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Turns out what Okayu-san said is... well, "particularly" true. Because in the last December 28th, Columbia Japan released another SP album called "1111 - BRIGHTS & MAGICS"

If you don't know what Okayu-san wrote, here's the thread he posted on April 1st:,2270.0.html

I was too stupid to realized the pun hidden between the name of two agencies - 765 and 346, if you put these two together, 765+346, you'll get 1111...

1111 may not be an agency, but this rumor surely is true in a more or less abstract way.

And thus, we have this. Uzuki and Haruka, hooking their little finger.

out by OniZetto on Flickr

In the CD, there are talk sessions and songs like usual. This time, Haruka is singing "お願い!シンデレラ" and Uzuki sings "M@STERPIECE"

To me, it seems like a symbol that 765PRO Allstars is passing the torch to their juniors. Although the senior may not retire, but for now, they need to take a rest, and will leave the stage to the junior for a while.

"It's about Time to become Cinderella Girls!!"

That's right, Uzuki... it's time for you to shine, carrying your senior's best wishes with your own hope. You run toward the stage in your shiny glass shoes, though the one who found you may not be a prince, he will do his best to fulfill you and your fellow girls' dream, and the fans you'll gather will definitely give their best to support you.

Welcome Center / Ciao!!
« on: June 05, 2015, 08:01:35 pm »
Praise the blue devil of midnight Shutokou! Nah, that's how I got my username, my favorite street racer - the Devil-Zeta in comic "Wangan Midnight." Pretty much it's a coincidence that Chihaya shares the same image color that Devil-Zeta has, and both of them has the ultimate power towards their own goals; The Devil-Z aimed to be the fastest, wildest tuned car on the capital highway of Japan, and Chihaya aimed to be the top singer of the world.

They also reflected two of my favorite things in life: Tuned cars and music.

I referred to what mariokirby and hibikiii wrote, since I have no idea what should I say... (I'm terrible at self-introduce :-X )

Real Name: Tony Fang
Gender: Guy
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Age: 28 (Yeah I know I'm kinda old by age, but my heart isn't old at all ;D )
Hobbies: Music (electronic, rock, epic, whatever I like), building plastic model kits, motorbikes, cars (mostly street tuning), video games (mostly racing ones), staring at chicks, dogs (me and my father own about 15 of them, all Chihuahua and Maltese.)

Q: How did you know Idolm@ster?
A: One For All, that's how things started. I leave my favorite game and decided to try something different, ended up this game really amazed me; the dancing moves looks so wonderful, and those songs are so charming like I've never heard of.

So after playing the game for a while, I started to wonder: What if I can find a longer version of "READY!!"? Back then I didn't know there are "M@STER VERSION" and all the album and anime stuff. But when I found it, I was really happy when I listened to their songs.

And then... since my first idol in OFA was Chihaya, I started to search for her personal data on the internet, that's where I gained a lot of feelings about her. First I found the wiki (yup, here) and I realized she joined the agency not to become an idol but to sing. Then I read something about her sealed past, and decided to look for more about it. That's where I ended up with the episode 20 of the anime... man, I've never felt this touched before! Especially when it came to the point that Chihaya stumbled, locked herself in her apartment, Haruka was like "Imma bring you back at all cost!!" And when all the girls rush to the stage, help Chihaya to start singing, that's where my eyes start getting wet. Ever since, I can't put any effort on others but focused on these two.

The last stuff I bumped into was the comic "Sleeping Beauty", it showed me a "different" Chihaya from the game and anime but also grabbed my eyes.

Q: Who is your favorite iM@S girl?
A: Chihaya, mostly influenced by the anime. But her in-game development was also interesting, especially the pet store scene (can't stop laughing when her head really messed up by what producer answered. xD)
Also because of her singing, I have almost all of her songs collected in my WinAMP library ;D

Haruka also shared the throne because what she did when Chihaya stumbled, her sweet personality also counts. Plus she falls off like a boss.

