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Other iM@S discussion / Re: The Recent Youtube Purge...
« on: October 31, 2016, 02:01:53 am »
I honestly wouldn't be sure what is safe at this point. As far as YouTube is concerned, I think that's an issue exacerbated by YouTube Red because companies who didn't sign off it would have content removed to begin with. Of course, that's also one part of the issue... content ID and takedowns are less common, but I've seen Columbia do it in the past, and it's clearly an issue even when streaming/recording from the PS4 itself. I've had private YouTube PS streams flagged and blocked as soon as they were done, though I still haven't been hit by strikes since my ONLY MY NOTE video was hit.

It's honestly easier to play it safe, like you mentioned with 765Pro and MEGA. I'm certainly not risking anything in fear of losing my commu videos (which nobody cares about unless it has copyright music in it /shrug), and uploading to a host site is easier to manage. At least, I'm pretty sure they won't retroactively close your account for past uploads. :p

Other iM@S discussion / Re: The Recent Youtube Purge...
« on: October 27, 2016, 06:21:04 am »
It's going to be a Columbia thing. Only they have cared enough to put the claims forward like this, and I still haven't been hit since I got a strike from ONLY MY NOTE a year or so ago. And that's since expired.

I don't know if it helps, but I got rid of any videos with songs for the moment. I feel like they could just retroactively screw me over anyway, but they've already blocked the videos before I deleted them anyway. Wasn't getting much use out of them just sitting there.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: PLATINUM MASTER series CDs
« on: August 31, 2016, 05:04:47 am »
Sorry, if I missed this, but do we know how many albums there will be?

Because Album 01 has Miracle Night sung by Haruka Amami, Makoto Kikuchi, Ami Futami, Mami Futami, and Iori Minase.  Then, you have Album 02 which has Boku-tachi no Resistance sung by  Miki Hoshii, Chihaya Kisaragi, Yayoi Takatsuki, and Hibiki Ganaha.  So, what's left is Azusa, Takane, and Ritsuko for the next song.

So, will there be more albums with songs sung by a different set of 765 pro idols?  Sounds kind of short to stop at Album 03.

Judging by your list, I guess Yukiho will get a solo album? :P

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:15:44 pm »
It's also not so much as the recolor being lazy, but it's reflective of the effort Namco is willing to put in Platinum Stars as a whole. Obviously, this hearkens more to the game being a cash magnet, and as a result it snowballs into a questionable pile of game design. No thanks to P drops, Namco can just keep repping away with repetitive content to roll in revenue and it'll always rub me the wrong way.

You mean as repetitive as iM@S DLC has been? Reusing the same vocals recorded years back even today, offering recolored outfits as DLC alongside newer paid content, and otherwise recycling content when they can? Considering the similarities between 2 and OFA, you're even double-dipping there for songs or outfits to use in a rather derivative game as far as the engine goes. That's not to say that P Drops aren't more cash-grabby or questionable, but being worse doesn't mean PS introduced the idea into the series. I don't like to phrase it that way, but that's how it's been for a while, even if it at least seemed more generous before. Namco makes more money off the DLC one way or another, and they aren't entirely benevolent about it.

I wouldn't be complaining if the base set in game offered any semblance of variety, but as it stands, they leave a lot to be desired and so do these DL live costumes. In past games, the only way to get new costumes was paid DLC (which also included recolors), and yet I never felt the way I do now with the PS base set of costumes.

You can be happy with your free mediocre content all you want, this doesn't mean we have to be. I understand not wanting to see negative posts, but we feel this is legitimate critisicm even if your opinion differs. Why should we be complacent with what appears to be a clear downgrade from previous games and Scamco appearing to offer no real solution other than these cheap recolors and giving them more money?

I can't say I entirely disagree, since I think the first DL Live's outfit set some expectations that haven't been met so far (namely the fact that it was entirely original and introduced a new costume type). As far as that goes, I can see why you'd be disappointed. But if we're speaking about the lack of variety of the base costumes, that's not the fault of the DL Lives on their own. That falls under the other criticism of having such costume similarities in the first place, so while it is a problem, I feel that DL Lives are doing as much as they were advertised to do while being dragged down by other unfortunate issues we've mentioned already. I don't feel obligated to criticize the DL Live offerings beyond what I said about the first DL Live showing because at that point, I would be complaining more about P Drops and the recolors than the event itself.

