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Hello all!  It’s nublet765 again with something a bit more fun.

With the release of ANIMATION M@STER 7, the last of the ANIMATION M@STERs (unless I’m missing something), I thought of something fun to do.
Instead of a contest (since I’ve got nothing to give away :( … Namco Bandai, why is there no localized subbed version and localized merchandise?  T_T  And BTW, I know Bandai has some stores - but with the merger, shouldn't Bandai stores carry some iDOLM@STER stuff?  I mean, come on.), this’ll be a challenge.

Using ONLY the songs in all the ANIMATION M@STER albums, create a concert.  No talk tracks necessary, cause that would be evil (and plus I don’t know what the translation would be), just use the songs.

Now, a few ground rules:
1.   Use as many songs as you wish – but note that your concert track list cannot surpass 2 hours and 30 minutes
(Special thanks to tsukihime for help with determining concert length,1557.msg35403.html#msg35403   I know you said about 2 hours, but to give a little room, I added on 30 minutes.)
That's the maximum, there is no minimum - hell, you could have your entire concert be just one song.  I mean, the fans (and I) would probably be mad at you (me, just a tiny bit), but you could if you really wanted to.
2.   You must use the ANIMATION M@STER songs the way they are on the album.  i.e. You can’t play the shortened versions of the songs (except for Ready!! and Change!!!!, which both have TV size versions which are shorter, and may be used).
That also means, as much as it pains me, you cannot use songs that are not officially on the album – for example, that medley they had for Episode 13 on album 5 – as “Me ga Au Toki” is not a separate song, you can’t use it.
By the same token, if the song only exists as a BGM – like “relations”, well … it wasn’t sung, so sorry, you can’t use it.
3.   You must ONLY use the songs in the ANIMATION M@STER albums (a bit of a repeat, but I thought I’d chuck it in the rules as well)
Meaning – no PERFECT IDOL mixes, no other albums, JUST songs in the ANIMATION M@STER albums

But other than that, there are no limitations!  Feel free to do whatever you wish, split the concert into parts, have an encore, exclude certain idols from singing (frown, but sometimes it's unavoidable), whatever you wish it is all up to you.

Have fun and enjoy!  I wonder how many people will take up the challenge?


(Don’t worry, I’ll post my listing – after I add in songs I like from ANIMATION M@STER 7 … need to know if that song where they're all in the tree is on it or not.)

General chatter / I have no idea where else to put this (iM@S Twitter RP)
« on: February 01, 2012, 07:41:15 am »
Okay, I might be an idiot for JUST noticing, but - hey, it appears our idols have twitter accounts.
I'm guessing fan run (well, obviously) and hey, it looks like they're talking to some of our members, Roninator, Picup, Blake, etc.!/HarukaAmami765!/ChihayaKisaragi!/MikiMiki765!/ShijouTakane765!/YukihoHagiwara_!/GanahaHibikin!/MakotoKikuchi_!/SuperIdolIori!/YayoinoKaidashi!/Producer_765

And that's all I could find so far.

Seems we're missing Ami/Mami, Ritsuko and Azusa from the idols, and Kotori, Shachou, 876, 961, etc.  Or I just couldn't find them, idk.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / The iDOLM@STER anime - criticisms
« on: January 31, 2012, 06:02:03 am »
It's over and the topic board for episode 25 seemed to be less about Episode 25 and about things we didn't like with the anime from the beginning.
So ... here's this new thread to be where that discussion happens.

Main gripe that some of us had was the uneven character focus, so I guess we'll start there - if we actually want to I suppose.

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