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Let's open this can of worms again shall we?

Personally, I would like to see how the Idolmaster idols as a group tackle the Japanese-language hits of famous Korean-pop artists in 'recent years' - it'd be interesting to see how they would fare in performing both as a group and as individual singers on the same song (some of the girls resorting to rapping if need be). Not only that, it would also be interesting to see their modest attempt at dancing like Kpop idols if they ever take that route.

Here's the primary list of songs that I think would sound interesting if covered by them (a 'Idolmaster covers KPop' album) - sorry for the length:

Of course I may be all about them K-Pop tracks but I understand you guys might have different ideas especially with regards to other J-pop acts and anime/j-drama OPs, EDs and OSTs so I wouldn't mind hearing what you guys think.

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