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Welcome Center / Hi everyone!
« on: September 20, 2010, 08:05:18 am »
I'm terrible with writing these posts please forgive me D:

*coughs* Hi there, my name's Magenta. XD I'm a fairly novice im@s fan (big fan of the CDs but haven't yet had the chance to get any of the games - I know, I know, sacrilege! Will be getting a JP 360 for im@s2 I promise D:) but have been utterly entranced by the awesomeness of the characters and dedicate my life to the cause. Speaking of sacrilege, I'm a big big fan of Dearly Stars. Please don't hate me too much. :( I just find Ellie utterly adorable.

In my spare time I play far too many video games and translate for a fansub group. Recently have started branching into im@s stuff and subbing the Im@s2 PVs, as well as working on translating some of the drama tracks off the CDs.

Anyway, my friend SalemJeanette basically fellated this place so I felt I should join. I was setting a bad example by not being a member here despite it being partly my fault she got into im@s in the first place. :w In as much as getting someone into im@s can be considered a "fault", at least. Which it can't. At all.

In any case, I hope to try not to annoy you all too much and try and make myself useful around here <3 Nice to meet you all!

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