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Oh wow, thank you very much! I assumed that left/right thing was a left and right speaker. Better study up some more on my Japanese.

ok, there is an option to change the balance between music and sound effects, with this you can turn off the sound effects completely. But it also turns off every single other sound effect in the game (the only thing i didn't check is the MC part during lives).

Incidentally i unlocked a no-sound drum sound 30 minutes ago with a producer rank of "super producer". I don't think every achievement is worth the same towards producer rank, but to give you an idea: i had 63 of the 99 achievements at that point.

I don't know if it's always like this in TnT games or if it's a pun, but the no-sound drum sound is called 音なし, which means "with no sound" and is read as "otonashi". If anyone is looking for it in the shop, it has this kanji as sound "picture": 無

Thanks for that where can you find the music and sound effects balance?  Also where can I even find how to change my drum sound? I go to coordinate and it just lets me change my "outfit"

Weird I just checked myself and didn't see an option to lower drum sounds.  I thought there was something similar to shiny festa where you could lower either just bgm or sound.  I'll try to look some more but I'm at work, that'll have to wait for lunch!

Oh I see, that makes sense.  So they're just cosmetic though? They don't help you earn more fans through the lives or more money through free play or anything?  I know you said you haven't started yet but just if you find out if you wouldn't mind helping me!  Thanks for your speedy response.

THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL / Re: What's the name of your idol group?
« on: December 14, 2015, 03:45:03 pm »
Mine is SVT 88.  I know that seems a little odd, but the SVT is for Strawberry Vanilla Tea since I had a canister near me and thought it'd be a cute name.  The 88 came from thinking just SVT is too plain and the number 88 being a little special to me and a few friends ever since we regularly would marathon UN Squadron sessions, the SNES game based on the excellent manga and anime series Area 88.  I've used the name since I first played the first Idolmaster game in college quite a few years back and I like to stay consistent!

Has anyone figured out how glowsticks work exactly? What's the difference with the top one Ultra Orange that's so cheap? What do I get by having them activated? They aren't running out at least it seems.  Just what do they do?  Yes I registered just to ask this but I'll try to join the community as well!

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