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Welcome Center / Hello :)
« on: July 08, 2015, 06:01:05 am »
Hi everyone, i'm JT, or kraytor, either is fine tho most ppl call me by my initials. Been into im@s for only 4 years (starting from weiss schwarz tcg) but stayed cause of ML before i went into the actual games. Just recently started CG's mobile game. I almost forgot project-imas had a forum and i've been meaning to join for a while now just that i got lazy lol..

I'm from Singapore, guessing whoever's from there already knows me. And my idols would be Chihaya, Konomi and Riina.

As for other hobbies. mostly into cardgames and vn and anime. big 07th expansion fan as well as a type-moon fan.

Hope to enjoy producing with you all :)

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