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General chatter / Re: #Kony2012
« on: March 08, 2012, 09:07:56 pm »
Well, I did read up and watched the video myself (if I hadn't, then I wouldn't have bothered). The bandwagon I mentioned was spreading this message anyway I can. My defense is that if something's really really important, I share it because...yeah. The gravity of this in my scale is just really high and I feel like I have to say it. (Believe it or not, I took  two hours trying to sink this in) If I am such a bandwagon person, then I would've posted about Whitney Houston's death or recently the "New" new iPad, or whatever's trending on Twitter/people posted on their Facebook.

Whoa, Roninator - didn't mean for what I posted as a personal attack man ... I just wanted everyone to chill out and think about it before going into the whole thing.
My apologies if you took it in that way, (I can see how you could, forgive me for the wording), but let me assure you that that was not my intent.

Anyways - read a whole bunch, idk if I could read all of it, but here's what I see:

There's one group pushing this cause with this Kony 2012 campaign.
Then the other bandwagon is made up with people against that campaign.

Essentially, both agree that Kony is a problem - but I think they disagree on how action should be taken.
My two worries are this - a) that after all this hype around Kony - once Kony is dealt with, people will stop caring about the real problem (child soldiers) because everyone will just pat themselves on the back, then go back to their lives - like ... every other natural disaster that's happened - Earthquakes, we just throw money at it, and then after the news focuses on the happy rebuilding headlines, people stop caring.
b) this charity thing ... I must admit, for spreading the word, the video went viral, so it did its purpose.  But ... "BUY OUR ACTION KIT" ... I don't know about you, but there was a time when fighting for a cause didn't mean spam advertising about the cause ... I'm a bit uneasy at that prospect.  (I've glanced over the big hubbub over the Charity's Finances - but I don't think I'm qualified to comment on those numbers - cause they keep changing in every damn webpage ...)

idk if my opinion's right or wrong.  But I want to see how this plays out over ... a week, two weeks - when people will hopefully have calmed down a bit, and not get swept up in the hype around it  :-\

Characters / Re: Eri Mizutani - Former net idol/hikikomori
« on: March 08, 2012, 07:10:42 am »
Happy Birthday Eri - I'm sure she'll read this cause we're on the internet ;P

General chatter / Re: #Kony2012
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:59:45 am »
I'm going to temper that a bit.  I don't particularly have an opinion on this whole "Kony 2012" campagin, because I don't think I've read enough on this.

But what I will say, is that instead of just jumping on bandwagons, we need to take a deep breath, step back, and read up.  Inform yourself.  The hype is there, but that doesn't mean you have to follow blindly like sheep or lemmings.

General chatter / Re: I have no idea where else to put this
« on: March 05, 2012, 10:30:41 pm »
Elicit, not illicit. Compulsive, sorry.

AUGH FUUUUUU (I'm normally good at catching myself on grammar and spelling errors ... *headdesks)
Thanks for pointing that out GangXia -.-;;

No no, that's being Out of Character (OoC). What i mean by 'breaking character' is getting out of 'being' the character and speaking as the 'you' (like The Rock speaking as Dwayne Johnson, if you catch my drift). Chihaya steadfastly refuses to break character, and will even scold other RPer who does so without proper reason. The player takes it too hard sometimes.

In OoC-ness, the idol rather varies. I wouldn't say that the current Iori is very OoC (seen one before the present one), because her public face is the deredere that we can see in the anime (and carries to the RP scene). Perhaps in time she will be rougher? Other RPers don't quite have the staying power/posting output of Chihaya, Yayoi, Haruka, and Miki so there's less posts to judge their OoCness from.

Ah ... I see.  Sorry, I seem to link "breaking character" to being "out of character" :P
There an RP terms to English dictionary I can borrow?  ;D

Just think of it as your personal mini blog. And like most people if not all the time, a public diary.

I'd probably tweet like ... once or twice a year - ... I'm bad with updating stuff  :-\

Just drop in and chat with them. They usually don't bite and are very often nice. Also, if you talk to them more, they'll open up to you and be more casual around you. That's reflected by Chihaya's rankism (at least that's what P says).

Though if you're desperate, your best bet has to be Miki and Yayoi. They'll usually be cool about it.

Haha, I'll keep that in mind if I do decide to jump into twitter.

Well, GangXia beat me to the punch. Saying what he didn't say, who do you want to manage them, the actual fictional character? Their seiyuu who barely knows English? Or the company we Westerners constantly bash as we call them scammers? Yeah, I have to say this is a better alternative.