I don't like seeing this as an issue of criticism validity either. You're free to see it as you want, but that applies to everyone too. And I'm not even trying to defend the issues I think the game has (and honestly, the mentioning of them is probably more redundant than the game itself :P), I just wanted to put my two cents in because I feel like the DL Lives alone aren't really the problem here all things considered.

So based on what you guys posted, seems like the minimum for this event is:

- 4-5 hearts on your leader, preferably max Burst and Omoide and >= Level 50
- Two other members around level 50, with at least 15 Burst and Omoide
- Good accessories, especially ones with Drive Duo/Trio, Combo Ups
- A song at Rank 10

I'm currently in the grind to make it up to this, so I'm hoping for good results.

Some other fruits of wisdom:

- The autosave in this game is pretty good, actually... too good in some cases. If the game closes at the main menu or live selection, you're brought back there. You can even close out during a live and return to that same live. So no cheating by resetting the week. :P

- The 11 free P Drops are available on the PSN store, but I still think they're locked to Japanese accounts since I didn't get anything on my English account. I haven't tested it out on my Japanese account yet though, but don't get your hopes up.

A quick rundown on how DL Lives work. When you boot up the game when it isn't suspended, the DL tab will appear on the live selection screen. From there, you go through a series of four lives, where EX Clears move you to the final live and the event costume (also behind an EX Clear). The first two lives seem kinda confusing since they require the new Trickster type that they only give you AFTER you EX Clear the second live. Those two lives aren't that hard even with the penalty, though, but just be prepared for the last one. Lesser prepared folk like me need to train to meet that 57k EX Clear.

Okay, DL Live is a go. As expected, the P Drops are still region-locked as far as I know, but the actual live is open to all players. There's also a new type, Trickster:


Cruel Namco decides to make the first two lives require it, but EX Clearing the second one give you a C Rank outfit with that type. I'll keep updating as I go further.

Just reposting this again because it's still being updated with slight variations. Though speaking of which, I might as well go through some of the basics on here as I've been theorizing with Setsuna's playthrough as well as my own.

- Ranks. You will probably notice there's ranks on your Burst and Omoide stats per idol as well as stuff like the song ranks, which borrow song condition titles from prior games like Keep or Break. But what do they mean? For the stats, rather than be affected by the idols leveling up (I assume that only affects the Appeal stat), Burst and Omoide go up based on playing songs with them. For instance, let's say Rank 1 to Rank 2 requires 5 songs. You could play one-song lives to get there one at a time, or you can play a three-song live and gain that many too. Song ranks work similarly: more plays add to rank ups, and as Nakiame pointed out, it also adds at least +25 points for each 10 combo chain on said song (assuming again that Rank 1 songs start at a base +50 points for 10 combos) AND boosts points earned on touchpad notes as well. There are also items that can add to these stats in various capacities, usually going +10/+20/+30. Burst has cookies, Omoide has candles, and songs have magazines. The training can also boost the Burst and Omoide ranks and are especially effective post-game, but you're going to need a lot of money.

- As far as individual idols go, there may be some variation in how they level up, particularly with how many plays they need to rank up Burst and Omoide. It's a bit more subtle than past games, so just keep it in mind.

- Memory appeals! Your Omoide stat is straight up how much you get for a basic memory appeal. But then there are skills that allows for multiple idols to appear in memory appeals which also up the points you gain, as seen in the Pastebin. So if your Omoide is 1000, expect 1500 from a duo appeal, 2000 from a trio appeal, and... well, I'll assume 5000 for a quintet appeal since I haven't even tried it yet. Keep in mind that there's a specific order to memory appeals. Your first appeal is solo, the second duo, the third trio, the fourth quintet, and then it starts again from solo. The cycle also resets if you miss a memory appeal, but it doesn't mean much. Me and Setsuna tried that already. :P

- Bursts! This is a whole other beast. So by default, it works just as Omoide works. When you burst, you immediately gain points equal to your Burst stat as well as those special burst notes, aka those glowing notes that make all appeals (even memory appeals!) worth double. The trick to bursts, however, comes from the skills that surround it. Unlike memory appeals where you only need the skill to use it, group bursts require a certain Charge level to even be used. Charge itself is a separate skill set entirely, activates on memory appeals, and goes up to Level 3. Level 1 is good enough for a Duo Burst, worth 2x Burst; Level 2 is needed for a Trio Burst, which is worth 5x Burst; and then you get to max Charge Level 3, needed for Quintet Bursts (a massive x10 Burst, great for All-Star Lives!) and Solo Bursts... which I can't really comment on since I only noticed this one in the manual. There's also some cute variation with these skills, too, since you'll likely notice the same skill has some Roman numerals following the skill name. Each variant is actually a different burst animation, which is nice enough for people wanting to check them out in S4U.

