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General chatter / ESC - Eurovision Song Contest
« on: April 23, 2012, 03:45:01 pm »
It happens every year right? The 'WrestleMania' of all song contests is started in 1956 and Switzerland is the winner of the first contest.

Now, I have to pick this up but, this year's Eurovision (the 57th edition) will be on Baku Crystal Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Some of the songs were amazing, and then I started this craze last year when I watch it on TV Espanol Internacional at home.

So, who's rootin' for this year?

To find out more, go here.

General chatter / WWE Elimination Chamber 2012
« on: February 20, 2012, 04:52:36 am »
Everyone, as this is the final WWE PPV before the show of shows WrestleMania XXVIII, I want to talk about this death-defying cage that is so intense that can even punish every part of the human body, and this year, this demonic structure created by the mind of former RAW general manager now TNA personality Eric Bischoff is now turned a decade (or should I say ten years).

This structure is called... the Elimination Chamber.

The chamber is also called the 'Devil's Playground' and of course, 'Satan's Structure'. Made from its cold steel and the structure itself is 16 feet (4.9 meters) high, 36 feet (11 meters) in diameter, weighs over 10 short tons (9,100 kg), and compromises 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) and 6 short tons (5,400 kg) of black-painted chain. Each inner chamber (or pods) consisting of three large steel framed sheets of plexiglass. Rules of this match are as follows, two participants begin the bout in the ring as the remaining four are held within each inner enclosure and are released into the match at five minute intervals. The objective is to eliminate each opponent from the match via pinfall or submission. The winner is the last remaining participant after all others have been eliminated. The official song this year is Nickelback's 'This Means War'.

Here are some of the matches that can even amazed and awed at you when you watch. And of course that could be great for my opinions.

· First up, it's the WWE Championship match as CM Punk defends the title against The Miz, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler (the show-off), R-Truth and Kofi Kingston. I heard Booker T is claustrophobic like our pretty boy idol. Punk's entrance is amazing and he's clean shaven, wow. As the match follows, the chamber is turned into a weapon as Ziggler enters the chamber attacking Punk. I saw a mid-air collision between Punk and Kingston, as if like two truck colliding in a Texas road. R-Truth enters and attacks Ziggler until Truth springboards Ziggler into the cold steel floor. Punk delivers a superplex on Truth and it was eliminated. Thiz Miz is next and attacking Punk. Then at last Jericho enters the battle as the last man. As he uses his Codebreaker, Ziggler's eliminated. After Kingston delivers a big splash on Punk and Miz, Jericho uses his submission manuever, forcing Kingston to be eliminated. Punk kicks Jericho outside the chamber and the cameraman's hurt, as a result, Jericho was unable to continue the match. As the match continues, Miz and Punk continues to battle it out, and when the smoke clears, Punk retains the title... and STILL the best in the world.

· Looks like the Divas Championship is going to be good indeed as the Glamazon defends her butterfly title against the daughter of WWE HoF (Hall of Famer), Tamina Snuka. After Tamina gives a superkick and a superfly splash, Beth still can't give up. Later on as the match progresses, the Glamazon still the champ.

· Intermission is started as John Laurinaitis is going to make a 'major' announcement. But wait, Alberto Del Rio is back with a 1985 Excalibur Convertible car as he plans to take over as GM, but Mark Henry told that Teddy Long is a 'bully'. Christian's back, even better, and he told that Laurinaitis will become SmackDown GM. As Otunga takes a picture, it will be a time to change for the future. Man I sick of Cole's comments on Laurinaitis.