Shiho, Kotoha and Shizuka are also on my list, Shiho is just like Chihaya, mostly a cold one, but sometimes being "awkwardly cute." Kotoha, although lacks in confidence and may break into tears when tried too hard at work, but is still a sweet girl. Shizuka? Well... being harsh towards adult like me, I might have one or two tricks that will tame her, to reveal the "true spirit" of her.

Basically you can say all girls in this general image will attract me - sweet, somehow mature. I can't stay with little ones like the Futami's or Iroi-sama.

Q: What is your favorite song of iM@S?
A: My, that's really hard to tell, cause there are so many!! But I'll just list most of them (mostly 765, but there are some others from new bloods found in Million Live):

- Promise
- Just be myself!!
- arcadia
- relations
- choco fondue!
- Sleeping Beauty
- Snow White
- Kazabana
- Flower Girl
- Welcome!! (Eternal Harmony/Milky Way version - Chihaya's "Go~!" is adorable, while Miki's "GOOOOOOO!!!!!" is really cute and amazingly powerful!! XD)
- Iridescent Miracle
- ステキハピネス
- Nostalgia
- Catch my dream
- 絵本
- Stardust Symphony (Million Live unit: Milky Way's theme song)
- Shooting Stars (Shizuka's solo)
- Blue Symphony (Shiho's solo)
- 君だけの欠片
- 鳥籠スクリプチュア

Alright, pretty much that's what I think. If you guys have questions feel free to ask ;)

Community works / Fan-made iM@S 8-bit ARPG Games.
« on: May 11, 2015, 10:01:14 pm »
Found these two totally by accident, they were made by the same author.

Maybe they're not that interesting since there's no certain plot for both games, but hey, at least there are people who tried to make some spin-offs, eh?

First is a tiny adventure game starring Mirai Kasuga, which does not contain a full plot.


You can set the main character to whoever you want after clearing all four stages for once.

Second is kind of a farming game features Hinata Kinoshita, earn money with your crops to exchange dress-up doodles, and go to the deepest layer of the mining pit for your secret reward.

Get ひなたと牧場 HERE

Screenshots for both game:

This is my little contribution to the community - although I later found not many people are interested in cars but still, I gotta say thanks to SakuraMaxX, altuixde, Grace, Takechan, MetalPredat0r and Alyshia for their applause ;D

Talking about this kind of livery, which is called "itasha" in Japanese, is to paint your favorite characters from anime or video games on the livery of your car. To show your support to the specific franchise/character.

From now on, I'll keep making these with all available resources. As long as I have time, this thread will get constant update.

Let's begin, shall we? 8)

================================================== Newest Livery / Work In Progress ==================================================

After making a whole bunch of race cars, it's time to work on some street tuners/drifters!

So, Shiho-chan finally get her first livery finished! And it's a nasty one: The Nissan Silvia S14 with some vicious upgrades.

The most obvious update is the bodywork. Vertex Lang front bumper gives this car an aggressive look, it also reflects Shiho's somehow hostile personality. The track width is also increased to handle the brutal power delivered from its swapped Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine.

================================================== Old Liveries / Unfinished / Canned ==================================================

And today, Shiho's livery is finally getting its reboot!

As I'm gathering all the characters into this AE86 league, she's not gonna be an exception. So here she is, the first preview in rFactor Vehicle Viewer!

I've only finished fine-tuning of the window on the passenger side, will start working on the other side tomorrow.

Also, I've made my 3rd livery for our lovely Chi-chan! ;D

This one was inspired by the long-living Miku Z4 driven by Team UKYO, new sponsors like Max Factory and FREEing are now in position.

Finally! Chihaya's livery is nearly finished, I think it looks OK, but still need to change sponsors and maybe the vinyl - not major changes, but it'd be better than what it looks like for now.

In the movie, we all know that Chihaya picked up her interest in photo shooting, she's nothing close to a photographer, but I believe all she needs is practice. And Minolta (a Japanese cameras, lens, printers & accessories manufacturer) will have a perfect camera for her ;D

So in her livery, there are two major difference from the old ones:

1. Referred to real-world race cars of teams sponsored by Minolta, like Toyota Supra Group A Touring Car raced in 1987~88.
2. Character portraits are now much bigger than they used to - no more crowded doors! Now windows become a part of the paint job.

