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Just a heads up for anyone trying to get a bunch of fans, the fan bonuses from outfits/accessories don't stack.

I tried using the new DL live outfit with the 10% increase glasses but the game only applied the 15% from the outfit (even though both show up in the skill list)

It's annoying that the one thing that could help speed up getting to S rank (stacking bonuses) doesn't work :C

I mean, to be fair, there is the camp wear outfit that gives +50% to fans but I don't know if it's available to everyone and you take a massive hit to your appeal stat since it's rank F, as well as it having no other bonuses. It's still pretty good late game when all your idols are really high levels. I get over 500k fans from the S rank AllStar Live/Medley with it.

But again I haven't seen if everyone can get it, apologies it that isn't the case. I think I heard that only those who pre-ordered the download version can have it, question mark?

Alright, so after getting another Gold present in a live I played and counting the number of logos, I'd say it is safe to assume that the number of notes that must have logos is ~45% of the total notes in a song. I had 95 appear out of 207 notes, which is the max chain for edeN on Pro difficulty. This is actually slightly less than 47%, but the two previous instances showed about 44%, so averaging it out would make it about 45%.

So Normal presents can be received(but are not always guaranteed)with anywhere from 1-5 total logos throughout a whole song, Silver presents are earned when ~33% of notes have logos, and according to the three times I was able to use as examples, ~45% of notes having logos gives a Gold present.

I am sort of in the process of testing which all difficulties that Gold presents can be received in, but not too seriously as it takes time even for me; if you know, then you know :p and I'm not sure if anyone only ever plays on Regular/Debut difficulty.

This may be worth a separate topic, I'm not quite sure. It's not so much information to work with, as much as it is just something to keep in mind. So I'll just post it here for now, at least.

I've picked apart how the present generation works, more or less. For starters, Normal presents seem to be earned when you have five or less NBGI logos appear during a live. This is consistent across all songs and difficulties. The number of logos has no correlation to the number of presents you will receive. In several instances I had 4 logos appear and got no presents, and in another I had just one logo appear in the entire duration of a live and received two presents. Also as a side note, P drops work in the opposite way, if I understood correctly. Normally the number of logos only indicates the type of present and has nothing to do with the number you will receive. Again, I may have misunderstood but I think P drops increase the number of presents you will get and do not affect the type of present. If anyone can confirm or disprove this, it'd be appreciated.

As for my sample size, of 30 lives, 21 of them were only in Normal present range(11 of which yielded no presents), 7 of them gave Silver presents, and 2 gave Gold presents. This may not be consistent with everyone, and there is always going to be room for more developments here, but I'd say the least accurate part could be considered to be the number of Gold presents.

This is an interesting part. With assistance, I found that Silver presents are obtained when at least very close to(almost exactly)33% of notes matched in a live have logos attached. For example, if there are 200 total notes, 66 of them should have logos. The number can be more or slightly less than 33%, and occasionally is, but the difference shouldn't be too extreme. This is very easy to distinguish from when a Normal present may be received, of course. To further clarify, I tested recently with Kiramekirari on Master difficulty and earned a Silver present with exactly 120 of the 358 of the notes having logos.

What may be tricky is being able to tell when a Gold present will be received. I do still want to get more info on this bit, but I'll go from what I have available right now. I tested all of this with 99 Nights on Pro difficulty when I first started. For Silver presents, the number of logos seems to vary from 69 to 85. The problem is that the gap between Silver and Gold is rather small in this case, as in the two instances that I received Gold presents during my testing, I had just 6 more logos(at 91)appear than the highest Silver number. As I've said, I do want to get more on this because this seems a bit difficult. Not to mention the percentage of logos to total notes seems pretty random at about 44%, according to this very small sample size.

All this is overshadowed by the fact that Setsuna found that the game predetermines what will be received at the beginning of a new week, but these are the numbers I found and I figured it was still relevant. Hope this sheds some light, at least.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring mechanics and strategies
« on: August 14, 2016, 11:04:25 pm »
The problem here is that the trio drive skill is on the leg slot, as is the combo bonus 100, at least i haven't seen either on a different slot. So you have to choose between combo bonus and trio omoide appeals.
They are DLC, but the head accessory Stardrop Earrings have Drive Trio. They are also only C rank with just 18 Appeal but it could still be worth it, if you've purchased them.

Any that have the full list of song ranks? like from new and up
In ascending order, New, Fresh, Keep, Break, Major, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legend.

That's still an appeal noise, it's just the default one, i don't want any sound effect at all when pressing one of these buttons. The only way to do that i have found so far is to lower the sound effect volume to 0. Although i set it to 10, since it affects all sound effects in the menu. With 10 they can still be heard, but usually not on stage since the music is too loud there.

I wasn't specific enough, sorry. Edited the post.

I've figured how to revert back to the standard appeal noise, if anyone really doesn't want to use one of the character sounds for whatever reason. It hasn't been mentioned, so I figured I would.

Go to your 765 Pad, then to the options menu and go down the one that has アピール in it(the 6th one down).
Then cycle through how ever many you have until you see デフォルト. That sets it back to the default aka no special appeal noise.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring "strategies"
« on: August 04, 2016, 09:42:04 pm »
Let's see if i understood this correctly:
The Costume that came as preorder (or limited edtion) bonus has the skill Duo Burst 3. This skill only really works, when i have the charge level skills for level 1, 2 and 3 from accessories AND i must have used 3 memories in a live before the burst. Although it leads to a duo burst with just 2 memories.

