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General chatter / U.K. Man Sentenced for 'Prohibited' Manga Drawings.
« on: October 20, 2014, 04:47:31 am »

The Teesside Crown Court of Middlesbrough, England convicted 39-year-old Robul Hoque of 10 counts of possessing prohibited images of children. However, the children depicted in the images were all drawings. Hoque is believed to be the first man in the country brought to court solely over manga and anime images. The court sentenced him to nine months in prison, but the sentence will be suspended if Hoque maintains good behavior and follows the court's requirements for two years.

Hoque's defense attorney Richard Bennett said, "This case should serve as a warning to every manga and anime fan to be careful. It seems there are many thousands of people in this country, if they are less then careful, who may find themselves in that position too."

Police seized Hoque's computer containing 288 still and 99 "prohibited" moving images, none of which were real people, in June 2012. The images are classified as prohibited because they depict young girls, some in school uniforms, and some exposing themselves or engaging in sexual activity.

Hoque initially denied the 20 charges of possessing prohibited images of children but later plead guilty to 10 specimen charges.

This marks Hoque's second conviction regarding possession of drawn child pornography. He was prosecuted in 2008 for possessing "Tomb Raider-style” computer-generated pictures of fictional children. A jury convicted him on six counts of making “indecent pseudo-photographs” of children, another first in the U.K. Hoque denied these charges but was required to complete a sex offender treatment program.

Judge Tony Briggs told Hoque in court after his most recent conviction, "You are an intelligent man. You certainly should have been aware of the risk of indulging in accessing this material, and you acknowledge your foolishness and guilt. This is material that clearly society and the public can well do without. Its danger is that it obviously portrays sexual activity with children, and the more it's portrayed, the more the ill-disposed may think it's acceptable."

Talk about a new precedent for the following shitstorm.

General chatter / Robin Williams is dead.
« on: August 12, 2014, 06:42:32 am »
This might've been suicide, but it's beyond such a downer.

Quote from: Business Insider
Actor Robin Williams has died at 63.
The cause of death is thought to be suicide by asphyxiation.

Here's the release from the Marin County Sheriff's Office:

On August 11, 2014, at approximately 11:55 am, Marin County Communications received a 9-1-1 telephone call reporting a male adult had been located unconscious and not breathing inside his residence in unincorporated Tiburon, CA. The Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Tiburon Fire Department and Southern Marin Fire Protection District were dispatched to the incident with emergency personnel arriving on scene at 12:00 pm. The male subject, pronounced deceased at 12:02 pm has been identified as Robin McLaurin Williams, a 63 year old resident of unincorporated Tiburon, CA.

An investigation into the cause, manner, and circumstances of the death is currently underway by the Investigations and Coroner Divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. Preliminary information developed during the investigation indicates Mr. Williams was last seen alive at his residence, where he resides with his wife, at approximately 10:00 pm on August 10, 2014. Mr. Williams was located this morning shortly before the 9-1-1 call was placed to Marin County Communications. At this time, the Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia, but a comprehensive investigation must be completed before a final determination is made. A forensic examination is currently scheduled for August 12, 2014 with subsequent toxicology testing to be conducted.

Williams is known for his roles in "Good Will Hunting," "Mrs. Doubtfire," and "Hook."

Goodnight, sweet prince. :'(

Community works / Dean's Artistry of Something.
« on: July 26, 2014, 10:41:53 pm »
Following a hiatus in regards to motivation and life in general, I've become artistically inclined again. To whenever fortune best serves, you can expect various fan art from time to time. The only real catch so far is trying to cement a consistent drawing style for my works as well as smoothing out that roughness, so things will begin sluggish. Nevertheless, any feedback is a boon so let's get started with my first;

Boom. Vocaloid designs have always been wildly appealing, and one such case is CUL, who happily reclines. This was done in GIMP 2.0 over a span of 8~ hours, give or take. The posture was fun to do, too.

I was so, so torn on whether or not to actually post this, given the subject matter... but hey, have a NSFW label! In news that help define our unsullied society, here's something to more than likely cause a chuckle in light of our web-slinger's expense... along with our innocent children, probably~.

After erecting a statue of Spider-Man in a South Korean shopping center, artist Eunsuk Yoo met stiff resistance from the people who run it. It seems they took a long, hard look at the spectacular piece after suspicions were aroused about its suitability. The statue has now been yanked off, despite being impressively hung on that wall for almost a year. Yoo may feel he got the shaft, but one hopes he understands the thrust of the mall’s decision.