· Next up, the WHC match as Daniel Bryan defends the title against The Great Khali, IC champ Cody Rhodes, Santino Marella, the champ Daniel Bryan, the master of the 'Barrett Barrage', Wade Barrett and the Big Show. Match progression is impressive, and Barrett's crashing in the steel floor. Later on after the first five minutes, Rhodes enters the battle with Show and Barrett with his techniques. Cole called Rhodes a 'anti-Undertaker' as the match progresses. Second man to enter the battle is Santino as he is on fire. Progression of the match is continues as I thought, as Barrett and Rhodes uses a suplex on Show through the steel floor with intense strength. Later on the Punjabi Giant (or the Punjabi Nightmare) enters the battle as after Show uses a gigantic spear as he eliminates Khali. Like a angry bear, he breaks the chains of the pod as he creates a hole and he's out there to after Bryan. As the feud continues between the two, Show destroys the pod with such force like a battering ram. Show's eliminated and Rhodes too by Santino. WOW. JUST WOW. After Santino eliminates Barrett, Bryan and Santino were the final two men to battle it out for the WHC, but in the end, Bryan managed to defend the title after he gives a Lebell Lock on Santino. This WHC match is epic indeed. After the match, Sheamus came in to after Bryan after he made his choice. Intermission time as Hornswoggle loves cheese as Natalya rushed in to the restroom.

· As orders from GM Teddy Long, Jack Swagger defends his US title against the high-flyer from Cape Town, Justin Gabriel, accompanied by who? Hornswoggle! I am sick of Vickie's shouting. Gabriel's high-flying abilities and Swagger's powerful strength were showcased until Swagger retains the title with a ankle lock.

· Can the Cenation Commander-in-chief embrace the hate? For the first time in nearly a decade, an ambulance match is occured as John Cena battles Kane. When was the last time the ambulance match is started? Survivor Series 2003. And what's his opponent in this match? Shane McMahon. No DQs, no count-outs, no pinfalls, and no submissions, but the only way to finish your opponent is to force into the back of an ambulance and close the door. As the match begins, the two unleash hell outside the ring as the two battled it out. As the feud continues, Cena struggles to catch his breah and for the first time, the ambulance could be used as a weapon, and the wheelchair too. The tables have turned for the two as Cena takes the rage on Kane as he targets Kane's brain with a mic, a monitor on the Spanish announcer's table, and steel steps. Meanwhile, Kane delivers Cena a thunderous chokeslam onto the Spanish announcer's table. As the tables turned like flipping a playing card, Cena turns the tables again as he continues to attack the Big Red Machine, and when Cena climbs towards the roof of the ambulance, he uses the AA on Kane to fall down as Cena wins the match. And now, he managed to overcome the hate.

Final thoughts: I think this PPV is a ugly one but no offense it's still good. I feel happy for the ambulance match and the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match but I feel bad for Jericho right now.

So everyone, we have to wait for six weeks to the show of shows. Mark the date: April 1st (2nd in Manila) for WrestleMania XXVIII. And remember, save some money on Mania snacks and drinks.

General chatter / The 25th Anniversary of WWE Royal Rumble
« on: January 30, 2012, 05:02:33 am »
Since its inception in 1988, the Royal Rumble is started as a non-PPV, but was originally shown as a television special. The following year in 1989 (my birth year), the first Royal Rumble is been shown as a pay-per-view. This annual pay-per-view is one of the 'Big Four' events in the WWE, followed by WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series.

Now on its quarter of a century (or 25 years), the tradition lives on as I will give this first WWE PPV of 2012 a big one, and for the first time in history, every WWE Superstar is eligible to enter the Royal Rumble, making this the most unpredictable... in history.

Behind the Numbers:

· First up, the Steel Cage Triple Threat Match for the WHC as Daniel Bryan defends the World Title against not just one, but two Goliaths of the WWE; the Big Show and Mark Henry. Not only until this however, Bryan managed to defend the title.

· The 8-Diva tag team match is ended when the Glamazon together with Natalya and the Bella Twins win over Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Alicia Fox and the daughter of 'Superfly', Tamina.

· In a brutal singles competition after weeks of psychological warfare, John Cena battled Kane, but ended in a double count-out. The feud continues however, the Big Red Monster razes through Zack Ryder's room and heads to the arena. Then after Kane brings Ryder to the mat suddenly, Eve Torres tried to stop Kane but failed. John Cena returned to the mat and Kane chokes him out with a powerful chokeslam. I really, really bad for Ryder and Cena right now. After the chaos, medical personnel arrived and helped Ryder.