Allow me to clarify. One memory appeal equals one Charge level. Charge level one is for Duo Bursts, Charge level two is for Trio Bursts, and Charge level 3 is for quintet Bursts. That is to say you won't be able to perform a multi-idol Burst without the corresponding Charge level and it'll be defaulted to a solo Burst, and you need won't Charge level 3 if you're using an outfit that only allows for Duo or Trio Bursts since having Charge level 3 available is redundant with an outfit that doesn't require all three. So I realize now that you should really only use the tiara when going for Quintet Bursts. Sorry for not covering that earlier.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring "strategies"
« on: August 04, 2016, 08:17:20 pm »
So there's a sort of 'system' for Charge levels. To benefit from say, rank 2, you need to have an accessory that has rank 1, in addition to one that has rank 2, and the same applies for rank 3. Those abilities are only on accessories. Once you have the possible Charge level you want, you'll then need to choose the outfit that has the type of Burst you want, as in duo or quintet. Charge levels are acquired during lives by performing memory appeals, and consumed when you use your Burst.

There's a bit of a crazy thing you can do in quintet lives. If you have the right outfit(a Cute B rank one) and use that tiara, it's possible to earn a TON of points just by using your Burst alone. Whatever your quintet's total Burst stat is, it gives you 10 times that number if you use that outfit and have Charge level 3 by the time you go to Burst. You can't use the quintet Burst without a level 3 Charge though.

I should mention, you don't necessarily need to use the F rank tiara, in my opinion it's just best to do so since it has all three Charge levels and it's only one accessory. You can use the accessories that each have one rank of Charge, but I don't think it's worth it since you could use those accessory slots for more Appeal, Burst, or Chain Bonuses.

So, did you get that C rank costume on a non japanese account?

Yes, I'm using my US account. The name in English is 'Leopard Eye'. Seems to be a recolor of the D rank Cool outfit that has +10 Burst, with maybe some slight variations.

How do you save in this game?  Is it automatic like the other games (when the rainbow circle shows up in the bottom right) or do you have to manually save?

Does anyone have a link to a translation of the options menu?

To manually save, when you're back at the planning screen, press the options button. The first option is 'save', the second is 'return to title', and the last closes the options menu. The game has an autosave feature according to one of the screens shown a little after startup, but I still manually save to be sure.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring "strategies"
« on: August 04, 2016, 06:08:50 pm »
Well, for starters, as I said in the gameplay topic you'll find it's sometimes worth it to use outfits that have a higher rank than the ones your idols don't currently suffer a penalty from using, as long as the over-ranked one shares the type as the outfit that you would use for a specific live. The higher appeal you get can still outweigh that of the lower-ranked outfit even after the appeal drop, which is calculated in the difference between outfits when you compare, so there's no guessing.

As for abilities, when running Master difficulty, I really enjoy Chain Combo. Every ten successive notes, you get extra points which is really useful on the fast-paced button mashing you have to do, once you get the hang of it. Kiramekirari has one of the highest, if not the highest, note numbers of all the songs, so you can see how it'd be worth having. If you're just running Pro then you may consider going all in with a Chain Combo accessory and using the outfit Wrapping My Heart(or Miracle Dancehall, if you've bought it), since it has the Chain Complete ability which nets an additional 2k points at the end of a song, provided you don't miss a single note. Lastly, if you're going for Duo, Trio, or Quintet Bursts, then I'd suggest the F rank tiara that gives all three Charge levels, even if its appeal is probably lower than what you'd like to see past a certain point.

ouch... 57k with the wrong costume type...

Actually, if you EX Clear(the only way to progress)the second of the DL lives, you get an outfit that has the type you need. They aren't that cruel. :P
Though it is only rank C, it makes a huge difference.

Can you confirm whether you can really get the costume on a non Japanese account?

Yes. The reward for EX Clearing the 4th rank of the DL lives is the Rouge/ Noir outfit. I believe it's an S rank. You'll need a score of 57,000 to earn it.

Something I'm not too sure of, what are the shops used for in this game? In OFA and imas 2, you would visit them and buy outfits and accessories but it seems like in this game you get them in present drops instead. Or can you still buy outfits from the shop? I'm just sort of confused since I go to choose it and three different icons show up in a new screen and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

The shop is actually a tailor, sort of. The first icon lets you upgrade outfits and accessories you own with duplicates. It's alright, if you have multiples of the same item, but I've found that in many cases it's better to use over-ranked outfits and accessories anyway, even if they do take your Appeal down because they'll probably still end up increasing it by quite a bit, plus you can use the abilities they add that you may not have on other, appropriately-ranked clothing. Just be careful if you do upgrade that you don't use your better items as the material instead of the base, I don't know if it adds what has already been added to your better one to the worse one that you may accidentally use as the base.

The second icon is where you exchange five at a time per exchange of Gold, Silver, or Bronze Cards, which you earn from lives as Clear/EX Clear rewards or random drops, and an amount of money relative to the type of card for a random outfit or an accessory(I think?).

And the third icon is where you buy some types of enhancements, I guess. I'm not really familiar with them since I never bothered to try them. I'm sure they have their uses though. Seems one affects normal beats you make while using a burst, maybe it increases the points you get from them. I'm sure they're along the lines of that.

Anyone have a stat priority of some sort?

What do you mean? Which stats do people prefer, or...?

Also are the outfits/accessory's all random drops or are some exclusive rewards to things like EX clears etc.

I'm fairly certain you can get at least some EX Clear rewards as random drops. The EX Clear rewards just guarantee getting a certain one.

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