It’s mainly because the statue has a giant tumescent penis and people were starting to get weirded out.
The statue was commissioned for the Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea, specifically near the mall’s playground which… I mean, we can all agree that was probably a bad choice, right? The statue’s extremely prominent phallus has mostly gone unnoticed for the past year, likely because the statue is positioned high on the wall, though from the side Spider-Man’s excitement at the prospect of fighting crime is certainly visible. It seems action truly is his reward.  Recent weeks have brought a number of complaints from shoppers, and while Yoo was given the option to modify the statue (possibly with a cold shower), he has instead opted to just remove it from the building entirely rather than change his art.
Yoo, in a Facebook post, has vowed to “reach out to the public with a better work next time.” As for Spider-Man, he managed to stay up for almost a year, so he should probably see a doctor.

Yeah, the article writer had way too much fun. Said article also contains pictures.


General chatter / So, how does one deal with bugs?
« on: June 04, 2014, 07:09:32 am »
Not in the sense of having them exterminated or whatever, but psychologically. Having done some lawn work today, I'm left walking in jumpy as all hell.

More onto that, it's at that point in Spring in which life flourishes most I deem -- in this case, caterpillar season. Once leaving the larval stage they tend to migrate randomly, and it's at this time I find them littered on my house. I'm put off, but don't think much of it at the time. I also live in a rural area, as away from city life as can be, so there's that to consider.

Having said this, there's also the canker worm issue our communities tend to have; they litter the highway, often clearing away the surrounding forestry. Again, unsightly as shit. Back to caterpillars, it was only after doing said lawn work I wound up with some inside my house upon entry, on the floor. Soon enough, I found several on my dress pants as well. That was a first; it wasn't fun, it wasn't nice in the slightest, but composure was kept.

Man, there's just so many negative ways I could describe my emotions right then and there. I mean, I can go about with disposing them, but I just can't put my finger on as to why I've got such a strong reflex and repugnance upon first sight; I'm not sure whether to classify this a phobia, since things like ants, ticks and various flyers I can handle fine, but if it's something with more than six legs and/or has a long, segmented body, then I immediately go NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Overall, it's just a straight up inconvenience for me, so any advice and/or empathy is much appreciated. And no, before anyone says, I'm not going to hold one -- fuck that noise. Fuck it so hard.

General chatter / Japan's New Craze: HAMBUTTS!
« on: May 24, 2014, 03:31:08 am »
As if I thought I'd seen it all, life continues to leave me flabbergasted. More onto this, the new hit that swept Japan as of recent is hamuketsu -- or otherwise, hamster asses. Yep.

Hamsters in Japan are going where not even top supermodels have dared to go before–into the pages of books featuring photographs of their rear ends.

Two books devoted to images of hamsters’ posteriors have already sold nearly 40,000 copies combined in Japan, according to the publishers, with a third book set for release later this month. Fans of the craze have coined the term “hamuketsu,” which combines “hamster” and “ketsu,” or buttocks in Japanese.

“The photos in the book are all shots of hamuketsu,” Yukako Minami, a spokeswoman at Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc., said. The company released “Kawaisa-ni Monzetsu Hamuketsu,” or “Hamuketsu–So Cute You Could Faint,” on April 19, with an initial print run of 7,000 copies. “We’ve had multiple reprints and already shipped 30,000 copies total” since then, Ms. Minami said.

The 72-page collection features all kinds of hamsters in a variety of sizes and colors, but in each case the creature’s backside faces the camera. Male hamsters appear to be more popular because they have bigger and rounder buttocks, according to the publisher. The pictures of furry roundness help “soothe the hearts” of viewers, said Ms. Minami.

I would also like to emphasize this one bit...

“The great thing about hamuketsu is that it is delightfully cute.  I can’t stop smiling when I see these butts,

I, for one, welcome our new hamster butt overlords.


For some charitable reason I can't figure out, Denmark made a full-scale model of their entire country in Minecraft.

Which only lasted for a bit before it got raided by 'Murica. More precisely, griefers adorning the once glorious settlement of happiness with American flags and tanks everywhere. Oh lol.

General chatter / URGENT! Heartbleed Bug
« on: April 13, 2014, 02:56:40 am »

For it not being posted in Project Im@s, I'll leave this here just to make sure everyone's clued in on the circumstances. There's a major security hole that's been around for two years tops, affecting two thirds of the internet due to services that run on OpenSSL. This is very liable to exposing personal information such as passwords, cookies and even credit card numbers. Overall, it is imperative that you change your passwords on important things immediately. To help guide your way, here's a list of major websites that were either hit or missed the bullet.

Relatives of a nine-month-old baby charged with attempted murder in Pakistan have taken him into hiding, a relative said on Tuesday, in a case that has thrown a spotlight on Pakistan's dysfunctional criminal justice system.

Mohammad Musa Khan appeared in court in the city of Lahore last week, charged with attempted murder along with his father and grandfather after a mob protesting against gas cuts and price increases stoned police and gas company workers trying to collect overdue bills.

