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General chatter / Re: Your current mood.
« on: August 18, 2014, 05:56:24 am »
Constantly tired. Started working the night shift and it's draining some of my enthusiasm. At least I did managed to go to a convention last Saturday and had some fun.

For anyone following my art thread, I will be posting what I missed. Just give me a day or two to get back up.

Community works / Re: Arturo's Super Sexy Fan Art Corner!
« on: July 11, 2014, 02:18:04 am »
Actually, YES! She was too dang big to fit. She's like Ridley. X)!

Even with a reference, it was still a frustration for me. Its amazing how Annin Doufu can consistently do it.

Well, something I usually do is that when drawing characters of varying heights together, I take account of the tallest person first, then plan ahead for the rest. You'll probably notice how I live up to that when you see my drafts. XD

Well, I got nothing right now, but I'll be posting some Pokemon art I did a while back~ ^^

I just love your style, you and Arturo, everything you do I'm like


I don't know XD I just love it. That Clover Fairy Chieri is absolutely adorable, and Glamorous Ricchan is so fancy and pretty.

Still impressed by your clothes-drawing.

Eheheh... Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I feel I've yet to reach the limit of my current ability, but I'll work hard! ^^

Community works / Re: Arturo's Super Sexy Fan Art Corner!
« on: July 04, 2014, 03:57:23 pm »
Also, yes, I KNOW Kirari is missing. I just simply couldn't fit her. Don't worry, she'll show up eventually.

Kirari too big for your paper? XD <shot for relevant fan joke>

This was also my first time ever drawing Kaede, and I think she turned out well. Her hair definitely gave me hell, though. I felt I had to get her right or else Deviant might have my head in a shallow grave. :P

I understand that frustration. When I recently attempted to draw it, I wasn't quite sure how to do it. In the end, I thought I could justify the 'wind' and made her hair straighter than normal.

Still, your drawings come out nice. Keep it up!

Still busy, still working hard. But not forgetting my duties as an artist, so I'm posting what I can catch up with on the birthday pics:

Clover Fairy Chieri:

As someone who favors having four-leaf clovers, I thought Chieri being in a fairy costume based out of that would be a nice fit. I debated on whether to give her wings here, but I decided that she looks good without.

Also, this is the first time I tried doing a pantyshot. So if that sucks, I'm sorry. First-timers usually never get it right. XO

Glamorous Ricchan:

I thought I'd do something simpler this time around. I have here a one-piece dress with slits on the leg areas. Originally, it was supposed to be a one-piece with a skirt, but the affliction of perversion struck me (and it looks better in my opinion).

And something different; Like the Uzuki drawing pic from way back, I did this one for an art contest of the same franchise:

Okay, so a lot of things happened in real life that caused me to not appear for a while (most I could do was just Facebook and Twitter). But anyway, I did try to catch up on the two Cinderella Girls I've missed!

Syoko Hoshi

Kaede Takagaki

Commentary is on the dA page. I don't feel like CnP'ing now. D:

EDIT: Missed Chieri as well. Crap, I'm not paying as much attention now... D:

That's amazing.
Compared to me, you're still WAY better! I can definitely see how far you've come, though. Congratulations for improvement and stuff, though I don't see anything jarringly terrible in your old art. I think I just love your style too much. :P

I dunno. My only critics of that time said it wasn't that good. But I guess it's only because only them are commenting on me did I instill my 'deprecation'. Thank you very much. ^^ I learned my style from the dark side of the force. Wanna join? XD

It's the end of the week, so I finally managed to get some R&R from job training. Originally, I was gonna post here my Pokeart but I think this is more appropriate.

The other moment you've all been waiting for! Marx's drawing style from eight years ago! :D

I was gonna show some superhero designs, but skill-wise, this is worse. D: I made this at a time when I was watching Kamen Rider Kabuto (hence the pose and miscellaneous sketches at the side).

........OK. OK, that's adorable. That is adorable, and incredibly talented, do you even...
...I love it. <3 XD

To an art noob like myself, it's incredibly impressive. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY COMPLIMENTS. :P ;D

Kyaaaa. Thanks. I can't just simply take compliments. I dunno why. lol XD

He sounds impeccably awesome. Write a book about him. And then let me read it.
It can be like a book exchange! :D

I'll be working on that. I'll tell you when I'm done.

Well, you can always count on me for year-round friendliness. :P You're very welcome.

Still, I really love the detail you put into all your works. I can tell you really sat down and thought about what you wanted to do--and what's more, you actually made it look good.

Thanks! I dunno, I guess I really want to put my soul into my art because technically they're my children. A bit of perfectionism also helps there. I can't explain it well, to be honest.

The moment you've all been waiting for! Presenting... My Iori's Birthday 4koma!!

