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Title: One for All Compendium and Request System Accounting and Credits.
Post by: Setsuna on May 15, 2014, 09:13:41 pm
This thread is new, because this is where I both acknowledge those who have been helpful enough to support the compendium build by helping out with its funds, or otherwise provide time to help with the development and preparation.

It also keeps an accounting system, to account for all the money spent for One for All's catalogs.

Prices will be kept in yen, however, the purchase date of PSN cards (or received date if the codes are provided directly) will be noted with each Catalog. You are then free to look up and see for yourself the pricing.

I strongly advise you sit down when you do the math though.

Currently donations made up roughly 12% of the compendium's catalog costs. The remainder is due to a person commissioning the rest of the costs.

Core Design, image provision, testing: Setsuna
UI Design, Coding, Hosting: Crisu

Last updated 1 May 2015




One unknown donator, please let me know if you want to be credited via email.

Other special thanks


- For helping me acquire a regional DLC release code. See,2092.0.html for details.

Current expenditures:

All DLC has been paid for to this point, due to a commissioned job.