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I have one more week in Japan and I'm spending it in Akihabara. There's a 10th anniversary special campaign going on involving metal buttons and gacha draws. My kuji happened to be a 876 face towel. Also, Side M is having a thing as well with square badges.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / IM@S Cafe in Akihabara
« on: March 29, 2015, 10:06:17 am »
So I went to this Namco Cafe in Akihabara while I was staying in Tokyo for a week. Took pictures. I was in time for Yayoi's birthday fest.
Info of goods, drinks and food can be found here.

This machine is a voting poll. Every cafe order you make, you get a coin that you can put into this machine and you get one vote that can go towards your desired idol(s) for the voting topic. This one says "Will put on cat ears and will do an animal TV show"

Upon entering the cafe, you get a producer's stamp card of your favorite idol. Every time you enter, you have this card stamped up to 30 times and you get something special (if you have the money to do that ><). Also, every character cocktail you order, you get a coaster of them.

This wheel is spun around the end of service time to choose a character to show a promo video of. The staff puts the attendees into a rock-paper-scissors competition. Whoever wins has the idol that is on their stamp card given a higher chance to be chosen aka the Hamuzou bonus on the wheel.

This big screen played all the 765 entertainment of the cafe. The sneek previews of the 765 anime episodes were played mostly as well as the Namassuka movie trailers like the Mecha Kisaragi one. And, again, the character promo at the end of service time is played. Everyone gathers and chants the character on which was fantastic in my years of IM@S fandom.

As well as character cocktails, there was themed food. Because of Yayoi's birthday she got some nice meals available for order.

And at the end of service time when you have to pay the bill (-_-;), you get a photo of a scene from the IdolM@ster Movie. My first time I got Azusa, but someone wanted to trade me for Makoto. My last time, I got Takane.

There is a certain game center in Akihabara not far from the cafe that I went to that has the most IM@S dedication among all the clutter of Love Live out on the streets. This place had this dedicated desk space for people to write stuff and communicate. It also had arcadeM@S which was a fun time waster. My Japanese wasn't sharp enough to do communications ><, but my experience in SP was useful overall.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Puchi Plushies
« on: March 03, 2015, 06:12:36 pm »

So, after Haruka-san, the other puchis have been getting releases at the arcades in Japan lately. Chihya and Yukipo were released in December, and Takanya and Chibiki were released in January.
I'm in Japan currently and out of chance went to my local arcade and saw the last Takanya among the UFO catcher games that they had. 1500 yen well spent lol. I would not have known about the Puchi plushies had I not gone that day.

I WANT ALL OF THEM... but I don't how I am going to handle them if I do get all of them. So, I'm just going to aim for certain ones namely the twins and Miura-san. Also contemplating Piyo-chan if she gets released before my stay is over.

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