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Other iM@S discussion / iDOLM@STER for Nintendo Consoles?
« on: September 14, 2017, 04:24:38 pm »
I know the idea sounds crazy, but it could work.

First of all, the Nintendo Switch is portable, so you could produce your idols on the go. The franchise has appeared on Nintendo platforms before (with Dearly Stars on the Nintendo DS). Additionally, this could provide some cool crossover opportunities. I'm not talking about seeing Haruka and friends duking it out with Mario, Link, and Fox on Final Destination. I can definitely see iDOLM@STER themed content appearing in other games, though, even if it's as simple as a Mii Costume in one of the Mario Kart games (hey, Mega Man got one!) or an iDOLM@STER themed stage in Smash Bros. or something. Heck, there could even be an in-joke or something in Splatoon, since that series also features idols in the form of the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook.

Not to mention Nintendo content in an iDOLM@STER game. I can totally see a song or two (probably something like that "Lost in Thoughts All Alone" song from Fire Emblem or maybe something from Xenoblade? I could also see "Freesia" from Rockman Zero but that's Capcom...not that they treat the series well in general) from Nintendo being DLC. Not to mention the possibility of Nintendo-themed outfits and accessories for your idol to wear, possibly unlocked with amiibo. Now, nothing super ambitious, as there are dozens and dozens of different amiibo. Like, using the amiibo of a character like R.O.B. might boost your stats in game a bit, but not unlock a costume. However, using a Mario amiibo might unlock Mario's overalls and hat as an outfit. It might change color for each idol, for example, Yayoi's hat would be orange and have a Y on it, while Hibiki's would be blue and have an H. Or using an amiibo of one of the Squid Sisters will give you their outfits. I can also see Lucina's mask as an accessory.

Speaking of amiibo, imagine the possibility of iDOLM@STER themed amiibo? Maybe boosting the stats of their specific idol once per day. For example, you could use a Chihaya amiibo if you were producing Chihaya. Haruka's amiibo could be bundled with the game, but others would be sold individually (the exception is Ami and Mami, who are sold together in a two pack, like Marie and Callie from Splatoon, or the Smash Bros Retro Pack which had three amiibo). I don't know about you, but I'd pay good money for amiibo of my favorite girls.

IDK, I'm just rambling...

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