condition is this: You must run into Kuroi in Northern Japan (Namely the last tab all the way to the right) in a promotion or a paid promotion. Until this happens (You need about 30000 - 40000 fans to do this) visiting Lucky Rabbit will result in a literal in and out.

You then need to go to Lucky Rabbit, and then they'll tell you about BK Maniac, making it visitable.

There's a second collorary to this though - Some items at BK Maniac are ALSO second time around (or more) items, so it's actually entirely possible (although I haven't done it yet) to end up with BOTH BK Maniac and Lucky Rabbit as visitable but pointless (as they enter and eject you without as much as another word) trips.

Until you finish a game with BK unlocked and items purchased from the store, the 'second time around items' won't unlock, and you'll be stuck with a very strange game.

You don't have this oddity if Kotori's Headset (At 765000 yen) is on sale (or you previously purchased it)

3. After playing Hyper mode and switching to Regular mode, ONE of the idols will retain their Hyper Vesperia Festival Combat scoring and attack routines if you face off against her in the IA regional after facing off against her immediately previously in Hyper Vesperia. (I haven't seen it happen with anyone else yet.)

This idiol is Yukiho, and god help you if you run across her. Ever seen someone burst on a 33% bar? Well, don't do hyper Vesperia then, or be unfortunate enough to invoke this bug. Did I mention she's a cheating, cheating little minx?

4. It is entirely possible to gain Producer rank 10 on just FIVE games - One good ending (or perfect ending, although good luck on that one) and 4 S rank hyper runs.

Not that there's any point to blitz to Producer Rank 10 if you're trying to unlock everything since you'll get there anyway, considering you're in it for the long haul if you're trying this, but you know.

5. Hyper runs pay a lot more, but require more play, since the only thing you can get the idols to do themselves is lessons, and run the risk of a lost week, which can be a make or break. Regular runs are easier on your heart though, unless you get glitched.

Anyway, feel free to add extra notes, or ask further questions, particularly if you tried to run Hyper as early as humanly possible, like I did.


Additional notes:

6. Kami Summer is an incredibly STRANGE song for Festival use. As a audition song, it's fine. As a Festival Song in the PS3 version, it'll give the opposition a SEVEN SECOND HEAD START. Yes, depending what you're doing, you can give the opponent from a 1/5th to a full 2/3 of a voltage bar head start!

It also ends so late that if you time it just right, the burst can still be effect (only just) when they announce the results!

Final Update: Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 catalogs are now closed. This means this document is finally shut, with no further amendments, apart from some naming which I haven't got around to double checking.

There ARE differences between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 versions of idolm@ster 2. Since I had to design and implement the im@s compendium, I know exactly what the differences are.

If you want to make an informed decision (if for some unknown reason you haven't purchased the game yet) about which one you want, this will break it down in more detail than you'd ever care for.

Bear in mind you can now purchase idolm@ster 2 PS3 digitally for about 4000 yen, without needing to import a PS3, and you don't need to do any IP proxy work, unlike the Xbox 360's Games on Demand equivalent. This may make your decision about what game to pick up easier.

Well, to be fair, the PS3's new buying interface makes about as much sense as a two year old high on a triple espresso, so don't think it'd be that easy to buy the initial game.

To get the catalogs though, it's a lot easier - a quick tip is to use the interface within im@s 2. Yes, it opens the old one, which is so much easier to browse through.

Notes concerning the breakdown:

If it is listed as DLC, you must PURCHASE the exclusive, since it won't be on disc. If it is listed as initial, you will have to play the game and use the ingame currency to unlock the items, or in the Extra episode's case, finish the extra episode successfully for each character.

The item's code will also be included, meaning you can match them up with each other if you're curious.

Maybe when I feel like it I'll break down what must be purchased in the Xbox 360 version to make it mostly on par with the PS3 version. That's when I REALLY feel like it though...

Quick note in regards with the compendium:

The compendium includes the shopping icon, if you didn't notice. It was a deliberate design decision when I picked the pictures.

So what does this mean?

If you make a compendium request for the PS3 (Which is most likely), and there's a basket in it, it means (Barring the free PS3 DLC, which also carries the basket) you have to pay for it

If they can't fill a specific item, you could always be nice and offer to help the person you're asking to fill the request if you really want to see that request.

