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Welcome Center / Re: Hello, everyone! Yoroshiki onegaishimasu!
« on: January 16, 2014, 02:29:17 am »
I understand how you feel! ;D

I know that the original lyrics match Chihaya-Master well, but I actually meant English singable lyrics on Youtube:

Akira Ishida's voice is so gorgeous that he literally sounds like a woman sometimes.
It's so weird, because after a while, I stop associating a person's voice to the voice actor, and the voice just becomes part of the character. Like, Makoto would not be Makoto without Hiromi Hirata.
But I still want Vic Mignogna to voice Hokuto if iM@S ever comes to the US.

Oh, really? See, YouTube is under parental block on my computer (my parents are so overprotective, it's ridiculous) so I can't look at it right now, but if I ever can, I'm gonna take a look. :3

Welcome Center / Re: Hello, everyone! Yoroshiki onegaishimasu!
« on: January 15, 2014, 05:34:31 pm »

Yes! Yes! Yes!  ::)

Say what you want about Xenoglossia, but you HAVE to admit it's got an all-star seiyuu cast. Kaori Shimizu as Chihaya, Yui Horie as Yukiho, Yukari Tamura as Iori, Yuka Iguchi as Haruka, Yukana as Riffa, probably some more "Yu"-somethings in there too, Eri Kitamura as Makoto, Daisuke Ono as Naraba, AKIRA ISHIDA IS KARASU~ *squee*...
I was so enthralled by the voice actors, sometimes I didn't even pay attention to the plot. XD
I could rant about this show all day.

Of course I have! These two songs were first ones I heard, and they are my favorites! And I'm listening to Lonely way now!  ;)   Did you know that the song is actually from Chihaya's point of view, especially the English lyrics from YouTube?

Yeah, I read through the English lyrics and I was like, "Huh, this kinda matches up with Chihaya and her situation. It matches up with her personality really well--THEY DID THIS ON PURPOSE."
Actually, all the ones I've seen English lyrics of seem to suit the girls perfectly :3 These people did this on purpose.

Community works / Grace's Magical Board of Fanfics~ :3
« on: January 14, 2014, 06:56:32 pm »
Well! I saw one or two fan-fic boards here and decided, hey, I write fanfics! Like, dozens of them! Why not? And since this is the community works board anyways...

Like, literally, I have at least 19 decent fanfics of iM@S on my account at And I LOVE writing fanfics. I also LOVE getting reviews. Hint hint. So. I'll just post a quick summary, chapter count, genre and link to the ones I think are worth your time. It's also VERY likely I'll include some personal thoughts on the stories. Because for some reason, I like sharing personal thoughts. If you *happen* to visit my profile and think one I didn't post here looks interesting, by all means, read it.

No one likes me on that site anymore so I'm starting to get desperate. Haha. Just kidding. I still have faithful viewers who I think are amazing.


Name: The Mansion at the Floor
Chapter count: 19, plus a prologue and an epilogue. Completed.
Genre: Horror. Don't ask me how I thought of this.
Probably cruddy Summary: They shouldn't have been there. No one ever should have been there. But they wouldn't listen to those growing feelings of fear, and now... The idols accept a challenge from Jupiter to visit a haunted mansion. If they can survive one week and make it out alive, they will have proven themselves, but... The idols will not make it out of this one without a miracle. And they know it.
Personal Thoughts: Yeah, there will DEFINITELY be personal thoughts. Anyways. I started this a long time ago because I was feeling sadistic and wanted to kill people. Don't ask. But I dropped it for a long time, and picked it up again around chapter 12. By that time, my writing had improved, I think, but the consequence was that I had, by that time, been writing as the iDOLM@STER characters for so long that they began to feel like my own characters, and I didn't put as much thought into keeping them in-character. Actually, I think they got out-of-character a LOT. So, I'm sorry.

Name: Shangri-La
Chapter Count: 6. In progress.
Genre: Paranormal, alternate universe.
Summary: A mysterious OC boy gifts the idols with a necklace which he claims will grant their wishes. And of course, that sounds awesome, right? But as time goes on, the idols realize that these wishes of theirs hold too many consequences to be worth it, and it's up to them and their new OC friend to save their own lives.
Personal Thoughts: I have no idea how I thought of any of this. I just got this idea. And I thought to myself, "No one has done this before. I think it's a kinda cool idea. It'll be fun, right? I've worked with idols around OCs before! I AM AN AUTHOR! I CAN DO THIS!" So It was posted. Honestly, it's one of my personal favorites. For the most part, the idols managed to stay in-character, I think. Probably because Xenoglossia characters aren't involved. Anyways. My favorite kinds of fanfics are all AU, what is wrong with me...?

