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OfA video requests / Re: One for All General Request Thread
« on: April 07, 2015, 09:30:55 am »
Hi, I have some requests.

Destiny (Q-11)
(1 Ritsuko FLO-15)
(2 Yukiho FLO-03)
(3 Haruka FLO-08)
(4 Miki FLO-01)
(5 Iori FLO-04)

Ippai Ippai (St-27) [Simple]
(Yayoi Ami Mami)

The world is all one!! (Q-10) [Simple]
(Chihaya Hibiki Azusa Takane Makoto)


Characters / Re: 765 Singing Test
« on: March 31, 2015, 06:51:55 pm »
I feel like I'd be more for this topic if it wasn't a 5 hour time commitment (at least). Plus I'm having a bit of trouble finding solo medleys for most of the songs (only ones I could find were Tonari ni... and Marionette no Kokoro). Maybe I'll give it a try this weekend. Although I feel bad just listing names with little commentary and I feel like I kinda want to go in depth in each song...which is a problem when there are 12 singers for 10 songs. :/

Yeah, I understand that. It took me three days to do this, but I thought that was just because I have a short attention span and get burned out easily. I didn't even realize this would be 5 hours worth of listening until after I posted and did the math.

I think the solo medleys bring up a good point. The way I did it was listening to them by idol instead of by song, meaning I listened to Chihaya's Marionette, then her Borderline, then her Futari instead of listening to everyone's Marionette, then everyone's Borderline. I wonder if doing it the second way would change any scores because of having more to compare it too.

I'd love to hear some commentary! I actually have commentary of my own, but I didn't post it because I kinda felt it would be too much in one post and I wasn't sure how well this topic would be received. I didn't go in depth for each song, but I do think I got a good feel for each of their voices. I could still post it, maybe along with their individual song scores, unless it's already been established that the scores were a bad idea.

Characters / Re: 765 Singing Test
« on: March 30, 2015, 02:45:45 am »
I WANT to say that this is a good idea, but even without bias there's one glaring problem here - Yukiho, because of her VA switch. Here we go and First Stage never received Asakura solos, and most of the other listed songs you judged from only have solo opportunities from one VA or the other (and I'm aware that there are solo parts of group songs you could judge from, but that muddies your goal).

Yeah, I definitely agree. I actually tested this by listening to both of their versions of Tonari ni, and I found that I rated Asakura's higher, but only by half a point. I like both of their voices, but they both have their own strengths. I thought about changing the list to include either one or the other, but decided against it since I didn't want to take this too seriously. Yeah I want to be unbiased, but I'm still just trying to have a bit of fun and discover what I actually think. It's not like it's government research ::)

Also, am I wrong for thinking the First Stage from the Shiny Festa games was done by Asakura? I didn't use it because I didn't realize at the time, but now I guess I could have. Is that what you were mentioning?

Not sure what I feel about this as I'm not a fan of these bias-type threads, especially this one. Opinions are nice, but with the way it's written... not so much. I think you better off removing the scores and just tell it in words. Let's hope that this doesn't turn into a flame war, but that shouldn't be a problem considering our records here. I don't want to deal with... certain people here.

I definitely see your point, but it's not like this is the first thread of its kind. I know of at least three other threads like this, some of which have things said about the idols that are far worse than this, and they never turned into flame wars. You've already kinda said that though.

I'll remove the scores because a flame war is not my intention, but then I'll kinda feel like this topic will be pointless because I could have posted this in the topic already made. The scores were what made me decide to make this its own topic after all.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm dismissing your opinion, because that's really not what I want at all.

As for being biased, I too thought I would be too biased for this to work. If I did feel it was, I wouldn't have posted it at all. But I was actually surprised at how much I liked some of their voices, and some of them ended up doing much better than I expected.

Characters / 765 Singing Test
« on: March 29, 2015, 08:18:08 pm »
I know there's already a couple topics asking who your favorite singer is, but this is a little different. I decided to throw in some numbers because who doesn't like math ::) to see who I thought was the best singer. I tried to be as unbiased as possible, but I'm not sure how well I did, so you guys should tell me what you think!

The way I did it was I picked 10 songs that I felt were challenging to sing and covered a variety of styles. Then I rated each idol's version of a song out of 10 and added up the scores to get an overall percentage score.

The songs I chose were
  • Marionette no Kokoro
  • Vault That Borderline!
  • Futari no Kioku
  • Tonari ni...
  • Kiramekirari
  • Honey Heartbeat
  • 99 Nights
  • Here we go!!
  • First Stage
  • Kimi*Channel
Some other songs I considered were Overmaster, Kyun! Vampire Girl, and Watashi-tachi wa Zutto...Deshou?

Their final scores were
  • Takane
  • Hibiki
  • Chihaya
  • Azusa
  • Miki
  • Yukiho
  • Makoto
  • Mami and Ami
  • Iori
  • Ritsuko
  • Haruka
  • Yayoi
If you think there was a better way I could have graded this or better songs to use, tell me! I'd like to see what you think. I can also post their individual scores if anybody wants.

OfA video requests / Re: One for All General Request Thread
« on: February 03, 2015, 03:22:11 am »
May I make a request?