· INTERMISSION: I love this segment how The Rock is a worldwide megastar and he is currently starred in the upcoming film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, the sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth.

· 'The Sinister Scotsman' Drew McIntyre faced off against the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay, and kudos the the female announcer who introduced him! The match is good, but the Funkasaurus managed to win it easily with a big bodyslam. Good lord, he jiggled it so good!!

· The WWE title is on the line as CM Punk battles Dolph Ziggler with John Laurinaitis as special guest referee but he had evacuate and stayed ringside. Prior to the match about weeks ago, Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger are banned from ringside. As he puts Ziggler to sleep with the GTS, Punk manages to win it.

· This will be a long one but the main is none other than the traditional 30-man Royal Rumble match. The last man standing will win a main event championship title match at WrestleMania 28 on April 1st (April 2nd in Manila). Starting up is the number one entrant, The Miz (eliminated by Big Show) battles number two entrant Alex Riley. Several seconds later, Miz eliminates A-Ry. It might be really interesting, but here's the full list of entrants:

  No.3 - R-Truth (eliminated by The Miz)
  No.4 - Cody Rhodes (IC champion) (eliminated by Big Show)
  No.5 - Justin Gabriel (eliminated by Foley and Rodriguez)
  No.6 - Primo (Tag Team champion) (eliminated by Foley)
  No.7 - Mick Foley (eliminated by Rhodes)
  No.8 - Ricardo Rodriguez (eliminated by Santino)
  No.9 - Santino Marella (eliminated by Rhodes)
  No.10 - Epico (Tag Team champion) (eliminated by Foley)
  No.11 - Kofi Kingston (eliminated by Sheamus)
  No.12 - Jerry 'The King' Lawler (eliminated by Rhodes)
  No.13 - Ezekiel Jackson (eliminated by Khali)
  No.14 - Jinder Mahal (eliminated by Khali)
  No.15 - The Great Khali (eliminated by Rhodes and Ziggler)
  No.16 - Hunico (eliminated by Kharma)
  No.17 - Booker T  (eliminated by Rhodes and Ziggler)
  No.18 - Dolph Ziggler (eliminated by Big Show)
  No.19 - 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan (eliminated by Rhodes)
  No.20 - Michael Cole (eliminated by Booker and Lawler)
  No.21 - Kharma (eliminated by Ziggler)
  No.22 - Sheamus (WINNER)
  No.23 - Road Dogg (eliminated by Barrett)
  No.24 - Jey Uso (eliminated by Orton)
  No.25 - Jack Swagger (eliminated by Big Show)
  No.26 - Wade Barrett (eliminated by Orton)
  No.27 - David Otunga (eliminated by Jericho)
  No.28 - Randy Orton (eliminated by Jericho)
  No.29 - Chris Jericho (eliminated by Sheamus)
  No.30 - Big Show (eliminated by Orton)

Final thoughts: Great PPV to start 2012 and I will wait. ON TO THE NEXT ONE!! This might be a nice PPV, but it really feels happy about it. One of the biggest and my favorite moments in the Rumble match was the Mr.Socko vs. Cobra, Ricardo gives a wedgie from Santino plus his entrance is like a damaged car (1985 Datsun), and Kofi's epic headstand to avoid getting eliminated.In conclusion, I have predicted that Sheamus will pick either WHC or WWE title.

'No Santa Hamzous and Christmas Cakes were harmed in the airing of this episode.'

Well since it's December, then this Christmas episode is going to be memorable for the idols, including Hamzou wearing a cute Santa hat.

