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....check the anime figure section at your local Barnes & Nobles.

I saw a Makoto statue from the Idolmaster movie and some smaller Cindgirls figs. Pics if you're interested, but i didnt buy any myself.

(there was also love live statues, but amazingly less love live than idolmaster)

Community works / Heattokun's Dumb Little AzuRitsu fanfic
« on: November 20, 2015, 01:26:41 am »
Azusa and Ritsuko were napping all morning. Soon, Ritsuko awoken.
Nudging her a bit, Azusa soon awoken.
Dawn filled their bedroom. Azusa gave a yawn. "Good morning~" "Morning..How was your nap? Good~"

Her hair was a bit of a mess. Ritsuko brushed it softly with her hand, making it neater. Azusa watched her, but soon gave her a grin.
Into the kitchen Ritsuko went, cooking up a bit of a storm for the two of them. It wasn't before long, they had breakfast.
Sausage, Eggs,and a spoonful of icecream on the side.

Naturally this caused a bit of excitement with Azusa,but, As she was in the presence of Ritsuko..
Azusa ate her food politely.
Miraculously, Both of them happened to be morning people. Ritsuko had cooked her food fast and ate it slowly.
"Eh..well..." Azusa looked around a bit. "...I think I'll get us set for work."

"I think that's smart of you,hon."
Setting them up, it was pretty easy...

Just set some clothes out, pack the bags,and be set with it.
Only.. Azusa felt something a bit different.
" love me,right?

Curiously, Azusa began to tear up.
"E-eh? Whats wrong,Azusa..." "I..I cant tell you."
"Now can tell me anything,okay?" Ritsuko consoled her
"A-Alright...whatever you do...don't put each first letter of each line one after another." Ritsuko's thought for a moment, about her narration,and her eyes widened.

Community works / Idolmaster Minecraft?
« on: April 24, 2015, 11:58:04 pm »
Im sorta seeing if I can gaige the interest of this forum on this. Heres some thoughts im thinking:
Most likely with a modpack,and Skins will be assigned to players. Therefor we don't need a minecraft themed map, but the server would still be in place.
Skins would be assigned to you via a questionaire.
Thats...about it from what I can think

Community works / Heatto's Color Thing for a Mystery Project!
« on: February 01, 2015, 07:42:52 am »
Hey all. Im doing a little thing involving colors. Simply pick your idol(or pm me) and Ill give you a list of colors. All you gotta do is replace the ones I listed!
Example: Yellow,Flesh,Light green,White,Gold,Green Becomes: Brown,Tan,Blue,Rust,Rust,Red.

Our goal is 16/16. Characters starting with 2 are Ready for selection

Haruka: 2/16
Chihaya: 2/16
Azusa: 2/16
Ritsuko: 2/16
Ami: 2/16
Mami: 2/16
Iori: 1/16
Hibiki: 1/16
Yayoi: 1/16
Takane: 2/16
Miki: 16/16(Done)
Yukiho: 2/16
Makoto: 1/16
More to be announced

Community works / Weiss Schwarz: Organized Online Play
« on: August 09, 2014, 07:23:28 pm »
Hey'all, decided to post about this because its a thing.

Theres two ways you can do this: Either online with or by LackyCCG.
Lacky is a pain to connect to others with but It has card translations built in...
...while TCO has an easier way to connect, an interesting deck building system, and the disadvantage of not having the card translations built in

Anyways, what I decided is since I'm playing on there recently, this will be the basic thread here for playing~
Also, TCO is free. Its got premium benifits too but they are very minscule - like "you can hide your decks from public view and make a room when none are open" - though it only costs $2 a month,so theres that.


I was thinking of making this thread as a sort of "Teach people how to play" thread or to garner interest for it. Next post will be rules in general~

General chatter / Happy Friday,everyone.
« on: August 02, 2014, 02:30:47 am »

General chatter / Adventure Time: Card Wars
« on: July 29, 2014, 03:35:35 pm »
Because why not? It's an unloved game.

Theres currently a RL TCG, An app on iPhone and an app on Android(Which may or may not still be free)

Does anyone else play? Or is it just me?

Just a warning for new players: It uses some Freemium tactics even though its a paid app(Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - it just means the App Devs want you to do some stuff other than play Card Wars all day) - and all cards with the exception of Tournament cards,Gold versions and a few Hero cards can be collected without the use of Premium currency.

But enough about that, I main Marceline's Dad and Boy is he a cheap asshole to use.
Cost down abilities are scary. I also play Lemongrab from time to time(I need a better deck for him though) and I -plan- on having PB as my tertiary main

Community works / Just a thought
« on: July 29, 2014, 03:04:11 am »
I might do some loosely-imas based streams sometime.