Tonari ni... (St-06)
(1 Mami FLO-11 Hd-012)
(2 Yayoi FLO-10 Bd-008)
(3 Iori FLO-10 Bd-008)

Futari no Kioku (St-20)
(1 Takane EXT-09 Hd-022)
(2 Yukiho STA-12 Hd-023 Bd-023)
(3 Haruka STA-12 Hd-023 Bd-023)

Meisou Mind (St-34)
(1 Makoto FLO-12 Bd-013 Ar-037 Lg-034)
(2 Ritsuko FLO-14 Bd-013 Ar-036)
(3 Miki FLO-14 Bd-013 Ar-036)

This episode gave me another chance to learn their names, so I liked that.

tbh I expected Rika's voice to sound something more like Akane's

Welcome Center / Re: Nice to meet ya!
« on: February 02, 2015, 03:09:28 pm »
Hi, welcome to the forums!

Hibiki is one of my favorites too. I honestly feel like she can do anything :P

I got into fighting games kinda recently, but I think I can say I play a lot too. Do you play Mortal Kombat, Injustice, or Soul Calibur? I've been playing those the most.

Characters / Re: Top 13 765 PRO Idols?
« on: January 19, 2015, 04:05:28 am »
1. Chihaya- Her voice and story should be reason enough
2. Hibiki- Used to be lower until I discovered how good she is. IMO she does Miki better than Miki does Miki: she can be powerful but still fit in with the cutesy songs
3. Azusa- I like how soft her voice is just a bit more than I like Takane's
4. Takane- I really like her voice
5. Makoto- I love that she sounds completely different than the rest of the idols, but sometimes it doesn't work out in her favor like in Kiramekirari
6. Mami- I'm not sure why Mami's so high, maybe it's the hair
7. Ritsuko- I like that her voice is kinda sharp and powerful, she surprised me by sounding the best in Honey Heartbeat
8. Haruka- She's just fun and normal
9. Ami- I don't know how they got separated in this list, it has to be the hair
10. Yukiho- I actually really like her voice, but for some reason find her personality a bit offputting
11. Yayoi- I like that she's a super hard worker
12. Iori- I think her voice is strangely soft and she's kinda mean and scary  :-[
13. Miki- I watched a playthrough of her story for Im@s2, and the whole time I felt uncomfortable. Plus, the only song I think she sounds good in is Marionette no Kokoro

Welcome Center / Re: Just another lurker coming into the light!
« on: January 14, 2015, 11:58:20 am »
Hi and welcome!

Kosmos, Cosmos is one of my favorites too, but I guess I'm even more of a surface level fan than you since I've never even heard of Natsukage and Silent Night :o

And don't feel bad, I had to look up Takane's waist size and Iori's voice too

I know nothing about Cinderella Girls, so this is my first time seeing the new idols and learning their names. I think the first episode did a good job of introducing the two of them. Like others said, it had a very slow and relaxed pace, so I didn't feel hard-pressed to learn 15 different names before the things starting happening. And I love the producer, his awkwardness was endearing. He probably has something up his sleeve. And he seems like the reserved kind that needs to be thrown into some crazy situations, and I'm pretty sure he will be.

Welcome Center / Re: A pleasure to meet you :)
« on: January 11, 2015, 02:34:00 am »
Hehe i have tried kirmakirari, do dai, go my way and tonari ni... I did all of them sloppily and some of them not completely since i simply dance them cuz they are a good source of exercise! ^^ especially kiramekirari... I do wanted to try overmaster although it's a bit hard copying it >< i'm glad i found a kindred spirit who is interested on imas dances :D what imas dances have you tried out? :3

Right now I've only learned Kiramekirari, but I want to learn Watashi-tachi wa Zutto Deshou next. And you're right about the exercise, sometimes I try to see how many times I can do Kiramekirari back to back. I'm only up to 3 :P

Welcome Center / Re: A pleasure to meet you :)
« on: January 10, 2015, 10:11:03 am »
Welcome to the forums! :D

I also love dancing, and I'm also not very good at it XD Have you tried learning any of the Im@s dances?

Welcome Center / Re: Hello Friends!
« on: November 16, 2014, 03:19:45 am »

Dancer, eh? Have you uploaded any videos of you dancing to these songs? This makes me jealous because I just plain can't dance, period. X)!

Nah, I don't have any videos. I may know the choreography, but I don't look good doing it XD

Welcome Center / Re: Hello Friends!
« on: November 16, 2014, 03:02:38 am »

Hello and welcome to the forum, SideM! You chose a cool nickname! Do you like cats?

Lol thanks. I did want to watch Xenoglossia, but I was waiting until I had more time for it. Cats are cool, I used to have one but it ran away...

Here is my story (it may be not so weird as yours but still):

I discovered im@s two years ago browsing the list of the animes Asami Shimoda voiced characters in. She was my most favourite singer at that time, so I was really exited about her work as a seiyuu. The anime turned out to be even better than I imagened! After watching the first episode I decided to search for the Futami twins' songs on Youtube. The first results were "Little match girl" and "Kiramekirari":

The Futami twins were my most favourite characters until the fourth episode and unforgettable "Aoi tori ~TV ARRANGE~". Since then Chihaya is my number one.

I love that version of Aoi Tori. I didn't realize it was a different version at first so I was disappointed when it sounded different in game.

Welcome Center / Re: Hello Friends!
« on: November 16, 2014, 02:31:48 am »
Welcome! :D

I'm glad you like Chihaya. She's one of my favorites too. I actually liked her before the anime started, because I already knew some of her story, so I didn't have the chance to get to know her the way you did. Have you watched the anime a second time? If so, did Chihaya in the earlier episodes come across differently?

I haven't, but I thought about watching it again to see if I missed anything. Now that I actually know their stories, I'm sure I'll feel different. I'll probably like her even more :P

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