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Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: CINDERELLA GIRL CDs
« on: November 20, 2015, 09:04:58 pm »
A question about the recent batch of Cinderella Master CD's (#36 thru #40)...

Is Staff-san mentioned/present in the Drama Tracks?

I'm one of those people who's taken a liking for the unvoiced guy... especially after a no show in the anime.

Can't put my finger on it... just find it interesting for the idols to interact with someone other than the Producer from time to time.

Loved episode 14. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Sure... it wasn't super exciting, but it really put down the ground work for some great potential.

The handling of Mayu was awesome. Her entire shtick of being a yandere makes her somewhat one-dimensional and very predictable as far general characterization goes, but it was great to see how utterly oblivious the other idols were to how unhealthy that kind of obsession is, stays on key with CG lore. Overall her cameo was enough to make you want more, but not so much you'd tire of it. Also the things we visually saw her capable of, made her much more creepier than the CD drama tracks could do with just sound.  8)

I also felt great when the series cemented that other Producers are responsible for the various girls. Keeps things more "realistic" -- and the twist helps explain why Mayu isn't trying to kill any of the Cinderella Project members.

While Mishiro's actions in the after credits are troubling, it doesn't make her a bad person. We don't know her intentions yet. She may very well believe her plan is for the company's interests, and just because it could turn out to be a mistake, does not mean it was evil or selfish. She was mentioned to be returning from the American branch, which she may have made super successful (and a reason for being transferred back to the Japanese branch).

Also... that scene with Mishiro fixing P-kun's tie seems to be setting a ship on sail for some fans.  If she proves popular enough, mayhaps she will appear in the 4-koma/game settings?

Still crossing my fingers that Staff-san makes an appearance (or gets mentioned) in the anime. The man needs more idol love.  :D

Ya know... now that I went back to rewatch some of the earlier episodes...

There's that foreshadowing and fan theory that idols like Mika and Kaede used to be under the CG Producer, and that "detached unemotional" personality he started with in Episode 1 is a reaction to losing them and not wanting to be hurt again.

I suppose that woman is the one who takes away his idols.  :(

The CG game is listing Karen and Nao as newbie 346 idols, so unless they pull a Miki I doubt they'll be part of a rival production. Like some have said, I think the competition is gonna come from within. In 765's case, they were so small that a bigger company throwing their weight around was a huge roadblock, but 346 is big enough (and Mika has mentioned different branches), so I'm guessing our antagonist this next cour is gonna be another 346 producer.

I'm very much inclined to agree with you. Indeed it's likely Karen and Nao will get assigned under the "evil stepmother" for more drama.
Also if the rival producer also has a dozen idols under her care, having them shift under the CG Producer if she's abusive to them, would help explain how he gets his roster to grow into insane size.

We also still don't know who the Producer for "established idols" like Koume and Syoko work under. Some could be hers.

Other iM@S games / Re: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
« on: April 12, 2015, 10:03:47 pm »
A small part of me wishes that idols who've won the annual Cinderella Girl title, shouldn't be eligible. I know it's unlikely -- but there's still a possibility that an idol could win the election twice. Which is cool I suppose... but I'd rather not see that happen, just because I want someone different each year. Plus the votes used for Airi/Ranko/Rin would go elsewhere.

That all aside... I've been pumping my support for Nono. Not because she's my favorite idol, but because she's my favorite unvoiced idol. IMHO we fans need to manipulate these elections for more drama CD's and image songs.

Overall, that was a really REALLY good first cour I'm excited for the second! There's even a bit of foreshadowing with a possible female antagonist from a rival production. Also, NAO AND KAREN.

Agreed. This episode was incredibly good and makes an excellent setup for the second arc. I really enjoyed how it tied up several earlier plot strings (like Ranko learning team coordination), while opening several new ones (like Triad Primus).

Also... the Producer got serious respect from his idols. I liked that. He's been fighting hard for them to be successful, and after all the missteps and misunderstandings, it seems they all realize this. Go Producer! Fight for everlasting idolmastering!

The mysterious woman foreshadowing was interesting. I'm wondering how she will be presented. She doesn't have to be from a rival production: she could be a rival producer within 346 Production. Just because you work for the same company, doesn't mean you don't have competition from within. If the woman is from a rival corporation though... how might that go, I wonder? 346 Production has been shown as an incredibly massive conglomerate. It pretty much dominates everything media entertainment related (outside of 765 Pro). Another economic juggernaut throwing it's weight around, could have unique situations.

On the other hand, her involvement could just be someone who knows or has worked with the Producer. A past associate as it were. She might be less a threat to the idols, and more of an opportunity to reveal more about why the Producer has become the man he currently is.