- Finally, here's a list of the various costume types, five in total:

スタンダード - Standard (ie. type does not matter)
アイドル - Idol
キラキラガール - Kirakira Girl
ハートフルレディ - Heartful Lady
元気娘 - Genki Musume
シャイニースター - Shiny Star

For those starting off with the game, note that lives list the type preferred by the live. While you are free to use any other type, there's a severe appeal reduction that makes said move utterly pointless, so just stick to the intended type for the least amount of fuss. The later lives also begin to limit by costume style as well as type, but those (Cute, Cool, Clever, Cosmic) are in English and easy to figure out. In general, just check to make sure you see a smiley face on the right box when you're coordinating your outfit for a live. That's when you know you're good.

If there's anything I'm missing or something you want to ask, feel free to mention it. Oh, and here's a link to the digital manual for easy access. You may need to save images to see them full, though. It's built around being checked on the PS4.

We'll probably have to wait and see. I expect the event starts at midnight between 3rd and 4th of August, and i should be back home with the game about 30 minutes later. So if anyone here is playing with a non-japanese account, please write here as soon as you know if the event is playable on a non-japanese account, so i know on which account to start the game with. I'd like to use my european account and have the trophies on that one, and i'm willing to sacrifice the P drops for that (since you can only use those on japanese accounts), but i'm not willing to sacrifice the events for it.

I'll keep up on that. The manual says the DL Live should appear in the 765Pad on that present icon that's currently blacked out, so that should mean it's not something that requires the Japanese store to pull up like 765 Store option. I'm still baffled by why P Drops can't be bought off PSN when everything else can, but whatever.

First, I'd say there probably wasn't a real sense of pressure in an iM@S game since SP. 2 would be close (I can't judge Hyper since I never tried it myself), but eventually you establish the easiest way to boost your ranking early on and the rest of it is simple. OFA and PS are immediately less pressured by having no time limit at all, meaning the only thing making events challenging would be your own lack of preparation. So really, they're both grindfests in their own way, more or less splitting the iM@S games between time management and time wasters... so to speak.

Second, as far as festivals go... well, I can see them being a beneficial feature but not really an important or critical one. If anything, it had its most importance in the 2/OFA era since the rhythm portions of that were so basic that a level of strategy suited them best. And I did like that, especially in OFA where you had to ration out memory appeals, bursts, and skills against your AI opponent's. That turned a pretty boring rhythm section in lives and festivals into something more robust, and it made the festivals critical to the game's challenge. Then again, it was also reliant on song BPM or team management in the post-game, meaning your options were limited unless you wanted to make it harder on your own.

As for how it is in PS, it seems the most critical concern is matching your outfit type with the live's type, and the rest comes down to tailoring the best outfits from drops and working from there. I haven't experimented with skills on outfits as much yet, and I'm sure stat training may be necessary in the endgame. And while I can say the notes can be linear and predictable to a point (moreso that you expect a certain number of X notes and you usually know when your burst is coming), the rhythm game is also not built around that same kind of strategy as 2/OFA had. You're more focused on full combos and better scoring than reacting to opponents, and while I can see the drawbacks in that, I actually feel like I'm having more fun with PS's rhythm game portion because it's actually rhythm. I'd like to see if they can add some more depth to it, of course, but 2 didn't have all the skills and strategy of OFA too.

My only real personal gripes so far are a lack of commus beyond story commus and the homogenized outfit system, both of which seem to cut more into iM@S as a series of getting to know cute girls wearing cute (and different looking) things. But on the whole, I can't really say I'm as disappointed as some are with Platinum Stars because it's still engaging to me as its own thing. I can't really comment on that until I feel like I've seen everything the game has to offer, though, so that's my two cents for now.

