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Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: CINDERELLA GIRL CDs
« on: November 21, 2015, 10:24:16 am »
I posted this on another topic, but here's my predictions for the next batch. Keep in mind it has to be 2 Passions, 2 Cutes, and 1 Cool.

Cool: Haruna, since she seems to be pretty popular.
Passion: Yumi and Takumi, since they won voices and everything. Natsuki probably won't be for a while, seeing as how Rockin' Emotion exists and all. Same for a Tamami solo; she has this random solo called Aozora Yell????
Cute: Noriko, since this imaginary batch is pretty adult-and-mature-character heavy. I literally can't see her not having a really peppy song. Then... Maybe... Karin or Yuka? Unless Kyoko wins the voiced idol election, which is entirely possible...

Wai, wait, wait....Tamami has a solo?Where?
And they are going to make another voiced idol election? Cause that would be cool :D

Other iM@S games / Re: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
« on: October 25, 2015, 10:47:25 am »
Ok, this could be probably a dumb question, but now that 8th batch of CD debuts will come next month, who do you think will be the idols to debut in the 9th batch?

My predictions are these:
Yumi Aiba (she ranked high in the Cinderella Girls Election, and it would be a dumb move from Namco to ignore her)
Yui Ohtsuki (she was part of Project Krone and gained some popularity, plus she also ranked well in the Cinderella Girls election)
Haruna Kamijo (she had a small role in the anime, and I suspect she will have a debut because it seems that she has a solo of Onegai Cinderella in Starlight Stage).
Kyoko Igarashi (this is a personal for me xdd. She is pretty popular by many fans and it would be cool to have Pinky Cute unit complete ^^)
Yuka Nanako/Rina Fujimoto (I'm not sure which one of them could earn a CD debut xdd, but I would prefer Yuka than Rina)

So, what's your opinion? Who do you think will be the next five idols to earn a CD debut? When do you think that the 9th batch will be released?

Thanks for reading and have a cool day ^^

Final episode watched and it was amazing (the two new songs were great, I can't wait for the full version of them) and a lot of cameos, unvoiced sadly, but they were all welcome :D

It was a good episode and they managed well Uzuki's insecurities and fears. This episode confirmed that Mishiro won a place in Hell.

Other iM@S games / Re: The iDOLM@STER: SideM (mobage)
« on: August 30, 2015, 04:51:19 pm »
Damn, I hoped for Frame to join instead of W :( :( :( . Let's cross fingers that Frame are next to get voice actors because if they are voiced after Sai or Shinsoku Ikkon, I'll be extremely angry :( :( :( :(

I think that depsite Anastasia joined Project Krone, she is still part of Love Laika with Minami. She only has to find balance between both projects. Mishiro told Rin and Anya that despite joining Krone, they can still be part of their units

I think that the biggest breakdown for Uzuki will be because of Mishiro (she'll probably fire Uzuki or humilliate her somehow, telling her she is not idol material). I'm angry at Mio for ditching~and backstabbing Uzuki like that, Mio is a total b@# and a cry baby (she could have talked with Uzuki about forming a duo unit or something like that)

A shame that there wasn't no cute idol cameo this week, but I liked how Fumika appeared in this episode

Other iM@S games / Re: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
« on: August 23, 2015, 02:35:40 pm »
Cinderella Master CDs 8th Wave

036 Tachibana Arisu
037 Katagiri Sanae
038 Ichinose Shiki
039 Shiomi Shuuko
040 Sakurai Momoka
A little dissapointed that yumi isn't part of this wave (she is my favorite passion idol) but glad to see that finally Momoka and Arisu got their CD debuts. Surprised for Sanae here but well, let's hope her song is nice.

Haven't seen the new episode yet, but it involves a new Natsuki solo.

It was a good solo for Natsuki I think that she'll take part in next wave of CD debuts. This week we only had an unvoiced idol who gets voice, thankfully it wasn't another passion idol, but a cool one this time :D

Another good episode that surprisingly made me like a little more the only idol of the main cast that I despise (yeah Miku, I'm looking at you).

This week also confirms my thoughts that in the next episodes Uzuki will suffer a big breakdown

Is just me or did anyone else notice that with every episode of this season Uzuki gets more and more worried? I think this is a signal that something really bad is gonna happen to her nearly at the end of the anime.

This episode was sooooo cute!!! I liked it a lot. Everyone's sort of pushing back against Mishiro in their own way... I feel some extra drama is on the way soon.

Also I could have sworn in her drama CD Miria had a baby brother, not a baby sister.

Next episode sounds like a Chieri episode from the title...

"Yeah I also think that Mishiro will take actions against all of this...and I wonder what plans she'll have for Karen and Nao...

I also think that next week will focus on Chieri and the rest of Candy Island which will be amazing. I also hope for more cute and cool idols to appear in cameos, there are already too much passion idols...

Koharu was voiced here, if I'm not mistaken. Also DAMMIT, they voiced Momka! I was wondering how much longer they would keep this up, but I guess it had to end at some point.

Back to the actual episode, it finally solidified me actually really liking the Jougasaki Sisters and Miria as well. Gave each of them some level of depth and a common relation of "sister issues" that bring them all together. Really makes the characters feel more human and it's exactly what I want to see the rest of the show go through. Actually, this might be my favorite episode this entire season due to how well they handled the characters (and given this is A-1, this is a pretty good compliment).

Alright, all we really have left to flesh out is Candy Island, since everyone else had their time to shine and they're the only unit where everyone is still going "Who are you people?"

I think and hope that next week will be a Candy Island episode and yeah was happy for Kaoru voiced cameo too, but c'mon A1, give more love to cute idols, now there are too many passion idols with voice.

Watched this week's episode and it was really good. It gave lot's of focus to DEKoration and explored their personalities a little more (better than in season 1)
And Momoka stopped being the forgotten one as she finally got a voice in this episode, although I would have liked if Koharu and Mai also get voice actresses too xddd

I still hope for cute idols cameo in this week's episode (last time that an episode was focused on Rika, Miria and Kirari, four cute idols made a cameo, so let's cross fingers together :D)

I think that with the extra passion cameo in this episode, we need more cute.

and finally voice kyoko!!!! and momoka for the momoka fans that are currently in pain. ;-)

Yeah I hope that both of them get voiced soon. Although I would prefer for idols like Nene, Arisa, Seika or Yuuki to be voiced too xdddd

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