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Title: "We need YOU!"
Post by: shelliana on December 28, 2016, 03:53:56 am
Hi, I've been contributing to the wiki for a little while and I'd like to change the "We need YOU!" page so that it's less vague and can act as a more pertinent to-do list for the wiki. I'm making this thread to make sure it's okay to change this page and to get feedback for the changes I want to make on the wiki.

Character pages: aim to have every mobile game idol's basic quotes translated. For quicker reference make a category for those without these quotes translated. Alternatively a character stub category for characters with generally sparse pages?

Card pages: there's a few character (CG) pages but it seems to have been forgotten. Do we want to continue these or not? Should this page style be expanded to ML, SideM, and Deresute? Should Deresute cards be on the same Character (CG) pages under a heading or have their own Character (CGSS) pages? (I'm for the former) I think a category should be made and also a list of idols that don't have card data. Maybe also a category for card pages needing translations (probably all of them) so that that bridge can also be crossed in the future.

Unit pages: Several unit pages for CG, SideM, and Million Live could use more info or need to be created. Should make a list of units needing pages and a category for unit stubs. In general I think units that sing or receive particular attention (Frilled Square, New Wave, 142s, YukaYukaNoriko/Mellow Yellow) should get pages but obviously not every unit because that would get quite hectic. Also should character pages should have a list of participating units, maybe just including those with wiki pages, or should it just only be on there if the unit has some significance that would lead it to be mentioned in trivia or biography?
Also the big CG unit list needs to be updated, but I'll just do that myself in a little bit.

Seiyuu: make a list of voice actors that don't have pages and category for voice actor stubs. Also maybe make more of a standard/template for voice actor pages? I saw the thread saying that full list of other roles should be replaced with short mention of notable roles, and other than that concert performances and radio participation should be updated for most pages. Should a short biography be added as well or should what personal information is known just be kept to trivia? I know Paranda has some bios for CG seiyuu that could be adapted, but finding info in English is mostly pretty difficult for this subject.

Also I'm kind of interested in what's going on with these (, mainly the (Character) Images categories. Should they be done away with or expanded?

There's some other things I'd want to put on the page but these are the main things I want feedback on before I edit the page.
Title: Re: "We need YOU!"
Post by: Sylphony on December 31, 2016, 01:53:41 pm
I don't believe creating more categories is a good idea at the moment unless it is a really general, high-level category which can house many pages (like a "Cards" category).  Even then, it'd be easier to create one page which lists them all first before diving into them individually.

Adding content is always nice though - definitely add whatever content you can add to the wiki.

Also I'm kind of interested in what's going on with these (, mainly the (Character) Images categories. Should they be done away with or expanded?

I am not sure if those image categories are used anymore (they are supposed to be used after for each image uploaded).  Quite honestly, it'd be easier to do away with the image ones than to add category tags for each image that has been uploaded, but I think that's too a hasty decision to make.  I think I would leave them alone unless you want to add them for any images you may want to upload.
Title: Re: "We need YOU!"
Post by: shelliana on January 03, 2017, 05:57:55 am
Alright, thank you. I guess I'll just make a category for Card Data since those pages still don't have anything and I'll try to make a list of pages that could use more content/should be made.
I'll leave the dead categories alone since either way you wouldn't notice them unless you looked for them.