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Welcome Center / Rika is the best girl! Also... hello~☆
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:08:41 pm »
Hi, I'm Steve, I registered after posting in the Cinderella Girls topic.

I don't know anything about the other games as I started with all the idol stuff about 3 weeks ago.
I stumbled across the Onegai Cinderella song in Osu! and loved it so I decided to give Cinderella Girls a shot and I fell in love with it instantly, watched all episodes to date pretty quickly and since I needed more I decided to give the game a shot.
Since I am a reader of eroge (Irotoridori series [sekai/hikari] is my favorite, yaay for 3rd Shinku focused game announced like a week ago!), It wasn't that hard to get into it. Except when Ranko talks, I still have no idea what she's saying (but then again neither do native Japanese probably) xD

So yeah, since I never tried anything idol related (so neither the 765 anime nor anything like Love Life or Macross), I was expecting the girls to have no personalities and just be copypastas of each other since there is so many of them (compared to something like an eroge where there is usually tens of hours of content for a single girl), but I was pleasantly proven wrong and was able to fall in love with several of them :) But mainly Rika ☆ xD
So yeah, just a bit more stuff about me in a structured form:

My current unit:

yes, based on

Favorite girls: Nikaidou Shinku (avatar) & Mare=S=Ephemeral (white haired girl in signature)
Favorite idol: Jougasaki Rika ☆
Favorite song: COLORFUL DAYS!! (Irotoridori no Hikari ED1)
Favorite idol song: Orange Sapphire - I even made an Osu! map for it
Favorite eroge: Irotoridori no Hikari (second game in the series)
Favorite anime: Angel Beats
Other things I like outside of Cinderella Girls: eroge, anime, hearthstone, twitch, dark souls, lolis, cute girls (2d only), challenging games, other (probably missed lot of things but this is what came to mind in few sec while writing this xD)

So yeah, nice to meet you all, よろしくお願いします~ and see you in the Cinderella Girls topic OR if I ever decide to give some of the other games/animes a shot, I might venture into those sections as well xD (I already like Futami Mami and Hoshii Miki from the cards I got in Cinderella Girls so maybe I should try something 765 related~).

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