Name: Drabbleworks! Don't ask me why I called it this, because I have no idea.
Chapter Count: 17. In progress.
Genre: Humor. And Random.
Summary: Just a random collection of iM@S-themed oneshots I wrote because I could. Some of them are requests from others, others are my original ideas. Warning: My brain makes NO SENSE.
Personal Thoughts: Seriously, don't ask me about the name, like, these aren't even drabbles, and they certainly don't work. It just came to me. And so, why not? But this is a story that has no affiliation to any other story, and isn't even really a story. It's just a collection of oneshots. Whenever I get a new idea or request, it gets updated. Also, it's REALLY random.
And, actually, a few chapters were based off of one of my other books.

Name: The Idols of Iron Fist
Chapter Count: 19. Completed.
Genre: Drama
Summary: What happens to the idols of 765 Pro when Makoto makes an announcement that could shatter their lives forever? A crossover between Tekken and The iDOLM@STER. The idols participate in The King of Iron Fist Tournament, but little do they know that a new rule has been introduced that will shake them to the core. Will they survive? Probably not, know, they'll try.
Personal Thoughts: Before you ask, I don't know. This book was another one I worked on while I felt like killing people. Like, I just...felt like it! BUT IT TURNED OUT SO ANGSTY. LIKE, EVERYONE DIES. WHY. Nonetheless, I think it was decently well-written if not horribly out-of-character in the later chapters. Also it's depressing and violent. But I'm still pretty satisfied.

Name: Princess Stories-iDOLM@STER Style
Chapter Count: 9. In progress. Veeeeery sloooooow progress.
Genre: Parody, Humor
Summary: The idols get called together to act out their favorite princess-themed fairytales. Everything that can go wrong does, and it turns out, none of the idols are capable of acting on the same set as Jupiter.
Personal Thoughts: I honestly think this one is one of my best as far as in-character...ness...goes. But it was written ages ago and hasn't been continued in a really long time. So it's kinda bad. Also there are only nine chapters. But what the heck, this list needed more happy!

Weell. That's all I'm gonna do for now, feel free to take a look if you want! I should probably let you see some more happy-go-lucky fics, but honestly, you guys, I don't even WRITE happy-go-lucky anymore. I know, iM@S is a really happy game with happy characters, but whenever my mind gives me ideas, I just...go with them. And they're always depressing for some reason. I think it's a sign that I'm depressed. No, just kidding. Don't worry about me. :3
But yeah!
I'd be really happy if any of you felt like taking a look. :3 I might come back here and chuck some more links at you later, or when I actually updated my happy stories come up with a new idea. :3
In the meantime, you guys are cool. iM@S is cool. iM@S fans are cool. I'm cool. No I'm not.
And that's about it.

Community works / Re: Amami Haruka Cosplay- "No one is truly free"
« on: January 14, 2014, 06:05:12 pm »
Hello! I know I'm TOTALLY late! But I stumbled across this and looked at all your cosplaying, and...WOW.
I'm very particular about cosplayers of characters I like, and I am not exaggerating when I say I think you're the best Haruka cosplayer I have ever seen. One day, I'll get a Yukiho cosplay of my own, and together with P-san, we shall meet up, attend a con, and be UNSTOPPABLE!!
But I have zero cosplay experience, so that would take ages if it ever actually happened. ^^"
Anyway! Both of the costumes look really amazing, I'm just in awe of how much work you're putting into it and how much skill you have. Great job! :D

But seriously, if I ever get a chance to cosplay Yukipyon, we should do it together.

THE iDOLM@STER / Re: Favorite Songs?
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:16:12 am »
I'm going to post here late because I can.

I have so many favorite songs, and the list changes constantly, but I voted for Tonari Ni... because that song is BEAUTIFUL, and EVERYONE sings it well. Even the twins.