I'm expecting (and worst case, hoping) that the DL Live in itself is an update in itself and not linked to P Drops in that sense. I could probably do without P Drops if they're only available for purchase since I can likely just get the extend and worry about accessories later. And I still want to play on my American account too, so there's that. >_>

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: THE iDOLM@STER: Platinum Stars
« on: July 13, 2016, 06:01:25 am »
If there's any reason Namco has for switching the two, I would guess it's because Ritsuko has Nanairo Button as a preview song too. The order hasn't broken from birthday order otherwise, and Ami-Ritsuko-Azusa would have the exact same song each time.

Is it really needed to do that? Not really. But it's the best excuse I could think of. :P

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: THE iDOLM@STER: Platinum Stars
« on: June 12, 2016, 06:22:42 am »
I can understand that Namco would rather risk less if it means avoiding losses as well, and I understand that judgments made in hindsight are easy considering what's happened so far. I still feel like there were some missteps made concerning 2010/2011, at least regarding the timing and tone of said announcements. I don't condemn them for risking changes back then, I just question the manner in which they handled it. This also applies less so with the move to the PS3 with the iM@S2 port not even a year after the 360 release, though the risk of losing more fans was likely taken for the reward of gaining even more fans. Namco was already jumping off the Microsoft ship anyway, so my suspicions or criticisms are more... personal, I guess.

As far as it goes with PS, I don't mind if they aren't taking risks. I would like to see what I posted above be done sometime, but I also know I'm looking at the series' first PS4 iteration and don't expect them to break out of the box so quickly, especially considering prior history with the franchise. A lot remains to be seen about the game anyway, so until then I'll be pipe-dreaming and hoping that the steps forward from OFA will continue even if it's playing safe right now.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: THE iDOLM@STER: Platinum Stars
« on: June 12, 2016, 04:22:44 am »
I'm personally not a fan of this anymore. I get it's the point of the series to raise your idols to the top, but it also means they've been telling the exact same story for ten years with the same characters. Chihaya's dead brother and warming up to people, Yukiho being scared and trying to get away from that, Azusa trying to find love, etc. They may be told slightly differently with different events, but the overall plot is the same every single time.

That's pretty off, and I honestly think that's the biggest problem going forward. People think the execution has grown stale because there's an assumption that they've done everything, that no stone's been left untouched. In reality, Namco has been playing it safe since 2nd Vision blew up in their face, and I don't think that the current issues are 765's fault more than it is Namco's.

Like when you consider how much focus has shifted from 1st Vision into 2nd Vision, you'd see the problem is moreso about how 2nd Vision is handled rather than a problem with 765 overall. Let's bring Takane up from earlier, for example. I feel like 2nd Vision Takane hasn't really been established yet. They ran with the mystery and secrets persona they had for her in 1st Vision, yet the context of her as a rival has been gone for years, so I personally never got the sense of her obligations and problems being a burden to her like I saw in SP (though I haven't touched her OFA EX content yet, I should get to that). Or take Chihaya, whose 1st Vision character was more stuck between her parental issues and her stern dedication to singing that would eventually develop to address both as she moved up in the idol ranks. Yet in 2nd Vision, much of her content is focused on her brother and her mother, practically making her father a non-character. Then you look into other idol families: Yukiho's father played a pretty significant part in Yukiho's developing story in 1, but he seems more a reminder that Yukiho may or may not be yakuza nowadays. Makoto's dad plays a pretty big role in how Makoto ended up being so boyish, but 2nd Vision likes to skate around that issue enough anyway. And Iori's personal goals are pretty centered on being independent from her family, but nowadays she seems like just another rich tsundere. Hell, Miki seems a bit lost as here Awakened form proved so popular that it's basically what she becomes in most stories nowadays. And I'm pretty sure her blonde hair is legit now, too.

If there's going to be new developments or curveballs, then they should do just that, because the issue of staleness isn't because there's nothing to do with the 765 girls. Why not change up the pairings? Haruka and Chihaya are always together, so what would it hurt to have them pair up with another idol they rarely interact with? And better yet, why not have them exhibit more of their stories to said other characters and actually have them develop together? Don't just do it like the anime where everyone's always together but don't do anything, have the focus placed on the girls either alone or with someone who can complement them. In the end, proper execution can bring life back to even the stalest formulas just as much as lazy execution can make them stick out like sore thumbs. And while I do think they've done pretty well as of recent with the console games (OFA EX routes are particularly satisfying), it's iM@S in general that needs to stop being so safe and aiming just for what's expected.

I also double-dipped on PS, so you better get your stuff up to snuff, Namco

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