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Community works / I feel like making a Drawing Collection on this forum
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:40:11 pm »
I finally found the courage of ten lions to post this.
Well, I want to start sharing my drawings, and hopefully, I can get money for a Scanner for a better resolution, but for now, here's what I have. Although, most of my drawings are like just the head and around the shoulder, since I generally suck at drawing body, arms, and legs. Well, pretty much everything but the head and around the shoulders, sometimes hands if I take the time.
I only have this one drawing right now, but hopefully it will grow into quite the collection. I should look into finding how to add a watermark.
I'm still experimenting with the eyes as I'm trying to find what styles of eyes I like to draw. Well, enough talk.

Sept. 19, 2012 - [Yandere Yukiho] At first, I meant to make it normal happy Hagiwara-chan, but I noticed the eyes made her look sort of yandere, so I sort of embraced it a bit by adding a shadow over the eyes and under the bangs, along with a scared Makoto.

Sept. 20, 2012 - [Hokuto No Pearl!] This is just a parody of a Yugioh Card named Gem-Knight Pearl pointing and quoting like Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, as one card, Oni-Gami Combo makes Pearl look like he was fighting like him. I was very surprised the hand came out well, but the foreshortening didn't seem to come out too well. Making this makes me wanna make a drawing and call it Onigiri Combo now.

Welcome Center / Something compelled me to join, so hello
« on: September 05, 2012, 05:09:47 am »
Hi. My name is The Blizzard, and I'm a rather lazy, and sort of shy person, in which the case joining this Forum is one step forward for me, however trying to stay active will be another. I also wanted to broaden my knowledge of iM@S. I really enjoy playing video games, with the only console having is an Xbox 360. I feel like I can write more, but nothing is coming to mind, so I'll just leave this like this.

I also don't know why I subjected myself to using this guide.
Personal Info:

Real Name: Although it probably doesn't matter, but I don't feel comfortable revealing this yet.
Sex: Male
Country of Origin: United States
Age (upon joining): 18
Hobbies: Card Games, Video Games, Drawing


Q: How did you come across this site?
A: Trying to find the wiki

Q: Why did you join this site?
A: To meet people, improve my social skills somehow, and to learn more on iM@S with the limited knowledge I have now.

Q: Do you play it?
A: No

Q: Do you wish you could play it? (Ignore this part if above answer is "Yes")
A: Horrendously yes.

Q: Who is your fave idol?
A: Chihaya

Q: Why is your username "<insert username here>"?
A: Well, because I rather like to refer to myself as cool, but the word 'Blizzard' sounding cooler, in a literal sense as well. This is the first I used this Username though.

Q: Motto
A: Attention is mainstream.

Q: Who's your favorite singer(s) right now?
A: I am honestly not sure.

Q: What are you up to right now?
A: Finding a job to help my rather poor family that try to live middle-class.

Q: Do you have any expectations from this site?
A: You never know what to expect, so I honestly don't know what to expect as well.

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