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Ok so my id is and the password is -REDACTED-(both 4shared and mediafire). They're free accounts so if it difficult for you to do my request, my apologize. You can deny it if you can't supply me those files.

Basically, I need to know how to get the files to you. The files are 500MB each, so you'll need to tell me where the files will go.

Depending on preference, you may use an upload service, but it needs to take very large files (4shared works, but you need to PM me account details) or have some other method.
Ok, so my mediafire account and 4share account is . And my youtube account is thien1564. I still don't understand the way you send me those files... because I always download directly from the link they given me, not like this method, use account details to share....

This request is completed, pending a delivery location.

Please nominate a delivery location for collection, with the necessary details to deliver.

Wow, thank you for finish my request but... I don't understand what you mean by delivery location. I'm a little stupid at this point so please tell me how to give you the details of my location. Sorry about that but still thank you anyways.

Wow, you're so kind man, do such a time-consuming work for everyone XD. I wonder why I can't see the links to download the videos other people requested so I don't need to ask you much. But anyways, here's my request:
MEGARE! - Yukiho (im@s2 X360) (C FLO-022) (A Bd-003 Lg-003) (Gr)
Kosmos, Cosmos - Yukiho (im@s2 X360) (C FLO-022) (A Bd-003 Lg-003) (Gr)
Little Match Girl - Yukiho (im@s2 X360) (C FLO-022) (A Bd-003 Lg-003) (Gr)
Just want to make some gift for Yukiho's birthday xD. ( not sure if these costume would fit for the Christmas or not...)
Thank you for your works! :D

Uhm... After watch that video you provide me, I figure out how to do that. They use an effect called different matte, you will need 3 videos with your characters have the same costume so the only different between 3 videos is the background so the effect will remove the background and keep your idols. But it's seems difficult for me because I don't own any PS3 or Xbox360 to have enough videos and do that effect. Really hope someone wants to cooperation with me... Anyways, thanks you guys a lot.

General chatter / How to remove the background of the idolm@ster videos?
« on: December 01, 2012, 05:51:43 pm »
I just saw this video yesterday:

So I wonder how could they key out the background and add another background with some great efftects, anyone knows how to do that? I really want to make a video like that.

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