Okay, I got no idea how to introduce this properly, so, yeah. lol

Also the plaid on her skirt. How do you do it.

It's not hard. Just tedious. A simple skirt's comparatively easier to do

...well. Both of them have dark childhoods (really everyone but one guy does :P), and they were both aliens forced into human bodies through the use of fantasy artistic license science (because I'm writing this, I can do whatever I want).
And it centers around personifications of the seven deadly sins, Leo and Aoki being two of them.
Does that count? XD

Well, he's a young prodigy to super ambitious parents, was estranged by said parents to a foreign country because of one time he failed them in getting a perfect score, had to fend for himself in a place with a language he doesn't understand, which included to steal food from someone but was immediately ran over by a car, was tended to full health by the same person who he stole from, eventually being adopted by that person, and got in the secret agency that person is working for after finding out about it by accident, promising to be the ideal agent they want him to be just to make his stepparent proud.

Don't worry, I missed you. :P

The twins are adorbs, this drawing is adorbs, I have to stop using adorbs, and overall it's still just as great as I remember your style being. I just love the attention to detail on the clothes, and those cute little facial expressions! You're good at art. :P

Thanks. I feel a bit of alienation in the net because of a past experience. I'm just happy that it's not always the case and that I can find people who'd appreciate me. So, thanks to everyone here. ^^

I still feel I have a lot to learn, though, but I'll get there. Also, getting the right expressions for them was kinda hard. You could probably tell by the erasure marks on Mami's mouth.

I think I like the hand holding the best in that pic. Shows a bit of the twins' unity. Overall, I like!

Thanks. My brother said it was impossible for humans to do that pose. Turns out it's possible, but it's very stressful on the arm to the wrong person.

Yo! Ehehe..... I was kinda busy IRL, so that's why I'm not around. Missed me? Well, guess not. Anyway...


Yes I know the devil theme is redundant now. Ran out of ideas at the last minute. It still looks good, right? That's what matters, right? D:

Also, I haven't forgotten about the 4koma. It's done already (I made two), and I'm gonna have to scan it, because my taking-pics-with-camera technique isn't gonna cut it. Will post tomorrow.

Community works / Re: Grace's Fanarts~
« on: May 06, 2014, 02:49:19 pm »
Well, I guess you can make it here. I don't think it'll matter so much if you place it on General Chatter- the most a mod would do is probably relocate it here.

Community works / Re: Arturo's Super Sexy Fan Art Corner!
« on: May 06, 2014, 02:47:12 pm »
I like Iori Birthday pic. Wish the seat of the chair was more obvious, but otherwise it's good. ^^

I really love Iori, her legs look, like, perfect. How do you do it? :P

My God, that sounds so pervy. lol

...Yes, I know it's a day late. Yesterday wasn't a good day and I had a lot of hindrances on me. But now I'm here with this pic! ^^

To compensate for my tardiness, I'm making a 4koma featuring Iori to be posted soon.

What a coincidence. In a book I'm writing, I have a character named Leo and one named Aoki.
Now they join together to form this masterpiece.

If either of them has a dark childhood, part of a super-secret organization or being the bearer of a powerful deity, then feel free to make the connection even more. XD

Men with blue hair are cool. And I still love your style.

Same here. Wish I could make the hair darker. And the eyes probably not green. lol

Hehe. Thanks.

Anyway, I'm still in the process of doing Rin's celebratory image and I wanted to do Mio in the same picture. But emotional block prevents any progress right now.

Instead (and since those were available for use), I decided to draw and practice some more with color pencils. Here's what I did with that: My OC, Leo Aoki:

Community works / Re: Grace's Fanarts~
« on: April 28, 2014, 12:52:41 pm »
We should make a thread where people show their worst drawing from the time they first started and their best recent drawing, and we just laugh at ourselves because I SUCKED at art as a child. XDD

Oh God, you'll probably be shocked at mine. It may resemble my style now, but otherwise... XD

Anyway, I like your style. Specially impressed with the caramelldansen pic from earlier. ^^

Other iM@S games / Re: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
« on: April 24, 2014, 12:35:04 pm »
Strange. Cael hasn't posted yet? He's probably gonna flip with happiness when he finds out Yuki's getting a CD debut. XD

Also, Happy Birthday, Uzuki! Birthday pic in my drawing thread.

Bah, where'd all these Nana votes come from, overtaking Chieri and Uzuki like that...

Surprised me as well. Perhaps the Nana fans decided to come in by storm after seeing the possibilities.

Or that maybe Planet Usamin IS real and its inhabitants registered for the game just to vote for her. D:

Mio and Yuki for a hot-blooded song! Poor Aiko.
It also amuses me greatly that Mio, Yuki, and Aiko will have a group song together. =w=

If Akane's there, then expect an all-out hot-blooded song that'll have everyone's energy near empty except hers. XD

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