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Guys, after finally getting all the trophies, these are things that I got trought the gameplay (might not add value, but wanted to share):
-The difference between PRO and MASTER Difficulty is not to much, for me at the moment is about 3000-5000 higher than PRO
-You can also play all the game in PRO difficulty, if you stress  restarting many times in master, but the results will depend basicaly much on your idols status and skills (If you want, you can use lessons for specifics lives, but believe me, just if you want to reach some scores asap)
-Kotori can give you a valentine chocolate, i did not saw the effect to be honest, but it related to the live (might be higher rewards?, it was a yellow bird colored box)
-The merry xmas gift gives the same effect of the chocolates from valentine, but this time, for all the idols.
-The live Odissey, that appears in the special tab, and is indicated on the schedule (a solo live), will raise a lot the guage of the hearts (omoide level).
-You can get the tittle Idol Ultimate (correct me if wrong with the naming) with Shika, so you feel you are producing her more, if you have level up her enough and max rank of burst and omoide. Last even is about 84k score, I could get it with a Shika level 47, and max b and max o. (on pro difficulty). Do not forget to use the dress of the week´s trend, song wont be available for Shika, even if is it ToP!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
-If you use Shika, as if you use other idol, your others non used characters will get recover a bit for the next week.
-The idols specifics S rank lives, appears to me depending on which ones i have completed (for example, i ex cleared Haruka READY live, and changed character to Chihaya and her AOI TORI live appeared, after ex clear that one, a Miki Quintet live appeared (JIBUN REST@RT), after that Iori, Azusa, Ami, and then Takane (CHANGE), after that Hibiki, and then i stopped playing to get the six titles, even though Hibikis live is still appearing if I choose her as a leader.
-As a recommendation, if you want to enjoy the game way more, get all the idols to rank A before getting the first to rank S, so you can feel you re taking more fun before seeing an ending.

Things that changed since the update:
-KOSMOS, COSMOS on debut and BRAND NEW DAY on regular, will not give huge score any longer (i just use it once to try it, it was so impressive when i get 2900 points from one double appeal after the burst, but not used it again, that was cheating).
-Xmas "dinner" does not happen anymore in the morning, but now at night (a huge turkey for breaktfast does not sound so good) / can somebody confirm this?
-The bug with the white cosmic dress does not happen anymore, the dress turns on normally.
-Sometimes the blank background between waiting times does not comes smooth always (only in the animations where you can press the option button to skip the scene)
-Other bugs i saw they were fixed but are too small to talk about them.

Guys, I have a question, how do you get the black version of the dres that you see on the trailer, the new dress that is used for ToP!!!!!!!!!!!.

Thanks, if i come with new things i will post it.

Thanks for your tips!!

The black version of the dress is the special bonus that comes in the Stella Stage Box.

Just to save a bit of trouble (and to clarify for various reasons) here's answers for you:

The Platinum Stars Costume and Song DLC that was available for purchase will directly transfer over - you do not need to own Platinum Stars to buy the DLC, but it is paid DLC only that carries over - no preorder or promotional materials from Platinum stars will transfer over, neither will the mail boost DLC (as there is a set there for use)

Stella Stage is an infinite time game - apart from achievements (which require you to earn the six major titles) you are not time pressured, but the 48 week year (12*4) will have different events available depending on when in the year you are.

Any songs that aren't in PS or SS will most likely be released as Stella Stage DLC.

Thank you so much but the question that i want to do (sorry if i do it in a bad form) is

Which of the songs (Like Kiramekirai or Ippai Ippai) That appear in PS (In-game) appears in SS (Not DLC).

And again, thank you so much for take your time for answer my questions

That's fan letter, maybe it boost the fan increament after live.1. You don't need PS for DLC. Catalog DLC may be needed.
2. All content in PS is available in SS except for few useless one.
3. No.

Dark what are the songs that doesn´t exist in SS of PS?

And how many years you can play in the game (In The IM@S 2 you only can play 1 year)

Hi guys!
I'm new in the forum (and my english can be so bad)
Anyone knows the name of the Hell Training Song?

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