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And that was the end!  (Late, I know, but I was away from a computer while elsewhere.  Happy New Year everyone!)

Wondered when the hell they were going to use that animation from the first opening.  I mean, they took the time to animate it, so I was expecting them to chuck it into a concert scene somewhere.

That was ... a bit short.  Although I'm sure it was as long as the other episodes, it felt short, maybe with all the concert stuff.
I think episode 13 would have made a better ending for the series (but then we wouldn't have gotten 14 to 25 after [especially Ep 20])

Something will be announced in January you say?  It'd better be either:
a) iM@S will be subtitled/will not be region locked
b) iM@S 3 (or Dearly Stars 2, or some new game)
c) iM@S anime season 2
or d) iM@S characters appearing as DLC for some other game that goes out worldwide (at least.  There were fighter plane paint skins in Ace Combat 6 for iM@S 1, so ... anything for iM@S 2?)

Other iM@S games / Re: iDOLM@STER in the new generation
« on: December 17, 2011, 07:41:03 am »
Looks like they did eventually go to the PS3.

As to other new generation consoles/hardware, or future titles, I don't care what it's on.
As long as it's not region locked.

Hey all, I'm new!  Actually, I've been looking at these anime threads (while waiting for the subs) so that I could try to understand what happened before the subs came out (cause if an episode's out, screw subs, MUST WATCH immediately)

But when watching it without (and understanding very little of what was being said), it was striking in everyone's demeanor.  I kept thinking how Haruka's like the smile of 765Pro and now that she wasn't, the entire company wasn't.

Then the meeting with the little versions of everyone.  Along with Haruka taking one of them.  Who then morphs into Haruka back in Episode 13.
Too many sweets Haruka?

... And the last episode is next week?  Already?
Renew, hurry!

Too bad the anime's like over.
They could have a scene with Kuroi trying to get back at them and then 765 productions saving Jupiter.

765Pro saving Jupiter?  I think we just found out one of the plot points for The iDOLM@STER 3?  XD

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