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Sorry, but did you even read my initial post?
It is explicitly listed which songs I own.
4 out of the 6 songs are DLC which I DO NOT OWN
So either you change your requests and check what I have before requesting next time or I have to blacklist you from doing requests.

I was kind to the other 2 because I didn't have the standard songs listed back then but now I have and I will ignore every request from now on which uses things I don't own!
I do this for free, I have to buy the DLC for myself with money that I have to save for a few months so I can even get a 5000yen card

Sorry if this is rude but I don't like it when people can't follow simple rules which are IN THE INITIAL POST

God I'm sorry I've just checked now and I thought that the song I requested weren't DLC-only, I don't own any console game so I pretty much don't know anything about DLCs, please don't post anything of what I requested since I don't deserve it.

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