If you make a request from the Xbox 360 version, you will most likely be asking for something in the Xbox 360 exclusive list, and would already know if there are costs involved.

X360 exclusives:


-Strawberry NEO (X360 FLO-002) - Even though it looks similar to PS3's FLO-001, is actually different.

- Anywhere Art (X360 360 Bd-24)
- Pom Poms (X360 Ar-16)

Xbox 360 Exclusive DLC:


- Punkish Gothic (Xbox 360 EXT-020)

- Punkish Headdress (Xbox 360 Hd-035)
- Trump Electric Gituar (Xbox 360 Bd-035)
- Girls' Pump Bracelet (Xbox 360 Ar-036)
- Leather Garter Ring (Xbox 360 Lg-036)

PS3 Exclusives:


- Nana Iro Button


- The Wild Strawberry (PS3 FLO-001) - A PS3 exclusive recolour. Replaces Neo Strawberry
- Princess Melody (PS3 EXT-016) - Added in for the extra episode for RK.


- Ghost Puppet (PS3 Ar-20) - Replaced Pom-Poms
- Giant Winder (PS3 Bd-24) - Replaced 'Anywhere' Art

- Otohime-sama Extensions (PS3 Hd-025) - Added in for RK's extra episode
- Emblem of the Dragon (PS3 Bd-025) - Added in for RK's extra episode
- Seven Coloured Bracelet (PS3 Ar-025) - Added in for RK's extra episode
- Ryuuguu Friends (PS3 Lg-025) - Added in for RK's extra episode

Party based bursts, used by equipping a charm then activating the burst in game.

- RK Triple Burst - Added in for RK's extra episode

Extra modes:
- RK Extra Episodes - A series of mini 4 week campaigns for Ritsuko, Ami, Iori and Azusa. Must finish the game once to unlock.

Stage for You Additions:

Guest for You!
- Jupiter (Alice or Guilty, Koi wo Hajimeyou + default black and white costumes)

- Camera control additions
Improved stage controls, including direct switch to an idol, camera jump off/on and subtitles off/on

Stage improvements
Balloon Rogue (PS3 St-Q1), Balloon Blue(PS3 St-Q2), and Urban Square (PS3 St-Q6) now support Quintets.


This is unique to the PS3 - Certain items were provided as free catalog items. No requirements apart from having to download the catalog itself then downloading the unlock file for that item. Accessories were the only freebies ever given out, and you'll have to download something between 200-300MB for each catalog, so you have been warned.


- Sheep Horns (PS3 Hd-030) - PS3 DLC Catalog 1
- Fluffy Neck Wool (PS3 Bd-031) - PS3 DLC Catalog 2
- Wool Bangles (PS3 Ar-034) - PS3 DLC Catalog 3
- Wool Boot Covers (PS3 Lg-036) - PS3 DLC Catalog 4
- Girls' Day Headband (PS3 Hd-039) - PS3 DLC Catalog 5
- Squeezing Toro (PS3 Ar-039) - PS3 DLC Catalog 6
- Hyokotto Kuro (PS3 Lg-041) - PS3 DLC Catalog 7
- Graduation Hat (PS3 Hd-059) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- H.M.D (PS3 Hd-061) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- Seashell Hair Ornament (PS3 Hd-063) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18

PS3 Exclusive DLC:


- Furufuru Future - PS3 DLC Catalog 12
- Mahou wo Kakete - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Agent Yoru wo Yuku - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Watashi wa Idol - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Omoide wo Arigatou - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- 9:02pm - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- Positive! - PS3 DLC Catalog 18

Quintet support exclusives:

- Overmaster - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- L・O・B・M - PS3 DLC Catalog 9

Guest for You Extensions:
- Miku Original (PS3 DLC Catalog 1, requires purchase of Miku Extend EXT-019)
- Miku Append (PS3 DLC Catalog 4, requires purchase of Miku Append EXT-024)
- Ai  (PS3 DLC Catalog 3, requires purchase of 876 Pro★Cute Ai EXT-022)
- Eri  (PS3 DLC Catalog 5, requires purchase of 876 Pro★Cool Eri EXT-027)
- Ryo (PS3 DLC Catalog 7, requires purchase of 876 Pro★Cosmic Ryo EXT-030)

Note that you can give them additional costumes by purchasing extend costumes from other catalogs.

