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Title: Minna-san, konnichiwa!
Post by: gioiadeasis on March 18, 2017, 03:46:39 pm
Hi there! I'm Gioia (joy-ah). Call me Joy-chan, if you want. That's my name's translation from Spanish.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce myself as an aspiring journalist...and of course, an otaku.

Currently married to Anderson Cooper [in my dreams], watching 60 Minutes and a whole freaking lot of news, and anime are my hobbies. I also do calligraphy and advocate against fake news, which is very timely now that the political landscape is changing not just here in my country but around the world too.

I currently am obsessed with this franchise, and would love to meet others who share my love for journalism and anime.

Now, I'm about to complete junior high (Middle school, if you would like to call it) and planning to take journalism in college and work for [CNN] in the future.

I also have interacted with other CNN journalists, and some CBS News personalities. My most memorable CNN interaction was with Anderson himself. I have a pending invite to a local CNN station in our country.

As for anime, I loved K-ON! so much I discovered after iDOLM@STER that Ayana Taketatsu voices Sachiko in CG and Azusa in K-ON! (Yes! The exact same name as Azusa in this franchise, but different kanji). Also finished watching Hibike! Euphonium where Tomoyo Kurosawa voiced Kumiko. Looks like I have a lot of love for KyoAni as much as A-1. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso also became one of my fave musical anime. Just in case you're thinking, I specialize on musical anime, but are interested in any other kind of genre, but not hentai. Anohana is a perfect example.

I love K-pop to a bit. I actually liked Twice because of Momo Irsai, who has a namesake, Momo Asakura AKA Serika Hakozaki. Also liked Blackpink.

But my top hobbies are watching news, anime, and doing calligraphy.

I hope to meet more people! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, minna-san! Arigatogozaimashita.   ;D
Title: Re: Minna-san, konnichiwa!
Post by: Teddie on March 19, 2017, 09:17:13 am
Welcome to the forums!
Title: Re: Minna-san, konnichiwa!
Post by: gioiadeasis on March 19, 2017, 03:32:43 pm
Welcome to the forums!

Well, thanks! Hoping to meet more!
Title: Re: Minna-san, konnichiwa!
Post by: Yui on April 01, 2017, 03:01:10 am
A bit late, but... welcome! And have fun! o/