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....check the anime figure section at your local Barnes & Nobles.

I saw a Makoto statue from the Idolmaster movie and some smaller Cindgirls figs. Pics if you're interested, but i didnt buy any myself.

(there was also love live statues, but amazingly less love live than idolmaster)

Community works / Heattokun's Dumb Little AzuRitsu fanfic
« on: November 20, 2015, 01:26:41 am »
Azusa and Ritsuko were napping all morning. Soon, Ritsuko awoken.
Nudging her a bit, Azusa soon awoken.
Dawn filled their bedroom. Azusa gave a yawn. "Good morning~" "Morning..How was your nap? Good~"

Her hair was a bit of a mess. Ritsuko brushed it softly with her hand, making it neater. Azusa watched her, but soon gave her a grin.
Into the kitchen Ritsuko went, cooking up a bit of a storm for the two of them. It wasn't before long, they had breakfast.
Sausage, Eggs,and a spoonful of icecream on the side.

Naturally this caused a bit of excitement with Azusa,but, As she was in the presence of Ritsuko..
Azusa ate her food politely.
Miraculously, Both of them happened to be morning people. Ritsuko had cooked her food fast and ate it slowly.
"Eh..well..." Azusa looked around a bit. "...I think I'll get us set for work."

"I think that's smart of you,hon."
Setting them up, it was pretty easy...

Just set some clothes out, pack the bags,and be set with it.
Only.. Azusa felt something a bit different.
" love me,right?

Curiously, Azusa began to tear up.
"E-eh? Whats wrong,Azusa..." "I..I cant tell you."
"Now can tell me anything,okay?" Ritsuko consoled her
"A-Alright...whatever you do...don't put each first letter of each line one after another." Ritsuko's thought for a moment, about her narration,and her eyes widened.

Community works / Re: Idolmaster Minecraft?
« on: April 25, 2015, 03:14:23 pm »
Well I certainly love Idolmaster and I certainly love Minecraft.

I'm not really sure what you mean though. What would the main idea or purpose be?

I wouldn't mind helping out with whatever making skins and such.
Well, essentially it'd be a minecraft server with 13 slots - either vanilla or modded survival, and the idea with the whole skin thing is your assigned an idol based on how you answer(think one of those "which character are you?" quizzes) - so that way when it's done We'd have one person per idol with me either picking up the spare skin or being Kotori.

Community works / Idolmaster Minecraft?
« on: April 24, 2015, 11:58:04 pm »
Im sorta seeing if I can gaige the interest of this forum on this. Heres some thoughts im thinking:
Most likely with a modpack,and Skins will be assigned to players. Therefor we don't need a minecraft themed map, but the server would still be in place.
Skins would be assigned to you via a questionaire.
Thats...about it from what I can think

Community works / Re: Fan Game Idea (The Idolm@ster Wrestle for You!)
« on: April 02, 2015, 03:02:59 am »
I can officially back this. Miki, before she fights you, is knocked out by a CORKSCREW CROSS by Nico Yazawa from Love Live and proceeds to fight you. She is literally impossible to beat and the objective is to lose because who the hell uses boxing in a wrestling match?

Community works / Re: Fan Game Idea (The Idolm@ster Wrestle for You!)
« on: April 01, 2015, 07:01:38 pm »
The True Canon ending to W4U

Community works / Heatto's Color Thing for a Mystery Project!
« on: February 01, 2015, 07:42:52 am »
Hey all. Im doing a little thing involving colors. Simply pick your idol(or pm me) and Ill give you a list of colors. All you gotta do is replace the ones I listed!
Example: Yellow,Flesh,Light green,White,Gold,Green Becomes: Brown,Tan,Blue,Rust,Rust,Red.

Our goal is 16/16. Characters starting with 2 are Ready for selection

Haruka: 2/16
Chihaya: 2/16
Azusa: 2/16
Ritsuko: 2/16
Ami: 2/16
Mami: 2/16
Iori: 1/16
Hibiki: 1/16
Yayoi: 1/16
Takane: 2/16
Miki: 16/16(Done)
Yukiho: 2/16
Makoto: 1/16
More to be announced

Community works / Re: Has anyone made any Minecraft Skins?
« on: December 06, 2014, 11:01:19 pm »
Oops I gotta toot my own horn too but

Heres mine,since I forgot about that.

Community works / Re: Has anyone made any Minecraft Skins?
« on: October 14, 2014, 07:47:29 pm »
I realize I'm necroing this thread by a huge margin, but I didn't really want to create a new one when it's relatively simple and probably won't appeal to everyone.

I made a few Minecraft skins to use for myself and my boyfriend (he's into iM@S too, funny enough). Though, after looking around online and not finding many, I decided I might as well share the ones I made in case anyone was interested.

