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THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring "strategies"
« on: August 05, 2016, 09:34:45 pm »
It can be done on pro with 3 idols at 55-60

I just did this with Happy! level 10 on pro.
Chihaya level 60(leader with 5 hearts)
Miki level 53
Hibiki level 49
I just used my highest appeal items with two of them using the abilities ドライブデュオ (Drive Duo) and ドライブトリオ (Drive Trio)

So does the outfit drop randomly in addition to being given for EX clearing A rank?

Okay, DL Live is a go. As expected, the P Drops are still region-locked as far as I know, but the actual live is open to all players. There's also a new type, Trickster:


Cruel Namco decides to make the first two lives require it, but EX Clearing the second one give you a C Rank outfit with that type. I'll keep updating as I go further.
Is there a limit to how many gold drops you can get in a certain time frame? I have heard so but unsure if true, or is it just pure random drops?

The manual says the DL Live should appear in the 765Pad on that present icon that's currently blacked out, so that should mean it's not something that requires the Japanese store to pull up like 765 Store option. I'm still baffled by why P Drops can't be bought off PSN when everything else can, but whatever.
Unless its just me, I dont seem to be able to pull up the rankings/leaderboard on my US account. We will find out about the DL soon enough.

Not a chance.

To pass the A rankup live, you will need to score 116000 points (I figured out the exact cutoff).

To do this, you get given a choice of 3 songs, and you are in a trio formation, as per usual rankups. There is no preferred costume, so you can field whatever you like.

Basically, you'll need to be able to reliably score about 39000 reliably for 3 songs to pass A rank.

If you can do this with pro songs, I'd really like to know, because I barely can pull it off with 3 Master songs, and it doesn't get easier even with 3 idols on A rank already.
I assume you mean the rank up live you get at B rank once an idol reaches 1 million fans, if so I was able to do it with 3 regular songs using the S rank outfit that gives +6000 to a perfect chain. So theres hope for people who suck ;p

If you're post extreme live, your first goal is to get EVERYONE to B rank ASAP. The costume appeal penalty for being under rank applies to all idols and it's calculated on a rank difference rate - this is important in All star Lives.

You'll want to see if you can land a S rank costume though. Oddly enough I've gotten more of them when I FAIL than when I succeed. It's like the game went 'Oh, you failed, here's some random S ranked costume'

I used a particular S ranked costume to coast me through the all star lives, and once you get there, you'll gain about 10k fans every 13 weeks.

I've also been working with someone else, who's been updating a pastebin on the gameplay thread. See there for various strategies.
Really good to know for the B rank, this is what I will work on. Right now I have EX cleared up to about 6 jobs in B rank that a cruddy costume is holding my score back on the one im currently on. Then I am on I believe the second or third B rank solo, and falling about 2-3k short. This is my first rhythm  game of any type besides OFA which is nothing like this so master is definitely a challenge. Im not full comboing pro but im not far off. Is mastering master difficulty absolutely essential for A and S rank or can you grind out stats/upgrades to eventually pass it with pro?

Does anyone know how the training works? I seem to have wasted some money getting up burst but its not going up any. The only place I see any information is on the formation/change leader screens and it says idol potential with their appeal, burst, and omoide listed but it seems to just mirror what their actual stats currently are. I may have missed something but I have no clue how it works. Also does anyone have information on whats in the tailor shop on the third option?

All the above shows that the random costume drops can prove an issue, and how the game is incredibly 'back loaded'. The whole thing also demonstrates that the design is more akin to a Shiny Fiesta sequel rather than a mainline title, but I don't think the advertising was promising anything else. The difficulty back loading makes the game look deceptively easy though for about 15-20 hours of the game though.
So is there much to do once you get stuck during progress via either skill or costume luck? Do you just farm out some already completed lives and thats all you can do? Whats the best strategy for getting stronger once you are stuck?

