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General chatter / A few questions for those studying/studied Japanese
« on: November 07, 2016, 07:48:18 am »
For a little context, I started taking Japanese classes at a nearby community college during my junior year of high school because a friend told me that certain college classes at this community college were basically free for high school students. I'm a freshman in college now and i'm taking a conversational class at the moment. I feel that my kanji skills (reading and writing them) are deteriorating pretty quickly but now i'm able to hold a decent conversation with someone in Japanese for a decent amount of time.

Anyway, how long have you been studying for and how are you studying? (like taking classes, online, through a friend, by yourself, etc.)

Have you/are you doing any translations? If so, how accurate was your translation?

If someone were to bring you to Japan for, lets say a week or two, would you be able to get around?

If you're not actively studying at the moment, how do you make sure your Japanese skills don't decay?

I've reached the point in my studying where I know when some of the subtitles are wrong, but not enough to watch shows without subtitles.

Sorry if these questions don't make sense, i'll try to explain them if needed.

On a side note, I'd love to help this community with translations but i'm nowhere near confident in my Japanese at the moment. I really hope I can help with translations in the future.

General chatter / EVO 2015
« on: July 25, 2015, 09:21:41 am »
To those who attended/watched the stream, how was it? I was there and every year it gets bigger and better every year. Also, what was your favorite tournament to watch? Mine was Tekken 7 [spoiler]although I was a bit sad to see AO lose.[/spoiler] and it was kind of obvious on who was going to win because the Japanese players months of practice compared to Korea and the US. Hopefully when there's a more even playing field the results will be less predictable. Also, the slow motion effect that they added to Tekken, regardless of what fighting game you play, makes it way more hype. I will most likely participate next year. What about you guys? I hope I can meet some of you there next year. (I saw someone wearing an Anna Mochizuki shirt, an Iori, Makoto and Hibiki ReDrop shirt and a 765pro shirt.)

General chatter / "Traditional" idolmaster fighting game ideas
« on: April 23, 2015, 08:48:10 am »
As a fan of fighting games and idolmaster, I think it would be fun to come up with ideas for an imas fighting game.

I use the word traditional because the fighting game genre has been altered a bit. (In my opinion)
I share this opinion with AvoidingThePuddle's Aris and I highly agree with it.
If I remember this information correctly, a traditional fighting game is a game with two fighters, two health bars, and the only way to win is to get the opponent's health to zero or have more heath than your opponent after the timer is up. Things like meter, tag/assist, burst, and other mechanics are nice additions to a "traditional" fighting game.
If my definition isn't clear, games like street fighter, tekken, mortal kombat and king of fighters are traditional and games like smash bros and (most?) all wwe fighting games.
Why are games like smash & wwe games non-traditional? Because victory is achieved in another way than knockout and a victory can happen at any given moment. (Smash having percentage mechanic and anyone can fall out or be knocked out of the stage having anywhere between 0% - 999%. WWE is debatable because you can knock out your opponent in most games but there is no health bar and the standard way to win is through pin or submission.)

I took a few ideas from someone creating a similar post on a idolmaster fans group page on facebook. Without further ado, here are some of my ideas for the playable characters and some fighting styles.

765pro allstars should be playable characters with a good amount of hand picked characters from CG and ML. The roster should hit mid-high 30's and probably shouldn't break 45 playable characters in my opinion. (Why? Because i've heard that too many characters = too many matchups to figure out and that demotivates players in a way.)

I will talk about mechanics but I will add that later. (As a side note, someone made Haruka in MUGEN and everything about her was done very well. If I remember correctly, when you have a full voltage meter and you use your burst, you are invincible until the burst is over. In my opinion, that's insanely broken to have in a fighting game.)

Alright, characters. I don't have a lot of detailed ideas but here they are, nonetheless.

I can imagine Yukiho wielding a shovel and being a defensive character with lower than average health but with tools to keep her opponent at a distance through far reaching normals and special moves. Also, I think it would be neat if she can place traps in the ground (similar to Naoto in P4A) to further establish her defensive playstyle.

Azusa would be the standard grappler type character (above average health, very dangerous when character is close, high damage output with command grabs) due to her slow-paced nature and her ability to joint lock people.

I can see Makoto as a heavy rushdown/mixup character with an above average walk speed, quick but average length normals with a unique counter system.

It would be interesting and funny to see ML Noriko having a similar moveset of Paul Phoenix from Tekken because of this.

Also, Haruka should be the "Ryu" type character but I will explain more later because the definition of a "Ryu" type character differs from each game.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your ideas and opinions on how a dream game like this would look and how it would play similar to other fighting games!

General chatter / Looks like a fan made im@s fighting game.
« on: April 05, 2015, 04:43:45 am »
Hello everyone.

Recently, I came across this link and it's an idolm@ster fighting game.

Only problem is, I'm not sure if it is playable or not because I can't find a download link and the Japanese symbols aren't displaying correctly.

I really want to play this since fighting games are my bread and butter. Any info regarding this will be appreciated.

Also, it looks like the same person is also making a CG/ML version.

Welcome Center / Nice to meet ya!
« on: February 02, 2015, 07:42:25 am »
Hello everyone! I'm CJ! (calling me excavate is ok) I live in California and i'm a Junior in high school at the moment.

I got into iM@S about 2 years ago when I gave the anime a chance because my brother would always watch it, and loved it ever since.

I came across this site because I wanted to look up lyrics for a song and it gave me so much more. I wouldn't know anything about the idols if this website wasn't here.

Recently I bought iM@S 2 and with the help of the translated guide, I did my first run of the game and it was amazing yet agonizing.
Other than that, I haven't played any other imas games because I can't find a guide for them.

My favorite idol is Hibiki because i'm a sucker for the ponytail and bangs hairstyle

I'm currently learning Japanese in hopes of not needing a guide in the future and so I can communicate with my cousins.

Other than breathing imas, I play a lot of fighting games (street fighter and tekken mainly but I also play P4AU,DFC) and KOF, a bit of league of legends every now and then, mixed with a little bit CS and COD.
I go out and bike a lot because I enjoy it despite the fact that I love staying inside a lot. Also, I can't drive yet.

I hope I can meet a lot of P's to talk to and have a good time.


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