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Completed. Please collect.

Thank you.

Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to see this. I've collected the files and they work perfectly and look gorgeous as always!!
Thank you so much!

Hello, again! I have some requests:

relations - Takane (im@s2 X360) (C LUX-005) (A Hd-007) (Gr)
my song - Iori, Yayoi, Yukiho (im@s1) (im@s2 X360) (C FLO-016) (Gr)
The world is all one!! - Chihaya, Yayoi, Yukiho, Iori, Hibiki (im@s1) (im@s2 X360) (C STA-026) (A Hd-011) (Gr)

I'm sorry to always be flooding you with these! Thanks for you patience and hard work!
Thanks again.

Thank you so much, Setsuna! I was able to collect all three videos, no problems.

Thank you again! You are absolutely wonderful.

Community works / Re: Idolmaster 2 Fan Videos
« on: December 22, 2012, 12:26:07 am »
I like it. More please! I haven't seen many imas fan videos lately (but maybe I haven't been searching enough).

Thank you! I'm working on another one now.
I haven't seen many either. The green screen was just recently figured out for idolmaster 2, so hopefully there will be a whole bunch of new videos using that. :)


Anyway, I think it's excellent. My only complaint is some quality slips in the long views. But it has good flavor <3 I like it.

Thank you! I never see any westerners making idolmaster  videos for some reason... I hope that community grows more. I'd love to talk to other M@D creators, but my Japanese is so bad XD
Thank you for the advice! It was very hard for me to get the camera on the backgrounds to sync with the original camera in the video, but I will try harder next time! Thanks again, feedback is wonderful.

Community works / Idolmaster 2 Fan Videos
« on: December 21, 2012, 06:09:24 am »
Hello, everybody!

I make Idolmaster 2 fan videos from time to time and was hoping to be able to share them here:

Flower Power (A song by the K-POP group, Girls' Generation)

I would love feedback! I'm not good at video editing and would love any input I can get.
Thank you.

(Also, I'm brand new to this forum and am likely to make mistakes, so please feel free to tell me if this is not allowed, is in the wrong place or anything like that. Thank you!) :)

I have yet another request. I got a sudden idea for a big project. Thank you!

SMOKY THRILL - Hibiki, Takane, Makoto, Yukiho, Chihaya (im@s1) (im@s2 X360) (C LUX-024) (A Hd-018) (Gr)
MEGARE! - Yukiho, Chihaya, Makoto, Hibiki, Takane (im@s1) (im@s2 X360) (C STA-023) (Gr)

For the next one, I would like the camera to be stationary on the long shot. I hope that's not too much trouble.

THE IDOLM@STER 2nd-mix - Hibiki, Chihaya, Takane, Yukiho, Makoto (im@s1) (im@s2 X360) (C LUX-007) (A Hd-022) (Gr)

Thank you again! This is such a great service!
Please let me know if the camera request is confusing.

Here is a link to a completed project using two videos I requested from here:

I'm not good at video editing, but it's always so much fun to make these. Thank you so much, Setsuna, for providing this green screen service!

Thank you so much! That was so fast!!
I'm downloading the video right now, no problems!

Thanks again!

Hello! Sorry to keep you constantly busy, but here is another request.

SMOKY THRILL - Makoto, Chihaya, Yayoi, Hibiki, Haruka (im@s1) (im@s2 X360) (C EXT-028) (Gr)

Thank you for taking requests! You're amazing.

Thank you for all your help. And thank you for offering to take requests!

Jibun REST@RT - Chihaya, Makoto, Takane, Yukiho, Hibiki (im@s1) (im@s2 X360) (C EXT-002) (Gr)
THE IDOLM@STER 2nd-mix - Chihaya, Makoto, Takane, Yukiho, Hibiki (im@s1) (im@s2 X360) (C LUX-004) (A Hd-022) (Gr)

Please let me know if there are any problems with the code.
Again, thank you for offering to take requests.

Thank you so much for being so helpful! You're amazing.
I made an account with none of my personal information on it.

Should I post the login information here? Or should I PM them to you whenever I make a request?

Thanks again!

I'm sorry to waste your time, but I have a question that probably seems very silly:

Will 4Shared work for file uploads?

Again, sorry if this sounds totally stupid. I don't anything about file uploading.
Thank you for your time and for being wonderful enough to offer to upload these videos!!

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