Something I'm not too sure of, what are the shops used for in this game? In OFA and imas 2, you would visit them and buy outfits and accessories but it seems like in this game you get them in present drops instead. Or can you still buy outfits from the shop? I'm just sort of confused since I go to choose it and three different icons show up in a new screen and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.
As far as I know the only way to buy outfits is to exchange the gold, silver, and bronze tickets you randomly get rewarded after lives and out of presents. It costs a bit of money too. On that note does anyone know exactly what the third option in the shop offers? The one with all the button icons.


But, microtransactions are not acceptable in any console games and I repeat: EVERY console game! You bought an 80 dollar game? Well... If you want to really play: you must buy more cash! How convinient! You know Halo 3 and microtransactions, CoD and microtransactions? They shouldn't be in a game! I hate the concept of P Drops!

DLC is such a joke now

In coclusion; I will buy a PS3, im@s 2 and OFA. At least they are better than new. I mean, the graphics are better than the older ones, but still they are quite enjoyable and better than the new game! CG:SS is better than this and it is a MOBILE GAME! Is Namco now giving a middle finger to our beloved 765pro idols and released the game just for the fans of the 765pro idols? I think so.
The microtransactions in this game are actually really good for F2P players, pdrops are a way for a small minority of the community to pay for DLC that everyone has access to.

DLC has always been a joke, and people buying it is how Platinum Stars ended up like this.

People whining about the festivals when they probably including DLC amount to maybe 5-6 hours of the actual games content. Probably about 3 hours with no DLC. If you only did it with 1 idol, maybe about an hour. With only the last 4 involving any real strategy, and is watching your opponents voltage meter really that hard? Cause that is all that it was at the end of the day. CG:SS is in no way, shape, or form better then this game.

Oh, yeah. I know it hasnt been that long but Im@s 2's fastest completions are like just over a day and OFA's is just over 2 days so seeing all the 0%'s on bronze trophies had me going like "what???? no way"
Actually im kind of excited about this. I assume that obtaining all the gear is the main reason why nobody has a platinum yet. They probably wanted to give people plenty of reasons to buy pdrops and plenty of them. Considering only JP accounts can do this it means this could become one of the longest/rarest games to have a Platinum for on a Western account. Cause odds are atleast somewhere somebody has been playing 18 hours a day with pdrops on the entire time and nobody has any of the complete all outfit set trophies.

Grindfest. I have no issues with that. But it still sucks. I was hoping for something closer to 2.

Regardless of all this, i still love the game. While i do hate the lack of content, i still find what is in game very enjoyable. At least until the grindfest finally gets to me.

Imas:2 i stopped playing the story when i got all the outfit and got S rank Producer and every idol true end. Didn't help i recorded it so i can always rewatch it on my leisure.

OFA i stopped playing the core game when i cleared all the missions and got hte outfits. At least with PS, therea reason to keep going. I think it mostly the events but it a reason to keep playing.
Ill take the grindfest anyday over exactly what you described, nothing to do after beating the prior games.

Well sorry to say, but this is what happens when "fans" let a company absolutely rob them like this by purchasing the DLC. Its just disgusting that Miracle Night is DLC. The first volume should not even have come out for a month. They also are saving most of the outfits for the event exclusive drops im sure. The only good news is that generally no matter the game a sequel on a new engine and console is never as content rich as its predecessor on a previous console. OFA was the third IM@S game to use that engine. This is the first to use this one and it most definitely took more work to create then OFA. Platinum Stars is pretty good in this regard. At the end of the day, in OFA there was no reason to replay the missions, at least with this new system that people call "Grindy" there is a reason to continue to play. OFA may have had a better system that im still shocked they did away with but at least there is a reason to play past the idol extreme without buying DLC. The pdrops are also good as they are basically DLC thats paid for by a small portion of the community that all can use for free. 

Anyone have a stat priority of some sort? Also are the outfits/accessory's all random drops or are some exclusive rewards to things like EX clears etc.

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