Additional Stages:
- Sweet Christmas, supports Quintets (PS3 St-35/ St- Q-08) - PS3 DLC Catalog 2
- UFO in Space, supports Quintets (PS3 St-036/ St- Q-09) - PS3 DLC Catalog 4
- Big Eternal Tree, supports Quintets (PS3 St-037/ St- Q-10) - PS3 DLC Catalog 6

Triple Burst Charm - Honeycomb? (PS3 DLC Catalog 2)
2 Other burst charms, which I don't have the translations of.



- Rainy Lily of the Valley (PS3 FLO-023)  - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Weeping Wisteria (PS3 FLO-025) - PS3 DLC Catalog 10
- Marine Check Statice (PS3 FLO-027) - PS3 DLC Catalog 12
- My Baby's Breath (PS3 FLO-029) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14


- Randomly Colored Beauty (PS3 LUX-023)  - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Burning Performer (PS3 LUX-025) - PS3 DLC Catalog 10
- Twinkle Spangle (PS3 LUX-027) - PS3 DLC Catalog 12
- Corduroy Country (PS3 LUX-029) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Million Dreams (PS3 LUX-031) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18


- Digital Space Craft (PS3 STA-023)  - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Stratos Butterfly (PS3 STA-025) - PS3 DLC Catalog 10
- Astral Messenger (PS3 STA-027) - PS3 DLC Catalog 12
- Circuit Architect (PS3 STA-029) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14


- Miku Original (PS3 EXT-019) - PS3 DLC Catalog 1
- 876 Pro★Cute Ai (PS3 EXT-022) - PS3 DLC Catalog 3
- Miku Append (PS3 EXT-023) - PS3 DLC Catalog 4
- 876 Pro★Cool Eri (PS3 EXT-027) - PS3 DLC Catalog 5
- 876 Pro★Cosmic Ryo (PS3 EXT-030) - PS3 DLC Catalog 7 
- Dressy Alice (PS3 EXT-031) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Cute Insect (PS3 EXT-032) - PS3 DLC Catalog 9
- 765 White School Swimsuit (PS3 EXT-036) - PS3 DLC Catalog 10
- Full Bloom Yukata (PS3 EXT-037) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Little Devil Swimsuit (PS3 EXT-038) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Halloween Tricker (PS3 EXT-040) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Starlight Agent (PS3 EXT-041) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Prima Concerto ♪ (PS3 EXT-042) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Cardigan Schooler (PS3 EXT-043) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- Traditional Maid (PS3 EXT-044) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- Bright Egret (PS3 EXT-045) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- Exotic China (PS3 EXT-046) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- POP Raindrop (PS3 EXT-047) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18 
- Grand Prix Queen (PS3 EXT-048) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18


- March Rabbit Ears (PS3 Hd-047) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Frill Headband (PS3 Hd-051) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Monster Bolt (PS3 Hd-054) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Night Hat (PS3 Hd-055) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Symphonic Earrings (PS3 Hd-057) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Headphones around Neck (PS3 Hd-058) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- White Pearl Earring (PS3 Hd-060) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17 
- Tiger Nekomimi (PS3 Hd-062) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18

- Wonderland Key (PS3 Bd-043) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Cat Bell Choker (PS3 Bd-048) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Wavering Ghost (PS3 Bd-050) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Feather Corsage (PS3 Bd-052) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Harmonic Brooch (PS3 Bd-053) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- 765 PRO Banner (PS3 Bd-054) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15 - You must Purchase ALL DLC for Catalog 15 for this one!
- Single-shouldered Backpack (PS3 Bd-055) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- White Pearl Necklace (PS3 Bd-056) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17 
- Tabby Tail (PS3 Bd-057) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18
- 765PRO Badge (PS3 Bd-058) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18 - You must Purchase ALL DLC for Catalog 18 for this one!

