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Just dropped by to see what's been going on.

Man the place has changed.

>3 boxes came in
>No signs in any of them

General chatter / Re: the fig thread
« on: August 19, 2012, 12:37:45 pm »
Seems like every man and his dog bought that Luka. I was going to, but I opted for Alisa instead:

I have about 40 figures now. I should stop collecting soon, or at least attempt to narrow it down. I'm not one for having them outside of display cases.

Having seen that out of the box. That Arisa is beautiful. :<

Just got news, the Idolmaster Animation Booster Pack Foils will have Seiyuu Signed cards. Kotori included. 26 Foils so you have a 14/26 chance, so im going to guess the Signs are SR rarity again.

If it's anything like the old sets, there will be a signed in every box. This is the rare case that Holos are actually worth more in this set.

not out till august. :<

i've known bout hammergirl since they started carrying ws, unfortunately they don't have any stock of older sets. :(

I brought cards in the end (I found out there actually a good size community locally) and built this with just a trial and 1 booster box. How does it look?
I got help with a person within the community with changing out cards, and suggestion on what i should get if i wanna power it up better.


Lvl 0

IM/S14-059 x3 - チャーミングヴィーナス 春香
IM/S14-T09 x4 - チャーミングヴィーナス 響

Lvl 1

IM/S14-056 x1 - ピンクダイヤモンド765 美希
IM/S14-068 x3 - 私服の春香
IM/S14-102 x1 - ユニットメンバー 美希

lvl 2

IM/S14-052 x1 - アイドル一直線! 春香
IM/S14-057 x1 - ピンクダイヤモンド765 響
IM/S14-070 x3 - ピンクダイヤモンド765 春香
IM/S14-T12 x1 - ラブアタック! 美希

lvl 3

IM/S14-104 x2 - 正統派アイドル! 春香


IM/S14-071 x3 - BK MANIAC


IM/S14-073 x1 - relations
IM/S14-074 x3 - GO MY WAY!!


Lvl 0

IM/S14-004S x1 - いつもオドオド 雪歩 - My life is complete, signed card
IM/S14-009 x2 - ピンクダイヤモンド765 やよい
IM/S14-101 x1 - ユニットメンバー 雪歩
IM/S14-T02 x1 - チャーミングヴィーナス 真美
IM/S14-T03 x3 - 私服のやよい

lvl 1

IM/S14-011 x2 - ピンクダイヤモンド765 雪歩
IM/S14-018 x3 - ピンクダイヤモンド765 真美
IM/S14-103 x2 - ユニットメンバー やよい

Lvl 2

IM/S14-T05 x2 - べろちょろ やよい

Lvl 3

IM/S14-002 x1 - みんなのお姉さん やよい


IM/S14-023 x1 - おはよう!!朝ご飯
IM/S14-025 x1 - First Stage
IM/S14-T07 x2 - Do-Dai


Lvl 0

IM/S14-079 - 私服の貴音

'Note, this is the best we can figure out with the booster cards i got. His suggestion was to get more salvage card, and 1 more Yayoi, 765 Pink Diamond, and get more Miki, 765 Pink diamond over Yayoi, Unit Member.

Naturally we played some matches. I thought that he was more worried about my lvl 3 cards, he actually more worried about my Hibiki, 765 Pink Diamond.

He also said he envy the fact this is only 1 booster box. It "near ideal for how you play"

My suggestions are based on what you mentioned you had with one booster. If you want vastly improve it, you may want to try something more specialized.

I would take out the Pink Diamond Yayois and replace them with Ryuugu Komachi Leader Iori IM/S14-028 R. It grants a universal buff to all music traits, and also can be used to pump yayoi's an extra +500 for a turn. I personally think pink diamond hibiki is a weak card because at most she can only become a 2/2 9k, even with encore i felt she had no sustainability by late game. (bakemono hitagi has a similar effect except she can reach 9.5k). I don't like "do-dai" in this deck. I would swap them out with "shiny smiles" you got from your booster. Another card I highly recommend you to run is LUCKY RABBIT, which is one of the best events that imas2 has imo. (if you play YGO, it's basically a pot of duality!)

There's probably a lot more options that'll make it better, but just experiment and see what works!

While I would like to try out some of those suggetions, I simply don't have the budget nor resource to obtain the cards. Getting them here in the states are next to impossible. However, I have changed my deck some more since the last post. I've taken out Yukiho in exchange for Chihaya 3/0 3500 to keep some consistency in my level/clock. I've already splashed in the Lv.3 Heal Counter and it's worked wonderfully. Harukas normally doesn't have a problem sticking around thanks to 「前のめりに元気! 春香」, but I do agree that Hibiki is heavily dependent on BK. Now I know I'm missing 2 more 1/0 Haruka's but she is simply much too hard to come by for me. As for the 2/1 Haruka, I like her exactly for the reason she is a 1 soul Lv 2, I can still maintain a decent wall at lv 2-3 The support Chihayas were more or less a test, but I did consider the 9.5k Chihaya, but felt it didn't fit well with the deck theme. I'll give them a whirl and hope for the better. At the moment, I'll change my climax ratio to 3 gates and 3 i want 2 go my ways each and see if that works better.

Thanks for the suggetions!

So I'm hoping I could get some feedback on this current experimental build on my haruka deck. I originally played this mono red for almost 3 months, but I found it fell off late game pretty bad. After I splashed in some yellow yukihos for better early game, but it still lacks in power late game. I'm hoping the chihayas can help with the relative weak power they have in general. With 4 bk's and 4 hibiki's, 2 gate triggers, and a kotori, i usually have no idea getting the cards I need. Any suggestions? Hopefully nothing too radical because I'd like to keep the synergy I have between my harukas. :<

Lv 0

x4 IM/S07-005
x2 IM/S14-054

x3 IM/S14-004
x1 IM/S07-008

x3 IM/S14-078
x3 IM/S14-089

x2 IM/S14-068/x2 IM/S14-T11 TD
x2 IM/S07-051
x2 IM/S14-060

x3 IM/S14-070
x3 IM/S14-052

x4 IM/S14-062
x2 IM/S14-104 TD

x4 IM/S14-071 "BK MANIAC"
x2 IM/S14-096 "765プロ地獄の特訓"

x4 IM/S14-074 GO MY WAY!!"
x2 IM/S07-074 I want
x2 IM/S14-073 Relations

playing the shit out of gundam extreme vs lately.

bushiroad announced idolmaster anime extra packs yesterday!

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Re: Idolm@ster 2 on PS3
« on: October 26, 2011, 12:03:12 am »
namco, you are now the greatest trolls in the gaming industry, moreso than valve.

Random question, doesn't anybody here play League of Legends?

I try to get in a game or 2 a day for my win. :X

Playing Dark Souls, this game rapes me :<

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: THE iDOLM@STER TCG (Weiβ Schwarz)
« on: September 16, 2011, 09:54:18 am »
Let's get some discussion going on. Now that IM@S2's been out for a few weeks now. How does it stack up to the current meta?

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