But I also like relations, Meisou Mind, Watashi wa Idol, I Want, Massugu, and Omoide wo Arigatou. my song is great too. Also, every time it turns 9:02 pm, I start singing that song. XD

Me Ga Au Toki is also one of my favorites, and  Little Match girl is beautiful. Honestly, Makoto's is my favorite. It's just so...pretty. Also Marionette no Kokoro, which is gorgeous. Miki's is among my favorites. And, last but not least...KYUN! VAMPIRE GIRL! I swear, everyone is perfect in that song. And it makes Makoto sound sexy. Just saying.

I think the first song I ever heard from iM@S was Ai Like Hamburger, so that one has a special place in my heart too.

Welcome Center / Re: Konnichiwa! Liza-chan desu yo!
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:11:05 pm »
The song is called "DEAD SET". I didn't make this AMV, it would be Chihaya/Yukiho-centric if I actually did. 8)
I've just found one more AMV and it's about Makoto:

I'm going to have to find that song and add it to my list of amazing songs.
Aaah, yes. Chihaya/Yukiho. A most lovely of yuri ships. Even though I'm not a yuri fan. That's OK. They're good characters.
 Is it weird that Xenoglossia made me ship a girl and a robot? Because, seriously, I ship almost every pilot/iDOL pairing there is. XD

It's funny, because as I was watching that last AMV, I was thinking to myself, "Why haven't I seen more AMVs about Makoto? She has an angsty relationship too." And then you read my mind and gave me one. That's pretty cool.

Welcome Center / Re: Konnichiwa! Liza-chan desu yo!
« on: January 13, 2014, 08:55:48 pm »
Then you will like this AMV for sure:

That was AMAZING, actually. What song is it? I mean, I know it's Angela, but I don't think I've ever heard that song. It's pretty.

Did you make that one?

She does. Kaori Shimizu is one of the best voice actresses on that show. :D
I think it's safe to assume Chihaya was your favorite character...? Honestly, I liked her until the later episodes. She just got a liiiiittle too crazy for me. XD But hey, she's still cool! So it's OK!

Welcome Center / Re: Konnichiwa! Liza-chan desu yo!
« on: January 13, 2014, 06:03:49 pm »
Thanks a lot! Have you watched that AMV already? Don't worry, you are not alone, because I watched Asura Cryin' too, but it was after making of the AMV.  :)

I have, actually! It was great, mostly because Angela+Xenoglossia=:D~
I'm glad I met you. XD Because all of my favorite animes are really obscure (those being Xenoglossia, R.O.D -The TV-, Asura Cryin', and iDOLM@STER, not necessarily in that order), and you've seen three out of the four of those, so we can be friends. XD

Welcome Center / Re: Hello, everyone! Yoroshiki onegaishimasu!
« on: January 13, 2014, 05:59:56 pm »
Hello (or should I say "Hi"? ;)   ) and welcome to the forum!
As for me, my favouritest singers are Asami Imai, Kaori Shimizu, Chiaki Takahashi, Yukana and Eri Kitamura, of course! I do like Yui Horie too, but she is on 6th place. Every time I hear Hocchan's songs I think "It's Yukiho-Master's voice!" even though I knew about her before Xenoglossia!

Kaori Shimizu is fantastic. She's hovering somewhere around eighth or ninth place for me, though, just because I love Kana Uemura and Rie Tanaka and Akiko Hasegawa and Manami Numakura and *rambling continues* too much.
Have you ever heard the Xenoglossia cover songs? The voice actresses sing songs from popular mecha anime. :3 I personally think they're fabulous. Yui Horie sings "Melos no Youni ~LONELY WAY~", and it's gorgeous. Kaori Shimizu's "Dunbine Tobu" is fabulous too.

Honestly, Eri Kitamura is my favorite voice actress, so I love everything she does. Combining her with Makoto was just pure perfection. my opinion.  ;D

Characters / Re: Which idol or idols are you most like?
« on: January 12, 2014, 05:21:42 am »
Oh gosh, SO MANY. XDD

Looks-wise? I'd say I'm most like Yukiho. We even have the exact same bust size! ...don't ask me how I know that. I have the same length and style of hair and the same color eyes. The only difference is that I'm slightly less pale and I don't have bangs, so in that sense, I'm sorta like 2nd Vision Azusa. But mostly Yukiho.

Personality? A lot.
I'm a loner like Chihaya. Listening to music helps calm me down. I like to sit by myself in my room and don't usually socialize beyond my ring of friends. Also, my sense of humor is kinda weird. And I love to sing.