- Fairy Tale Flower Breath (PS3 Ar-044) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Water Balloon Yo-yo (PS3 Ar-050) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Gero Gero Puppet (PS3 Ar-052) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Dark ☆ Nails (PS3 Ar-053) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Melodic Ring (PS3 Ar-054) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Handy Megaphone (PS3 Ar-055) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- Angel Bangle (PS3 Ar-056) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16 - You must Purchase ALL DLC for Catalog 16 for this one!
- White Pearl Bangle (PS3 Ar-057) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17 
- Fluffy Wristband (PS3 Hd-058) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18


- Colorful Caterpillar (PS3 Lg-045) - PS3 DLC Catalog 8
- Windmill Ankle (PS3 Lg-049) - PS3 DLC Catalog 11
- Pumpkin Garter (PS3 Lg-052) - PS3 DLC Catalog 13
- Girly Tattoo Seal (PS3 Lg-053) - PS3 DLC Catalog 14
- Big Ribbon Anklet (PS3 Lg-054) - PS3 DLC Catalog 15
- Mr. Bear Plushie (PS3 Lg-055) - PS3 DLC Catalog 16
- White Pearl Garter (PS3 Lg-056) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17
- 765PRO Company Slippers (PS3 Lg-057) - PS3 DLC Catalog 17  - You must Purchase ALL DLC for Catalog 17 for this one!
- Stuffed Mouse (PS3 Lg-058) - PS3 DLC Catalog 18

This is the reverse - if you've filled a request, what was good, bad and ugly about the setup? What, as someone who gets it from the reverse end, do you think needs to be done to make it easier?

If you do not fill requests, please post in the OTHER thread (Since it applies to you). This will be enforced, mostly for the sanity of the two of us reading over bug reports and the like.

Thank you.

Well, you're all using it, so why don't you tell us what's wrong with it, what can be improved, and what would you like to see in it later on?

This is for the USER side (namely, you're making a request to ask someone else to do) and feedback would be appreciated.

I would advise not to spam with the same thing over and over again though - we're only human, and we both have jobs so we will try to acknowledge and attend to it when we get a chance.

iM@S 2 video requests / M@D and Special Requests
« on: November 28, 2011, 10:14:04 am »
Well, I did say a second thread will be created, in case you have a series of MAD and/or other special requests that are not part of the usual 'I'd like a youtube request consisiting of...' request scheme.

I'll reiterate the rules once again:

1. No particular person is obliged to take the request. This applies more so due to the fact that not everyone understands the special requirements you may have, or may have the technical expertise to actually fill your request.

1a) Be as specific as possible. If you're editting video, you'll have an idea of how long, how big, what sort of throughput rates (or at the very minimum an idea of how big a video you're willing to deal with!) and so on.

If in doubt, say what you want to do with it, and what you plan to do with it. You'll find your suited requirements quick enough. You do not need to tell us exactly what you need to do with it, but you'll need to say enough for people looking to fill the request to decide if they can, can't or won't.

2. There are no limits to how much video one can request - M@D video creators for example will need 3 or 4 reels of nearly identical footage just to make one blue screened section. Just remember, the more reels you require, the more time required to complete (although this should be prety obvious).

3. Requests here do not need to be reposted if left for a while - The odds are that this thread does not move quickly enough.

4. If a request is to be cancelled, please post it in the thread IMMEDIATELY.

5. All requests in this thread must not be youtube requests. What's the point of using utterly butchered up data for your project? (For reference, youtube encodes all video to 3mbit 720p at either 30 or 29.97 frames per second. You immediately lose half the frames if you upload to youtube.)

All good? All right. If you need a specialised request, this is where you want to be.

Considering I've been handed over specific threads and been granted a subforum to run operations out of, the following rules apply above and beyond the rules that apply to this forum as a whole.

I'd strongly advise against a tl;dr approach here. Ignorance is no defense against the rules.

Please see the Sticky concerning Request Thread restrictions BEFORE posting, as there are issues with certain requests that are OUTSIDE the control of the request filler.

1. Post requests in the correct thread.

There is a general request thread - See the (very long) thread that's titled the idolm@ster 2 + S4U request thread. If this thread is closed, the title of the new running thread will be posted here.

