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Lolol remember when I was active on this forum?

Me neither.

But I came back to laugh at myself because now I'm so much better that my GOOD stuff looks like crap now leeeel

Community works / Re: Grace's Translyrics Thread
« on: January 05, 2016, 12:54:03 am »
Okay so I know it's been forever

But I finished a set of lyrics for the Vocaloid song Abstract Nonsense

And I am so proud of them and I just want to show them off somewhere so

Here, cry over these with me:


The crazy theories that are lined up to be noted by all
They go unnoticed and now starting to crumble and fall
My future plans are now nothing but confrontational
An angry fantasy
The more I listen, then the more I hear their secrets on wraps
That girl is no more than a puppet painted in white and black
And where the owner keeps it is within her heart, I know that
A varied symphony

Ah, mark me and label me with any price.
Ah, even my life is clearly stuck in place. I'll round it up.

It's worthless as it is. I want to stop all this. I'll hang my head outside the windowpane.
It's boring as it is. I'm tired of all this. But I'm not brave enough to die today.
It's worthless as it is. I want to stop all this. I'll stick the syringe in my wrist at once.
It's boring as it is. I'm tired of all this. I'll just eat some cake and breathe again until it's done.

The bodies hanging from the wall are swinging in a rhythm.
The number of the bolts in their heads is at a minimum.
My life, a sad existence, is only worth two part-time jobs
A friendship factory
And when I listen in, I hear all of their secret stories
That girl is nothing but a media monkey.
The fallacies they use are nothing but a dustpan, truly
A high-pitched pitch, to me

Ah, come over here. I'll let you be yourself.
Ah, how many people will you kill this way? I'll round it up.

It's worthless as it is. I want to stop all this. I'll press a knife into my chest and die.
It's boring as it is. I'm tired of all this. But I'm not brave enough to take my life.
It's worthless as it is. I want to stop all this. I'll dip my head beneath the ocean waves.
It's boring as it is. I'm tired of all this. I guess I'll take a break to think it through just like I always have.

Ah, if you keep crawling like you're set to die,
ah, you'll never finish all the proofs you tried. I'll round it up.

It's worthless as it is. I want to stop all this. I'll jump into a path and reach the end.
It's boring as it is. I'm tired of all this. I'm too afraid, and so I'll run again.

It's worthless as it is. I want to stop all this. I'll put a loaded gun against my head.
It's boring as it is. I'm tired of all this. But all that I can do is beg for death.

Oh, I just want to cry. I'm so ready to die. There's no one here for me to call a “friend”.
Ah, I'm just a worthless voice. I'm nothing but white noise. You've already shown me I'm nothing but a stupid piece of trash.

Tomorrow it will rain, I promise that.

General chatter / Re: Setsuna's crazy adventures - a cataloguing
« on: January 04, 2016, 10:07:43 pm »
Well, it's been a while but it amounts to a quick update (not that I honestly expect anyone to care):

Apparently when I fail to do things as required by social security law, I break the law and I get duely punished.

When a government department breaks the law, it applies for an exemption under national security, and the person who reported the breech goes to court for a day trying to explain why they shouldn't be detained under national security guidelines.

Oh, and the government gets to break the law in the process of breaking the law.

I also get to break the law on behalf of another government department in a futile attempt to prosecute someone else (Who I will never know) because of some unknown international thing.

And the best part? I lost 50 dollars just today because I dropped it after withdrawing it, and a kid (who was probably 12-14) managed to run away fast enough and get on the train before I did.

People tell me the world's a nice place and that good deeds will be rewarded.

I honestly would like to know where this world of theirs is located, because the real world I live in isn't very forgiving, or even gives a damn about doing the right thing.

Oh, wow...I swear, people could make your life into some kind of soap opera or slapstick slice of life sitcom. Maybe you can pitch to have your life made into a movie or write a book about it?

I would pay good money for that. And hey, then you get money! You can earn back those $50 that jerk of a kid stole from you!

Basically, Grace is pretty much a vampire and comes out whenever she's hungry for some newbies' blood.

(She's pretty busy, so it's all good.  Not like there's much stuff going on here right now.)

This is accurate. :UUUUU

Happy new year, everyone! :D

...I'm always late for everything.

General chatter / Re: The General Random Thoughts and Conversation Thread.
« on: December 28, 2015, 08:56:32 pm »
Double-posting, but I had a idea.

What if Idolm@ster characters had personalities in the spirit and style of Dilbert, the comic strip?

How will it play out as a satirical commentary of the Japanese idol industry?

If Uzuki or Haruka is the Dilbert, then who will be the Wally? Or Alice and Tina? Who will be the Ratbert, Dogbert and Catbert? What kind of PHB would Executive Mishiro will be? How does the Producer play out in this?