Prologue's start with the season change, from autumn to winter. Good lord it's cold in the morning here in my home. As Haruka going to a certain meeting with Chihaya, we have saw a advertisement vid with our freakin' Miki when 'relations' played.  After this, Broducer (that's what I called him) offers some drinks to them after the meeting. Meanwhile, Broducer, Haruka and Chihaya sees a poster as they have a 2nd Live. With this, Broducer informed them that the Christmas event takes place. Boy can't wait for that. Meanwhile, Chihaya sings 'Inferno' (OMG!) when Haruka and Broducer look on. As they continue the HaruChi moment, they watch Miki's CM on television. As Haruka talks Hibiki via phone, I actually saw my Hibikin in winter wear plus the ski goggles, plus Yukiho crying while talking to the phone on her scheduled recording, Mami and Yayoi on stage and more including Takane. At the dance studio, Haruka finishes her dance training, until she receives a call from the Broducer. As Haruka arrives at 765PRO HQ, Kotori presents her with a scriptbook.

Some of the Christmas-esque scenes were here while the new song 'My Wish' is played including Chihaya on a music program, RK in a Christmas concert, Yukiho promoting 'Little Match Girl', Yayoi and Mami were dressed as Loli-Santas when visiting a certain home, Makoto and Hibiki were awesome while playing some kind of a Tennis-esque game (I wonder what is called?), and Takane plays as a choir member when the snow is falling outside. Haruka contacts Kotori while decorating a Christmas tree. Meanwhile as the new song, 'Attaka na Yuki' is played, Haruka buys a Christmas Cake in a bakery, then she runs into a shop as she remembered that Broducer needs a new wallet. As Haruka arrives as she greets Chihaya, they are headed to the office together, only to be surprised by Kotori and their fellow idols, including Mami who is wearing a moustache/glasses combo. Poor Yukiho, tired and tired as she arrives until she is greeted by the idols as they celebrate her Christmas birthday party (Good god isn't this early?). We see Hamzou eating almonds like a chipmunk as RK arrives at the office in time for the Christmas party as Iori is flanked by the twins (LOLI MOMENT) as Iori tells everyone that she saw a bunch of Christmas cakes at the table. Finally, our freakin' Miki and Broducer arrives in time. Haruka fails at opening the champagne, and Hamzou is flanked by Makoto's teddy bear and Usa-chan. Good lord how cute they are! As the idols enjoy their Christmas party, they exchange gifts, and Hibiki has a box from Ramen Nijuurou, Iori's got a scarf, and the twins making fun at the Broducer.

As the Christmas cakes prepared, they decided to pick one. Finally, Yukiho blow out the candles on her birthday. As Haruka prepares to gives the new wallet to the Broducer, President Takagi informed Miki that she successfully complete the CM, and everyone's happy. Hamzou's tummy is full after he enjoy some almonds. Miki's too cute for the Santa costume, and in the end, they enjoy Christmas together. Oh how wonderful this episode has to be, but I have to get myself ready.

Overall: 8/10

Next week, is Kotori previewing this episode? Well I can't for that.

I would probably called this a 'Crowning Moment of Heartwarming' episode.

That could be the most emotional episode ever in the series. And also, let's have a standing ovation for Chihaya Kisaragi...

Looks like Kuroi's done it in the last episode from the beginning, and guess what, Jupiter is about to turn the cards out against Kuroi. At the hospital, we saw Harurun sitting in the waiting room, when the Producer and Chihaya are in the clinic. But when I heard the music-box version of 'Aoi Tori' during the flashback scene, I was stunned, and I have to get my blue hankie ready. When Chihaya (the second of my favorite idols) is absent in some shows including their show (from the 15th episode). As Haruka heads to the office, she meets with Chihaya's mom, and she presents Haruka a sketchbook, in which Chihaya's lil'bro (named Yuu) used when he spends time with his big sis in the past. As she talked with the Producer in Takagi's office (last week when he talks to Takane in the same room), the Producer told her that he is doing his best and we see a montage from the sixth episode. Meanwhile at the dressing room in which they will perform a concert, Haruka looks at Yuu's sketchbook, until Miki comes to see her. A few minutes later, Haruka has the ultimate key to bring Chihaya's voice back. Meanwhile as the scandal continues to spread thanks to Kuroi, Haruka heads to Chihaya's apartment and talks to her until, Haruka declares the L4U veteran to sing on stage to reach for the stars. As Haruka opens the door and enter and gives some song notes to her and Haruka leaves as Chihaya reads a letter to her while the others go practicing making some lyrics and rehearsals for their upcoming concert as Kotori prepares a another Luxury outfit for Chihaya (I wonder what's this called? Last time, it's Pink Diamond 765). And when Chihaya looks at her brother's sketchbook, she was go for it. At the rehearsal, I saw Makoto wearing training gear for the first time (wow she's perfect!) and Yayoi wearing it too! As the audience getting ready as the girls headed on stage, they saw Chihaya, and everyone is now getting ready for it as Chihaya emotionally cried. After RK (Ryuugu Komachi)'s performance, it is now time for Chihaya to set the stage, but thanks to the reinforcements of Haruka and the idols, a miracle finally occurred, as Chihaya's voice is back to normal. I am tearjerked for this crowning miracle as Chihaya can finally sing again. Good god almighty, I salute you, Chihaya!