I was going to use Nikon as the sponsor since it's a bigger company but again, I want to stick to Japanese companies since The iDOLM@STER is a Japanese franchise.

Enough of trash-talking, here's the livery!! Yeah rear windshield is a bit messy but this is it for now. :-X

I made a new one with Kotoha weeks ago, but haven't put her up and I think she deserve her debut. So here she is :)

People who like Kotoha will definitely not miss her SP card during the last TEKKEN special event! And of course I put that one on the car because TEKKEN logo looks awesome 8)

Alright! So I just made another of them :o This time it's Megumi Tokoro with Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 ;)

Okay, here's one of my old work I've never shown before. It's from a really old game called 'Street Racing Legal: Redline'. The game is based on Java script, your car can be separated into pieces - bodywork, engine, chassis and running gears, they're all detachable and can be re-constructed with newer, better parts.

I've only learned about how to make livery for this game recently, so the result may not be as good as I did in rFactor. Anyway, the first livery still features Chihaya, and the car is Nissan 350Z S-Tune.

And why did I call this one a 'ReMIX'? Because I used aero parts from both 2005 and 2007 versions of the car.


Since you only apply decals onto your car, there's not much you can do but making a glossy livery like the car itself... which bothers me a lot.

Alright, finally made a livery for Haruka! Only with a older, classier race car this time: The Legendary Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno!!

This car is basically square-shaped, so there's plenty of space to play with :) Tried to dig up some vintage racing sponsor decals, and indeed they sit together very well ;D

rFactor 2015-06-27 01-28-22-75 by OniZetto on Flickr

rFactor 2015-06-27 01-10-26-98 by OniZetto on Flickr

rFactor 2015-06-27 01-06-21-48 by OniZetto on Flickr
So after following the franchise for a few months, I decided to make something 'different' - a series of liveries for race cars ;D

Previous mod I used doesn't have good templates (IMO,) and I decided to use another mod called Endurance Series.

The mod can be found here, it's a long-going league mod with good quality:

So, my latest creation is nearly finished! For some reason I don't have idea thus I kinda can't keep going with Shiho's livery (sorry kiddo, but Onīchan has to put you off for a while,) so I just postponed it.

This is the replacement for her: The New Generation from Cinderella Girls!

Basically I didn't plan to make CG liveries, but since I found this render of the main trio, I was like 'Why not just try it?' and the result is this.

rFactor 2015-06-24 22-43-35-32 by OniZetto on Flickr

rFactor 2015-06-24 22-43-49-69 by OniZetto on Flickr

rFactor 2015-06-24 22-49-16-35 by OniZetto on Flickr

rFactor 2015-06-24 22-54-46-94 by OniZetto on Flickr

I don't know if any of you have ever been here, but I'll just share it.

Not sure if it's a coincidence, that this website's domain name is exactly our ex-moderator's nickname.

Translated comics, pictures and so on can all be found here, updates can be found irregularly.

THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL / How to make a song become Gold anyway?
« on: April 28, 2015, 06:26:14 pm »
Like the topic, Kotori told us how a song will reach Fresh, Keep, Revival and Break via text message. But exactly how can we push a song to its "Gold" status??

Some people in my country said we can monitor how many fans we have gathered with a song in iM@S 2, but there's no such feature in OFA; So, what should we probably do? Using the same song continuously doesn't seem to help.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Now this is funny.
« on: April 24, 2015, 09:38:28 am »
Today I was checking some of my iM@S music collection, and I found this quite unexpected.

This is the back jacket of a bundle/bonus CD which can only be obtained with a movie ticket from this page, which is outdated:

Funny thing is, it was made in Taiwan (where I live,) and it goes as Japanese limited version and is not for sale.

I was like "If these people want to make this CD only available in Japan, why'd they hand over the production process to a foreign company?"

Yet the credits on that back jacket does not mention anyone else than their Japanese staff.

Although the CD contents nothing that interested me, I still felt quite upset about how they treat foreign fans of these girls.

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