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I saw someone playing on DN the other day. It looks so much better than YVD :<

Anyway for those who want single cards, I can get any cards including signs at orenoturn pricing and ship them overseas via ebay transactions.

My friend bought 7 boxes, I am shipping over 2 for myself and basically I know a lot of people who whacked boxes.

If you want any cards you can PM me a list but may need to wait 2 weeks for my cards to arrive first.

How much would shipping to California be?

Someone linked this handy guide to play WS online via some modifications to an existing card game software, but appearntly it works! IM@S hasn't been added yet but if anyone wants to learn/play the game, give it a try! :D

ONT doesn't have their R stuff up yet, but Little Akiba has their spoiler up:

I'm kinda sad that they shifted out characters around to other colors (Everyone except Chihaya, Haruka, Yukiho shifted to another color.)

a 961 card, though the effect leaves alot to be desired :<

What?! ONT has em now? I coulada swore I checked it a couple hours ago and they weren't up yet. :<

EDIT: oh they're still just updating the sign cards and PRs.

More and more cards showing up on YAJ now. I just want a full spoiler list now ;_;

that dodai climax is so :3

i wantz

I think I already know the answer, but... you guys meet up and play, right?


yes we do.

I'M SORRY.  :'(

Next week's Episode gonna be DA BEST. :DDDDDDDDDDD

We have a small scene players in Southern California. About 8~9 of us regularly play casuals. There are more scattered out to Norcal. If you're looking for players, there's a pretty sizable overseas Facebook group with a few hundred players you could try.

I have hope that bushiroad will make IM@S2 somewhat competitive. I'ma laugh if they make Jupiter cards and they end up being the more powerful deck-types. /trolling

The haruka card looks pretty interesting encore: it's relatively weak but she can be revived with 1 stock and tapping 2 <music> characters. assuming you have 2 back characters, she can pretty much pay for her own revive. It'll hold field presence without having to lose hand advantage, added to the fact that red decks generally ramp up power on its turn. That yukiho card is pretty amazing too. granting every other character on your field +1k power(just like that one tesstarosa card in the Nanoha set). With both of those cards you can easily have a self-sufficient lv.1 haruka at 6.5k on your turn!

but anyway,
A question to people who've made IM@S decks:

What is the meta regarding the series? Between the first set and dearly stars, can they match competitively to top tier decks (like haruhi or railgun) if play correctly? I was thinking on get some IM@S2 boosters once they come out soon, and was hoping which color and if there are anything good I could use from the previous sets.

Also, I want dat redcheerleader PR card  8)

Iori's Climax Combo is pretty cool. Pick a "Music" card from your clock and place it in any center stage and it gets +1000 till the end of your opponent's turn. (I hope my TL is accurate. Feel free to correct me.) With 6 stock and another Lv 3 in your clock you can refill your field easily while healing essentially 2 damage at the same time.

Too bad I don't like Iori. :X

General chatter / Re: Anime Expo 2011
« on: June 30, 2011, 11:50:14 am »
Anyone still wanna do a AX gathering?

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