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THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: October 07, 2016, 08:52:17 am »
If you are looking for those free p-drops, then you get them as a separate DLC from JP playstation store.

That's the thing, I went on to where you can see and buy the DLC, but when I got through the catalog it doesn't show them. ;A;

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: October 07, 2016, 04:57:21 am »
For the new catalog, the one that has Kyun! Vampire Girl, where do I get the P-Drops? I checked on the PSN and in the store tab in-game, and I can't find them anywhere, and I haven't gotten them yet. ;A;

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: August 17, 2016, 01:42:40 am »
So how many presents can we get exactly if we did P drops at about 10? Is there only a limit of amount of presents, like if you used 20 P drops you get 20 presents?

Does anyone know a suepr fast way to get fans? Want to get Makoto, Chihaya, and Hibiki (My highest players at B Rank) to A Rank, but it's taking so long to grind.

Is there any faster way or is it just grind fest for a few weeks?

Thanks! Does anyone also know what the valentines chocolates do?

no, in the event selection screen there is a tab called DL, you need to access it there.

Ooh. Yeah I went to that and there was a D Rank live I think? I beat that but I didn't get anything. Am I supposed to get a certain score? Or just keep grinding?

Do you have the Vol. 1 Catalog downloaded? If not, try downloading it and then see if you can access the DL Lives.

I mean I think I can acess it? The DL Live button appears when I go onto the menu, and I can click on it, but it just shows the poster with the stuff that you can get. Is there something I have to do on that screen?

I miss story. Granted I can't read any japanese to save my life, but in Im@s 2 and OFA, I KNEW there was some sort of story. Here it's just kind of like a grind fest and just keep...going? I know that the whole thing has had a "reboot" and none of the IM@S girls are famous anymore from th eprevious games/movie and what not, but it seems odd to me that they go to a training camp to become idols, and then a few weeks later they are performing in a sold out arena?  :o

Also, I REALLY miss rivals. IM@S 2 had Jupiter, who I loathed in the beginning because they were being mean to my IM@S girls, but that gave me a purpose to rank them all up and give it my all!

Now? I don't really have any motivation other then, "let's see how far I can go...?"

The outfits are a problem too. I like them and the designs are interesting, but they are just copy and paste really.

As well, there are some things that don't really make sense story wise since this game is a "New Main storyline game". For instance, if this game is a new storyline and a reboot of some sort, how come Risuko isn't still aiming to be a Producer? ((Or am I not noticing cause I can't understand Japanese? XP))

As well, how come Nanairo Button is a song even though Ryuuugu Komachi isn't a thing or has never existed in this world?! The song shouldn't exist!

I don't know. I like the game's graphics and what not, but story or plot wise, there's nothing. I miss rival concerts and having to fight against other idols in concerts and lives to win; it always gave me a rush!

Now there's...nothing.

Looks pretty though.  :-\

Probably a question that's already been answered ((sorry btw)), but how to you get the DL Lives to start? I'm only around level 20 something and I have Makoto and Chihaya at B Rank, as well as a few C and D rank people. Do you have to be A Rank?

As far as I know the only way to buy outfits is to exchange the gold, silver, and bronze tickets you randomly get rewarded after lives and out of presents. It costs a bit of money too. On that note does anyone know exactly what the third option in the shop offers? The one with all the button icons.

I have a bronze ticket and a gold ticket and I haven't been able to use them yet (the shop won't let me choose them). Any reason why? Not high enough level? Not far into the story?

OfA video requests / Re: One for All General Request Thread
« on: August 07, 2015, 07:45:38 am »
Could I have this request please?

Kimi*Channel (St-02)
(1 Makoto EXT-20 Hd-017 Bd-004)
(2 Chihaya EXT-20 Hd-017 Bd-004)
(3 Takane EXT-20 Hd-017 Bd-004)

I wish I could go to an IM@S concert  :'(

*stuck in America* 

« on: June 25, 2015, 10:30:57 am »
I can only dream Jupiter comes back. Wouldn't it be cool if they could come back as DLC with a new song? Maybe the song they sang in their recent SideM CD!  :'(

« on: June 24, 2015, 06:48:21 am »
Disappointed in you Namco, I was expecting something different. *Shakes head with frown*

I was really hoping for something new this catalogue, like a new outfit or a new song, or even maybe, just maybe, the 765 girls would get to sing Onegai! Cinderella, considering, you know, THEY GOT TO SING THANK YOU FROM ML.

Why let them sing that title song that's for the ML girls and not Onegai! Cinderella? Is it because the 765 girls are more apart of ML mobile game then in Cinderella Girls lately?

I'm just hoping for some really old songs to come back, mostly Ohayou Asagohan, cause that song is just fun! :3

Or hopefully a new CG girl.

((Yet still hoping for Mizuki Makabe from ML. I can only dream...))

« on: March 16, 2015, 02:20:10 am »
If we can still dimly hope for anymore ML girls, I still definitely want Mizuki Makabe in S4U so bad.

But if Cinderella Girls keep coming, I really want to see my adorable Miria-chan!

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