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Welcome Center / Howdy!
« on: April 29, 2015, 05:07:44 am »
Hi, I'm Eury. I've been lurking this place for a few years now (mostly the wiki) and decided to join up.

I've had an interest in Idolmaster for a while, even since I found a picture of Makoto while browsing tags in Danbooru or something ages ago. I found out she was from Idolmaster and honestly didn't think much of it until the anime was announced, then I got hooked.

So I've been feasting on content from here (thanks!) and other sources and even bought some merchandise. I'm very proud of my Beach Queen Makoto, Rin and Hibiki Figmas.

I have very little to bring to the community, don't know Japanese, can't edit, not a ton of disposable income, elementary photoshop skills, bad opinions...

I do play Million Live regularly. Daily if the event has a prize I'm interested in.

Feel free to friend me or invite me to a lounge
I'm in the market of joining a new lounge.

Other than Million Live I don't play any of the other games due to the language barrier or other hurdles (IMAS Channel is too good for my filthy foreign money or something).

Favorite idol? Makoto - No contest, but I'm really fond of Hibiki and Noriko and the "Cool" and "Dance" type idols.

PSN: Eurydius
Million Live:Eury P

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