This is pretty much where most requests go - if you have a request that doesn't require specific handling in delivery (Namely, you just want a youtube request with characters with a certain layout), this is where you want to post it.

Conditions of the general thread are:

1. No particular person is obliged to fill in a request, nor over any expected timeframe. In short, people who fill requests are not obliged - feel free to bribe them with whatever you can come up with, but they're more than welcome to say 'no' if they don't want to do it.

Some people are more picky than others when it comes to processing requests. Some will specify that you use particular request patterns, like the im@s 2 online compendium found at,1503.0.html

Others still will require you to have certain elements completed - some people don't like making other people's decisions for them. If you aren't accurate or not clear, don't be surprised when people either overlook the request or ask more questions, like if for instance the request is a PS3 or X360 request?

2. There is an upper limit of 3 outstanding requests at any given time. This will be enforced. If for no other reason, can't you just wait until your current requests are done already?!

3. It is a take it or leave it format - if you have particulars (eg, for whatever reason, you must have HD on youtube) you must specify it up front. If you don't, and someone picks it up and you don't like the result, well, they did their job, didn't they?

4. If a request has not been acknowledged for 2 weeks, a repost is permitted. Any attempt to spam a request in the hopes you'll get your request filled before someone else's is probably not going to work, for one. The forum format DOES make it hard particularly if several requests a day have been filed so if a request has been ignored, it's most likely 'No one could keep track of it.' or 'We all went on holiday and/or work'.

5. Request fillers are strongly encouraged to 'claim' a request. If for no other reason than to prevent overlap and the like. Reply with the result later on with the thread, quoting the claim and/or original.

If you require delivery of video that's not in say a youtube standard format - namely you need all 59.94 frames intact and want to edit the video for further work or other onprocessing, or you would like a video rotated 90 degrees etc, you want to post it in the M@D and Special Requests thread.

Rules here are slightly different.

Conditions of the M@D/special thread are:

1. No particular person is obliged to take the request. This applies more so due to the fact that not everyone understands the special requirements you may have, or may have the technical expertise to actually fill your request.

1a) Be as specific as possible. If you're editting video, you'll have an idea of how long, how big, what sort of throughput rates (or at the very minimum an idea of how big a video you're willing to deal with!) and so on.

If in doubt, say what you want to do with it, and what you plan to do with it. You'll find your suited requirements quick enough. You do not need to tell us exactly what you need to do with it, but you'll need to say enough for people looking to fill the request to decide if they can, can't or won't.

2. There are no limits to how much video one can request - M@D video creators for example will need 3 or 4 reels of nearly identical footage just to make one blue screened section. Just remember, the more reels you require, the more time required to complete (although this should be prety obvious).

3. Requests here do not need to be reposted if left for a while - The odds are that this thread does not move quickly enough.

4. If a request is to be cancelled, please post it in the thread IMMEDIATELY.

5. All requests in this thread must not be youtube requests. What's the point of using utterly butchered up data for your project? (For reference, youtube encodes all video to 3mbit 720p at either 30 or 29.97 frames per second. You immediately lose half the frames if you upload to youtube.)


Yes, it's finally arrived (okay, mostly, please read below). I'm as glad as everyone else it's done.

Current Status - X360C14, PS318 - beta

Xbox 360:    Catalog 1-14, All items.  Final
PS3 Status: Catalog 1-18, All items - 765 characters. Final
                    Catalog 1-18, All items - Guest for You Characters. Final

Donate for Compendium expansion costs:

Just bear in mind that if you DO intend to donate, that there are minimum costs involved in purchasing Japanese MS points and Japanese PSN yen (namely I can't walk in and buy just 10 yen or 20 MS points) so any donations may not reflect immediately.

Also be aware a friend manages the processing for me. Friend currently uses and you can email me before you decide to confirm.

Donate to cover server costs:
(Well, when I get a way to do it. Please PM Crisu about that for now.)

Help wanted

If you can help for photoshop work to add all the accessories for all the idols, please let us know. I'd like to see all the idols to have a complete catalog as much as you do.

If you are available for translation, we would also like to translate the flavour text of all the costumes and accessories.

As well, once we complete these tasks, the offline version can be made available, without having to visit the website.

