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I think the way that works is if you have a quintet group performing the first song. The game has to select a song that has a quintet option, and it stays even if you switch to trio/duo/solo. Good for grinding songs though.

2) I began using Master songs, and it seems pretty difficult to perfect combo.  I perfect combo Pro songs pretty easily.  How important is it to mastering Master songs? 

It depends on if you're getting really close to the score threshold and are missing by say a couple thousand points. The thing about difficulty is that it affects the amount of notes a song has. I think the thread on scoring mechanics and strategies has more information, but I know when you get a 10 chain, you get an extra 50 points added to your score. the extra points increase by 25 for every rank the song you're playing reaches. It goes up to 275, but there's a leg accessory that adds an additional 50 or 100 points to it. Take the song "Go My Way!" for example. On debut, it has 94 notes, which means at most you can get (9*375) points if you have it at rank 10. If you were to play it on master, you would potentially have the chance of getting (27*375) points instead. The game does some sort of wacky thing that balances the amount of points you get for normal notes to compensate for the lack of notes. I would get around 90 points for a regular note on master, but I would get around 360 per note on debut.

I think after a certain point (namely if you have 5-8 hearts and a high Omoide stat,) duo/trio drives will actually be more beneficial than the chain bonus accessory. That's super way later into the game though.

The way I do it is I memorize the ones that have less on the screen, since they usually ask for the ones that don't have a lot.

If they do ask for the one with a lot, just pick the ones you didn't memorize.

Does anyone know a suepr fast way to get fans? Want to get Makoto, Chihaya, and Hibiki (My highest players at B Rank) to A Rank, but it's taking so long to grind.

Is there any faster way or is it just grind fest for a few weeks?

If you haven't ranked up the other idols, you might as well rank them up while having Makoto/Chihaya/Hibiki round out the trio. It'll help remove hassle in the long run. If you have enough money, go and try to grind the fan minigame with the dice. I'd recommend having 5 hearts and using the DL Live outfit before doing so to make it less stressful. Try to stack up on fan bonuses through outfits/accessories.

Are there any decent level grinding methods yet? I feel like I'm just playing this game somewhat aimlessly at this point.

Try the cosmetic minigame while using an outfit that gives an exp bonus. Hearts don't matter for that minigame, and a perfect on level 3 gives you around 30k each time.

Btw: is there an A rank quintet event? I have cleared all A rank events i have (not ex cleared though) and none of them is a quintet.

Nope. I have them all EX cleared, and there's only one full page of events.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring mechanics and strategies
« on: August 15, 2016, 11:02:01 am »
Gonna be a long while until I get "My Song" and "Kimi Channel." I don't have the DLC, so it's not in here.

SongDebut    Regular   Pro      Master
The live kakumei de show!129168249300
Jibun Rest@rt121157246301
99 nights82125209267
The Idolm@ster130157253317
my song??159270
Go my way!94135217277
Kimi channel??217251
Vault that Borderline!99144200249
Nanioro Button90111150211
Ippai ippai105140205256
Honey heartbeat99130157259
Watashi wa Idol114155249264
Kirakira ippai way medley138182256372
The Happy Live medley159207285358

To perform trio omoide appeals you need an accessory with the drive trio skill (usually legs). I'm not sure if you ALSO need drive duo, but i'd assume so.

Can confirm that you need duo to get trio to work. I tried a live without duo and I just kept getting solo appeals over and over.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: August 10, 2016, 01:33:23 pm »
If it's true that the DL Lives don't have a time limit, then would that mean that those late to the party still have a chance of getting the outfits at least? Those are the ones that are rewarded from the EX Clear, but accessories might be missed forever if they're pulled from the drop pool.

We'll see in a week I guess.

Probably a question that's already been answered ((sorry btw)), but how to you get the DL Lives to start? I'm only around level 20 something and I have Makoto and Chihaya at B Rank, as well as a few C and D rank people. Do you have to be A Rank?

Do you have the Vol. 1 Catalog downloaded? If not, try downloading it and then see if you can access the DL Lives.

Some miscellaneous things that might be helpful:

-You can use outfits that give more memory appeals to give you an edge in the money/fan making minigames, since they give you an extra die. This works even if the leader isn't the correct rank for the outfit. Just remember to change it when you do a Live. On that note, accessories that give fan/money/exp bonuses also apply to the minigames.

-You can hold the d-pad while pressing notes that do not require the d-pad input. This is good for songs that like to have alternating d-pad notes or a bunch of them together with non d-pad input notes.

-You can sorta cheese the makeup minigame by pressing the home button to suspend the game temporarily. Take a picture of the makeup icons before they flip over, and have it on the side when you resume the game.

Welcome Center / What Up
« on: August 08, 2016, 05:56:27 am »
Hey everyone, I'm Aaron. I'm 23 years old and from Florida. I'm pretty much the average person who likes games and anime.

I came across the site by looking up the origin of "Danketsu" that was featured in Beautiful Katamari for the 360. I ended up looking more into im@s, though I was late to the train when it came to 2 and OFA. I was able to get PS on release, so I wanna be able to contribute information as I play.

My favorite idol is Makoto, and right now I'm just grinding out the DL Lives for the drops. I'm hoping for a chill experience here, and lots of discovering to happen with PS.

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