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Welcome Center / Hello to all of you! :D
« on: March 05, 2011, 08:59:17 pm »
Hello to you all!! I'm an IM@S-Fan from Germany and be proud to be here in this Forum!! Nice to meet you all!
I'm 23 years old and abig Anime / Manga fan! And of course a big fan of the Games too! :D I play mainly RPGs and Jump'n &Runs like Kirby or Sonic or Mario... I listen with passion to J-Music! I listen now and then the one or another music from other countries too but mainly J-Music! :)

I love IM@S so much! T_T I can't play this game... I don't have a JP XBox 360 and not the game itself D: But I wished I had both of them... I soo want to play badly this game... My little hope is a PS3 Port of IM@S2 but goddamn Namco would never do this, I know it! D:

If I had IM@S2 (or the first IM@S game, whatever..), my favourite Trio would be Miki, Mami and Iori... but since Iori isn't producable anymore in IM@S2... Yayoi does it too! :D And my second favourite Trio would be Project Fairy (Miki, Hibiki & Takane), yaaaaay!!! :D I like all of the girls in IM@S but these characters, that are in my favourite Trio's are my favourite Characters, of course ne? XD

That was it from me! If you want to know more about me, ask away!!

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