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General chatter / Kana Ueda interview- Sakuracon 2015
« on: April 12, 2015, 05:17:45 pm »
Any other Kana Ueda fans here?
Anime News Network had the transcript for her fan Q/A session,  and interestingly enough, a few questions were about idolm@ster

Q: Also, who's your favorite Idolm@ster character?

Rii-chan. So Rii-chan is my favorite character, and Idolm@ster, I don't know if you're aware, is doing a lot of collaboration with other games and other intellectual properties in Japan, and there's another game that I'm working on right now, and the character Rii shows up here as well and she's very strong in this game, therefore I really, really like her.

Q: In Idolm@ster, I was wondering, what's your favorite song and would you want to voice an idol?

Actually, when Idolm@ster was auditioning, there were roles I was a part of in a different idol group. Therefore, as part of the non-compete clause, I was unable to audition for Idolm@ster, unfortunately. In hindsight, I really wish I could have auditioned for that. It's really difficult to answer my favorite song because of its long history, so I'll leave that as an unknown for now.


If you're familar with Ueda-sama, who do you think she would have voiced in IM@S? (if any)
personally I can't imagine anyone with different voices ;-; takane?...dont kill me

Welcome Center / Just another lurker coming into the light!
« on: January 14, 2015, 03:26:14 am »
Hi there! I'm Michael (or Tafira if you decide to go by that). I'm a high school senior in Florida, busily working through the year. ^^

I've been a fan of IM@S for roughly two years now, when my friend showed me the anime. Before I had seen the anime on the front page of many streaming sites and dismissed it as mere otaku bait or something. (In reality it still is but I'm sticking with it!).  I instantly loved the episodic stories for each idol, and even more when the anime developed Chihaya's and Haruka's stories. (I never really liked Miki)

I had been using this site for a long while, mostly to familiarize myself with the background of the series, as I've never touched any of the original games. Then I wandered on the forums and found a bevy of discussions, some of which I read completely (like why IM@S 1+2 would NOT come to the US). Many of the discussions made me realize I was really such a surface level 'fan' (and that a bunch of the IM@S videos I watch on youtube come from here).

My favorite idol is Yukiho because she reminds me a little bit of myself (and because I'm a sucker for bob hair cuts)
I love most tracks, but Kosmos. Cosmos, Little Match Girl, Natsukage, and Silent Night are among my favorites

I had a great deal of fun playing Wandering Star-even though it is literally impossible to do vocal training without Japanese.
I also play Million Live on and off. (Basically checking Yukiho card prices ^^;)
I edit at the Million Live wiki (though my translations are based off denshi jisho and speculation).
I'm interested in learning Japanese after high school ends, and maybe taking some college elective courses in the subject. Depending on how that goes, possibly playing the main games would be a nice goal.

Other than IM@S, I play MOBAs like Smite and Dota 2, and read in my spare time.
I hope to find some fellow P's to talk to, and learn more about this franchise. (There is a lack of anime fans, let alone IM@S fans, here)

(Insert good closing line here)

 ::)(mfw I have to look up Takane's waist size before submitting)

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