Please let me know via PM.


19 April 2015

- Fixed bug in "Import" feature where it was not selecting Solo/Duo/Trio properly.
- Added accessory previews for Chihaya

08 July 2013

- Added Catalog 17
- Added Catalog 18
- Improved "Import" feature to show you the icons of the imported costume, accessories, and stage -- for quick viewing
- Re-cropped thumbnail images for Ami and Takane

01 April 2013:

- Added "Import" tab, so you can paste in a completed shorthand request and load the interface with those selections.  It's good for seeing exactly what Ar-029 is without having to count down all the rows.

This is designed for people filling a request to determine what a code actually means by displaying all the selected items.

15 March 2013:

- All idols now have all their costumes (Up to Catalog 16 PS3/ Catalog 14 Xbox 360) included, and these pictures are now permanently part of the compendium.

3 March 2013:

- Catalog 16 has been updated.
- Ami now has her full compendium set completed, and is a permanent part of the compendium.

4 Feburary 2013:

- Added songs and coordinates up to Catalog 15 - This brings the compendium to current PS3 and final Xbox 360 coding.

- Added support for PS3: Guest for You as a new 'Game' tab, updated to catalog 15.
-- This includes Jupiter, Ai, Eri, Ryo, and Miku

- Added dropdown menu to change idol preview for costumes and coordinates
-- Only Takane and some of Ami available currently - Ami has 99% of all costumes implemented, no accessories yet.

- Song selection panel now lets you know which songs have Quintet configurations and which don't

- Overhauled all images. They should look much cleaner and more consistent across the board.

December 8 2012:

- New images for song albums
- New images for most costume/accessory icons
- Added songs and coordinates up to Catalog 13
- PS3 version is the default game that loads
- Tweaks to layout, some item names, and color scheme

August 14 2012:

- Catalog 7 PS3 has been updated - 876 Pro★Cosmic Ryo (Costume EXT-029) and Hyokotto Kuro (Accessory Lg-041) currently do not have images. This will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Due to spiraling costs, and circumstances (namely injury) updates will slow down. If you want to speed the process up, feel free to chip in.

April 18 2012:

- Catalog 6 PS3/14X360 has been updated, all graphics applied.

Special note: Due to NBGI antics, UFO in space (Catalog 4 Extra Stage) appears AFTER The Eternal Large Tree (Catalog 6 Extra Stage). This will mean that any codes referencing UFO in space will no longer correctly reference it.

We know of the fault, and it's NBGI's decision. The compendium's design requires the change for request fillers to correctly count, however.

March 13 2012:

- Bug fixed - Study Glasses and Another Ricchan Glasses (Catalog 5 PS3/ 13 X360) had their graphics reversed, displaying the wrong graphics for the item involved. This has now been fixed.

March 09 2012

- Filled in DLC content PS3 Catalog 5 and X360 Catalog 13.

- Filled in some missing thumbnails from previous catalogs. All Accessories and Costumes will now display a preview picture, current to PS3 Catalog 5 and X360 Catalog 13

Feburary 25 2012

- Fixed scrolling on IE

- Accessories section now has previews just like with Costumes.

- Added more DLC content and should be caught up through DLC Catalog 4 PS3/ Catalog 12 X360.

15 January 2012:
Not so stealth update.

- Accessories section is now a grid with icons just like the Costumes section.
-- Previews of Azusa wearing accessories will come in a future update.

- Added some more DLC content or other exclusive content in Costumes.  (There are a few Floral, Luxury, and Starry icons missing at the end.)  Fixed these except for one last one (876 Ai).

- A few changes to the colors on the website.

- The scrolling function does not work yet in IE.  For Chrome and Firefox, the Accessories grid has a scrollbar, so it doesn't end up making the page too long, but IE just shows the whole thing.

2 January 2012:
It was a stealth update, and I bet no one noticed, but anyway...

Accessories (words only) - All accessories up to Catalog 11 X360/ Catalog 3 PS3 were added.
Songs were updated to Catalog 3.
Preliminary work on next phase has begun. Keep an eye out, I'd suggest...