(I.E Unreal Tournament with unfitting Imas music, Plague inc with viruses named after idols with imas background music, stuff like that)

Maybe some other stuff I can think of. Any ideas/Anyone interested?

Alright,just a warning, I kinda go on a tangent with these sorts of things, so here goes.

(warning: i usually accidentally make a complete ass of myself when i go on these tangents. I admit.)

So. Minecraft and RPG maker. Do I make stuff in them? Yes. Do I know how to make a RPG Maker game? Ehh.. But a Minecraft Adventure map with Custom NPCs? Yes.

The thing is, I feel I'm not the best writer. I'll come up with something and kinda leave it unfinished. What do I mean? This example will go through for both of these examples:

"Okay, So heres a thought. We include quest line here and here,and we'll do dialogue for that"
"But then you gotta program the quest for both characters"
"Already did. One down."

^ And that's what it's like. Even if you don't necessarily Have Experience with RPG Maker XP/VX or Minecraft, that doesn't mean you still can't write. If this sort of thing interests you, drop a message here or in my PM box. If anything, if we manage to actually do something with this, and for some reason another person can't play it(No Minecraft account, Doesn't like RPGs, etc, etc.) then we can always have someone on the forum do a Let's Play.(Which in my experience I'm bad at making those too)

EDIT: Also,I forgot to mention: Why make a thread like this? Because I've seen bunches of threads like this already (Myself Included) that I feel have just gone nowhere. I have Higher hopes for this thread, and hopefully if we get some positive feedback we can actually move forward.
EDIT 2: It'd be a sick irony if this went nowhere.

So I decided to check out some characters. All the main idols are underweight. Ryo is the only normal weight 876 idol, Kotori is normalweight and the lowest BMI is Anzu Futaba(seconded by Chihaya. I can believe that). Hell, Kanako Mimura is still normalweight.

So...Why is everyone twigs? Really?
I mean, Ritsuko shouldn't weight exactly as she does in Imas 1. In Imas 2 she does less physical work and more desk work. How come her change is...nothing?

I just.

Don't get it.

Community works / Not your average "Redraw this" Pic.
« on: April 02, 2014, 06:12:41 am »
Hey guys.

Long time no see

Anyways ill just leave this here:

Community works / MiniGame: 765 Pro finishes a letter.
« on: July 18, 2013, 05:16:37 pm »
Okay,so I was thinking of making a little minigame,which the end result is the letter made with this will be placed in a Idolmaster RP.
Heres the story: Azusa likes a guy. Makoto wants her to make a move but she wont,so Makoto writes a Love letter. She doesnt know what to she asks the others in 765 to help.
>Post a idols name(this is who wrote that part of the letter) - no duplicates, in brackets.
>Write a minimum of half a sentance,max of 2 sentances(or two halves of a sentance and one of your own)
The games done when All the idols have been used. and yes, have fun with it.
Also,I encourage you to reply,even if you are just passing through.

Ill start the letter:
Dear My true love,
I would like to tell you that...

I got this idea but it'll be a team effort sort of thing.
Do you guys wanna work together and make "Town 765" / "Town 876" ?
If we each make four characters, with Five saves:
There are 13 girls - between five saves, that would mean It'd be 4 then 8,then 12,and the last save gets the last idol(plus kotori, president,etc who ever else they wanna make) - fifth save gets 876(3 characters)
Also, it could be possible to make a 961 town too.
But the main reason why we make towns like this is so we can get the Dream codes and release it in multiple parts.
Ill post this on tumblr too.
(EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: ALSO, I can give you a Mii QR Code incase you wanna scan that and use that as soon as you get/visit a shampoodle as a temporary head)
MORE EDIT: Also, say your view on this,dont just let it pass you~

Community works / Minecraft...3D Builds!
« on: March 18, 2013, 08:00:16 pm »
Okay so I had this theory about using a combination of:
the PMD Editor
A Pixel Art generator for minecraft
And two Voxelizers
to make a 3D model in minecraft
To test this out,I used a certain familiar model.
This was the end result.

...and this is the end result with the mossy cobblestone removed

She ended up looking a tiny bit flat,but enh. Plan success,I guess.
so,if anyones willing to help find me a map and/or can pose in MikuMikuDance and save the pose data...
...I might have a 2nd project for Idolmaster I have in mind.
edit: Do we have a Minecraft server? If not,we could probably use one.
Just putting that out there.

Community works / My ceiling.
« on: March 11, 2013, 09:32:57 am »

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