Next week: Wow, I hear Takagi (Otsuka) and the Producer (Akabane) are doing in the preview! Can't wait for this.

Overall: 10/10

Takane Shijou. ex-idol of 961PRO as a member of Project Fairy, dubbed the 'Silver Queen', Possessed her great ability with ramen with her second stomach...

and she's got another ability that she possessed: a stalker sense.

This episode might be just for Takane fanboy or a fangirl, this one is for you. And it looks like Kuroi hired a cameraman to stalk our Silver Queen. And in the meantime later on, Jupiter's performance makes the fangirls go scream and totally make you deaf when you listen to 'Alice or Guilty', and Mami's back! Oh how I miss her. Finally in the second half of this episode, I hear the voice of Chihaya's lil'bro as she gets into the past with her in the festival years ago, and when she went to the cemetery to visit her late brother, she was encountered by her mom. Meanwhile, Takane's a police muse (Wow! I knew it!) and by suddenly the camera attempts to take a pic of Takane, and the Producer (or the BROducer) gets owned by the cameraman and with my shock, our Ohime-chin wields a gun (ever imagined that she's awesome with that!?) and with that, she uses her move to owned the cameraman! Good lord, Takane's awesome and this makes me my crowning moment of awesome! At the very end, Chihaya devastatingly shocked as she loses her voice (GASP!).

In conclusion, there will be another Chihaya episode since the 4th episode. Can't wait to see it.

My overall score: 10/10 (for Ohime-chin's crowning moment)

Characters / Junjirou's kanji words
« on: November 09, 2011, 01:59:21 pm »
Um, I have to start this one because I wanted to know on Junjirou Takagi's kanji words using his calligraphy, which is always can be seen in every episode of the anime every week, and it can only be seen in the office of 765 Productions.

The first kanji for the first episode is 'flight' for example. Can someone else has some kanji calligraphy from Junjirou himself?

Finally, a Ric-chan episode that everyone's waiting for. In one scene, Ami sees a photo of Ritsuko wearing a dress in the first game.

So, what do you think of this episode?

EDIT: I finished watching this episode right before I went to work. The prologue states that Ryuugu Komachi will go in training camp for their secret live concert. Back at 765 HQ, Ami sees a picture of Ric-chan wearing a dress (remember the first game when she dressed like that?) and to get a bit surprise, Ric-chan snatches the photo and keeps it. In the meantime, Chihaya receives a phone call in the prologue of the episode. I feel worried about her. And lastly, one of my favorite part of the episode was the 'Ippai, Ippai' part, when Ric-chan finally performs on stage and to my surprise, the audience's glow sticks turned green (one of my fav colors) and continues to wow the audience.

In conclusion, can't wait to see Ohime-chin (Takane) in a police uniform. And then, Chihaya visit the grave of her little brother.

My overall score: 9.5/10

I love Ami and Iori's faces during training time with Ric-chan. It was priceless.

EXTRA: The Dearly Stars from 876PRO are special guests in this ending.

