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General chatter / 2015 Miss Japan
« on: March 28, 2015, 12:12:04 am »
You guys and gals see the news about the 2015 Miss Japan? Her name is Ariana Miyamoto... and she has African American blood in her:

The whole situation is REALLY shaking up things in Japan. Her African heritage is most certainly a sticking point... not something Japan really likes getting into. Take a look at iM@S CG for example. Not a single idol of African descent. Though there are "brown girls" in the line up, none are hinted to be from an African nation or heritage. Perhaps the waves Ariana is making, will let us see one show up in the near future.

Can't imagine why we haven't gotten a hottie like Ayukawa Miyuki in iM@S yet.  8)

Characters / Kanzaki Ranko Chuunibyou Background
« on: March 15, 2015, 12:42:21 am »
While I'm an addicted fan to Ranko's chuunibyou persona, I don't have the cash to collect every article of Ranko merchandise the CG franchise offers. I'm wondering if anyone out there has ran across additional "Ranko Facts" I haven't seen/read. Here's the info I've managed to collect from various card game quotes, manga, drama cds, and generally accepted fanon:

* Ranko is a fallen angel.
* Ranko was banished from Heaven for a terrible sin.
* There was (or currently still is) a war in Heaven.
* Angels are beings of Light. Ranko was always weak in Light, and so was considered an incredibly weak angel (perhaps the weakest). It was later discovered that she was weak in Light because she was a vessel of Darkness (which basically was draining the Light from her).
* White winged Ranko is her weakest form: this was before she learned of her Darkness affinity. White & Dark winged Ranko is her transitional phase to her dark potential. Dark winged Ranko is after she's fully embraced the Darkness. Multi dark winged Ranko (four or more), is basically her at fully powered, Heaven is so-fucked-now mode.
* Ranko was abandoned by the Light. She did not betray it for the Darkness.
* Ranko would like to return to Heaven, but cannot because she refuses to abandon the Darkness.
* Ranko could become even more powerful in the Darkness if she was to embrace the Blood (her vampiric side), but she detests violence and blood (her angelic side that she refuses to abandon -- also the real Ranko hates horror stuff).
* The Producer is an avatar of the God of Darkness. The God of Darkness is either the source of Ranko's Darkness, or the one who revealed Ranko's hidden powers of Darkness to her.
* The Producer is somehow sealed by Heaven. It is his punishment for something... maybe losing or causing the war? Corrupting Ranko? Not so clear on the cause.
* Ranko was banished, but her powers and memories were not taken away. She strives to unlock the Producer so they can return to Heaven.
* Ranko is searching among the other idols, more fallen angels (basically any of those who want to be chuunibyou  like her).

Characters / Idolmaster Bust Marathon
« on: February 03, 2015, 01:44:59 am »
Almost 40 minutes showcasing the three sizes bust of the entire IM@S cast (even the male idols), hosted by none other than Chihaya herself!

Rather interesting how the creator didn't just factor tape measurement, but also height/weight ratio to influence the ranking.

Also... dat ending.  :P

On a total side note... I just realized that Aki Yamato only has a bust of 92. Namco-Bandai REALLY missed a prime opportunity to give her 94, which would have matched the cannon model of the actual battleship's main guns (Type 94), seeing how her birthday and family name are clearly references to the warship.

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