I'm shy like Yukiho around strangers, to the point that I will literally start stuttering if I'm surrounded by people I don't know ad forced to talk to them.

I have Azusa's "Onee-chan" side. All my friends come to me for comfort and if they just need to cry, and I'm there for them. I can be a ditz, though. Sometimes I just zone out or I say something and everyone is like, "...what?"

Lately I've been getting really klutzy like Haruka.

The Futami twins in the sense that I'm pretty crazy and love acting like a moron with my sister. More like Mami since I'm a bit more mature than my little sister (who would be Ami. Obviously).

But the idol I'm most like is Makoto. I have a deep, masculine speaking voice (my singing voice used to be the same, if not worse, but has since gotten better), I'm scared to DEATH of most bugs, and twice I've been mistaken for a boy. I've also been asked if I were lesbian. I'm not. T_T All my female friends agree that if I actually WERE male, they would probably date me. Which is really weird, but somehow, almost flattering.  :-\ I have had boys hit on me, though, which I guess would be the equivalent of Hokuto asking Makoto out in iM@S 2. I, like her, turn them down.
But I'm mostly a tomboy with a girlish side, and I can't dance but I'm a beast at Just Dance and Dance Dance Revolution. So if I have choreography given to me, I can dance.
We're like twins, but really different at the same time.

I'm pretty similar to the Xenoglossia Makoto too. For...personal reasons.

So I guess you could say I'm a mix of a bunch of different idols, but the most prominent is Makoto. A blend of both Makotos. Like, throw them together in a pot, mix them up, and bake for thirty minutes on high, and you get me.  :D

Also, that was really long.

Community works / Re: liza94's AMVs and wallpapers
« on: January 06, 2014, 11:48:52 pm »

Makoto wanted to be Nebula's Master at any price, she used Azusa's password to cause problems to Iori (I don't remember what exastly she have done). Nobody thought the accident was planned, but it looks like Azusa understood who was really to blame. She didn't take any measures though. Later, when Iori showed better results then Makoto, Azusa confessed to her "sister", that she always used her as replacement for someone else without releazing it. The next day Azusa annouced to Makoto that she was fired. That's why Makoto defected to Turiavita.

Actually, Makoto wasn't fired for sabotaging Iori. She was fired because of her poor performance in Nebula during the mission to retrieve Hiems' core. Nebula finally decided he was sick of being treated like trash when she piloted him, so he rejected her completely. Chikako and Joseph and the others decided it was time to just get rid of her since Nebula would now never allow her to pilot him agian, and Imber had already decided he only liked Haruka. So when she realized she couldn't pilot like she'd been doing for 7 years anymore, she did the only thing she could think to do: join Turiavita, who would let her continue piloting.

Also, for the record, her conversation with Azusa in episode 13 was heartbreaking.

Sorry. ^^" I love Makoto in both series, so her story in particular really sticks in my brain.

Also, since I'm here, I'm gonna compliment you on your AMVs! The music just matches the scenes perfectly. I really liked "Masters' Hearts" in particular. Probably because Makoto was there. The music in that one is gorgeous, I'm surprised I never noticed it before when I was watching Asura Cryin'.

Welcome Center / Re: Hello, everyone! Yoroshiki onegaishimasu!
« on: January 06, 2014, 03:06:29 pm »
You and I are gonna get along great.

Yes. More Makoto fanatics fans. I like this place.

Seriously though, how can one not love her?

I noticed that no one had put up a board for discussing Xenoglossia yet, so me, being both new and addicted to Xenoglossia a fan of Xenoglossia, I decided to try starting one.

I know lots of people were disappointed with it. I didn't watch it for the longest time after I knew it existed because it looked stupid, and the art was kinda weird, and so I just ignored it. But then, like, last year, I decided I'd give it a shot. And I fell in love.

Honestly, you guys, I stopped associating it with the original iDOLM@STER after episode 3 and just watched it like a completely unrelated anime. It helped.

That, and Eri Kitamura. I love her voice so much. <3

Community works / Re: Pokemon Flora and Azure
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:12:02 pm »
Thanks for the comment. I'm currently working on another such project called Pokémon Infinite and Zero. In due time, that should be ready as well.

You're welcome! Are Infinite and Zero going to be kinda crossover-y too? (I am very aware that "crossover-y" is not a real word.)

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