General chatter / WWE Vengeance 2011
« on: October 24, 2011, 04:56:34 am »
"Vengeance is mine!" -Mark Henry

*prepares a bag of Cheetos*

I watched SmackDown last week and it was amazing, the Big Show is back and he uses the WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) to triple KO'ed Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez and Mark Henry in the main event. Plus, the mask vs. mask match between the two Sin Caras is epic, with Sin Cara Azul wins it.

This might be my second WWE PPV topic and I have to watch it today at 8AM (in Manila), and due to my nasal blockage and irritated but painful cough, please bear with me. Anyways, this WWE PPV marks the first event under the Vengeance name since 2007. The theme song for this PPV is 'Make Some Noise' from the movie, Real Steel. So, shall we get started?

· The first match-up is for the WWE Tag Team Championship with Air Boom (Kingston and Bourne) defended the titles against Dolph Ziggler and 'The All American-American' Jack Swagger. From the beginning of the opening contest, I am still irritated for Vickie with the 'Excuse Me!' quote so I decided to mute the TV no matter what. Kofi's crossbody is awesome but Air Boom managed to retain the titles, making Vickie disappointed.

· Next-up after the Tag Team title match, the United States title is on the line for Dolph against Zack Ryder, but Ziggler retains the title after a kick in the head.

· The next match is a Divas Championship bout as Beth Phoenix defends her butterfly belt against Eve Torres. During the match-up, Beth deals some damage for Eve as it keeps going but suddenly, Eve manages to turn the tables around. In the end however, the Glamazon retains the title after she gives Eve a Glam Slam.

· Some say that revenge is best serve cold, right? But in the next match-up between Christian and Sheamus, this might be the ultimate right here. But the Great White managed to win it with a Brogue Kick. This match might be my favorite.

· Next-up is the tag team match between Triple H and CM Punk battles the Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth). It was pretty amazing when Punk goes around to deal some damage against Miz and Truth. But in the end, the Awesome Truth won thanks to Kevin Nash, who is fired by him, and he delivered the King of Kings with a jack-knife powerbomb.

· It's a master-protege match between Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes in a singles competition of serious proportions. Rhodes mimicking Orton's coiled part, but Orton manages to win after delivering a RKO on him.

· The co-main event is a World Heavyweight Championship match-up between Mark Henry and the Big Show, who returned after four months. These two titans squared off to see who is the better one. It was a epic match indeed, until the ring collapse using 400 pounds of force! Both of them are badly hurt until medics arrive for medical attention. Unfortunately, the match didn't continue.

· The main event is a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship as Cena battles Alberto Del Rio. But his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez caught a black eye. Poor him. But John Cena's new attire and it's colored black. From the beginning, Del Rio deals damage against Cena with his attacks, but Cena manages to turn the tables around against the Mexican Aristocrat. As the match goes on, they battle backstage until Del Rio continues to torture Cena. The Cenation commander-in-chief smashes Del Rio in the table, and he uses the AA onto the Spanish announcer's table. It was a crazy but hell match-up until Del Rio retains the title.

Man, it was one hell of a night in this WWE PPV. Opinions are appreciated.

Finally, a episode with more fun things to come for me. The prologue marks Hamzou's return, oh I was so happy for him by the way. Yayoi's with the preschoolers along with Azusa and Iori (oh god Azusa you look good!), Makochin's wearing a dress (OMG!) but I wonder why Yukipyon's angry about, My Hibikin's got a long-distance marathon part (GO HIBIKIN GO!!).

The second part amuses me with this: Takane's a ramen critic (you're too perfect for this, Ohime-chin!) as she heads out with Ami and Mami in a ramen shop as they treated Ohime-chin like a queen. And when I saw her ordered ramen, it was full of moyashi (bean sprout)! OMG! This reminds me of the seventh episode! The crowning moment is Chihaya's laughing part and her blushing, in which Haruka's got owned by a box that contains a dessert, thus I will definitely called this one the 'box cover flip'. The Futamis copied Haruka's looks, then my crowning moment of awesomeness has come true for me as the twins controlled a robot in which the controls is like Giant Robo (a classic anime) and a Gurren Lagann (my brother finished watching this anime) reference. Mako-chin's finally done it by maxing out the visuality of her looks, making Yukipyon too impressed. One of my fav songs for this episode are 'Arcadia' and of course, MEGARE! Kotori's in her house to enjoy watching the show, by eating a senbei, and she's got tons of some recordings from the show itself!!

