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I see, guess Azusa is the hardest of the 2 random idols then?
Only had problem with Azusa and never with Iori. Completed other ex story except Azusa without any difficulty, the only problem is it Azusa burst depend heavily on luck which i have a super bad luck while other mainly focus on strategy for higher score which i'm good at.
Well I did have problems with Ritsuko on her last Ex on episode 1 though maybe it's because I started going for rank S skills after getting her to S3 and finished the 1st episode ex set when she was only 34. Yeah, heard it becomes more effective if used in a trio. How about the Audition and Live? Did ya have any problem with her on those stages Naryoril.

Well, i had a smooth run on all 3 exs of Haruka's 2nd episode and had problem with only the last one so I guess those with after burst effect have an easier time going through their exs except festivals where a rival can disable the effect. If Azusa is hard, Iori will be harder as I had problem with her during her 1st episode's Live until I found out that i could press r1 as soon as it appears to get more chance to increase her voltage until I can burst before time ran out. I Believe those 2 will be the most problematic due to their luck based burst. Thankfully I'm done with both when they were only level 34s.

By the way, from the speed, I believe Haruka's 3rd episode will be easy as her solo dlc has the same speed as the songs I'm used too like Masterpiece and Dream.
Voted for Yukiho since the moment her ex episode start she has the highest stat than other idol. Azusa is the hardest for me for s3 rank up since my luck is quite bad, never got to rank azusa to s3 since the omoide only restored once in every 3 try during fes with Leon.
I don't remember if any were particularly easy, but i remember i had a lot of trouble with Ritsuko in either ex episode 2 or 3, i had to retry an event for 2 to 3 hours until all stars aligned and i could finally win it. I only had 4 hearts with her and her burst skill sucks when used as a solo burst.
Having recently finished all Chihaya's Ex Episode. It got me wondering which Ex Episodes other players/producers find easier than the others. This will be my 1st ever post that i had wanted to try so here it is. Feel free to vote and if possible, state the reason why you consider that Idol's Ex Episode as easier than the others and maybe offer advice if someone is having problem with a certain episode?
THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL / Re: Some new questions
« Last post by CV Magpantay on May 16, 2018, 05:41:21 am »
I see, what about the other none consumable amulet items? What are their effects and duration? Can you use it in one week then again in the next week or does those have cool downs? Also the 3 mics involves exp right? And the Gold one has the highest increase in exp of those 3? If so then what of the Letter, Teddy and Flower? Those increase fan gains right? If so then is the flower the highest. Finally, recently tried the S2 rank up event and found out that Jupiter keeps stealing memories each time they burst so any idea how I should get around that? Is there any other effect their burst has that I should take note. Should I try it after episode 3 of ex or not. Lastly, Jupiter did not seem to counter me before if I only do solo burst so If I do Trio Burst they will counter me and I won't loose 3 memory appeals as one suggested (Though the suggester did not say to do Trio appeals) or if I counter them, will I get back the 3 memory appeals I lost? Finally, Will the rival's burst counter get stronger if the burst counter a trio burst than a solo burst? Thanks again for the quick reply by the way.

Looks like Jupiter isn't that hard after all, beat them in only 2 rounds with Chihaya as leader and Haruka and Miki in the 1st round manually getting the 1st burst and getting it to trio which they predictably countered with their 2nd burst before I used my 3 memories soon after waited for the count down to reach 0 before doing a trio or duo burst depending on how many memories I still had. Did the same for the 2nd round with Takane and Hibiki this time and it worked as well, and I did not even touch Chihaya's memories too!

Had an easy time to with Yayoi but Azusa's random burst took me all rounds to complete
THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL / Re: Some new questions
« Last post by TheTanStar on May 16, 2018, 02:55:07 am »
L1 just switches the burst character(s) around, it doesn't cost anything except your attention while still hitting appeals.

Mics and flowers are one time use items, the bird is the actual EXP amulet.

Notice how the amulet itself is equipped while everything else says used?

As for Leon's challenge, you can do it 13 times with the same character if you really wanted, but there's nothing really to gain after the first one to unlock Acceleration.
THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL / Re: Some new questions
« Last post by CV Magpantay on May 15, 2018, 06:45:46 pm »
Does doing that cost memory appeal?

Yeah, i got that, with 4-5 stars as the highest trio or quintet song right and 3 starts for costume. Isn't that a one use time amulet? But what is the highest exp and fan increase that can be bought? Gold mic for exp and flowers for fan gain +? About the Leon challenge can you say use one letter do it with an idol, then use the letter again and fight her with the same idol or will it only appear on the other idols that have yet to challenge her?
THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL / Re: Some new questions
« Last post by TheTanStar on May 15, 2018, 05:48:49 pm »
It's not replacing the leader, it's just replacing who's doing the burst appeal.

As for accessories, the tiara is the best one with 3 stars worth of stats, with everything else maxing out at 2 stars iirc. But for amulets, I just keep the largest XP amulet (The bird reading a book) active since fan gain stops becoming a problem when you've already hit S ranks. I never really bothered with the consumable items outside of the magazines to skip lessons and the challenge letter to fight Leon.
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