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Derived products, CD albums & anime / NEW YEAR LIVE VENUE CD?
« on: January 06, 2018, 06:51:29 pm »
Did anyone managed to go to the concert and purchase the limited edition venue CD? I've been wanting to listen to the solo versions of smoky fruit for a long time now. Does anyone know when will it approximately get onto the internet? ;;

This is a question opened for everyone to answer. Everyone has different opinions and expectations. So, make sure to respect each others perspectives!

So the question is who would you choose, out of the 13 idols, to be your waifu? As well as the reason why?

For me.....

I am a Azusa fan.... ._.
I really love her voice when she sings as well as her appearance in the anime <3. Sure there are idols in the serie that also have a wonderful voice. But, I just find Azusa 's more beautiful and gorgeous. Her voice is really feminine and mature. I really love how I cannot find singers from other anime that sings like her. Her voice is so unique to me xD. But when she sings songs that are childish like, for example....umm.....idk...kiramekirari or ummm furufuru future or idk! Some things on that's not really my favourite....Though, songs like Smoky thrill or shizuka na yoru ni negai sounds beyond amazing...indescribable.  especially, Tonari ni....too beautiful~

Here's my opinion, what's yours? :3

Characters / Favourite voice out of the 13 idols? :3
« on: March 11, 2015, 06:03:59 am »
Herro! I wanted to make a survey on which idol's voice in Idolm@ster do most people prefer out of the 13 idols >w<
Dakara, mind commenting who do you believe have the best or the voice you prefer out of the 13 idols and why?
Thank you~


- Chihaya
- Takane
- Azusa
- Yukiho
- Haruka
- Makoto
- Miki
- Hibiki
- Iori
- Ami/Mami
- Yayoi
- Ritsuko


Does anyone have the files of the solo version of Kimi wa Melody or the link to download the idolmaster special winter limited edition?

I am just looking for Kimi wa melody (M@STER VERSION) sung by Miura Azusa. So please comment below or msg me if you do have the mp3 file of Kimi wa Melody M@STER VERSION sung by Azusa. Thank you very much!

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