"Police are vindictive. Now they are trying to settle the issue on personal grounds, that's why I sent my grandson to Faisalabad for protection," the baby's grandfather, Muhammad Yasin, told Reuters, referring to a central Pakistani city.

The baby is on bail and due to appear at the next hearing on April 12 but Yasin said he was not sure if he would take him to court for the case.

"There is immense pressure on me from various corners," he said.

At his first appearance in court last week, Musa cried while his fingerprints were taken by a court official. Later, the baby sucked on a bottle of milk and tried to grab journalists' microphones as his grandfather spoke to the media.

"He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly, how can he stone the police?" Yasin asked journalists at the court last Thursday.

The baby was apparently charged because an assistant sub-inspector complained in a crime report that Musa's whole family had beaten him up and injured his head.

No one is sacred anymore, apparently. :P

General chatter / 2048
« on: March 24, 2014, 10:19:54 pm »
2048 is a fun little puzzle game to occupy ones' time.

Check it out yourself since the description isn't quite engaging itself.

The game uses the arrow keys to move tiles left, right, up, and down. If two tiles of the same number collide while moving, they will merge into a tile with the total value of the two tiles that collided. Every turn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot on the board with a value of either 2 or 4.

The game is won when a tile with a value of 2048 appears on the board, hence the name of the game.

Highest tile I've gotten to is 1024 -- I only needed to double that to win. Try your luck! :3

General chatter / Favourite Youtubers you're subscribed to?
« on: March 20, 2014, 05:12:48 am »
Everyone here's got their favourite videos to watch here and there, but are you subscribed to someone who consistently puts out quality stuff? Things you just have to watch every single video from them the moment it hits your page? Could be just about anything from those golden apples, really. The fact we could share our favourites will do good for everybody. :3 Here's two examples from my end:

1. Ashens. He's a cynical, deadpan reviewer from the UK. He does all sorts of items, but usually deliveries from subscribers and cheap tat from what are essentially dollar stores. His judgement is pretty much spot on, and it'll often have you laugh your ass off, or cringe at the things he's been blessed with. Said things he looks at are extremely variable too, often at his own expense at that. Case in point, two of his videos which deal with wickedly bad delicacies and generally half-assed action figures. :3

2. Igor Presnyakov. He's a Russian acoustic guitarist with great renown. As a YT sensation, he appeals to his fanbase with numerous covers of classic songs or even that of themes from popular franchises. To that end, some examples are Michael Jacksons' Smooth Criminal or the Super Mario Bros. theme. Igor also rarely sings any of the lyrics to any kind of song that he covers, and instead skillfully translates them into a guitar melody, having his instrument sing the words. He's also notable for his technique in drumming with his guitar, melding it seamlessly with said music.

After hassling with typing Chihayas' bust size very specifically, I'm now able to register. orz

But belay that, I'm the guy you see to the left, yet you can call me Dean. :) Some history then: I've been long familiar with the iM@S series, but never really heeded it up until I watched the second anime, having been intrigued by Chihaya. It felt nice to have someone with similar history, so this intrigue became fandom -- you know how that goes. Eventually, this led me to buy iM@S 2 for the PS3, and it also made me go my first venture towards online transactions like Ebay, Amazon, and other sites for good old iM@S merchandise (and in general).

In the now, not only am I very interested in One for All, but the games' advent is also a grand opportunity to have a "new beginning" with the community, as it gets acquainted with said game upon release. That brings me to join this place, seeing as I can share my fandom as well (that, and it's the only English forum I know of since my Japanese is all over the place :P). Hell, iM@S 3 bodes well for this whole thing too, especially when it's coming on the PlayStation 4 along with Kingdom Hearts 3. Icing on the cake, really. :3

So about myself: I'm a mellow person who likes to take it in stride. To that end, I try to be free of arrogance and double standards, owing up to things if I felt I've done wrongdoing. I'm also one with a penchant of making fun of myself -- any smile made is a good one. :) Personal hobbies include gaming, music, anime and art in general. As far as aspirations go, I'm looking to further my education to the point I can be a police officer. RoboCop had hand in this during my childhood, and it was realistic in that it held nothing back, similar to things one would expect in life.

Furthermore, I'm a compulsive drinker of green tea. I can't help but sing praises about this beverage since it's one the healthiest things one could have, so much as I take to having it as a seasoning and an in-joke for being manly. :P Lastly, my favourite past time is poker, or Texas Hold'em. I'm simarily enthusiastic with every game I have since it's a test of conviction, being more of a "peoples' game" than a mere card game; it's exciting, it causes enthrallment, heartbreak, or just tension overall. That said, I know when to pick fights accordingly. :3

To sum up, courtesy is my modus operandi so I look to have a swell time with everyone. :)

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