In conclusion, this episode is now added to my fav episode list. The first one being the eighth episode. What a great episode and I'm gladly approved it.

My overall score: 10/10

EXTRA! There's a mini-site based on the show itself:

It is now the halfway mark or should I say the second half of this series right here, and it's pretty amazing when Jupiter steals the show with a cover of a magazine. The Kimi wa Melody part was amazing, including Makoto as a prince and Takane as a damsel-in-distress in a photoshoot, plus the L4U (Live 4 U) veterans, Haruka, Chihaya and Miki are hosted a show. And let's not forget my favorite, Hibiki being owned by a monkey.

In conclusion, I give it a overall score of 8/10. Pretty good for this episode but I wait some episodes in the future.

General chatter / WWE Hell in A Cell 2011
« on: October 03, 2011, 07:30:38 am »
Ever since last time when Marx was posted a WWE PPV topic, maybe I'll start with this PPV topic: Hell in A Cell.

Ever since I didn't watch it live in the morning (in Manila) at 8:00 AM, maybe I'll watch the replay just in case due to my insomnia attack on my head. *prepares feather fan* So, shall I start my opinions on this?

· Sheamus is awesome, and he pummels Christian in the first matchup. But the thing is, fired Superstars, The Miz and R-Truth are in the audience and they have tickets in their hands to watch.

· One of my favs is the matchup between the two Sin Caras. Sin Cara (Mistico) battles another Sin Cara (Incognito*) as they fight like two lightning bolts struck. But in the end, Sin Cara (Mistico) emerges as the winner and he is the true Sin Cara indeed.

· Air Boom defends their Tag Team titles against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. They deal some damage here but in the end, Air Boom remains supreme and still the Tag Team champs.

· Mark Henry defends his World title for the first time against the Viper and WWE's Apex Predator, Randy Orton, but Henry won and manages to defend the Title inside the Devil's Playground. At the end of the match, Henry tries to induct Orton into the Hall of Pain, but Orton dodges it and manages to turn the tables around as he pummels Henry with a steel chair.

· An impromptu match has ordered for Cody Rhodes to defend his retro-style Intercontinental title against John Morrison, but it ended when Rhodes successfully defended it. I have to say that retro-style Intercontinental belt was colored white, and it goes back to the old days I'll say.

· After weeks of her attempts to gain the Divas Championship, Beth Phoenix nets the butterfly belt as she won against Kelly Kelly... with some assistance from Natalya. Looks like Beth's title drought was over I think.

· The main event is the first time ever when a Triple Threat match is happening here for the WWE Championship, as John Cena faces CM Punk and the Mexican Aristocrat, Alberto Del Rio. It was one epic match but in the end, Del Rio manages to recapture the title. After the match however, The Miz and R-Truth attacked Punk and Cena as Triple H, WWE COO, orders the police to arrest both The Miz and R-Truth, but they were later pummeled by the WWE COO.

Phew, I am done for this. So, what is your opinion for this? Anyone?

* - The second Sin Cara is Incognito, whose real name is Jose Arias.

Welcome Center / PinoyCruger, nice to meet you.
« on: September 28, 2011, 06:18:53 am »
Hello. Ever since I started joining this forum, I was the only Filipino ever to join in this.

Ever since I started trending the series by late 2006, I was thinking of this when I hear one of the songs (shiny smile), and then years later I started trending it with some scenes and of course, music.

I came all the way from the Philippines to join here, and in conclusion, I want all of you have a great time here in this forum. Thank you.

-PinoyCruger  :)

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