Those are all the characters I've made so far. A few are missing, I know, though I'd consider making a skin for someone if anyone were interested. I'd try my best, anyway! Some of them are hard to do with so limited pixel space. I also have a few variations as far as outfits go for a select few that I didn't show... I just felt like showing the Dark Haruka ones.

It's also worth noting that I made these skins to work properly for 1.8 (which isn't shown in the pictures as I used a mod to showcase them, which is unavailable in 1.8 at the moment), though they work fine with prior versions. The only thing really is that the clothing detail might be off on a few of them, but if it doesn't bother you, then use away!

If anyone's interested just let me know and I'll post a download link. If I'm able to do that. I'm not entirely sure what the rules are regarding download links on this site, so someone might have to explain that to me first! ^^;
those are hot

Community works / Re: Weiss Schwarz: Organized Online Play
« on: September 13, 2014, 02:24:57 am »
The region where I live has an anime store which carries Weiss Schwarz merchandise and (I believe) also holds tournaments. Between this, the fact that Weiss Schwarz can be easily described as "Anime and Video Game Crossover: The Card Game" and the fact iM@S is one of the representative series? Consider me interested.

What is the Anime version's trial deck like?
From what I can tell it should run a bit better than IM@S2 but im unsure. Im gonna look at the cards tonight and tell ya
EDIT: Holy shit. This is a very offensive deck,heres why.
Its got 3 Different Encore cards: A Lv1 Miki,a LV1 Makoto and a LV2 Makoto. When READY!! triggers you may take 1 card from the waiting room thats a character card and put it back to your hand. Theres also Yakusoku which lets you draw a card when triggered and most importantly is Eri, which lets you check what your next card is when she's played. Is it READY!! or Yakusoku? Keep it top. Is it something you dont want triggered or it has no trigger? Put it bottom. TLDR: You can purposly toss cards out,and if you plan accordingly,you can take them back later while keeping your Miki/Makoto alive
The negatives of the deck though are the LV3's are really defensive oriented. As in their mostly to stall(Like -1 Damage to whoever is fighting it or heal 1 damage when played) and theres no Change effects that let you get cards out early. So I'd say its a pretty powerful early game but it starts to taper off around LV2.

Also theres this Takane that doesnt seem to have any useful effect whatsoever

Community works / Re: Weiss Schwarz: Organized Online Play
« on: August 15, 2014, 03:54:43 am »
Bumping. Will probably have a similar guide up for the IMAS1 and IMAS Anime Trial decks for learning (even though nobodies PMed me to set up a time to play yet)
Imas 1 deck done

Community works / Re: Weiss Schwarz: Organized Online Play
« on: August 11, 2014, 06:35:22 pm »
All iDOLM@STER cards are mixable for Neo-standard decks, as they are considered to be the same series.

See this official document:
Thank you, TheTanStar for clearing that up

Community works / Re: Weiss Schwarz: Organized Online Play
« on: August 11, 2014, 04:10:28 pm »
I registered at TCO, but I can't find im@s in the list of games.
It's Listed under Weiss Schwarz. Remember,Im@s isn't a standalone game,but its one of the many options you can play.
^ Go here if you wanna see what else they got. But the one's you're gonna be most interested in is:

Those are the essentially the booster types for the idolmaster cards. If you'll be building your own deck, Dearly Stars would be the hardest to build around as they essentially don't have a Trial Deck(And I havent covered the IDOLM@STER/Anime trial decks)

Also,I'm actually unsure if running a mix of idolmaster cards is tournament legal (I.E Running Idolm@ster 2 with 10 cards from the IM@SDS Booster). So, I'm gonna make like a rule exclusive to players of this site:
If you are mixing and matching Idolmaster cards, just say that your decktype is a Weiss Standard type,not Neo-Standard when building.
If you make a deck and link it here,though. On this board only, We'll consider it Neo Standard.(Neo Standard means you haven't mixed up deck types/aren't using a deck that crossovers) EDIT: Confirmation: You can use Idolmaster 1,2,DS and Anime cards interchangeably and it would still be legal as a neostandard Imas deck
EDIT: <--There's a link to the Imas 2 Trial deck directly so its easier to find. If anyone wants to play, PM me and we will set up a time

Community works / Re: Weiss Schwarz: Organized Online Play
« on: August 11, 2014, 03:08:05 am »
Now onto stuff about the TD.

You may need to use the scrollbars, Alternetivly,these links will open in a different window:

Community works / Re: Weiss Schwarz: Organized Online Play
« on: August 09, 2014, 08:11:14 pm »
sorry for double posting,but hey, content:

Heres how the gameflow essentially works.
(First turn Only: Mulligan phase) -> Wake Up phase -> Draw Phase-> Clock Phase->Main Phase->Battle Phase->End Phase

Mulligan Phase(First turn only)
When your hand is filled with trash you can't use on your first turn, like LV 2s or 3s, you discard them here to redraw the same amount of cards.Keep doing this till you got something you find useable. This is also the only thing that is done by both players simultaneously

Wake-Up Phase
This is only when you have cards on the field. If your character is resting(on it's side), then you turn them back to default position.