Just dawned on me... with all the Cinderella imagery in this series... that woman is probably the Evil Stepmother that's so integral to the original story.

***EDIT 2***
Called Mishiro 345 instead of 346.

Characters / Re: Pairing images
« on: April 03, 2015, 10:04:54 pm »
In tonnage warfare, Takane + Azusa are no match for Takumi + Shizuku!

Victory through superior firepower!  :P

Characters / Re: Haruka Amami - Main heroine
« on: April 03, 2015, 09:54:41 pm »
Happy Birthday to our familiar pair of ribbons!

Her eyes in that first picture, look like she's gone yandere.  :P

Those are Cinderella Girls songs as well...

lol... you know, I just realized you're right... it's a CG song. For some reason I thought it was a 765 song. The tune it uses reminds me of something they sang. I'll have to break out my song collection and see if I can find it.

I loved Episode 12. I wasn't a fan of Minami before, but now she's worming her way into my heart.

Also the Minami x Anya ship is going full steam ahead.  ;)

You know things are bad when Kirari isn't in happy-happy genki mode. Minami really showed her stuff by finding a fix.

Really enjoyed the plot detail that Ranko being a solo idol, would have some impact on her ability to work in a group.

Also cheered when the montage had 346 Pro singing 765 Pro songs.  8)

On a side note: I hope we get a Producer episode in the future. Would really like to know what makes the man tick the way he does.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: 1111 Production revealed!
« on: April 01, 2015, 03:45:00 pm »
So would 1111Pro have a new building or would 765 just join 346pro's already large office?

They combine their financial mights and literally have the buildings join together in a smorgasbord of idol agency buildings. It might cost a lot to attempt, but they'll find a way.

Considering the undersized office space that 346 Pro already runs out of, all 765 Pro would have to do is give the 346 members an executive suite in the 765 building. It would have twice the floor space their currently used to and be happy.  :P


The teaser for the light novel, turned anime, Overlord. Sorta like Log Horizon, except the lead characters are evil and seeking world conquest.
You're rooting for the badguy in this series!  8)

General chatter / 2015 Miss Japan
« on: March 28, 2015, 12:12:04 am »
You guys and gals see the news about the 2015 Miss Japan? Her name is Ariana Miyamoto... and she has African American blood in her:

The whole situation is REALLY shaking up things in Japan. Her African heritage is most certainly a sticking point... not something Japan really likes getting into. Take a look at iM@S CG for example. Not a single idol of African descent. Though there are "brown girls" in the line up, none are hinted to be from an African nation or heritage. Perhaps the waves Ariana is making, will let us see one show up in the near future.

Can't imagine why we haven't gotten a hottie like Ayukawa Miyuki in iM@S yet.  8)

And since the unit is called Asterisk, we can officially confirm that:

New generations

While spelling Cinderella is interesting, I sorta think they missed a MAJOR chance with naming the Miku + Riina unit as something like Rokcat Ship:P

That aside... the episode was really fun to watch.

Wished they showed Syoko snap in that scene Miku and Riina were arguing during breakfast. Was a perfect opportunity!

Also... not enough Chihiro Senkawa. Never enough Chihiro Senkawa.

On a more serious note...

Are both of Miku's parents still alive/living together? That phone call Riina had with her mother, and then the quick scene of that photo with a child Miku wearing cat ears with her parents, is really foreboding. It would really explain Miku's obsession with cat ears, if that's one of the last memories she has of a parent or both parents.

Now that I've spent a few days listening to the drama track on the Rozenburg Engel, I've noticed a few things.

#1: It's easy to get Ranko off her "groove" when someone changes the subject on her. She's not like Nana -- she won't completely derail her train into oblivion -- but she does require a few moments to gather her wits and get back into her fantasy character.

#2: Ranko being roommates with Koume wasn't coincidence. Nor her being the partner on her drama track. I'm thinking the Producer associated that Ranko was a horror idol because of Koume. She wears goth loli fashion and has a fascination with the darkness -- only of a different style -- so the Producer incorrectly assumed they were the same and be compatible (using the logic that the Producer was aware of Koume's gimmick before recruiting Ranko).

#3: Ranko doesn't have any idea what many of the various non-Japanese words she uses actually means. Rosenburg's connection to being Bara for example.. They just sound cool to her. The anime did hint on this though, seeing how Ranko didn't know Engel was Tenshi despite it's close spelling/pronunciation to Angel. However she didn't know what the ENTIRE title was... not just that one word.

#4: Koume seriously terrifies the hell out of Ranko in general. :D

#5: The liner notes have the full drama track's transcript in text print, so everyone can have the Ranko-speak translation for themselves. I think this is the only iM@S drama track to ever get a full transcript in the booklet.

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