I don't bash Namco Bandai as scammers (maybe I missed that bit of news), but I will bash Namco Bandai as "idiots who don't want to make money" (by not bringing iM@S here)

General chatter / Re: THE iDOLM@STER and your family
« on: March 05, 2012, 01:20:22 am »
Thinking about it yesterday, and of course with the earlier posts, it gave me the idea of another editorial, which you probably already noticed already. But here is a shoutout:

So yeah, I don't think there is anything wrong with myself playing Idolmaster even though it's perceived as a girly game. For that matter, I stopped caring about what people thinks because I saw so many anime with cute girls that it's not funny... I prefer it to the number of war-mongling shooting games out there (although, Portal was great and all, which is the only real exception). The matter is, just be yourself and don't take other people's criticisms too seriously.

Didn't see you move this post back in here!  I wanted that to happen which is why I commented to that effect.
But yeah ... as of now, western gaming ... all the violent games.  While I see the appeal of mindless and senseless death and destruction ... I'm not attuned for all that :/

General chatter / Re: I have no idea where else to put this
« on: March 05, 2012, 01:00:55 am »
I'm AzuReverie, and my account is protected for personal reasons. I know,  it kinda breaks some unwritten rules, but oh well. My stuff isn't all too interesting, all you gotta know is I am Mio's producer.

Boo.   :'(
You're in on the interesting conversations though - or at least you illicit some interesting responses from the RP idols

It's Chihaya's rule mainly. For what i can gather she's the first one, and refuses to break kayfabe at all times. Other idols do break character once in a while.

Yeah, i also keep tabs of things down there ;)

I would've voted Iori as person who breaks character most - since she seems quite civil on twitter - no angry moments from our dear little tsundere (well, I guess she was trying to sound angry when Hokuto kept calling her Princess, but that came out as just flustered)

Azusa's ... kinda in character I suppose.  She hasn't tweeted since she joined and said hi to everyone else (I'm guessing she's gotten lost again and can't find her computer.  :P)

You mean they're not real?  :-[

I think Miki's "profile" or "introduction statement" is the only one that reads [RP] explicitly.
But yeah :-[

...  Newsflash?  . _ _  . . . .  . _  _     _  . . . .  .     . . _ . ***********In recent developments ... Producer ... err ... Intern - has a thing for Touma.!/MioHonda765/status/176441850826207232!/MioHonda765/status/176442595852042242

... *facepalms  (Again ... first the genderbends ... now the shipping ... just ... why?)

Community works / Re: Idolmaster 2 Let's Play
« on: March 05, 2012, 12:30:55 am »
Tentative Unit Members: Miki (Leader), Chihaya, Yukiho

May I suggest Chihaya take over leadership duties from Miki?   ;D
jk, it's your Let's Play, so do what you wish!  I wish you luck and fun times in your Let's Play!

General chatter / Re: Your current mood.
« on: March 04, 2012, 03:59:28 am »
Current mood:  iffy.  Days seem to be hit and miss.
Just giving more support to the idea of life as a rollercoaster ride ... guess I'm stuck in a corkscrew :-\

If you actually researched into everything about  Revengeance, then you'd know that it's supposed to be different. And that originally it was meant to be a hack and slash anyways, and that Kojima wasn't even going to work on the project, but now he is.

But MGS5 is what I'm really looking forward to finding out more of.

I know it's different.  Doesn't mean I have to like it :P
Agreed - waiting on details on MGS 5

General chatter / Re: I have no idea where else to put this
« on: March 04, 2012, 02:29:56 am »
What? No Jupiter love? (I say this yet I could go rabid fanboy against them at any moment)!/1Shot1KillTouma!/NorthStarPrince

Ah, whoops - didn't see them there.
So we're missing Ami, Mami, Ritsuko, 876 Pro, Shouta, and the 765/876/960 Pro staff (Takagi, Okamoto, Kuroi)

... Can someone enlighten me to who AzuReverie is?  (Other than what their twitter profile says)  All their tweets are protected.

And the Cinderella girls are making appearances!/MioHonda765!/ShibuyaRin765
(all I could find ... for now.)

And ... remember that time I wondered why there was an Intern?  That's the Producer - after being hit with the "idol ray"  (what is with all the genderbends ... just ... why?)

I told my friends I was never making a Twitter account... but this might make me change my mind  ;D
My thoughts exactly....only I've no idea how to set up a twitter account haha. I'll figure it out.