*starts getting fanart ideas*

Anyways, because I'm lazy, I'm going to use this thread to give a big WELCOME NEWBIES~! <3 <3 <3 to all our new folks that I haven't yet welcomed. Hope you folks enjoy yourselves here. :33

Welcome Center / Re: hai hai! <3
« on: December 28, 2015, 08:54:03 pm »
Welcome to the forum~! I'm not on as much anymore, but you can usually find me in the community works section gushing over how great everyone else's art is compared to mine lol

You're REALLY good at drawing! Seriously, those are fantastic! I'm jealous.

That's fair. :P Like I said, I'm just glad it didn't all go to waste XDD

I'm planning on doing another batch at some point (I might use different characters, I might use the same, not totally sure yet), but I haven't had time by myself and I haven't practiced in so long that I'm getting rusty. D:

I'm honestly just glad all this hard work wasn't a total waste XDD

Other iM@S discussion / Re: Xenoglossia in Super Robot Wars
« on: December 16, 2015, 05:08:25 am »
Oh, so it actually happened. What's Cross Omega now? A smartphone game or something?

... And uh, who voices Haruka?

I want this tbh

Anyway, in Xeno Haruka's voice is Yuka Iguchi. I don't know if it'll be the same voice in this.

Guys, I remembered this place existed!

Finally finished the last script! i know I chose to do this but it's actually a LOT more work than I thought it would be. If you guys are laughing, the hard work was worth it.

Here's the last part:

And the script that was really hard to finish I forgot how hard it was to do these:

Some things to note:

Braeden--He's a massive lech and I am sorry for him.
"That's like, three inches of his head just dragged on the ground."--it actually isn't, past Grace. But yeah, Rolf is really short.
Kelly--Writing this script and trying to translate her random noises made me realize how obnoxious she was being and I am sorry. I love her, though. <3
Aoi and Appaele's figure fights--Because Lei is top-heavy and Ao is bottom-heavy and they have opposite figures, they fight over that CONSTANTLY because they're both in love with Rolf. It's actually kind of hysterical when they're at their worst.

And a few thought-provoking survey questions (that are totally optional):
Those of you who kept up with this altuixde, who was your favorite character in the story, if you had one?
Which was your favorite voice, and why?
Did you laugh at my many grammar mistakes and plot holes as much as I did?
Who do you think played their character the best?

Thanks for waiting so long altuixde! You guys are the best. <3 Hope I was able to bring a little joy to your lives with these. :D

Community works / Re: altuixde's learning to draw thread
« on: December 04, 2015, 04:56:36 pm »
In that case, you were right and I have absolutely no idea what to do. xDDDD
I am really bad with perspective and I apologize for not having anything more helpful.

Yeah, I like coloring my art, but I do it with colored pencils so it always looks really elementary. Sigh. But hey, getting an art book is a good idea. I should probably get to my library and try that some time.

I'm in so many other forums now that it's getting almost overwhelming. I don't like that feeling. ;-; And especially since the only im@s-related conversations I can participate in are the ones having to do with the main cast, and no one talks about them anymore.

General chatter / Re: RWBY Discussion
« on: December 04, 2015, 04:53:16 pm »
I actually did see improvement with the animation this time, especially during the action scene during the tournament. As you said, leave it to Monty's team to do him proud.

Wait, seriously? Hot damn, I think he might be the first big name VA attached to the project. Goes to show how popular the show's gotten!

IT'S TRUE I JUST WENT AND LOOKED IT UP it said "Yuri Lowenthal" in the credits and I was like "What?" so I looked it up and it's Mercury and I can't anymore I am sorry

I still need to get caught back up, haven't watched the third episode yet. ;-;

Community works / Re: altuixde's learning to draw thread
« on: December 03, 2015, 09:34:35 pm »
It has been a VERY long time and I missed you guys. <3

I agree that her face looks a bit off, but perspective is definitely my weak spot as well *pokes Yui* Unless her face is supposed to be tilted, make sure her eyes are even and level with each other. That might help.

Community works / Re: Yui's fanarts (Rem@stered)
« on: December 03, 2015, 09:28:19 pm »
It has been a very long time and I adore all the recent stuff you've done. I'm sensing improvement~! Great work. <3 <3

I am tired and cannot think of any more specific compliments and I am sorry but just know I love this

General chatter / Re: RWBY Discussion
« on: October 26, 2015, 04:33:24 am »
Just watched the first episode of Volume 3, and WOW.

Honestly, I ADORE the animation so much. I don't know why, but it seems so much smoother and transitions really well. They've definitely made Monty proud. also Ren my bby gets more lines yes yes I like


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