1 December 2011:
Xbox 360 Specific update:
- Catalog 1 Complete item (Pitatto Hamuzou Lg-026) has been added (due to someone kindly throwing enough points to place its location).

29 November 2011:
- Spelling and naming errors fixed.
- Some images have been replaced, songs should look a bit more uniform.
- Stage images have been implemented.
- Due to popular demand, the song list has been fully updated. This does not mean I've magically gotten the points to actually do any of them - this is the publicly available data, and there is no expectation that I can fill any requests. If no one can fill a specific request, that's not my fault (although a donation of MS points can fix that.)

- IE8 support included.
- Lost Firefox 3.6 support for a while, then fixed it. Ah, the joys of browsers...

What it has implemented:
- Full ability (with logic checks) of a request. As far as we know, you can't make impossible requests.
- The ability to copy and paste a completed request. This is really useful, for obvious reasons. If in doubt, copy the long hand. Shorthand use is for, well, people who have a reason to use shorthand (or people who deal with an absurd number of requests and can envision a request in their head by glancing at it.)

At the moment, if you want to get a triple burst, you'll have to add that as a seperate note.

If you recieve a request, remember the golden rule - count down to the number. On screen it is:

1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 8

etc, etc.

This pattern will hold even IF you don't have the items inbetween, unless they request DLC items. (It's about 15 or so in any costume, and 24 or so for accessories.)

On the compendium menu, it'll be straight down (not counting the none of course) so you can replicate and if you can do just a little translation it will be fine.

Things to do:

- Add support to the PS3 version for Miku and Jupiter (and some others besides)
- Add basic graphical support to the online compendium - You know like the old X360 version but more user friendly.

These have been done!

- Add in additional relevant information for use (Stage weather, variances in dance sequences and the like. Yes, I've unfortunately learnt that NBGI are evil, evil people. Okay, more than usual.)

- Add FULL graphical support an offline compendium edition. People have asked for it, so if you ever wanted to see the FULL variations as well as the subtle things you don't normally know about, (Like how leg parts can ride up and down idol skirts and how idols interact with accessories) this will be the version you want.

Be warned it will be a utterly massive monster (Premiminary estimates peg it somewhere in the vicinity of 1GB to download!) so don't be surprised since it takes a lot of time to prepare.

- Add in an online requesting, tracking and fulfillment system. This will be quite a while though. There's a massive list of things to do there, but we'll get there once we catch our breath and patch up what we have.

Things you'll need to do:

Use it, find bugs, tell me. Tell me what works, what doesn't and what needs improvement. It's a tool to be used, and I'd like to see it be one of the best tools we have.

If you want the PS3 or the Xbox side updated with more stuff that hasn't been added yet, consider donating to cover the costs of getting the extra DLC (particularly if it's X360), so I can give it the correct code and add the extra material.

If you rather donate via Xbox Live Point Cards or PSN currency, please note I can only use the Japanese versions of both. (Namely XBL Cards from Japan, not Asia, and PSN cards demoninated in yen, not HKD.)

All donations will be acknowledged unless otherwise requested.

Server costs covering would also be appreciated, although these would be directly payable to Crisu, so please talk with him concerning that.


Crisu - For deciding to take so much interest in this and rapidly set this up - he's the person you want to thank for me not taking a million years to do it myself the hard way.
He is also providing the server, the DNS and the webspace to make the online link possible.

ShokoraNeko - For taking a preliminary javascript model to design the initial javascript version of the offline, as well as working to provide images for use.

Byuusan - For helping with finalising the PS3 part of the compendium via letting me use his game to determine the codification of the PS3 part. It was the final hurdle logic wise.

TheTanStar, Corinth, Clear Blue, BT2 and others in the #idolmaster Rizon IRC channel - For helping me with spot translations of various costumes, stages and the like to get things ready.

Cael K - for being helpful on topics generally and freeing up time to devote by going further than I was expecting when discussing topics, saving lots of time.

The users of the Xbox 360 im@s2 compendium - You all provided good use and data, and proved that it is always a good idea to specify exactly what you want. The fact the tool was used meant that it was worth it to take it to where we are now.

M@D supply requesters - For helping me figure out what REALLY matters when you're needing reels of footage, and design altered accordingly.

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