So tempted.  No idea what I'd ever tweet though.

Hehee, just noticed - it was top 5 - and .. I just went ahead and wrote 6 ... so bite me  :P
(Just kidding, no biting.  Well, no teeth.)

But to add to the … six I’ve already put up … here are another 5 … again, no particular order
Hope that’s alright

Zhao Yun/Yukimura Sanada, DW/SW/ …Warriors series, Koei, 1997 –
If you’ve seen a Koei game – it goes without saying that some of the movesets are awesome – especially cause you plow through lots of enemies with devastating attacks, even supercharged musou attacks.  And if you’re going to have a character enter in for a cameo appearance, it makes sense to include one of the “poster boys”

Any character (I’m sure someone actually has an idea, cause I don’t know), Super Robot Wars series, Banpresto, no idea
I … absolutely don’t know anything about this.  I’ve heard that it’s like an over the top version of Fire Emblem – so a Turn based strategy, but with ridiculous amounts of health and highly damaging attacks.
Sounds okay?  I really don’t know.

A character (Again, people before me have recommended it, so they would have better suggestions on which character), Tales series, Namco, 1995 –
Again, I hear nothing but good things about this series – but can’t figure out how to play it :(
On an unrelated note – according to the Wikipedia on the latest, Tales of Xillia, “A localization was further hinted at by Tales Series producer Makoto Yoshizumi, who said that a localization was possible if fan demand was strong enough”.
Where’s my iM@S localization Namco Bandai?  Don’t dub though – just sub, and I’ll be a happy panda … person … (why is that an expression?)

Ameratsu, Okami, Capcom, 2006
It’s an interesting game … alright, you caught me, I haven’t played many games on this add–on list of five.  Only problem I see with Ameratsu is that she’s been in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 already.
Though … could that open the door for a full crossover?  It’d be weird, but I guess it could happen … Marvel DC Capcom Street Fighter Soul Tekken Smash Bros anyone?

Sgt. Cortez, Timesplitters series, Free Radical, 2000 –
After Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark, Rare was bought by Microsoft – however, some employees left and formed up … you guessed it, Free Radical.  Timesplitters is an interesting little shooter series, and … well, I’m just including this to push Free Radical – well … now Crytek – to hurry up with Timesplitters 4.

(… okay, fine I lied – kinda.  Those are the 5, but here’s an honourable mention/random suggestion)
Hello Kitty
Well .. why not?  XD

Ah, Peace's nice on its own right, but yeah, it doesn't feel MGS. Maybe it's because you're not alone and have stuff that can be made or sent to you.

You know what doesn't feel like MGS?  That new "Revengeance" ... whatever the heck that's supposed to be.
So ... they traded in stealth for a slash 'em up?  Is this supposed to make us like Raiden as a badass?

Been trying my hand at RTS - like Ruse, but ... that game's too easy (USA - Long Tom all of the things)
No idea what I'll play now - already stopped :P

Characters / Re: Yukiho Hagiwara - Afraid of most small creatures
« on: March 02, 2012, 08:36:03 pm »
Cael wants this to happen to Azusa and Haruka. Old news, but I felt like saying it again.

Well, we've seen Azusa with long hair ... (btw, was there a poll that compared the two?  Which style won?  If there wasn't one, well, I know what's going to be on Azusa's character topic soon.)

Never pictured Haruka in long hair before ... could be interesting.  idk

I personally prefer Yukiho with her short hair then her long hair. But that's just me.
Eh, somewhat.  I preferred Azusa with long hair, but maybe it's just watching her too much with short hair that it's grown on me.  Asuza's okay ... but in the question of long hair or short, I'm going to have to go long, cause I'm more used to it.  Ditto with Yukiho and short hair, but I could find Yukiho with long hair acceptable.

General chatter / Re: I have no idea where else to put this
« on: February 29, 2012, 11:34:38 pm »
Not only that - ... Here's Kotori!/OtonashiKotori
An intern?!/Intern_765

And Producer-san got shot with the "idol ray" and is now a girl.

I can't follow this stuff fast enough - ... maybe I should get twitter just for this :/

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: iM@S nendoroid puchi
« on: February 29, 2012, 11:14:32 pm »
Although I have this feeling that perhaps 876 or Jupiter will get puchis as well. Seeing as Project Fairy recieved puchis.

Haha, imagine if the secret character was a simple black block - styled to be like either Takagi or Kuroi

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