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Welcome Center / Hello!~
« on: April 13, 2011, 06:29:33 am »
Hello! I've been a fan of Idolm@ster for years now, and have visited this site a lot, but for some reason never thought to join until now.

My name's Michi. (Or at least, my nickname is!) I'm 25, from San Francisco. I love video games, reading, studying Japanese, cosplaying, and singing. I cosplay Haruka and have made four of her outfits so far, with uh, three currently in progress! It's because of my cosplay group, Angel Hearts. We've been performing IM@S songs at conventions since 2007!

I studied abroad in Japan for year starting in fall 2007, and got to play the IDOLM@STER arcade game then. :) A year after I got back I imported the PSP game when it came out (Perfect Sun, that is), and have played a bit of the 360 version(s) thanks to our group leader, Kie, importing it.

I picked Haruka to cosplay off one of the first Xbox 360 IM@S images in late 2006 for the group we were forming. But when I actually started getting into the games, I realized she was perfect for me. She's still my favorite character four years later! :)

I've been playing video games all my life. I play everything from RPGs to fighting games to shooters to action games. I have all the current systems! Lately I've also been really into reading, which eats into my video game time... How awful. :p

And... I guess that's about it for now. Whee!

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