Now, you do a diceroll to decide turn order - Whoever gets the 6 or closest ot it goes first.

Draw Phase
You draw a card from your deck. In TCO, you drag from your deck to your hand to draw a card. That's it. Good.

Clock Phase
Optionally, pick a card from your hand to place in your clock, and if you do, Draw 2 cards. Otherwise go straight to your main phase

Main phase
So heres alot to cover in the main phase. You can play an event card, Character card,move a character,or use an ability from a card that is Activate-able. You can do these as long as you have the cards and the slots on the field to do so.
When you play a Climax Card, You can't use anymore of these actions. So essentially the Climax card is the last thing you can do in the main phase(if you have one)
Are you Not Level 0? Read on
Essentially,you can only play a Climax Card(or any card above level 1) if you have that corresponding color in your Clock or level zones. Example: You have a Red card in your clock,and a Yellow card as your Level 1 marker. You can use Red and Yellow cards that are LV1 now. Green LV0? Sure. Green LV1? No. You'd need a Green in your clock for that, but if its Level 0 you are okay.

Battle Phase
This is where things get a bit more complex and I kinda have more trouble explaining things..
So,in battle,you got a Frontal attack,Side attack,or Direct attack.
Frontal attack: Your card goes against the opponent's card in terms of power. You rest your card,and put your opponent's card upside down.
When your character isn't strong enough to beat the opponent(if they use a counter card or the like),they take soul damage as normal but your card gets reversed instead. You can still frontal attack even if your character is weaker,just remember the tradeoff is your opponent takes full soul damage yet you lose your card
When your side attacking,you don't run the risk of your character being destroyed like above. The counter though is that the damage calc becomes this: (Your Soul Level) + (Your Trigger) + (Extra Effects) - (Opponent's Level) - Example,if you side attack your opponent's LV3 and your character only has 1 soul and triggers for none - nothing happens.
Direct attack is easy. When your opponent's lane is empty, You can attack directly. You just +1 the Soul Damage for when you get a direct attack.

Whenever you attack though you do what is called a Trigger check. You lift a card from the top of your deck and check it out. The top right icon decides what happens - most of the time it will be either blank or a soul damage icon(+1 soul to your attack) but Climax cards usually have multiple effects for triggers(usually though, just +2 soul) Once you do it - you put that card facedown in your Stock. Stock is used as MP for cards that require it for effects and summon costs.

Defending,you draw cards equal to the amount of damage you took. If you take 3 Damage, you draw 3 cards - but as soon as you draw a climax card, you discard all those cards and the attack is negated.
You take 3 Damage.
Amami Haruka, Amami Haruka, Amami Haruka is what you draw: You add all 3 to the stock.
Amami Haruka,Amami Haruka, Do-Dai is what you draw: The attack is negated and you discard all 3
Do-Dai is the first card you draw: The attack is negated,you don't draw further cards and discard Do-Dai

Encore Step
And that covers about everything for the cardgame,really. After the end of your battle phase,you have what is called the Encore step. You can pay 3 Stock to revive a card or use a Stock Effect. (So can your opponent on this phase,similar to the mulligan phase)..otherwise,whatever is reversed goes to the grave.
Also after Encore, it is End Turn, Turn Player remove his On Turn effects, check if his hand is 7 or less and send his Climax back to Waiting Room
Then it restarts back on the Draw phase for your opponent.
It sounds hard,but after 1 or 2 matches it becomes second nature
Next post will have a guide to the Idolmaster 2 Trial Deck - which we will use extensively on this forum as a "tutorial" deck
EDIT: Forgot to mention
What is a Deck Refresh?
When you run out of cards, you shuffle your discard pile and make a new deck with it,and take 1 damage to your clock that can't be negated
What's the Clock zone? Does Rudy got the clock - clock,clock,clock zone?
It's essentially your damage count.
When you get your 7th card,you pick 1 to put in your level zone and you discard the other 6.If you took damage that'd put you over 7 cards, your damage continues onto the next level
What is the level zone?
When you got a level up, you'll have 1 card in here - essentially,its an out of play,but when your level 1,you can play any color card thats level 0 or 1(or a climax) that corresponds to the colors currently in your clock and level zone - Level 0's can be played regardless of color, their colors only effect their card effects. They're practically colorless,otherwise
When you hit level 2, that rule repeats. If your running 2 colors and you have 1 of each of your colors than your in the clear for the rest of the game! If you run 3 colors though, You'd only be in the clear when you hit level 3 and you have 3 different colors.
Otherwise youll have weird moments like..You have a red and a blue in your clock. When you level up,you can put the red in,but when you level up to 2 you put your green in,and then suddenly your locked out of LV1/2 Red's untill you get a red in the clock or in your level zone
Also,you Lose When you hit Level 4.

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